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I knew I could expect my brother to stand by me whatever happened.

As a general rule, young people tend to be more interested in the present and the future.

Both sides will stand to lose if they do not compromise.

It is our hope to integrate all the courses and teaching materials.

The Chinese written language has been a major factor for integrating our nation.

In traditional Chinese art, the bamboo stands for moral integrity and uprightness.

The great majority of the people stand for reform.

Queen Elizabeth the First ruled England for 45 years, and the country prospered under her rule.

The truth is always in the hands of a small minority at first. That's the rule. Democracy means that the majority rules, but the minority's right to disagree is also respected. These two basic rules are of equal importance.

A nation cannot be strong unless it

is well-integrated economically, politically and culturally as well as geographically.

The party was boring, so she slipped out of the room and went home.

The road was muddy. He slipped and fell into the river.

One day I was drowning my sorrows in a restaurant because I was broke when he came and slipped a roll of money into my hand.

The Court of Florida ruled that it was necessary to recount the votes.

The idea that the sun moves round the earth ruled ancient scholars for more than a thousand years.

The hutongs are an integral part of old Beijing.

Days slipped by and I still had not made much progress.

He weighed every word carefully lest he should make a mistake.

Her health was such that she would not go out in the sun even in winter lest she got sunstroke.

It is a miracle how our company has become a multinational in such a short span of time.

The average life span in that country has increased from 42 years to 50 years in a matter of two decades.

The conflict between the two countries has spanned more than half a century.

There are four bridges spanning the river.

I’m much obliged to you. Without your help, I would never have

finished the book.

No, you are not obliged to go to the party. You don’t have to go if you do n’t want to.She’s always ready to oblige when people come to her for help.

In the valley is a small lake right between a meadow and a hill. It is a perfect spot for a picnic.

Sitting in a shady spot, he soon dozed off.

He criticized me on the spot when he saw me throw a plastic bad down by the roadside.

It was a white shirt with blue spots. It looked quite pretty.

The detective spotted the suspect, and he walked over and arrested him.

One of the balloons popped, and it gave me quiet a start.

It is very impolite to keep popping

in and out of the classroom when the class is still going on.

When he saw the young man ready to pay for the BMW in cash, his eyes almost popped out of his head.

In those countries, water is worth a lot more than oil. Friends will often

bring ten dollars’ worth of water as a gift.

When this project is completed, it will benefit about a hundred thousand people. It will be well worth the effort and investment.

This movie is not worth seeing twice. In fact, it is not worth seeing at all.

I think it is worthwhile to visit

that place. I hear they have kept all their traditional house intact –houses that were built in Ming-Qing styles.

Jia Baoyu was sick and tired of being his father’s worthy son. He yearned for freedom.

The cause of the aircraft crash is so far unknown.

The cause of global warming is still hotly debated among scientists.

He devoted all his life to the cause of environmental protection.The river has caused us a lot of trouble in history.

What do you think caused the upsurge in international terrorism?

We must try and unite with those who have opposed us.

There is always opposition to any progress and reform.

Some people are always opposed to new things.

A lot of those loans were never repaid. That high ratio of bad debts finally led to the financial crisis in this second economic power in the world.

The Business Bank now offers a special loan to students who can’t pay for their education.

The boy asked Mrs. Stow for the loan of her binoculars.

She concluded her speech by saying that she hoped she could come again some day and see more of the country.

As soon as they concluded the investigation, they were to report to the Security Council.

During his visit, he will conclude a new trade agreement with India.

Based on those reasonable doubts, the jury had to conclude that the boy was not guilty.

She is flying to New York by way of Tokyo.

I’d like to say a few words about the situation in the sixties of the last century by way of an

introduction to the movie.

They decided to recall their ambassador by way of protest.

Import of the country’s beef was suspended because of the mad cow scare.

During the war, they had to suspend the construction of the railway.

it was a serious offence to take drugs, Robert was suspended from school for two weeks. She was reading in a hammock suspended from two tree branches.

The sales suspension has brought us heavy losses.

This is perhaps the longest suspension bridge in Asia.

The author is very good at creating suspense.

He used to watch wit great envy children of wealthy people go to school.

I rather envy their school for its beautiful campus.

She averted her face so that people would not see her blush.

He has always had an aversion to publicity.

The government’s policy succeeded in averting a serious economic recession.

Michael Jordan is the envy of many black kids.

Every summer, hundreds of thousands

of people are sent to guard the riverbanks against floods.

it was not easy to get the golden apple, for it was guarded by a

furious giant.

Xicheng was practically unguarded so Zhuge Liang narrowly escaped being captured.

The prisoners of war killed the guards and escaped into the woods.

He is probably the greatest guard in the history of basketball.

They took Americans off guard by launching a sudden attack on a Sunday.

There were two armed soldiers standing guard at the bridge.

Napoleon exhibited his military

talent early in life.

These exhibits are all insured and carefully guarded.

When the exhibition is over, the exhibit will be given to the host country as gifts.She is going to exhibit some of her most recent sculptures at the National Art Gallery.

We need to increase our oil import in the coming years to meet the growing

Demand for energy

Our profit has increased by 20% in the past two years.

The number of privately-owned cars has increased five times (fivefold ) in five years.

The number of mobile phone owners in our city has increased from 20 thousand

to about half a million in less than 5 years.

She propped her bike against a tree.

The local economy is largely propped up by tourism.

He was fast asleep with his head propped on a big rock.

You need strong props to keep the tower from leaning any further.

Flight 901 is due to land at the airport at 8:55.

Many foreign observers say that the next man to land on the moon may very well be a Chinese.

One of the stones they threw landed on the head of a young soldier.

If you go on like this, you will land yourself in a jail.

I landed a powerful punch to his chin and sent him sprawling.

When you approach a drowning person, you must not let him grip your hands.

Reports of the sundden appearance of these whales gripped the interest of the whole city.

If she lost grip on the rope, she’d fall 1,000 feet to sure death.

You must keep a grip on yourself. Don’t despair.

Our government did everything possible to defend the value of our currency.The total value of our exports to

that country in the first nine months this years has reachd $94 billion.

A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.(Charles Darwin)

At college, students acquire certain values. This is an important part of their education.

If your value your life, quit smoking.

This painting is valued at $20 million.

We will achieve this result at any cost.

Our economy began to grow by leaps and bounds as a result of the reform and open policy.

His repressive policies only resulted in his quick fall.

Many of our present problems in a way to dispose of nuclear waste.

The fact that you like somebody may dispose you to like his ideas also.

So far we still have not found a safe way to dispose of nuclear waste.

These shoes fit me perfectly. I’ll take them.

This set of furniture fits into our sitting room.

The innkeeper found that the man fit the description of the wanted murder suspect.

To keep fit, you should avoid eating too much salt, sugar and fat.

The water was no longer even fit to swim in, let alone to drink.

He was suddenly seized by a fit of laughter.

She has had fits every now and then since she was a child.

This subway will be extended to cover the whole city.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt thanks to you.

The effect of the economic reform

will naturally extend to other fields.Many people prefer government bonds to stocks.

This kind of jacket is out of stock.

This is one of his stock jokes. I have heard it many times.

Zhuge Liang pretended to be very calm and succeeded in fooling Sima Yi who did not know that the city was really unguarded.

He pretended that nothing had happened.

She pretended to be listening, but actually her mind had already wandered far away.

I don’t want to pretend that I’m an expert on this subject.

How would you compare your life today with your life before the reform started?

If you compare American students with Chinese students, you’ll find some interesting similarities and differences.

Social Darwinists believe that we can compare our human society to the animal world.

These mass-produced chickens do not compare with the chickens we used to raise at home.

Our exports to that region increased by 30% compared with the same period the previous year.

The water-pipe has burst. We must get it fixed immediately.

It sounded like the bursting of a ballono.

As usual, the Giant Panda House was bursting with children.

You can see that the students are bursting with question.

There were about 800 people watching a play when some thirty armed terrorists burst into the theater.

The man was bursting to tell his fellow-traveler why he had pitched his suitcase out of the train window.When the prisoners burst into song, the prison warden was frightened.

The spaceship left the launching-pad and rose majestically, soon becoming a little dot.

The whole area is now dotted with factories.

The company has camp-sites dotted around the country.

Young people are more likely to rebel against old traditions.

He was quite a rebel even when he was a boy.

He declared that all the rebels would be pardoned if they laid down their arms.

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