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高等教育出版社综合英语教程 2 (第三版) 课后翻译答案汇总Unit 1 The Snake Bite (P14)

1. It started raining, so she made for the nearest shelter.

2. She picked out a cap to match her dress.

3. I waited for an hour, but he didn’t show up.

4. They figured it was better to stay where they were.

5. The earthquake that struck the little island caused 23 deaths.

6. He returned home at length after being away from the village for 20 years.

7. She managed to hold on to her job while many of her colleagues lost theirs.

Unit 2He was my father (P30)

1. My teacher told me that the liquid in the bottle could remove stains from metal and china.

2. The student sitting beside me looked around the examination room with apprehension.

3. He is now out of college and lives on his own.

4. They took turns staying awake in case anything went wrong.

5. The elder daughter will probably follow in her father's

footsteps, and take over the family business when she's old enough.

6. He had to get off his bike and push it up the hill.

7. This pair of gloves will protect your hands against the cold. Unit 3 Understanding Your Owner (P47)

1. At first, he refused to accept any responsibility but he ended up apologizing.

2. Sometimes it is not easy to pick out an acquaintance in a crowd.

3. Some convenience foods can fit in with ideas of healthy eating.

4. Your carelessness might put us into danger.

5. He tried to force his opinion on us, but we didn’t accept it.

6. They spent hours working out the result for the survey. Or: It was hours before they worked out the result of the survey.

7. If you can’t make it this way, you can try doing it another way.

8. Her illness kept her off work for several weeks.

Unit 4 Water Cycle ( P63 )

There is no translation.


Unit 5 Is my dream ploughing ( P75 )

1. I don’t like to see people off on the railway station.

2. We will hold a farewell for you in the company on Monday, somebody will pick you up at the hotel at half past seven. The company is giving a farewell party on Monday evening. A car will pick you up at your hotel at half past seven.

3. She was so excited that she couldn’t help giving me a warm embrace.

4. I never succeed in overcoming the sense of being out of place.

5. She glanced round the room to see who was there.

6. His big shoes look like small boats.

7. You should fold the eggs into the flour instead of doing it in the opposite way.

Unit 6 Football ( P88 )

1. He thinks that the marriage between them is no more than a business deal.

2. He used up all the money he had.

3. The young man saved your daughter from drowning.

4. She had absolutely nowhere to go, so she read some old books at home.

5. “Will I ever be as good a player as Geoff?” “Perhaps, but

you still have a long way to go before that day comes”

6. He is in danger of losing his job.

7. The practice of employing children to work in factories has

nearly died out in many countries.

Unit 7 The English Countryside (P103)

1. Her bedroom has large windows overlooking a beautiful lake.

2. He collapsed into the armchair, stretching out his legs in front of him.

3. I simply could not live there; it rained day in and day out when I went there on holiday.

4. A dry warehouse is important especially in the case of these medicines.

5. The people in this village, for the most part, are quiet and well behaved.

6. We tend to get cold winters and warm, dry summers in this part of the country.

7. It’s a simple dish to prepare, consisting mainly of beef and vegetable.

Unit 8 Beauty and Career ( P119)

1. I find it difficult to keep up with the changes in fashion.

2. He doesn't go in for outdoor sports much.

3. My English is poor so I'm not up to translating the poem.

4. People usually judge a person by his/her appearance.

5. She looked as if she hadn't slept all night.

6. He was determined to go to great lengths to fulfill his ambition

7. He sat in the front so as to hear clearly.

Unit 9 Secret Messages to Ourselves( P135 )

1. Judy had a right to come and go as she pleased.

2. He leapt to fame overnight with the success of his first film.

3. I sometimes have difficulty distinguishing Australian English from American English.

4. I didn’t want to come here in the first place.

5. Miniskirts are out of fashion, while long skirts have come into fashion again.

6. She was always criticizing others, so her friends got tired of her.

7. Her manner was cold and indifferent.

8. Nancy and John have fallen out of love with each other and they split at last.

Unit 10 The life story of an ancient Chinese poet. (P151)There is no translation.

Unit 11 Teenager’s Nightmar e. ( P169 )

There is no translation.

Unit 12 Have you seen the trees? ( P182 )

1. The bathroom floor was swimming with water.

2. For an instant, I thought I was going to lose.

3. I was walking along the street when a poster caught my eye.

4. In this quiet valley lies a small village.

5. The air is so fresh outside Let’s go out for a walk if you feel like it.

6. He is always interfering with our plan.

7. Owing to a mechanical problem, they were trapped in the elevator for two hours.

U nit 13 One of these days ( P199)

There is no translation.

Unit 14 New York City ( P212 )

There is no translation.

Unit 15 The aging population ( P228 )

1. Is it safe to draw conclusions on the basis of only one investigation?

2. More books about physical exercises will be published to meet the needs of the ageing society

3. The team leader urged the players to win the football match at any rate.

4. He has visited a lot of places of interest abroad, not to mention scenic spots at home.

5. The scientists subjected the new product to a series of

strict tests.

6. After searching in the room for a while, he brought out a pile of old magazines.

7. She is determined to succeed and won’t let anything get in her way.

8. Jimmy’s parents came over from America to see him.


Lesson One: The Time Message Elwood N, Chapman 新的学习任务开始之际,千头万绪,最重要的是安排好时间,做时间的主人。本文作者提出了7点具体建议,或许对你有所启迪。 1 Time is tricky. It is difficult to control and easy to waste. When you look a head, you think you have more time than you need. For Example,at the beginning of a semester, you may feel that you have plenty of time on your hands, but toward the end of the term you may suddenly find that time is running out. You don't have enough time to cover all your duties (duty), so you get worried. What is the answer? Control! 译:时间真是不好对付,既难以控制好,又很容易浪费掉,当你向前看时,你觉得你的时间用不完。例如,在一个学期的开始,你或许觉得你有许多时间,但到学期快要结束时,你会突然发现时间快用光了,你甚至找不出时间把所有你必须干的事情干完,这样你就紧张了。答案是什么呢?控制。 2 Time is dangerous. If you don't control it, it will control you. I f you don't make it work fo r you, it will work against you. So you must become the master of time, not its servant. As a first-year college student, time management will be your number one Problem. 译:时间是危险的,如果你控制不了时间,时间就会控制你,如果你不能让时间为你服务,它就会起反作用。所以,你必须成为时间的主人,而不是它的奴仆,作为刚入学的大学生,妥善安排时间是你的头等大事。 3 Time is valuable. Wasting time is a bad habit. It is like a drug. The more time you waste,the easier it is to go on wasting time. If seriously wish to get the most out of college, you must put the time message into practice. 译:时间是珍贵的,浪费时间是个坏习惯,这就像毒品一样,你越浪费时间,就越容易继续浪费下去,如果你真的想充分利用上大学的机会,你就应该把利用时间的要旨付诸实践。 Message1. Control time from the beginning. 4 Time is today, not tomorrow or next week. Start your plan at the Beginning of the term. 译:抓紧时间就是抓紧当前的时间,不要把事情推到明天或是下周,在学期开始就开始计划。 Message2. Get the notebook habit. 5 Go and buy a notebook today, Use it to plan your study time each day. Once a weekly study plan is prepared, follow the same pattern every week with small changes. Sunday is a good day to make the Plan for the following week.


1.她似乎与新同学相处得不好 She doesn’t seem to get along with her new classmates. 2.我与玛丽失去联系多年 I’d been out of touch with Mary for year, but I managed to reach her by phone yesterday. 3.那老兵喜欢对每一位来访者炫耀他的勋章 The veteran enjoys showing off his medals to everyone who visits him. 4. 她丈夫似乎非常反对他出国 He husband seems very much opposed to her going abroad. 5. 因为托马斯不安心工作他父母很担忧 As Thomas couldn’t settle down in his job, his parents were very worried. 6. 我口袋里总装着各种各样的小东西 I always have all kinds of bits and pieces in my pockets. 7. 她母亲通过一些私人关系是他进入商界 Her mother pulled a few strings to get her into the business circle. 8. 我希望这些菜合你们的口味 I hope the food is to your liking. 9.那些男孩太吵我把他们骂了一顿 __I told the boys off for making so much noise. 1. 他决定立即着手这项复杂的工程 He resolved to work on the complicated project immediately. 2. 他们看见对面的老人被对面驶来的汽车撞倒 They saw an old man knocked over by a car coming from the opposite direction. 3. 他在黑暗中摇摇晃晃搜索着电灯开关 He walked unsteadily / stumbled along in the dark, groping for the light-switch. 4. 病了三个月后她几乎站不稳了 After three month’s illness, he found it difficult to rise to his feet again. 5. 由于人手不足无法按期完成任务 Owing to the staff shortage, the task could not be fulfilled on schedule. 6. 在经济萧条期公司遭遇财政困难 During the period of depression, the company was running into financial difficulties. 7. 那盲女上了公车乘客们给他让出了地方 When the blind girl got on the crowded bus, the passengers made room for her. 8.他终于抓住了悬崖的岩石止住了下滑 __He at last managed to hold on to the rock on the cliff and stopped himself from 1. 母亲立刻派汤姆去叫医生 Mother immediately sent Tom for the doctor. 2. 由于糖用完了他没做成蛋糕 She failed to bake the cake as she had run out of sugar. 3. 我知道您现在忙极了 I know how desperately busy you are now. 4. 汤姆说错了话惹得全班同学哄堂大笑


Unit 1 1. 听到他屡遭失败的消息,我感到很难过。(distress) It distressed me a great deal to hear the news that he had suffered repeated failures. 2. 他虽然失去了老板的欢心,但仍然装出了一副高兴的样子。(assume) He assumed an air of cheerfulness even though he lost favor with his boss. 3. 格列佛经历了冒险奇遇,见到了各色奇异的人物。(assortment) Gulliver met with extraordinary adventures and witnessed an assortment of strange people. 4. 如果你再犯同样的错误,他会很生你气的。(furious) He will be furious with you if you repeat the same mistake. 5. 我们都被他坦率的观点、幽默的语言和亲切的态度所深深吸引。(draw) We were all greatly drawn by his frank views, humorous words and genial manner. 6. 等到欢呼的掌声平息下来,那位诺贝尔奖获得者开始演讲。(die down) The Nobel Prize winner began his speech after cheers and applause died down. 7. 他天生有一种特别的洞察力和预见力,因此,他很少随大流。(run with the crowd) He is gifted with a special sort of insight and foresight, so he rarely runs with the crowd. 8. 我发现现实毕竟是非常严酷的,一个人难以完全按照自己的理想去生活。(live up to) I feel realities are after all very harsh, so one can hardly live up entirely to his ideals. Unit 2 1. 我的顶头上司是典型的工作狂,一年365天每天工作10小时以上。(workaholic) My direct superior is a typical workaholic, for he works for over ten hours each day all the year round. 2. 校长十分注重课外活动,他认为课外活动有助于培养学生对于外部世界的浓厚兴趣。(extracurricular) The principal attaches much importance to extracurricular activities and he believes that they will help to cultivate students’ tremendous interest in the external world.


新职业英语·职业综合英语课文翻译 第一课谷歌 上过互联网的人都见过谷歌,许多人要在互联网上查找某方面的信息时,他们都会去“谷歌”一下。作为全世界最有名的互联网搜索引擎,谷歌是网络业界功成名就的最好范例之一。 谷歌始于1996年1月斯坦福大学博士生拉里?佩奇的一个研究项目。为了找到一种能帮助网络用户搜索到相关网页的更好方法,佩奇设想可以通过检索网页之间的关系来实现。他认为其他网页链接最多的那些网页一定是最受欢迎的,这项技术结果看起来是成功的。 佩奇和他的合作伙伴谢尔盖?布林于1998年9月7日创建了自己的公司,并在之后的一周注册了https://www.sodocs.net/doc/4f11325799.html,这一网址。这个搜索引擎很快声名鹊起,2000年谷歌开始在自己的网站出售广告。在投资者的热情资助下,经过几年的发展,谷歌上市了,谷歌的很多雇员一夜之间成了百万富翁。 谷歌最近收购了互联网最大的视频共享网站https://www.sodocs.net/doc/4f11325799.html,,而且每天都在不断增加一些新功能,如工具栏、邮件和广告。当然,成长与成功也带来了竞争。微软最近就试图收购雅虎以便能在互联网搜索引擎领域与谷歌抗衡。 随着公司的壮大与知名度的提高,谷歌在美国公司就业吸引力的排名也上升到第一。他们尝试打破传统的办公室设计,努力把办公室变成员工感觉舒适、并能充分发挥自己才华的地方。 现在,谷歌已拥有YouTube、Blogger和其他一些热门网站,并且成为网络广告收入方面的领头羊。当初两个学生的一个小点子已发展成为一家拥有十亿美元资产的大公司,谷歌也成为全球最著名的商标之一。谷歌的发展史为当今的网络企业家树立了一个完美的典范,也提供了灵感。 第二课秘书 秘书可能会有很多其他不同的头衔,例如行政助理、文员或私人助理。尽管所有这些头衔都以行政工作为主旨,但它们却反映了不同种类的秘书工作。秘书岗位十分古老,例如,古希腊和罗马的商人和政客们就曾雇用私人秘书和文员来管理他们的事务。 秘书的工作就是使办公室顺利运转。秘书的职责范围很广,依据他们所在办公室的不同而各异。就最低要求来说,秘书要处理信函,跟踪日程安排,管理文件系统,操作电话、传真机、复印机等办公设备。许多秘书还要接听电话,并将其转给适当的人员。有些秘书还要负责办公室用品的采购,他们也可能会处理预算、簿记和人事文档。秘书应当具备使用电脑和其他电子设备的经验,因为他们将处理大量的电子资料,包括往来信函。


U1: 1. 他对这次面试中可能提到的问题做好了准备。(confront) He has well prepared answers to the questions that he might confront with in the interview. 2. 他悲惨的遭遇深深打动了我们,使我们几乎哭出声(touch) His sad story touched us so deeply that we nearly cry. 3. 他们俩手挽着手沿着河边散步,有说有笑。(hand in hand) They walked hand in hand along the river, chatting and laughing. 4. 听到这令人激动的消息之后,他眼睛里涌出欢乐的泪水。(well up) Tears of joy welt up in his eyes after hearing this exciting news. 5. 上海人容易听懂苏州话,因为上海话和苏州话有许多共同之处。(in common) The people of SH can understand Suzhou hua easily as they have many things in common. 6. 亨利和妻子正在考虑能不能在3年内买一幢新房子。(look into) Henry and his wife are looking into the possibility of buying a new house. 7. 女儿再三请求到国外去深造,他最终让步了。(give in to) He finally gave in to his daughter repeated request studying abroad. 8. 我们在动身去度假之前把所有的贵重物品都锁好了。(lock away) We have locked all the expensive things away before leaving for the holiday. 9. 虽然咱们分手了,但我希望咱们依然是好朋友,像以前一样互相关心,互相帮助。(part)Although we have parted from each other, I hope we will remain good friends to care and help each other just like we did in the past. 10. 在紧急关头,军长召集全体军官开会,制定新的克敌战略战术。(summon) At that critical moment, the army leader summoned all the officers to work out strategies and tactics to fight with enemies. U3: 1.对不起,我迟到了,我刚才在开会脱不开身。(get away) Sorry, I’m late; I was at a meeting and could not get away. 2. 在音乐会上,歌手唱完每一首美妙动听的歌曲时,观众便高声喝彩表示赞赏。(appreciation)At the concert whenever a singer finished singing a beautiful song, the audiences would burst into loud cheers to show their appreciation. 3. 她是个穿着时髦的人,对饮食很少讲究。(stylish) As a stylish dresser, she always wears stylish clothes, but she seldom cares about what she eats and drinks. 4. 护士告诉我医生奇迹般地治好了你的心脏病。(do wonders for)The nurse told me that the doctor had done wonders for your heart disease. 5. 主席颁奖时赞美获奖者为人类做出了巨大贡献。(compliment) When awarding the prize, the chairman complimented the winner on the great contribution to mankind. 6. 这个问题许多年来使专家们迷惑不解。(bother) These problems have bothered the experts many years. 7. 警察到达后,示威的人群逐渐散开了。(melt away) The crowd of demonstrators melted away when the police arrived.

新标准大学综合英语2 unit1 课文翻译

NUIT1 大学已经不再特别了 有这么一种说法:“要是你能记得20世纪60年代的任何事情,你就没有真正经历过那段岁月。”对于在大麻烟雾中度过大学时光的那些人,这话可能是真的。但是,20世纪60年代有一件事人人都记得,那就是:上大学是你一生中最激动人心、最刺激的经历。 20世纪60年代,加州的高校把本州变成了世界第七大经济实体。然而,加州大学的主校园伯克利分校也以学生示威、罢课以及激进的政治氛围而著名。1966年,罗纳德?里根竞选加州州长,他问加州是否允许“一所伟大的大学被喧闹的、唱反调的少数人征服。”自由派人士回答说,大学之所以伟大正是因为它们有能力容忍喧闹的、唱反调的少数人。 在欧洲的大学校园里,大学生以新的姿态和激情投入到争取自由和正义的事业中去,大规模的社会主义或共产主义运动引发了他们与当权者之间日益升级的暴力冲突。许多抗议是针对越南战争的。可是在法国,巴黎大学的学生与工会联盟,发动了一场大罢工,最终导致戴高乐总统辞职。 20世纪60年代大学生活的特点并不仅仅是激进的行动。不论在什么地方,上大学都意味着你初次品尝真正自由的滋味,初次品尝深更半夜在宿舍或学生活动室里讨论人生意义的滋味。你往往得上了大学才能阅读你的第一本禁书,看你的第一部独立影人电影,或者找到和你一样痴迷吉米?亨德里克斯或兰尼?布鲁斯的志同道合者。那是一段难以想象的自由时光,你一生中最无拘无束的时光。 可如今那份激情哪儿去了?大学怎么了?现在,政治、社会和创造意识的觉醒似乎不是凭借大学的助力,而是冲破其阻力才发生的。当然,一点不假,高等教育仍然重要。例如,在英国,布莱尔首相几乎实现了到2010年让50%的30岁以下的人上大学的目标(即使愤世嫉俗的人会说,这是要把他们排除在失业统计数据之外)。不过,大学教育已不再是全民重视的话题了。如今,大学被视为人们急于逃离的一种小城镇。有些人辍学,但大多数已经有些麻木,还是坚持混到毕业,因为离开学校实在是太费事了。 没有了20世纪60年代大学生所发现的令人头脑发热的自由气氛,如今的大学生要严肃得多。英国文化协会最近做了一项调查,研究外国留学生在决定上哪所大学时所考虑的因素。这些因素从高到低依次是:课程质量、就业前景、学费负担、人身安全问题、生活方式,以及各种便利。大学已变成实现目的的手段,是在就业市场上增加就业几率的一个机会,上大学本身不再是目的,不再是给你提供一个机会,让你暂时想象一下:你能够改变世界。 童年与大学之间的距离已缩小了,大学与现实世界之间的距离也缩小了。其中的一个原因可能和经济有关。在一个没有保障的世界里,现在的许多孩子依赖父母资助的时间比以前的孩子更长。21世纪的学生大学毕业后根本无法自立门户,因为那太昂贵了。另一个可能的原因是通讯革命。儿子或女儿每学期往家里打一两回电话的日子一去不复返了。如今,大学生通过手机与父母保持着脐带式联系。至于寻找痴迷无名文学或音乐的同道好友,没问题,我们有互联网和聊天室来帮助我们做到这一点。

综合英语教程3 翻译 答案 中英

Unit1 1. She doesn’t seem to get along with her new classmates. 2. I’d been out of touch with Mary for year, but I managed to reach her by phone yesterday. 3. The veteran enjoys showing off his medals to everyone who visits him. 4. He husband seems very much opposed to her going abroad. 5. As Thomas couldn’t settle down in his job, his parents were very worried. 6. I always have all kinds of bits and pieces in my pockets. 7. Her mother pulled a few strings to get her into the business circle. 8. I hope the food is to your liking. 9. I told the boys off for making so much noise. Unit2 1. He resolved to work on the complicated project immediately. 2. They saw an old man knocked over by a car coming from the opposite direction. 3. He walked unsteadily / stumbled along in the dark, groping for the light-switch. 4. After three month’s illness, he found it difficult to rise to his feet again. 5. Owing to the staff shortage, the task could not be fulfilled on schedule. 6. During the period of depression, the company was running into financial difficulties. 7. When the blind girl got on the crowded bus, the passengers made room for her. 8. He at last managed to hold on to the rock on the cliff and stopped himself from slipping. Unit3 1. Mother immediately sent Tom for the doctor. 2. She failed to bake the cake as she had run out of sugar. 3. I know how desperately busy you are now. 4. The whole class roared with laughter at Tom’s slip of the tongue. 5. Such things as needles and scissors should be kept out of the reach of children. 6. The soldiers stood under the burning scorching sun, drenched with sweat. 7. He returned to his own country / motherland in the end. Unit4 1. Obviously I overestimated my sense of direction. Net time, I will remember to bring along a map with me. 2. The mother is not thoroughly disillusioned with her selfish unfilial son. 3. She has no knack for saying the right thing at the right time. 4. He and football were meant for each other from the start. 5. My boss assigned me the secretarial work for the first month. 6. If a driver breaks traffic rules, are there any alternatives to a fire? 7. Being a clumsy person, he often subjects himself to ridicule. Unit5 1. Did James have supper with you on the night in question? 2. The coach was satisfied with the ultimate victory of the match. 3. To remove the linguistic barriers in communication among the people of the world, linguists have embarked on the study of a new universal language. 4. The emergence of joint-venture enterprises has increased our opportunities to have contact with foreigners. 5. Mother asked him to gather up the bits and pieces of his belongings from the desk and put them


Unit 1 Changes in the Way We Live 在美国,不少人对乡村生活怀有浪漫的情感。许多居住在城镇的人梦想着自己办个农场,梦想着靠土地为生。很少有人真去把梦想变为现实。或许这也没有什么不好,因为,正如吉姆·多尔蒂当初开始其写作和农场经营双重生涯时所体验到的那样,农耕生活远非轻松自在。但他写道,自己并不后悔,对自己作出的改变生活方式的决定仍热情不减。 Mr. Doherty Builds His Dream Life Jim Doherty 有两件事是我一直想做的――写作与务农。如今我同时做着这两件事。作为作家,我和E·B·怀特不属同一等级,作为农场主,我和乡邻也不是同一类人,不过我应付得还行。在城市以及郊区历经多年的怅惘失望之后,我和妻子桑迪终于在这里的乡村寻觅到心灵的满足。 这是一种自力更生的生活。我们食用的果蔬几乎都是自己种的。自家饲养的鸡提供鸡蛋,每星期还能剩余几十个出售。自家养殖的蜜蜂提供蜂蜜,我们还自己动手砍柴,足可供过冬取暖之用。 这也是一种令人满足的生活。夏日里我们在河上荡舟,在林子里野餐,骑着自行车长时间漫游。冬日里我们滑雪溜冰。我们为落日的余辉而激动。我们爱闻大地回暖的气息,爱听牛群哞叫。我们守着看鹰儿飞过上空,看玉米田间鹿群嬉跃。 但如此美妙的生活有时会变得相当艰苦。就在三个月前,气温降

到华氏零下30度,我们辛苦劳作了整整两天,用一个雪橇沿着河边拖运木柴。再过三个月,气温会升到95度,我们就要给玉米松土,在草莓地除草,还要宰杀家禽。前一阵子我和桑迪不得不翻修后屋顶。过些时候,四个孩子中的两个小的,16岁的吉米和13岁的埃米莉,会帮着我一起把拖了很久没修的室外厕所修葺一下,那是专为室外干活修建的。这个月晚些时候,我们要给果树喷洒药水,要油漆谷仓,要给菜园播种,要赶在新的小鸡运到之前清扫鸡舍。 在这些活计之间,我每周要抽空花五、六十个小时,不是打字撰文,就是为作为自由撰稿人投给报刊的文章进行采访。桑迪则有她自己繁忙的工作日程。除了日常的家务,她还照管菜园和蜂房,烘烤面包,将食品装罐、冷藏,开车送孩子学音乐,和他们一起练习,自己还要上风琴课,为我做些研究工作并打字,自己有时也写写文章,还要侍弄花圃,堆摞木柴、运送鸡蛋。正如老话说的那样,在这种情形之下,坏人不得闲――贤德之人也歇不了。 我们谁也不会忘记第一年的冬天。从12月一直到3月底,我们都被深达5英尺的积雪困着。暴风雪肆虐,一场接着一场,积雪厚厚地覆盖着屋子和谷仓,而室内,我们用自己砍伐的木柴烧火取暖,吃着自家种植的苹果,温馨快乐每一分钟。 开春后,有过两次泛滥。一次是河水外溢,我们不少田地被淹了几个星期。接着一次是生长季节到了,一波又一波的农产品潮涌而来,弄得我们应接不暇。我们的冰箱里塞满了樱桃、蓝莓、草莓、芦笋、豌豆、青豆和玉米。接着我们存放食品罐的架子上、柜橱里也开始堆


翻译 Unit1 1年轻人有时会抱怨无法和父母沟通。(communicate with) Young people sometimes complain of being unable to communicate with their parents. 2. 能在中国云南的一个苗家村落住下来一直是玛丽长久以来的梦想,现在她终于梦想成真了。(to take up residence) It has been Mary’s long cheris hed dream to take up residence in a Miao village in Yunnan, China. Now her dream has finally come true. 3. 家养的动物习惯于依赖人,因此很难能在野外活下来。(survive) Domestic animals are used to depending on humans, so it is difficult for them to survive in the wild. 4. 他突然有种恐惧感,觉得自己会因为经济不景气而被公司裁员。(overtake) He was suddenly overtaken by a fear that he would be laid off by the company because of depression. 5. 我估计公交路线上堵车了,因为我都等了30分钟也没见一辆车开过去。(figure) I figure that there is a traffic jam on the route of the bus, for I’ve waited for 30 minutes without seeing one passing by. Unit2 1.思想是通过语言来表达的。(by means of) Thoughts are expressed by means of language. 2.我今年买的新书多得难以数清。(keep count of) I have bought so many new books this year that it’s really difficult for me to keep count of them. 3. 这位老太太确信,今天她儿子会回家来为她庆祝生日。(feel assured) The old lady feels assured that her son will come back home today to celebrate her birthday. 4. 他妈妈坚持说他每月的零用钱不能超过100元。(exceed) His mother insisted that his pocket money should not exceed 100 Yuan per month. 5. 上个月我们买了一辆车,是用我的名字登记的。(register) We bought a car last month, which was registered under my name. Unit3 1.这支乐队20世纪80年代凭借那张专集一举成名。(shoot to fame) The band shot to fame in the 1980s with that single album. 2. 冒一下险吧,你可能还是会输,但赢的机会却增加了。(take a risk) Take a risk, and you may lose again, but you would have improved your chances to win.


U5 1.培养正确的感情是极其必要的,因为它可以为一个人将来学习和工作的成功奠定基础。 Cultivating the right emotions is indispensable in that it lays the foundations for the success of one’s future work and studies. 2.中国西部发展急需人才,政府为此制定了优惠政策,号召更多大学毕业生去西部工作。West China is crying out for talented people for its development .To this end,the government has laid down favorable policies,calling for more college graduates to go and work there. 3.你怎么可以在我这样艰难的时候对我置之不理呢?我们患难与共差不多半个世纪了。How can you turn your back on me when I am in such difficulty? We have gone through trials and tribulations for practically half a century. 4.网虫们很多时间都泡在网上,以至于他们无法分辨虚拟世界与现实世界。 Web addicts spend so much time on the Internet that they are unable to draw a distinction between the virtual world and the real world. 5.生活在城市的人常常会有这样的幻想:乡村生活是闲适安逸的。其实不一定是这回事儿。Urban residents often have the illusion that rural life is always leisurely and comfortable. In fact, that may not be the case. 6.远程学习是个全球化的趋势。随着它的迅速发展,人们无论身处何地都能有同样方便的途径享受教育资源。 Distance learning is a global trend. With its quick growth,people are given an equally convenient access to educational resources,no matter where they are. U6 1.我们中国人会再三地请客人多吃饭桌上的菜,以表明我们好客。 As a proof of our hospitality,we Chinese will repeatedly ask our guests to help themselves to


基础综合英语课文翻译 导语:《基础综合英语》综合听说读写四个方面。每单元前半 部分涉及听说技能,而后半部分突出读写技能。这四种技能都围绕同一主题展开,相互补充,协同提高。下面是由的关于基础综合英语课文第一单元部分课文的翻译。欢迎阅读! 对F的赞美 今年将有好几万的十八岁青年毕业,他们都将被授予毫无意义 的文凭。这些文凭看上去跟颁发给比他们幸运的同班同学的文凭没什么两样。只有当雇主发现这些毕业生是半文盲时,文凭的效力才会被质疑。 最后,少数幸运者会进入教育维修车间——成人识字课程,我 教的一门关于基础语法和写作的课程就属于这种性质。在教育维修车间里,高中毕业生和高中辍学生将学习他们本该在学校就学好的技能,以获得同等学历毕业证书。他们还将发现他们被我们的教育体系欺骗了。 在我教课的过程中,我对我们的学校教育深有了解。在每学期 开始的时候,我会让我的学生写一下他们在学校的不快体验。这种时候学生不会有任何写作障碍!我希望有人能让我停止吸毒,让我学习。我喜欢参加派对,似乎没人在意。我是一个好孩子,不会制造任何麻烦,于是他们就让我考试通过,即使我阅读不好,也不会写作。很多诸如此类的抱怨。

我基本是一个空想社会改良家,在教这门课之前,我将孩子们 的学力能力差归咎于毒品、离婚和其它妨碍注意力集中的东西,要想学习好就必须集中注意力。但是,我每一次走进教室都会再度发现,一个老师在期望学生全神贯注之前,他必须先吸引学生的注意力,无论附近有什么分散注意力的东西。要做到这点,有很多种办法,它们与教学风格有很大的关系。然而,单靠风格无法起效,有另一个办法可以显示谁是在教室里掌握胜局的人。这个办法就是亮出失败的王牌。 我永远也忘不了一位老师亮出那张王牌以吸引我的一个孩子的 注意。我的小儿子是个世界级的万人迷,学习不怎么动脑筋却总能蒙混过关,直到施蒂夫特夫人当了他的老师,这种局面才彻底改变了。 当她教我儿子英语时,我儿子是一个高中高年级学生。他坐在 后排和他的朋友说话。她告诉我。你为什么不把他换到前排来?我恳求道,我相信令他难堪的做法会让他安心学习。史蒂夫特夫人从眼镜上方冷冷地看着我。我不会换高年级学生的座位。她说,我会给他们不及格的成绩。我大感紧张。我们儿子的学习生涯在我的眼前闪现。之前,没有老师以此威胁过他。我恢复镇定,艰难地表示我认为她是对的。到家时,我对此感觉良好。目前这是一种激进的做法,但是,嗯,为什么不这么做呢?她要给你不及格。我告诉我的儿我没有再多说什么。突然英语就在他的生活中成了头等大事。他期末得了一个A。 我知道一个例子不能说明问题,但我在夜校中看见了一群愤怒、怨恨的学生,他们愤恨的原因是学校让他们一路混,直到他们甚至都无法再假装跟得上。这些学生智力水平至少也算中等,但最终都退学


U5Creating a Caribbean Spring Festival 记得在孩提时代,过年前我们都要供奉灶神。妈妈常常告诉我们不要唧唧喳喳,吵个不休,还叫我们吃点糖,说这样就能讲出些好话来。这时我们不能打闹,也不能惊扰灶神,以免灶神在玉皇大帝面前道我们家的不是。除夕未到,妈妈已经开始忙着准备诸如包子、馒头之类的应节食品了。而这时,爸爸就在写春联。全家老小会搞一次大扫除,大家忙得不亦乐乎。每年的这个时候,家乡的大街小巷里都会挤满熙熙攘攘的人群;商店门口都会摆满林林总总的应节食物和礼品。最后,除夕的年夜饭,还有那些装在红包里发给小孩子们的压岁钱,也是我最快乐的回忆之一。对一个小孩来说,过年是欢天喜地的日子,充满着各种各样的乐趣。我12岁就离开了家乡,转眼间20多年过去了,但是这些记忆不但没有消减,反倒愈加鲜明了。 去年,我跟随丈夫到了加勒比海上的法属瓜德罗普岛。这个小岛方圆1200平方千米,人口390 000人。也就是在这里,我和丈夫度过了一生中最痛苦的一个春节。吃的是爸妈寄来的香肠,因为在海关里被扣押太久,这些香肠发了霉,对此,我们只有相拥而泣。今年,我突然心血来潮,灵机一动:在这个没有华人,没有中式食品,因此也没有节日气氛的地方,我为什么不再过一次那记忆中的春节呢? 乘着我与丈夫去法属几内亚作商务旅行的便利,我可以买到些中式食品和印度调料。然后,在瓜德罗普的一个文具店里,我有幸买到最后的两张红纸。然后,我竭尽所能,邀请我所有朋友,还让那些能做中国菜的朋友都一展身手。我向一个日本朋友借来墨水,用妈妈去

年给我的一杆毛笔,挥毫写出一副春联。因为怕到时无暇向朋友们解释对联的意思,所以我还写出了它的法语译文。我还让一个英国朋友帮我把买来的红纸折成红包,以备装压岁钱之用。 我们盼望的日子终于来临了。大年初三是星期天,家里来了六十多位客人,老老小小聚在一起,共庆中国牛年的到来。对于来自全球各地的朋友来说,我们确实做出一道道另人惊讶的菜式。我做了"蚂蚁上树",一种叫"花卷"的螺旋状的馒头(我第一次做,它们看起来很奇怪,于是我拿不准一个"真正"的中国人看到了会不会吃),还有盐水鸡。法国朋友们准备了宫堡鸡丁,红烧肉和广式炒饭;日本朋友们带来了寿司和鱼生沙拉;印度朋友们做了五香排骨和蚝油牛肉;越南朋友们准备了越南香肠和小月饼;而英国朋友们则带来了各种各样的美味糕点。那些不会做中国菜的朋友们就带来法国红酒和香槟。我们还特别准备了一些红卡片放到桌上,写上各个菜式中文和法语名字,让大家易于辨认。 对于传统菜式"蚂蚁上树"这个名字,朋友们发现它只是一个奇妙的想象而已。不到半个小时,我们费了九牛二虎之力做出来的菜就被一扫而光了。 年夜饭后,我们宣布发红包的时候到了,又向朋友们介绍说如果父母给小孩压岁钱,小孩就要跪下叩头。可是想不到的是当我端出满是红包的托盘时,小孩子们都跪下来向我叩头。我连忙扶起他们,再告诉他们只需要给自己的父母叩头。丈夫说这是他第一次见识到红包有如此大的威力。