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综合教程何兆熊UnitUnit 课后翻译答案

Unit 1

1.Thanks to the modern technology, the film about that ancient

battle gives the audience the illusion of being on the battlefield themselves.

2.That ancient city was devastated by the fire, but fortunately

the stone tablet survived.

3.The videotape and the story by the women filled them with

sympathy for the child who had become an orphan in the earthquake.

4.in that earthquake, we heard many stories of teachers who

had refused to leave their students behind and laid down their lives.

5.the construction of the Yu Yuan Garden began in 1558, but it

was not completed until 1578 because building went off and on for lack of money.

6.in 1980, when I met up with her,, she had just returned from

abroad with a master’s degree.

7.It was my first visit to New York, but I managed to find my

way to the little firm.

8.It is hard to make it to the top in the movie industry, but as a

director Xie Jin did it.

Unit 2

1.many vain young people are obsessed with fancy cars despite

the fact that they are not yet rich enough to afford them.

2.their marriage finally fell apart when his affair with another

woman was found out by his wife.

3.for artistic inspiration, the artist lived in the country for three

years, where he denied himself many comforts of life.

4.I’m not sure if we can have the excursion to Chongming

Island tomorrow. It’s at the mercy of the weather.

5.when he was young he went to Japan to learn medicine, but

after he returned to China he changed his mind and pursued a career as a writer all his life.

6.She’s taken up with a man old enough to be her father, which

is a disgrace to her parents.

7.since 1978, our economy has witnessed a rapid development;

in contrast that of some developed countries has declined. 8.the earthquake isolated the city from other areas. Their food

supplies will not hold out through the winter.

Unit 3

1.the fans waited anxiously in the rain for two hours before the

‘super girl’ finally showed up.

2.they had been in love for 8 years and gone through many

agonies, before they finally got married.

3.I was upset by the loss of my wallet, but I could only console

myself-it could have been worse. What if I had lost my passport at the airport?

4.given that he was young and inexperienced, his performance

in his first movie was excellent.

5.every time he left on business, the manager would authorize

his assistant to act for him, as the business of the company couldn’t wait.

6.the poor old man did not have much to eat, but he kept

healthy because he believed in the benefit of doing exercise.

7.of all the ancient civilization, only that of China endured

through the ages and is still full of vitality.

8.like many other writers, this young writer focuses on the

eternal theme of love. What sets him apart from others is his keen observation of rural life in China.

Unit 4

1.children may swim here provided that they are accompanied

by adults,

2.this American journalist made a fool of himself over his

remarks about China, because he’s been out of touch with what’s been happening in the country in the past three decades,

3.every person has the right to education, regardless of his

family background, sex, and age.

4.the invention of the Internet, despite the fact that it has given

rise to some problems,, has greatly facilitated almost every aspect of our life, including education, medicine, and business.

5.never overlook your travel insurance when you are planning

to spend your holiday abroad; otherwise you might find yourself in great trouble if any accident should occur,

6.in the movie that billionaire was faced with a dilemma-either

divorce his wife, who would then carve out half of his financial empire, or murder her at the risk of being found out by the police,

7.as the husband lost his job in the financial crisis, the new

couple had to cut down on a lot of things-furniture, clothes, records, books, and so on.

8.over 30 years ago, right after the Cultural Revolution, Deng

Xiaoping told the people that the only way out laid in reform and opening up to the outside world.

Unit 5

1.this film actor is more inclined than most people to help the

handicapped because he himself suffered a stroke ten years


2.the old man is afflicted with rheumatism, but he still goes

jogging and climbs mountains every day.

3.some of the flaws in the American financial system, which

had never received due attention, eventually led to disastrous consequences.

4.he held on to his shares of that company when the prices were

dropping sharply last year. Now he has made a fortune.

5.just dismiss the idea from your mind-it’s crazy and not worth

thinking about at all.

6.we were all set to leave for the holiday in New York when the

9/11 incident shook the world.

7.if you think I have a magic formula to solve the problem, you

are bound to be disillusioned.

8.that Japanese company succeed in penetrating the US TV


Unit 6

1.our group was assigned to decorate the garden while the

others were preparing the food in the kitchen.

2.on the battlefield the young man was delighted to meet a

long-lost brother who came out of the blue.

3.who has used up the milk? There is none to put in my coffee.

4.rumor has it that this painting is fake and that the original one

was stolen three years ago.

5.one person may not be able to change much, but working

together we’ll be able to make a great difference to our country.

6.many burglaries took place because the owners failed to take

the precaution of locking their doors and windows.

7.the minster flew to the front to negotiate with the rioters in an

effort to prevent a civil war.

8.I assumed you knew each other because I saw you talking to

each other at the party.

Unit 7

1.he was hospitalized with acute appendicitis, with the result

that he missed the final exam.

2.as many more people came to the lecture than expected, there

were not enough handouts to go round.

3.no matter what a long day he may have, he makes a point of

checking his e-mail inbox before going to bed.

4.unemployment is found in all countries in the world, but

governments vary in their way to handle the problem.

5.anyone who has come to a foreign country for the first time is

apt to find everything around him both strange and


6.the football fans were very disappointed at the performance

of the players of both teams.

7.never take what he says at face value. Think it over yourself.

8.the doctor’s words removed his fears about the operation. Unit 8

1.after months of negotiation, the two company finally came up

with a solution, which was in essence our original proposal.

2.the people of that African tribe worship the moon in much the

same way that our ancestors worshipped the sun.

3.it is still a puzzle as to how the ancient Egyptian pyramids

were built over 4000 years ago. Some people speculate that they were built by supernatural beings.

4.the illegal use of inferior building materials eventually

resulted in the collapse of the hotel.

5.at present, many countries are taking action to mitigate the

impact of the financial crisis on their economy.

6.the couple finally divorced after years of incessant quarrels,

which had resulted from a lack of understanding.

7.the government of the two countries agreed to set up a

military hotline to reduce the risk of war due to incorrect information.

8.some Chinese students were not very successful in American

universities because they failed to adapt to the environment there.

Unit 9

1.in October, 1935, the Chinese Red Army, having endured all

the hardships and sacrifices, finally made their way to the north of Shanxi Province.

2.in the economic crisis, the government released a statement,

calling upon the people to buy local products as far as possible.

3.the politicians in various countries are trying to harness

nuclear energy and restore the safe environment for the human race.

4.he didn’t hear the doorbell because he was rapt in his work.

5.this country suffers from frequent riots because of widespread

extreme poverty, as well as people’s inherent distrust of the corrupt government.

6.in his lecture on the current economic situation, the

economist used a lot of figures on the PPT to underline the seriousness of the crisis.

7.he answered with a smile, ‘Not at all. I did this as much for

you as for myself.

8. a man is measured not by what ha says, but by what ha does

for his country and people.

Unit 10

1.he can’t even draw a distinction between French and Spanish,

not to say speaking them.

2.in a craze for cultural relics in the 1990s, old chinaware, such

as those handed down from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, were much sought after by collectors.

3.despite the opposition of most of his advisors, the general

decided to take his chances on the battle and suffered a total defeat in the end.

4.the Chinese nation has stood up to the vicissitudes of

thousands of years and is now in the process of rejuvenation.

5.I wish you would confine your talk to the facts rather than

spread word about the biased report in that newspaper.

6.the first thing he did after his arrival in Paris was to convert

all his money into Euros.

7.that Shakespearean play was tailored to the taste of the

Chinese audience when it was put on the Chinese stage, so much so that it was more like a Chinese play than an English one,

8.you must abandon your native language for some time,if you

really want to acquire a good competence in English.

Unit 11

1.as my article was over 10,000 words, I finally had to cut out

several paragraphs to satisfy the requirements of the academic journal.

2.there is no running away from the facts, so we must face up

to the truth and pay for our mistakes.

3.that year, despite the car accident, he was promoted to the

next grade after he passed all the exams required by the school.

4.the intellectuals of that country were very critical of the

government’s new social welfare policy because, according to them, it would bring down the living standards of the working people.

5.it is, to be sure, difficult to remove the resentment between

them, but it is at least worth trying.

6.the government is taking all possible measurement to bring

down the prices lest inflation should get out of control

7.as the murderer denied all the charges, we had to convince

the jury with more evidence that he was guilty.

8.finally he managed to forgive his wife for her infidelity and

was reconciled with her after years of separation.

Unit 12

1.his father died when he was only nine years old, leaving the

whole family helplessly at the mercy of others.

2.her story stirred many beautiful memories of my childhood,

which I have always cherished in my heart.

3.the two countries held several rounds of negotiation to settle

their differences.

4.more and more students are opting for his course because of

his humor and energy as well as his effective way of teaching.

5.in his speech the premier vowed to address the serious

problem of unemployment and to boost the income of the common people.

6.the former Nazi officer who was arrested last year in

Argentina was prosecuted for the crimes that he had committed during the Second World War.

7.the great value of this book rests in the fact that it has

influenced and encouraged a whole generation of young people in their struggle against imperialism and feudalism. 8.with regard to the silent students, the teacher should try to

enhance their self-confidence and encourage them to voiace their idea in class.

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