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他冲进了热闹的大街,混入人群中,希望那样警察就认不出他了。(mingle with)

He rushed into the busy street and mingled with the crowd, hoping in that way the police would not spot him.


He tiptoed quietly out of the room so as not to wake her up.


He bought the oil painting as a status symbol, but not because he was particularly interested in art.

吉姆一直很失望他的儿子不愿子从父业,接管农场。(follow in one’s footsteps)

Jim was always disappointed that his son never followed in his footsteps and took over the farm.


他承认他的失败是因为缺乏信心。(lack of )

He admitted that his failure was due to his lack of confidence.


Visitors are required to sign their names on arrival.

我们必须采取措施帮助那些受伤者的家庭。(take steps)

We must take steps to help the families of those who were hurt.

今天我们集中讨论无家可归者的问题。(focus on)

Today we’re going to focus on the issue of the homeless people.


He assured his mother that everything was all right.


中东地区的人民大都信奉伊斯兰教。(believe in )

Most people in the Middle East believe in Islam.


He relied more on intuition than logic in solving the case.

地震后这个国家正经历着一个非常困难的时期。(go through)

The country is going through a very difficult period after the earthquake.


Last week the board of directors authorized the installation of a new computer system.


He insisted that what he said was true, even though the police refused to believe him.


The new system will be introduced over a six-month transition period.


The police officers claimed that their actions in the riots were purely defensive.

价值大约250, 000美元的医疗物资被分发到遭受流行病侵袭的家庭。(distribute)

About $250,000 worth of medical supplies has been distributed among families affected by the epidemic.


The products used to be made locally, but now they are mostly mass-produced in the Far East.


The President’s position on the federal deficit was endorsed by a large majority of the Senate.


Sarah was looking out of the window and giving us a running commentary of what was happening out in the street.

我们正面临历史上最严峻的挑战,我们要依靠你们——我们的盟友——的支持。(challenge) We are now facing the most serious challenge in our history and are dependent on you, our allies, for support.


There has been too much shown on TV and too much reported in newspapers of all kinds of crimes — described in such detail that even children know how to duplicate what they have seen or read.


上海被列为世界最繁华的城市之一。(rank as)

Shanghai ranks as one of the most prosperous cities in the world.


If you are walking in the mountains, strong boots and waterproof clothing are essential.


Some teachers devote too much time to helping their students study but neglect their sports activities.

在智力发展过程中,人的某些性格起着十分重要的作用。(play a role in)

Some personal characters play a vital role in the development of one’s intelligence.


The President’s refusal to mee t the press reveals just how serious the crisis is.


It’s perfectly natural that parents feel protective towards their children, even when they have grown up.

他极想向某个人倾诉自己的挫折感。(confide in)

He wanted desperately to confide in someone about his frustration.

有专家指出,有些职业的自杀率远远高于其他职业。(point out)

As some experts point out, suicide rates are much higher in some occupations than in others.



The road appears to get narrower as you look into the d istance, but it’s just an illusion.


The recent drought in Africa has had a devastating effect on its rural population.


He gave copies of the report to all those present at the meeting, urging that they read it and digest its content.

进餐时,他老朝门边看,显然是在等什么人。(glance at)

During the meal he kept glancing at the door, obviously expecting someone to walk in.


The party was in complete confusion after its election defeat.

出国前我在这家公司断断续续地工作过两年。(off and on)

I had worked in the company off and on for two years before I went abroad.

这家人本可以按时到达,不料遇上轮胎漏气。(meet up with)

The family would have arrived on time, but they met up with a flat tire.

这是我第一次来纽约,但我还是设法找到了那家小公司。(find one’s way to)

It was my first visit to New York, but I managed to find my way to the small firm.


在做出正确的选择之前,你需要更多的信息。(make a choice)

Before you can make the right choice, you need a lot more information.


The party failed to convince the majority of the voters that it was capable of governing the country.

最近他和两个坏孩子混在一起,这让他的父母非常生气。(take up with)

Recently he has taken up with two bad boys, which makes his parents really angry.

他心情好的时候,就会唱起他最喜欢的那首歌。(in the mood)

When he was in the mood, he would sing his favorite song.


他和弟弟在一起玩的时候很容易发脾气。(be inclined to )

He is inclined to lose his temper when he is playing with his younger brother.

那次事故之后,他只能借助于拐杖走路。(with the aid of )

Since the accident he’s only been able to wal k with the aid of a stick.

我想那还是有几分正确性的,但情况并不那么简单。(to a degree)

I think that’s true to a degree, but the situation is not so simple.

父亲说如果我们相信某事是真的,就应该坚持。(hold on to)

My father said that if we believed that something was true, we should hold on to it.


晚年,他从一个有点儿令人讨厌的角色变成了一个被人热切等候光临的嘉宾。(annoyance) In his late years, he changed from a slight annoyance into an eagerly-awaited visitor.


At that time as our country was hit hard by rarely seen natural disasters, many people were floundering in ever graver economic difficulties.

他下定决心改过自新,同那伙犯罪分子分道扬镳了。(break away)

Determined to turn over a new leaf, he broke away from that gang of criminals.


We all support this assumption, for it is well grounded in the box office receipts.



An actor must enunciate his words distinctly; otherwise, the audience cannot hear him clearly, nor can they make out what he is saying.


He deserted his wife and daughter as well as his farm and went to live in a big city.


In response to the lawyer’s appeals, the Home Secretary granted a free pardon.


The boys became disillusioned about the romance of camping after their tent collapsed in the heavy rain.


今天人们利用电话、互联网、无线电、电视和人造卫星相互进行远距离联系。(communicate) Today people communicate with one another over long distances by means of telephone, the Internet, radio, television and satellite.

为了进行科学考察,徐霞客长途跋涉,翻山越岭,不顾艰难困苦。(regardless of)

In order to make scientific investigations, Xu Xiake trudged a long distance and tramped over one mountain after another, regardless of difficulties and hardships.

为了你的健康,你必须少抽烟少喝酒;否则,你的身体会每况愈下的。(cut down on)

You must cut down on drinking and smoking for the sake of your own health; otherwise, you will be getting worse day after day.


It is an unquestionable fact that childhood experiences shape a person’s charact er.


大会主席宣布选举结果后,全场沸腾起来,顿时成了欢乐的海洋。(break into a sea of)When the chairman announced the election results, the whole assembly clapped and cheered, and the meeting hall broke into a sea of great joy.

他名声很不好,因为他常常背后说别人闲话。(take somebody’s name in vain)

He ha s a very bad reputation, for he often takes other people’s names in vain.

这条新马路的修建因天气恶劣而受阻了。(hold up)

The building of the new road has been held up by the bad weather.

自改革开放以来,我国的第三产业突飞猛进。(by leaps and bounds)

The tertiary industry in our country has been developing by leaps and bounds since the reform and opening drive started.

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