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Unit5 翻译

1) 就能力而言,我肯定他能胜任这件工作。

As far as ability is concerned, I am sure he will qualify for the job.

2) 认为约翰会因为他的失礼(being impolite)而向他们正式道歉,那就错

了。 It is wrong to assume that John will formally apologize to them for being impolite.

3) 这一丑闻(scandal)对正在力争赢得大选的工党(the Labour Party)来说,无疑是一件尴尬的事。


This scandal will undoubtedly be an embarrassment to the Labour Party, which is trying hard to w in the election.

4) 我正在努力地写学期论文(term paper),可是我的小妹妹却不断冲进我的房间打扰

我。 (at work on ...)

I was hard at work on a term paper, but my baby sister kept interrupting me by bursting into my r oom.

5) 我问了她数次,可她拒绝回答我的问题。

I asked her several times, but she refused to respond to my question.

6) 在西方,人们常常邮购商品,这可以节省许多时间。

In the West, people often send away for mail-order goods, which can save a lot of time.

7) 报歉, 时间不多了,我建议我们跳到最后一

章。 Sorry time is running out; I suggest we skip to the last chapter.

8) 既然你决心尽快完成硕士课程(master's program), 那就别让你的社交生活(social life)妨碍你的学习。

Since you have set your mind to finishing your master's program as soon as possible, don't let you r social life stand in the way of your studies.

Unit6 翻译

1) 装了(fitted with) 假肢(artificial leg),他起初走路走不稳,但经过锻炼他的步子(step) 稳了。 Fitted with the artificial leg, he walked unsteadily / shakily at first, but with practice his step s became steady.

2) 医生说我得了重感冒,给我开了四种药,三种是药片,饭后服,另一种是药水 (liquid),睡前服。

The doctor said I had caught a severe cold and she prescribed me four different medicines. Three of them are pills to be taken after meals and the other is liquid to be drunk before going to bed.

3) 我妹妹的爱犬被人偷走后,她心里难受了好几个星

期。 My sister felt miserable for weeks after she had her pet dog stolen.

4) 汽车早已开走看不见了,珍妮 (Jenny) 还站在大门口凝视着路的尽头。

Jenny was still standing at the gate gazing at the end of the road long after the car was out of sigh t.

5) 就我所知,他们相互感情上疏远已有一些时间了。

As far as I know, they have been emotionally detached from each other for some time.

6) 一般来说,通过增加供给或减少需求可以降低物价。

In general, prices may be brought down by increasing supply or decreasing demand.

Unit8 翻译

1) 我们不赞成他认为自己应得到特殊待遇的态

度。 We didn't like his attitude that he deserved special treatment.

2) 即使你是班上最好的学生之一,要保住成绩也得常常温习功课才行。

Even if you are one of the best students in class, in order to maintain your grades you must revie w your lessons often.

3) 过去有关太空时代的某些幻想已经成为现

实。 Some of the old fantasies about the space age have come true.

4) 情况确实是如此,有些人一生中很早就获得成功,而另一些人则要工作很长时间方能实现自己的目标。

It is true that some people achieve success very early in life, while others must work a long time b efore attaining their goals.

5) 他坚持认为这次实验的失败主要由于准备不足(inadequate)。

He maintained that the failure of the experiment was largely due to inadequate preparation.

6) 如今研究人员提倡我们应该每天花些时间将自己想要达到的目标投射到心灵的屏幕

上。 Researchers now recommend that we take time every day to project our desired goals onto the screen in our minds.


Unit10 翻译

1) 事实上,对于这次海难(shipwreck)报纸上的说法不

一。 In fact, there are different accounts of the shipwreck in the newspapers.

2) 据说这一地区早在两千年前农业就很先进。

It is said that the area was well advanced in agriculture as early as 2,000 years ago.

3) 瞧他是如何操作这机器的,然后就照着

做。 Watch how he operates the machine and then do likewise.

4) 孔繁森体现了一位共产党人的全部优秀品

质。 Kong Fansen embodies all the fine qualities of a communist.


5) 在那些国家的职业妇女中,有三十多岁才生育的趋势。

Among the professional women in these countries, there is a trend towards having children in the ir thirties.

6) 圣诞节和元旦相隔一周时间。

There is an interval of a week between Christmas and New Year's Day



1) 我们接到通知,财政部长将于次日接见我们。

We were informed that the Minister of Finance was to give us an audience /receive us the next day.

2) 我觉得很奇怪,他似乎不记得自己的生日。

I thought it odd that he didn't seem to remember his own birthday.

3) 学期论文最迟应在下星期二交来,可是至今大部分学生却几无进展。

Next Tuesday is the deadline for handing in the term papers, but most students have hardly made a dent in the work so far.

4) 看到学生人数不断减少,校长心里很难受。(pain)

It pained the headmaster to find the number of students shrinking.

5) 在那个国家一般用现金付账,但支票变得普遍起来了,不久会代替现金作为人们结账的一种方式。


Cash is commonly used in paying bills in that country, but checks are becoming more popular and will, in a short while, replace cash as a way for people to settle their accounts.

6) 该公司声称,这条河流的污染不是它造成的。

The company claims that it is not responsible for the pollution in the river.


1) 比尔已是个成熟的小伙子,不再依赖父母替他做主。

Bill is a mature young man who is no longer dependent on his parents for decisions.

2) 这个地区有大量肉类供应,但新鲜果蔬奇缺。

There are abundant supplies of meat in this region, but fresh fruit and vegetables are scarce.

3) 工程师们依靠工人们的智慧发明了一种新的生产方法,使生产率得以提高。

Drawing on the wisdom of the workers, the engineers invented a new production method that led to increased productivity.

4) 他花了许多时间准备数学考试,因此当他获知自己只得了个B时感到有点失望。

He spent a lot of time preparing for his math exam. Hence he was somewhat disappointed to learn that he got only a B.

5) 我们有充裕的时间从从容容吃顿午饭。

We have ample time for a leisurely lunch.

6) 地方政府不得不动用储备粮并采取其他紧急措施,以渡过粮食危机。

The local government had to draw on its grain reserves and take other emergency measures so as

to pull through the food crisis.



Sometimes bad luck seems to follow you everywhere. Take, for instance, what happened to me not long ago. One day I drove to a nearby city on business. At a junction I pulled the car to a halt as the red light was on; however, a black Buick suddenly collided into my car from behind. I was slightly injured. Wild with anger I cursed and got out only to find that the woman driver of the other car appeared to have been knocked unconscious and her young child, who was sitting in the rear of the car, was hurt, too. I had to fumble in my pockets for my mobile phone and call the police. In a few minutes a police car came and rushed the lady and her child to hospital. I was, however, asked to stay where I was. In fact, I didn't leave the scene until two hours later although I was not to blame at all. By the time I got home all my energy seemed to have deserted me. As to the business trip, I had to cancel it. As a result, my work suffered enormously. Up to now, I still can't make sense of the accident.

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