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V ocabulary

Unit 1

1. My job varies between the extremely tedious and the annoyingly busy. On balance

I think I’m happier during the really busy times; no time to think about how bored I am.

2. It is the nature of the wise to resist pleasures, but the foolish to be a slave to them.

3.I figure out a good team of dogs ,hitched to a light sled, can haul 1000 pounds of goods.

4. In the story, the little girl has a wicked stepmother, who makes her life a misery.

5. Nothing has become a real till it is experienced –even a proverb is no proverb to you till your life has illustrated it.

6. Nowadays almost all libraries are finding it increasingly difficult to remain within their budget.

7. You can increase a tyre’s grip in winter by slightly lowering its pressure.

8. Lake superior, Huron Erie and Ontario are shared by united states and Canada ,and from part of the boundary between the two countries.

9. The police are investigating the three men allegedly involved in organizing and carrying out the bank robbery.

10. I do not doubt in the least that inflation leads to economic decline.

11. A blizzard was blasting great drifts of snow across the lake.

12. Tim says just about everybody will be affected by the tax increases, but I am sure he’s exaggerating .

1. In an effort to feel better, I started to make small changes in my life and cut back / cut down from 20 cigarettes a day to a mere three or four.

2. If I wasted electricity as you do at home, my dad would make me pick up

the bill.

3.We can get by with four computers at the moment, but we'll need a couple more when the new staff arrive.

4.It is impossible to get through this course just by working hard around exam times.

5.Unless they quickly face up to their mistakes, they will miss a unique opportunity to settle the problem once and for all.

6.The students were instructed to do the experiment carefully and to turn in their reports at the beginning of next week.

7. I didn't travel much when I was younger, but I'm certainly making up for lost time


8.Successful people are the ones who think up things for the rest of the world to keep busy at.

1.While farming,Benneker pursued his mathematical studies and taught himself Astronomy.

2.Misused words often generate misleading thoughts.

3.We attach great importance to combining theory with practice in our work.

4.A person who thinks that money will do everything may well

be suspected of doing everything for money.

5. A person surely has to face a good many bitter disappointments before he gets Through life .

Unit 2

1. China’s economic success over the past three decades has raised the living standards of hundreds of millions of Chinese citizen.

2. Citibank picked the chief executive of https://www.sodocs.net/doc/4b3402795.html, as its first Chinese customer Thursday to open an account at its new branch in the historic peace hotel along shanghai’s fabled waterfront .

3. The united states last Wednesday imposed tariffs of up to 30 percent on a range of foreign steel imports to help protect its domestic industry.

4. Although h e was raised as a Christian, he’s not really very religious.

5. You can distinguish between frogs and toads in the following way :frogs have slender bodies ,long limbs and dark skin.

6. Form the airplane window I could see a web of city streets.

7. Aunt pat smiled at her little niece and bade her to eat.

8. Dr.Rich Hamilton is plaining his own World Wide Web site on the internet to provide assistance to anyone who asks for medical help.

9. It is difficult to estimate the number of people doing part-time jobs on the side.

10. The president has authorized his foreign minister, Mr.Burns, to act as represntaive…

11. Advances in telecommunications have meant that it is just as easy to work from a computer terminal at home as it is from a town center office.

12. Until the new gym is built ,you have no option but to make the best of existing buildings which may or may not suit your immediate requirements.

1.When she was younger, my mother went through a depression so severe she had to be hospitalized.

2.The rest of them used to be really nasty to me, but Susie always stood up for me.

3.The local government lied down strict rules and regulations to be followed by all soccer fans in the upcoming 2002 FIFA World Cup in South Korea.

4.Tim was quite unhappy about having to take on all the household chores when his wife went out to work.

5.Sterling promised to be in the school library by eight o’clock but it looks like he’s let us down again.

6.My professor suggested that I draw on the data accumulated over the years when I work on my project.

7. The problems we are confronted with fall into two categories: one is financial, the other is technical.

8.Children’s toy guns now look so real that they can often be pass for the real thing.

1.The Europeans are fully confident that the Americans will not be able to justify their measures to protect the struggling American steel industry.

2.Clinton is, in the eyes of Joe Klein, staff writer of the New Yorker and author of The Natural, the most talented politician of his generation and the most compelling.

3.There's not much you can do if people are really intent on destroying themselves with drugs.

4.A different experience of the world could forge a completely different approach to life.

5.It is our conviction that cloning of human beings is bound to cause many ethical and social problems in the long run.

Unit 3

1. According to some scientists, a global warming threatens the survival of the whole human race.

2. The number of visitors from parts of Scotland not including the Edinburgh area was, in fact, relatively small and exceeded the number of overseas visitors by a small margin.

3. The early Spaniards established a chain of missions to civilize the local population along the San Antonio River.

4. It was common practice then that when the store owners wanted to go on vacation they simply closed up.

5. As they didn’t have realitives or friends there they often wandered around nearby malls when they got bored.

6. To make a birthday card, you can simply cut out some funny or pretty pictures from magazines, paste them onto a piece of card and then write your message inside.

7. She picked up the receiver and, without so much as asking the caller to hold on, went off to tell jack that he was wanted on the phone

8. To relax himself for a little while, he rose from the computer desk, walked across the room towards the window and stretched both arms upwards and sideways.

9. The new product has a pair of small loudspeakers fitted inside, which you can easily hook up to your computer’s sound card.

10. Music in fact is a universal language of a non-verbal nature which is rich in expression.

11. This chart is designed to show at a glance how many rooms have been rented out and how many are still available.

12. Bathed in glorious sunshine, the boundless stretch of corn fields looked an impressive sight.

1,Following a major murder investigation in the local community, the police narrowed down their list of suspects.

2.In his autobiography, Mr. Hanson looked back on his second career, taken up at the age of sixty, as the happiest time of his life when his creativity was exercised to the full.

3.The heavy rain cut off electricity to large parts of the South and caused the polluted rivers to flood which later contaminated the entire region.

4.The book is small enough to fit into your pocket.

5.Both sides are trying to wear down the other by obstinately sticking to their own positions in the negotiations.

6.The secret of a successful school lies in effective co-operation between professional leadership, the government and the local authority.

7.Many suburban residents in the U.S. put up an invisible electronic fence around their premises to prevent their pets from running away.

8.The initials V AT stand for Value Added Tax, which is a type of tax paid by the person who buys the goods or service.

1) A certain gene which is likely to make people vulnerable to asthma has been found by researchers at the Department of Clinical Medicine in Oxford.

2) A wardrobe with mirrored doors had to be built in so as to make their small bedroom look larger.

3) The NBC show's opening shots feature the space shuttle Challenger blowing up in January 1986—killing all seven crew.

4) When the teacher threatened to keep the pupils in after school,they were quieted at once.

5) Energy difficulties are a major barrier to the country's economic growth due to the fact that imported oil has absorbed 40% of its foreign exchange / because imported oil has absorbed 40% of its foreign exchange.

Unit 4

1. Amy is an expert in her field, and is well-paid accordingly.

2. Some parents feel that the school structure is a bit loose,allowing children too much freedom when choosing learning tasks.

3. She needed all her powers of concentration to stop herself from slipping on the icy road.

4. Monetary policy hasn’t been working because interest rates have been reduced to almost zero without stimulating the economy.

5. It’s the strongest natural fabric and can stand very high temperatures and be machine washed.

6. So far as I know that people’s tastes haven’t changed much, and, if anything, they are getting more diverse these days than they used to be.

7. It’s easier to find e xcuses for poor customer service than accept reality and do something about it.

8. Often there’s no clear evidence one way or the other and you just have to base your judgment on intuition.

9. He was dressed very casually, which made him look a trifle out of place at the reception.

10. My grandfather was born in Hong Kong at the turn of the century and moved with his family to Britain in the early 1920s.

11. We love having our grandchildren visit, but they always leave such a mess for us to clean up afterwards.

12. His mother died in the accident, too. But we didn’t tell him the news as we were afraid that would undermine his confidence in full recovery.

l. I was surprised that Mom seemed to approve of Kate’s new boyfriend.

2. I know life in Hollywood is fast-paced, but could you guys slow down a little?

3. To make pancakes, in a large mixing bowl, combine flour and water, stirring constantly until all water is taken in.

4. I don’t want to be sucked in some lengthy argument about who is to blame. (suck)

5. What set her apart from the other candidates for the job was that she had a lot of original ideas. (set)

6. As we dozed off, we heard somewhat the sound of approaching footsteps and voices, which jerked us quickly back to life. (doze)

7. Great works of classical music can often call forth a mixture of responses from the listeners. (call)

8. Joan and Jack enjoy meeting their guests and many breakfasts stretch into the

mid-morning as new friendships are made. (stretch)

9. It’s a complicated film and s ome people may find it hard to keep up with the plot.


10. An online survey shows that the majority of young people believe in the information age and the global economy. (believe)

1. The beautiful Malvern Hills have provided inspiration for many artists and musicians over the decades.

2. Much of his success is credited to his powers of imagination

3. The industrial revolution was firmly built on the foundations of an agricultural revolution

4. Alexander was determined not to make any complaints in the presence of the nurse.

5. September 1939 saw the outbreak of the Second World War.

Unit 5

1. The cook put the meat in a plate,sprinkled it with salt and pepper, wrapped up the plate in aluminum foil and then placed it in the oven to roast.

2. Every waking moment we talk to ourselves about the things we experience. Our self-talk, the thoughts we communicate to ourselves, in turn control the way we

feel and act.

3. John made everyone laugh when he got the words reversed and referred to himself as "m y husband's wife.”

4. You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will perhaps never be able to repay you.

5. Because the Earth is a sphere, sailors at sea only can view other ships to a distance of about 13 miles before those ships seem to disappear into the horizon.

6. Johnson dismissed traditional ideas lightly as no good on several occasions.

7 One tends to believe whatever one repeats to oneself sufficiently often, whether the statement be true or false.

8. Susan told me numerous times how her sister longed for children.

9. I don’t know what my roommate is up to because he does everything in secret either when I am away or when I am asleep.

10. For economic reasons, shipbuilders have designed vessels that can be loaded and unloaded in a minimum amount of time with minimum labor.

11. Laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep , and you weep alone.

12. A national debate is now under way about the manner in which we as a society should protect our natural resources.

1. At the end of a hard day, Sue likes to go home and stretch out in her favourite armchair listening to a record.

2. Tom listened hard, but couldn't make out what his parents were saying because they were talking too softly.

3. How often things occur by mere chance which we dared not even hope for.

4. If he hears something he can't understand, my brother always turns it over in his mind until he can make sense of it.

5. A national flag should be folded carefully and put away when not in use.

6. Poetry often reveals to us the loveliness of nature and brings back the freshness of youthful feelings.

7. Since she met some disabled young girls at college, she got to thinking about creating movies that tell people more about their world.

8. Setting a goal is not the main thing. What really matters is deciding how you will go about achieving it.

1. As supplies of traditional fuels diminish, people are working to increase the use of

solar energy.

2. We accord high priority to meeting the challenges of economic and environmental development in the region.

3. While it is true that children of today are exposed to more information than were children of the past,it does not follow that they automatically become more sophisticated.

4. Since she borrowed those books from the library she has been immersed in British history and culture.

5. Everything changed in a flash on June 1, 2000 when he lost both legs in a serious traffic accident.

Unit 6

1. Some 80 art masterpleces will be brought to South Korea for an annual French cultural festival.

2. Ben’s very sensit ive and emotionally fragile. He craves approval and will do almost anything to gain it even from complete strangers.

3. As information bombards (轰炸) us, we must rely on our own experience and intuition to distinguish fact from fancy .

4. He can get quite a big headache from listening to her nonsence , but he knows she just can’t help it.

5. These window decorations (装饰品) are made from soft flexible plastic. They cling to glass and other shiny surfaces like magic!

6. Those who endure hearing loss are at a disadvantage, because they are unable to get everyday sound signals.

7. Once I knew I was experiencing acute panic or anxiety, I followed the tips recommended by my doctor to deal with the symptoms.

8. This dog is well trained –she’ll come running back to me every time I whistle

to her.

9. True, this football team is comparatively weak. But is absolutely wrong to mock

at their attempt to qualify for the World Cup Finals.

10. It is said the corporation has already subtracted a number of expenditures from the total cost; yet it still runs as high as 300 million dollars.

11. He had a favorite song he used to sing to us in the old days –“It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie” – and I shall always associate it with him.

12. On bright spring days, you can lovely birds flutter/fluttering among the bushes.

1. The minister reluctantly gave in /gave up and resigned.

2. He was trying to figure out why the camera wasn’t working.

3. The guide dog sized up the traffic and decided to lead its master across the road.

4. Smallpox wiped out some Native Indian tribes.

5. The typhoon destroyed everything on its way, knocking down houses and pulling up trees.

6. The waterproof (防水的) coating will wear away very quickly or after many years depending on use and care.

7. After a few minutes, my blood pressure became normal and I was allowed to change my position in bed from lying to sit up again.

8. Our main aim in producing the magazine is to give readers inspiration and ideas for their homes and i t’s heart-warming to hear of/about the success we’ve had.

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