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1\Alan was always in trouble with the police when he was young but he’s now a respectable married man.

2\The people who had been hurt in the car accident lay screaming in agony.


3\Because his condition’s not serious they’v e put his name down on the hospital waiting list


4\the second part of the book deseribes the strange sequence of events that lead to the King’s fall from power.


5\when I saw my little boy crying bitterly over the death of his pet dog,I could hardly hold back my tears.


6\thery are going to distribute t hose clothes and blan-kets among the flood victims.


7\lind manage to support herself by working off and on as a waitress.


8\parts of my childhood are so vivid t o me that they could be memories of yesterday.


9\people ofte n associate the old days with good times,and seem to forget the hardship they suffered.


10\andrew f inally decided,after much thought,to leave his job.


11\jane’s worried she won’t be able to turn in her paper on time.


12\the president came under attack from all sides for his inability to tackle the country’s severe social problems.总统遭到来自四面八方的攻击他无法解决该国严重的社会问题。


1. George has been assigned to(分配,指派)the newspaper’s Paris office.sent

2. The man's story was so extraordinary(非常特别)that I didn’t know whether to believe him or not. well beyond(远远超出)

3. She had a clear image of how she would look in twenty years’ time.be formed(形成,构成)

4. When the officer gave the command (给出命令)the soldiers opened fire.on an order(给出命令)

5. As long as people keep buying bikes we’ll keep turning them out(生产).produce(生产)

Ⅱ. Translation

1. As it was a formal dinner party, I wore formal dress, as Mother told me to.

2.His girlfriend advised him to get out of/get rid of his bad habit of smoking before it took hold.

3. Anticipating that the demand for electricity will be high during the next few months, they have decided to increase its


4. It is said that Bill has been fired for continually violating the company’s safety rules. /Bill is said to have been fired for continually violating the company’s safety rules.

5. It is reported that the government has taken proper measures to avoid the possibility of a severe water shortage. /The local government is reported to have taken proper measures to avoid the possibility of a severe water shortage.

2. Susan lost her legs because of / in a car accident. For a time, she didn’t know how to face up to the fact that she would never (be able to) walk again.

One day, while scanning (through) some magazines, a true story caught her eye /she was attracted by a true story. It gave a vivid description of how a disabled girl became a writer. Greatly inspired, Susan began to feel that she, too, would finally be bale to lead a useful life.


1\there was no wind and the oak tree behind the house was standing absolutely still.


2\if you don’t want to buy a kite,you can make your own using directions available in books at your local library.


3\the girl walked steadily north,pausing every now and then to check her direction.


4\the trade unions urged employers to invest more money in saff training.


5\as a sailing ship has a destination,so we must have a definite goal in our life.


6\before people knew how to make and use metals,engineering constructions were mostly built of wood or stone.


7\you’ll probably find dave at the school disco he often hangs out there.


8\if your house has been broken into,don’t touch anything.calll the police right away.


9\we had a family reunion where I saw relatives I hadn’t see for 20 years.


10\i guess henry has been busy writing an article or something recently,that’s why he could’t accept the invitation.


11\scientists estimate that smoking reduces life expectancy by around 12 years on average.


12\although it is unlikely that everyong will be able to come,they are still going ahead with the plan to hold a class reunion.尽管每个人都能来是不可能的,他们仍然继续着计划举行同学聚会。


1. It seemed that his failure in the examination was still on his mind.(使挂念) anxious(担忧的)


2. He was completely chocked up(塞满)by the sight of his team losing in the final minutes of the game.left him so upset that he unable to say a word(他如此悲伤以至于无法说出一个字)

3. She was so lost in(专注于)study that she forgot to have dinner.Occupy(占据)

4.Something has come up(发生,开始) and I’m afraid I won’t be able to accomplish the project on time.happen(发生,开始)

5. The cost of equipping the new hospital was estimated(估价) at $2 million.calculate(计算;预测)

Ⅱ. Translation

1.Half an hour had gone by, but the last bus hadn’t come yet. We had to walk home.

2.Mary looks as if she is ver y worried about the Chinese exam because she hasn’t learned the texts by heart.

3.Since the basketball match has been postponed, we might as well visit the museum.

4.He stayed in Australia with his parents all the way through World WarⅡ.

5.Since I graduated from Nanjing University in 1985,I have kind of lost touch with my classmates.

2. It is not easy to keep in touch with friends when they are far away. This is certainly true in my case.

It has been a couple of years since I left my old neighborhood and all the friends I had there. I’ve been meaning to write to them but something or other comes up and I just don’t seem to find the time. They are always on my mind, however, and I think I will certainly make an effort to keep up correspondence with them in future.


1\it’ll only be a brief visit because we recently haven’t much time.


2\ the job is great in the terms of advancement but the starting salary is rather low.


3\we’d better pay that electricity bill before they cut us off.


4\as pace of life quickens things tend to change fast in the city.


5\why don’t we get rid of these old chairs, since we don’t use them anyway?


6\the earth’s atmosphere m akes precise observation of distant stars difficult.


7\the lawn was laid out in the form of the figure8.


8\i shouldn’t always have to tell you what to do,use your own initiative.


9\words cannot convey how grateful we are for his timely help.


10\it seems to me that the board of directors is in two minds over the opening of a branch office in south Africa.


11\i find it difficult to grasp the concept of infinite space.


12\philip presented a complex argument that was completely beyond my grasp.




1) Winning the match today has ensured(确保) their team a place in the Cup final.certainly(必定)

2) It is medical workers’ responsibility(职责) to heal the wounded and rescue the dying.duty(责任)

3) These computer games entertain(v娱乐) as well as educate(v教育) the learner.amusement(n消遣)knowledge(n知识)

4) No living thing can do without(强调没有) air and water.vital(至关重要的)

5) The election is likely(很可能的) to be held in June.a strong possibility(很可能的)

II Translation

1) As is predicted by scientists, global pollution has become one of the most serious problems humans are faced with.

2) Competition for these jobs is very tough –we have five times as many applicants this year as we did last year/ there are five times as many applicants this year as there were last year.

3) As the facts show, educational programs need to fit into the national plan for economical development.

4) The car burns too much gas, and moreover, the price is almost twice as much as I intend to pay.

5) To understand a great international event, we, first of all, need to consider the historical and political background to it.

2. It is hard to imagine how our forefathers could do without so many conveniences that modern technology has brought about. Back then only a small proportion of the population enjoyed the comforts of life. The majority didn’t even hav e sufficient food, not to speak of/ let alone the privilege of being educated. However, many people blame modern technology for creating so many problems. They want to slow down the rate of progress. But no one can put the clock back.


1\it was already a wreck when two weeks later the police found his stolen car and he had to buy a newone.


2\with great patience the clerk showed the elderly lady how to check the balance in her bank account on an atm.


3\if you look out of the window on the left side of the bus, you’ll see that we’re now approach the tower of London.


4\there’ll certainly be some problems,but nothing that you can’t handle.


5\people who discard litter in the streets should be fined heavily.


6\successful businessmen today are likely to be young,aggressive ,and well-educated.above all,they are willing to take risks to achieve success.


7\druing those difficult years,the family lived almost entirely on a diet of cabbages.


8\what are we going to do with the food left over from the party?


9\we checked on tom’s age by getting h is birth record.


10\we’ll go out as soon as I’ve cleaned up the kitchen.


11\for women lawyers in the united sates,their weekly earnings are on the average much less than those of male lawyers.


12\i won’t get involved in a deal like this-its against all my principle.



1) Effort to look for survivors were abandoned(被抛弃的) after it had been/was determined that all the people in the sunken ship had died.give up(放弃)

2) I was amazed(吃惊) that Bob left a well-paid job travel around the world. To my amazement(令我吃惊的)

3) Her repuest for a loan has been turned down(调低)by many a bank as her business is small and she could provide no guarantee. refused(拒绝)

4) She doesn’t express her thoughts with precision(精确), so people often misunderstand her.precise (精确的)

5) Nothing will weaken(使变弱) our determination(决心) to modernize our country in the shortest possible time.firm(坚定的) decision(决心)


1) It is reported that UN mediators have worked out a plan which they hope will be acceptable to both sides.

2) Doris walked in the forest cautiously, afraid of being attacked by giant snakes.

3) Earthquakes, typhoons and other natural disaters cannot be prevented, but action can be taken to protect life and property.

4) I bought a new issue of my favorite sports magazine and hurried home, anxious to amuse myself reading it.

5) Helen lacks confidence. I’ve never known anyone so unsure of herself.


After graduating from college, Tony decided to start his own business. At the beginning, many a bank turned down his request for a loan. But he was not a bit discouraged, and continued to call on one banker after another seeking help. Impressed by his determination and optimism, one banker finally agreed to loan him the money. Now he has become a wealthy businessman. Talking about his amazing achievement, Tony says that it is important to create rather than wait for opportunities. Vocabulary


1\a monthly statement is a general term for a personal-ized financial record that regularly informs a recipient about the status of his or her account.


2\over a hundred children came to the annual Christmas party which was a good opportunity for them to gather and renew acquaintances.


3\my parent’s marriage was a classic of its time-those years of the so-called cultural revolution, with no wedding cer-emony and no honey moon.


4\having failed in the examination ,owen didn’t dare look his father in the eye.


5\britain still has a bicycle industry; frames and complete bicycles are manufactured here,though most of the components are imported.


6\the employees of the company are treated right with hand some paychecks and stock options.


7\san Francisco is one of the largest cities in California and a leading center of culture ,finance ,and industry in the united states.旧金山是加利福尼亚最大的城市之一而且是美国的主要的文化,金融,和实业中心。

8\steve announced just now that he was leaving,but the coach had already started looking around for a replacement weeks before.


9\shortly after he learned of the earthquake,the man hurried back to his hometown,searching high and low to find out whether his parents have survived the calamity.


10\i was listening for grace’s voice,but it wasn’t easy to pick it out among all the others.


11\the survey reveals that in increasing mumber of young people claim the enjoy married life.


12someone grabbed at the letter I was reading,looking up,I was delightful surprised to find that it was my former classmate.




1) Olny an eight-month-old baby girl survived(幸存) a car crash that killed both her parents.survivor(幸存者)

2) I was almost embarrassed (v尴尬)to death when Sarah read my poem out to the whole class.embarrassment(n尴尬)

3) Doctors and nurses of the Children’s Hospital will care for(照顾)the seriously injured pupils.be under the care of(被..照顾)

4) The personnel department has received several phone calls making inquiries(询问) about the position of the Chief Financial Officer.

5) We can help you straighten out(清理) all your financial problems if you join our club.find a solution(想办法)

II. Translation


1) I’m not sure where you can find a good carpenter---you’d better ask around.

2) Feeling a little embarrassed, he quickly cleared his throat and looked up at the painting on the wall.

3) Michael was survived by three sons, two daughters, and his wife Elizabeth.

4) As a financial expert, William advised us to invest our money in the stock market.

5) We small retailers can’t compete with supermarkets in pricing and sales.


My dad is a hard-working executive of a manufacturing firm. He works six days a week. Every day he has to straighten out various kinds of problems so that he often stays up late/nights. However, he tries his best to balance/maintain balance between work and family. On Sundays my dad usually stays at home and cares for us as much as he can. To my greatest joy, he cooks our favorite dished and plays ball with us.

Unit 6 Homework


Ⅰ 1.1\the former lake bed is now a fertile plain producing good crops of wheat.


2\aunt pat’s rough,red hands reflected a life of hard physical labor.


3\if you are living overseas,you may not have to pay tax in your own country.


4\helen is pretty,of slim build,with blue eyes.


5\we split the boards down the middle to use them for the back of the shelves.


6\only the hope that the rescuers were getting nearer sustained the trapped miners.


7\the glow of the setting sun reddened the stream.


8\the kidnappers thrust the boy into the car and drove off.


9\it is common knowledge that dogs have a keen sense of smell.


10\the unusually cold winter caused many plants to bud late this year


11\training is Previous,so no previous experience is required for the job.


12\we can go to the seven o’clock performance or the eight-whichever suits you best.




1) The sickly smell of carpets and furniture in the bedroom disgusts(vt. 使厌恶;使作呕)me.dislike(不喜欢)

2) Mary stopped corresponding(v通信with Henry after the death of her mother.correspondence(n. 通信)

3) A radio transmitter is best located(最好位置at an isolated lace far from cities.the most suitable site(最合适的位置)

4) I was so absorbed in(全神贯注于)the game on TV that I didn’t hear Martin come in.completely held my attention(完全抓住了我的注意里)

5) The rough surface of the basketball helps players grip(vt. 紧握)the ball.firm hold(紧握)



1) Before I went off to university, my grandfather gave me a few words of wisdom which impressed me deeply.

2) Never tell my parents about my injuries and I’ll be very grateful to you (for it).

3) At the meeting some of our colleagues put forward sensible suggestions about improving our working environment.

4) The management has/have agreed to grant the workers a 10% pay rise in response to union pressure.

5) It was very thoughtful of the hostess to give the house a thorough cleaning before we arrived.

2. Not rich himself, Uncle Li never hesitates to help others. Previous to/Before his retirement, through Project Hope he located the addresses of two country kids who grew up in poor families but had a keen desire to study. From then on he sent them money regularly. Later the two made their way to college, and even got a chance to study overseas.

I. Vocabulary

1\the financial help they got from the local government didn’t go far to ward solving the problem.


2\their retail business in asia has expanded rapidly since the early 1990s.


3\in the interests of world peace ,we must promote mutual understanding among nations with different social systems.


4\i thought it was still early,yet got to the library only to find it closed.


5\on the train encounted an old lady who happened to be a neighbor of my daughter’s when she lived in losangeles.


6\our company has cooperated with several American companies for the past few years in joint ventures.


7\phil looked around at the other competitors and assessed his chances of winning.


8\the police believed that the reason the failed to find anything suspicious in that guy’s bag was that member of the gang had switched bags at the airport.


9\our visit to the far east has certainly broadened our horizons.


10\emily felt increasingly uncomfortable under the woman’s steady gaze.


11\everything was going smoothly until suddenly the disaster struck.


12\smallpox ,which used to be a severe epidemic disease ,has been completely wiped out.



1) There used to be a long running controversy over(围绕……的争议) whether the book should be published or not. An issue people disagreed(一个问题人们不同意)

2) Kate felt relieved (放心)after her first meeting with Tom had gone smoothly.made her feel less uneasy(使她不那么不安)

3) Something suddenly went wrong(出错) with my computer when I was in the middle of writing the essay. Stop walking(不工作)

4) It is obvious(明显的)that our company is still maintaining its composition as market leader in software.clearly(显然地)

5) She is determined not to give in(让步) until they give her a pay rise。

II. Translation

1. 1) A local business undertook the project but went bankrupt before it was completed.

2) Let’s make a deal—you wash my car, and I’ll let you use it tonight.

3) We got to the village which we thought must have been wiped out in the severe earthquake, only to find it slightly damaged.

4) My garden is dry and shady—few plants thrive in that condition

5) Mystery still surrounds the exact truth behind the film star’s death/exact circumstance of the film star’s death.

2. When I was young I used to visit the zoo in my hometown. There what attracted me most was a couple of tigers, especially the male. They were dept in a huge iron cage at first, but later were released from it and moved to a place called Tiger Hill. Twenty years later I revisited the zoo and was relieved to find Tiger Hill was still there, but greatly extended. Moving around now were six tigers, old and young, instead of two!

This morning I heard an interesting piece of news over my portable radio: a man of 36 and his son of 10 attend the same class competing with each other for high marks. The story goes/ It’s like this:

The man, Li Wei by name, was too idle to learn anything when young. With little education, with no useful skills, he could hardly earn an adequate living wage. His life experiences drove home to him the point that he had to acquire knowledge before he was able to accumulate wealth. So Li Wei swore that he would go to school with his son, determined to learn.

Unit 1 Growing Up












Unit 2 Friendship







































Unit 3











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