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Unit 1 Translation

1) 当我知道详细情况时,我意识到我不该在办公室发脾气 2) 我和鲍勃不是很熟,不过我们偶尔一起出去喝一杯。3) 会议应该在周二召开,但我们不得不推迟 4) 我国政府采取行动使那个国家的所有中国人回到了祖国 5) 包括周末在内,仅仅还有12天时间可以用来买圣诞礼物。6) 如果不立即采取行动,许多种野生动物就会因饥饿而死

亡。 1) When I knew the details, I realized I shouldn’t have lost my tempers in the of fice. 2) I don’t/didn’t know Bob very well, but we go/went out for an occasional drink tog ether. 3) The meeting is supposed to taken place on Tuesday.but we have to put it off.

4.Our government took action immediately to bring all the Chinese in that country back to motherland. 5) Including weekends, there are only twelve more days to buy Christ mas presents. 6.Without immediate action, many kinds of wild animals would die from hunger.

Unit 2 Translation

1) 那首歌总是使她回想起在芝加哥度过的那个夜晚。2) 街角处刚巧有一位警察,我便向他问路。3) 由于天气恶劣,今天所有去纽约的航班都延误了。4) 谁有责任谁就必须赔偿损失。5)回家后我发现公文包不见了,我肯定是把它落在宾馆的某个地方了。 6)当他在这所中学工作了30年时,学生人数已将增加到了2000多

人。 1) That song always reminded her of the night spent in Chicago. 2) There happe ned to be a policeman on the corner, so I asked him the way. 3) All flights to New York today are/were delayed because of the bad weather. 4) Whoever is responsible will h ave to pay for the damage. 5) When I got home I found my briefcase missing,

I must have left it somewhere in the hotel. 6) By the time he had worked 30 years in th e middle school,the number of students had increased to over 2000.

Unit 3 Translation

1) 除非你有经验,否则你得不到这份工作。2) 我把大部分时间花在研究中美文化的差异上了。 3) 这句话意思极清楚,决不会引起误解。 4) 他希望能够给予她比现在更多的帮助。 5)要记得邀请她来参加生日晚会,不然她会抱怨的。(or) 6)主任说:“你必须把购置设备的2500美元加到成本中去。 7) 了解自己的长处、弱点以及所处的环境很重要。8) 如果你继续对每个人这么粗鲁,你很快就会发现自己什么朋友都没有了

1) You won’t get the job unless yo u’ve got the experience. 2) Most of my time is spen t studying the differences between Chinese and American culture. 4) The statement/se ntence is so clear that it can’t cause any misunderstanding. 5) Remember to invite her to the birthday party.or she would complain.6) “You have to add $2,500 for equipment purchase / buying equipment to the cost,” said the director. 7) It is important to be awar e of your strengths and weaknesses and the environment you are in. 8) You will soon fi nd yourself without any friends at all if you keep on being so rude to everybody

Unit 4 Translation







1The individuals/people who have contributed are far too mention. 2The noise woke us in the middle of the night. 3He shouldn’t have been angry at what I said. It was nothing more than a joke. 4We invited all our friends to the picnic but it rained and only five of t hem showed up. 5.marriage is viewed as a serious matter. 6.) To my disappointment, the movie didn’t live up to my expectations.

Unit 5 Translation

1) 我过去常去看电影,但现在再也没有时间了。 2) 两个工人互相合作修理破裂的管子。

3) 这是一种残忍的做法,应该马上停止。4) 你的工作哪一方面最困难,哪一方面最有益) 5)他以为自己已经解决了该问题,但情况并非如此。6) 我会尽我所能帮忙,但我所能做的也很有限。

1) I used to go to the cinema/movies a lot, but I never have the time now. 2) The two w orkers cooperated with each other to fix the broken pipe. 3) This is a cruel practice whi ch should be stopped immediately. 4) What aspect of your job/work is (the) most difficu lt, and what aspect is (the) most rewarding? 5)He thought he had already solved the pr oblem, but that’s not the case. 6) I'll help as much as I can, but there is a limit to what I can do.

Unit 6 Translation

1) 艾丽丝的努力工作使她得到了一大笔奖金。 2) 飞机马上要起飞了,我们要系好安全带。3) 博物馆向公众开放的第一天,总共有20,000人前来参观。 4) 事故调查组由10名专家组成,由一位副部长担任组长。5) 整个下午,他锁着实验室的门在里面做他的项目。

1) Alice’s hard work resulted in a big bonus for her.2) The plane is going to take off, an

d w

e have to fasten our safety belts. 3) As soon as I'm on board a ship I always feel si ck. 4) The accident investigation team consisted o

f 10 experts, with a vice minister as t he team leader 5) All the afternoon he worked on his project in his lab with the door lo cked.

Unit 7 Translation

1) 我朋友说她会考虑向学校捐款。2) 我建议他认真考虑一下,然后再作决定。3) 明天约翰很可能会来参加聚会。4) 仅有理论知识是不够的,我们还要学会如何将理论应用于实践。5) 你本不应该再回到那幢还在燃烧的大楼,你有可能会被严重烧伤的。6) 我从来没有想过会有问题。7)查尔斯怕羞,不会主动结交朋

友 1. My friend said she would consider making a donation to the school. 2. I suggest h e think carefully about it before he makes any decision. 3. John is very likely to come to the party tomorrow. 4. It’s not enough to have only theoretical knowledge. We should l earn how to put theory into practice. 5. You shouldn’t have gone back to the burning bu ilding----- you might have been badly/ seriously burnt. 6. It/The thought had never cross ed my mind that there might be a problem. 7. Charles is shy and does not take the initi ative in making friends.

Unit 8 Translation

1) 要进行长时间的谈判才能达成协议。 2) 电脑能储存大量信息。3) 那个年轻人在24岁时就已经成为一家大公司的首席执行官。4)这个老师知道他所有学生的名字。(5)警察最终成功破解了这个疑案。 6)他喜欢各种体育运动,特别是篮球7)他渴望面对面地见到他最喜爱的流行歌星。8)他们因为有共同的兴趣爱好而相爱。

1)Lengthy negotiations must take place before any agreement can be reached. 2)A computer can store a great deal of information. 3By the age of 24, the young man h ad made himself CEO of a large company. 4The teacher knows all his students by na me. 5The police have finally succeeded in solving the mystery.. 6) He likes all kinds of sports, but most of all, basketball. o 7He is eager to meet his favorite pop star face to f ace. 8)They fell in love with each other because they had common interests.

Unit 9 Translation

1) 演讲的主题已提早一星期宣布,而主讲人的名字却没有(宣布)。 2) 居然还有学生在考试之前踢足球,这似乎令人难以置信。 3) Auden先生是一个快乐的人,他从帮助别人之中获得乐趣。4) 大多数人都已意识到需要减少能源消耗。 5) 首先,我欢迎你参加此次会议。6) 我不习惯于这样的奢侈,这是在浪费金钱。 7) 考试结果将在星期五下午张贴出来。8) 一些残酷的动物实验是以科学的名义进行的。

1.The topic of the speech is announced a week in advance, but the name of the speak er is not.. 2It seemed incredible that some students still played football before the exa ms. 3.Mr. Auden is a happy man who derives pleasure from helping others. 4Most peo ple are aware of the need to reduce energy consumption. 5.I’d like to welcome you to t he meeting. 6) I’m not accustomed to such luxury. It is a waste of money. 7.The result s of the exam will be put up on Friday afternoon. 8.Some cruel experiments on animals are carried out in the name of science..

Unit 10 Translation

1) 他在25岁以前从未独自生活过。2) 交通不便曾是导致饥饿的主要原因之一。3) 使用现代农业机械,人们能够耕种更多的土地并且更省力。4) 这种对付晕船的药片只不过是安慰剂罢了。5) 我们的目标是减少对化学肥料的依赖,实现可持续的农业发展。 6) 翻译时不应根据自己的好恶改变原文的意思。

1) Up to the age of 25, he had never lived alone. 2) One of the main causes of hunger used to be lack of transportation3) The use of modern farming machines makes it pos sible for people to cultivate more land with less labors.4) The pills to prevent sea-sickn ess are little more than placebo.5) Our aim is to rely less on chemical fertilizers and ac hieve sustainable development in agriculture. 6.In doing translation, one should not alt er the meaning of the original to suit one’s own taste/preferences.

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