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1. 对于是否应该在大学期间详细规划自己的未来,学生们意见不一。有的人认为对未来应

该有一个明确的目标和详细的计划,为日后可能遇到的挑战做好充分的准备;有的人则认为不用过多考虑未来,因为未来难以预料。(map out; brace oneself for; uncertainty) Students differ about whether they should have their future mapped out when they are still at university. Some think they should have a definite goal and detailed plan, so as to brace themselves for any challenges, whereas some others think they don't have to think much about the future, because future is full of uncertainties.

2. 经过仔细检查,这位科学家得知自己患了绝症。虽然知道自己将不久于人世,他并没有

抱怨命运的不公,而是准备好好利用剩下的日子,争取加速推进由他和同事们共同发起的那个研究项目,以提前结项。(tick away; make the best of; have a shot at)

After a very careful check-up, the scientist was told he had got a fatal disease. Although he knew that his life was ticking away, instead of complaining about the fate, the scientist decided to make the best of the remaining days, and speed up the research project he and his colleagues initiated, and have a shot at completing it ahead of schedule.


1. 在火车站上,有一位老人给我讲述了他参加解放战争的经历,那些战斗故事对我有着极大的吸引力。后来他上了车,列车从我身边隆隆地开走了。可那些故事仍然是那么清晰可见,对于英雄们的壮举,我钦佩不已。(fascination; roar; marvel at)

At the railway station, an old man told me his experience in the Liberation War, the fighting stories of which were of great fascination to me. Then he got up on the train and it roared past me. But the stories were so real and definite that I greatly marvelled at the courageous deeds of those war heroes.

2.行之有效的环保政策不仅能创造良好的生态环境,还能大大降低能源消耗。回顾这个地区近年来的发展情况,我们惊喜地发现地区政府强制实行的环保政策不但没有受到任何批评,还促使居民增强了环保意识,尽其所能节约能源。(consumption; impose; take exception to; prompt)

Effective environmental policy might bring about a good environment, as well as reducing energy consumption. Looking back on the recent development of this region, we find, to our pleasant surprise, that little exception has been taken to the environmental policy of the local government, and the policy has also raised the environmental awareness of the local residents and prompted them to save energy as possible as they could.


1. 随着婚礼的临近,苏珊变得非常焦虑。她说不清楚是什么让自己如此烦恼。在同好友凯

特长谈了一次后,她才意识到,尽管自己已经28岁了,但在情感方面还不够成熟,还没有为婚姻做好准备,也不知道这桩婚姻是否会给自己带来美满的家庭生活。(pin down;


As the wedding ceremony was approaching, Susan had become quite anxious. She could not pin down what exactly was troubling her. After a long talk with her close friend Kate, she realized that, although she was 28 years old, she was not emotionally mature enough to be ready for marriage and she was not sure whether the marriage would guarantee her

a happy family life.

2. 她知道中国学生总是不愿意表达自己的情感和想法,这不仅仅因为他们对自己的英语口

语不够自信,还因为他们相信稳重是一种美德。因此她特意设计了一些简单的话题,鼓励学生参与讨论,让他们增强自信心,拉近彼此间的距离。(shy away; engage sb in) She knew that Chinese students had a way of shying away from revealing their feelings or opinions, due not merely to their lack of confidence in spoken English, but to their belief in the virtue of modesty. So she specially conceived a couple of simple topics and encouraged them in the discussion, in order that they might become more confident and closer with each other.


1. 我们根本就看不懂他们的计划书,因为他们的观点不太容易把握。这很可能是因为我们

双方对于另一方的思维方式都感到同样的困惑。我认为应该安排一次面谈,让大家消除误会,扫除沟通的障碍。(make of; come to grips with; it's a safe bet that; as baffled ...


We couldn't make of their proposal at all, because it was no easy job for us to come to grips with their perspective. It was a safe bet that we were as much baffled about their way of thinking as they were about ours. I think we need to arrange a meeting to clear up misunderstandings and to remove communication barriers.

2. 从与他共事二十多年的一位同事所写的传记中不难得出这样的结论:他所代表的绝对是

该国二战之后的精英阶层,他们在宗教和政治方面的观念较为保守。(nothing if not; in the wake of; in terms of)

From a biography written by one of his former colleagues who had worked with him for more than two decades, it is not difficult to conclude that what he represented was nothing if not the elite class of the country in the wake of World War II, who were rather conservative in terms of religious and political views.


1. 这位年轻人是个侦探小说迷,在看了福尔摩斯探案故事之后,他自以为完全掌握了侦探

技巧,于是就开始调查一起抢劫案。经过几个星期的周密调查,他倒是追查到了三名疑犯,只可惜案发时这三个人都身在国外。(know sth inside out; track down)

This young man liked reading detective stories. After finished reading Holmes' stories, he thought he had known the detective's skills inside out and started to investigate a case of robbery. After a few weeks of close investigation, he tracked down three suspects, who turned out to be abroad when the robbery took place.

2. 在本书中我们确实体会到了两种文化之间的差异。不过作者没有详细叙述这些差异,而

是仔细讨论了两种文化的相同点,其中说得最多的是为什么这两种文化都如此强调工作的热忱。(dwell on; of which; loyalty)

In this book, we do find some differences between the two cultures. But instead of dwelling on the differences, the author presents lengthy discussions on things they have in common, of which their loyalty to work are most thoroughly touched upon.


1. 人们很不理解为什么他一份工作干了30年,大多数人到了他这个年纪至少已经换了四

五份工作了。也许对他来说,为了获得更高的薪水或是寻求体验新事物的刺激而换工作毫无意义。在他看来,唯一重要的事是稳定。(stick with; point; thrill)

People are quite puzzled about the fact that he has stuck with the same job for 30 years when most people of his age have changed at least four or five jobs. Maybe for him there is no point in changing jobs for a higher pay or for the thrill of experiencing something new. The only thing that matters, in his point of view, is stability.

2. 协会中的大多数会员认为应该竭力游说政府,确保这项计划获得批准。至关重要的是要


(lobby; win over; adj. + though it + be; utmost)

Most members of the association believe that they need to lobby as hard as possible to make sure that the plan will be approved by the government. It's essential to win over some of the naysayers among the policy makers. T ough though it will be, they have made up their mind to make utmost efforts.


1. 媒体对于接连发生的两件惨剧之间没有任何关系的说法表示怀疑,总统没有迅速作出反

应也让大家很不满。谈到总统的执政能力,媒体早已失去信心,除非他能在随后的任期中有所作为。(consecutive; independent of; responsive; when it comes to; if only)

The media doubt the claim that the two consecutive tragedies were independent of each other, and are dissatisfied with the fact that the President was not responsive immediately. When it comes to his competence in running the government, the media have long lost their trust, if only he could do well in his subsequent term.

2. 时刻牢记不要因为你的孩子成绩不好而羞辱他们,因为这种被羞辱的痛苦记忆可能会困

扰孩子很长时间,使他们从小就厌学,并且会妨碍他们形成积极的生活态度。只有当父母发现孩子身上的优点,并且不断鼓励他们,孩子的发展才能得以长久。(turn off from;

humiliate; haunt; identify)

Keep remembering that do not humiliate your child because they don't gain good grades, as their memory of the humiliation will haunt them for a long time, turn them off from learning at an early age and prevent them from gaining positive attitudes towards life. The development of children can be sustained only when parents identify the strengths in their children and encourage them from time to time.


1. 和妻子离婚之后,他知道自己将受到朋友们无穷无尽的指责,因为他们都听信流言,认


(never hear the end of it; dump; bump into; stick around)

When he divorced his wife, he knew that he would never hear the end of it from his friends, because they all believed the rumour that he had dumped her for a younger woman. Whenever he bumped into a friend in the street, they would reprimand him severely for betraying his wife. He realized with his own experience that if a rumour stuck around long enough, people would gradually take it as true.

2. 在经历了这么多磨难后,他把所有的愤怒、不满和绝望都发泄在周围人身上了,不管他


爱。我们相信,他一定会重拾信心,挺过这段艰难时期。(undergo; vent; be they ...; shut one's eyes and ears to; be bound to)

After undergoing so many misfortunes, he vents all his anger, discontent and despair on people around him, be they families or colleagues. Instead of shutting our eyes and ears to his anomalies, we should offer him more cares and love. We believe he is bound to recollect himself and go through the tough time.


1. 先前的一些调查表明,在这个国家的政治选举中种族曾经是最为重要的因素,因为这是

一个由多个种族、多个民族组成的国家。随后,大量移民的涌入使得情况更为复杂。候选人不得不把信仰、文化等问题考虑进来。(comprise of; substantial; complicate) According to some prior surveys, race used to be the most important factor in political elections of this country, as the population is comprised of multi-races and multi-ethnics. However, a substantial number of immigrants complicated the situation. Candidates are obliged to take the issues of faith and cultures into consideration.

2. 所有对政治感兴趣的、才华出众的年轻人都梦想着有朝一日成为伟大的政治领袖,对世

界有积极的影响,让世界变得更美好。但是可悲的是,他们中的许多人在实现自己的梦想之后,只关心维护自己的权力地位而不是想着服务人民。更糟的是,有的时候他们会滥用他们的权力来满足自己的贪欲,而让国家和人民的利益受损。(aspire; have impact on; maintain)

All talented young men who are interested in politics aspire to become great political leaders some day, to have impact on the world in a positive way and make it a better place. But sadly, many of them, after realizing their dreams, will only be concerned with maintaining their power and status instead of serving people. What is worse, sometimes they will abuse power to satisfy their greed at the expense of the country and people.


1. 在这本书中,他试图找出一个合理的解释,来说明为什么这个古老的仪式不仅没有被现

代文明所消灭,反而得以在全国传播。他的结论是,作为一个可以追溯到公元五世纪的传统,它绝对不仅仅是一个可以被轻易抛弃的仪式,它象征着人类在宇宙中努力寻找和谐,以满足他们在一个混乱的世界中获得心灵宁静的欲望。(plausible; wipe out; trace back to; more than just; dispose of; symbolize)

In this book he attempted to give a plausible reason to explain why this ancient ritual, instead of being wiped out by modern civilization, is spreading out through the whole country. His conclusion is that as a tradition that can be traced back to the 5th century, it is more than just a ritual that can be easily disposed of; it symbolizes the human effort to find harmony in the universe and thus satisfies people's need to achieve peace of mind in a chaotic world.

2. 这部电视剧主要讲述了一对恋人为了过上更好的生活,暂时分离,各自去他国留学的故

事。其中,男女主人公分别时在机场相拥而泣的场景最令人感动。不管它真实与否,流畅的剧情和主要演员所展示出的精湛演技还是让观众对该剧评价甚高。(that of; depart;

embrace; adj. + or not; storytelling)

The story of this TV series is that of a couple who, in order to earn a better life, depart each other and study overseas on their own. The most striking scene is when the hero

and heroine embrace each other and say farewell at the airport. Factual or not, it is highly praised by the audience because of its smooth storytelling and sophisticated acting skills of the feature actors.

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