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大学英语精读2 各单元课后汉译英翻译


1) It is wrong to raise our children the way we grow flowers in the greenhouse. We must expose them to all social problems because very soon they will be dealing with them as responsible citizens.


2) As time goes on we are inevitably going to get more and more involved in international affairs. And conflicts are sure to occur because there always exist different views and interests between nations.


3) We are proud of our accomplishments, and we have reason to be. But we must never become arrogant. Otherwise we will lose our friends.


4) Information is now easily available. An average computer can store the information of a small library


5) That construction company is not qualified to handle the project. They do not have any legal

document to certify that they have the necessary expertise. We must find a company that specializes in building theatres.


6) These think tanks do not make decisions. They are out to generate new ideas and penetrating analyses that will be extremely useful for decision makers.


7) The growth of GDP is not everything. Our country cannot be said to have been modernized unless the quality of our people‘s lives is really improved.


8) Poor as we were in many ways at that time, we were still quite happy as children, for there was clean air, clean water, a lot of fish, crabs and eels in the rivers, lakes, and ponds; and a lot of flowers, trees and birds in the fields.



9) Give absolute power to some individual or any particular group of people, and that person or group are sure to abuse that power because, just as Lord Acton says, ―Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.



10) Traditionally in our country school education was always said to be more important and useful compared with all other pursuits.


1) The premier is leaving for New York for a UN conference tomorrow. 总理明天将赴纽约出席联合国会议。

2) He is to meet the heads of state of several countries during his stay

in New York.


3) What are you going to do during the National Day holidays? Are you going home or staying on campus?


4) —What do you think school will be like in twenty years‘ time? —

I think children will probably learn at home with a mechanical teacher. 你认为20年后学校会是什么样子?我想孩子很可能会在家里跟机器老师学习。5) Thirty years ago, my grandparents never thought they would be able to move into a

two-storey house with all the modern facilities.

30年以前,我的祖父母根本想不到他们能搬进一栋有现代设施的二层小楼里住。6) What they lack is not money but experience.


7) They have come to China not only to learn Chinese, but to learn about Chinese culture as well.


8) What children want most from their parents are not material things but love and attention.


9) You may either write your essay in your regular exercise book or do

it on your computer.


10) I‘m not quite sure why he didn‘t show up. Either h e was not interested,

or he simply forgot about it.


11) A society should respect both its scientists and its garbage collectors.


12) He is miserly both with his money and with his time.



1) You know what? All things considered, it‘s not a bad idea to be a teacher. As a matter of fact, I think it is an excellent idea.



2) I don‘t like it when you take a sarcastic tone the way you just did. You seem to be implying all the time that I am a good for nothing.



3) It is really considerate of my father to leave the final decision to me. I must say I am very lucky. Not many people have such a terrific father. 我爸能让我做最后的决定,真是很体谅人。我得说我够幸运。不是很多人都有这


4) You said you do not want any money. You may not want money, but you do need money. I don‘t see what‘s wrong with students earning some money during their spare time.



5) Somehow this tune sounds very familiar, but I can‘t recall what it is. In any case it is a Russian folk song.



6) Besides the usual weekend housework, I also have a whole pile of homework to do tomorrow. It‘s really terrible.


7) To demonstrate our unhappiness over the recent dispute, we put off our Foreign Minister‘s visit indefinitely.


8) It‘s getting dark. The next town is still two hours drive away. We might as well camp in the forest, pitch a tent, build a fire, and have

a good sleep before we continue our journey tomorrow.


9) I am really shocked to hear people say they do not consider cheating at exams shameful. Isn‘t that the most shameful thing that we should be incapable of feeling ashamed?


1) That was the way people lived their lives in my day.


2) Mrs. Jones loved her students the way she loves her own children. 琼斯太太像爱自己的孩子一样爱它的学生

3) The farmer‘s wife doesn‘t like the way some young people treat their parents.


4) With Big Yao on the team, I‘m sure they‘ll beat their rivals.


5) The man was sitting in his armchair, with his face buried in his hands. 那人双手掩面坐在椅子上。

6) With the TV on, he found it hard to concentrate on his homework. 他发现电视开着很难专心做作业。

7) The way people helped him during his journey when he had no money convinced the writer that people can still depend on strangers.


8) With the price of cabbages soaring, they decided to increase imports from other countries


9) The way these young people organized campus activities showed their leadership qualities


10) He stood with his arms stretched out as a customs officer searched him with a portable scanner.

在海关人员(customs officer)用手提扫描仪(scanner)搜身时,他站着,双手伸开。


1) Health care must be available to all citizens regardless of their differences. We cannot justify the policy that denies the care to the large

population living in the country.


2) They claim to have discovered a universal law which applies to all nations.


3) I often made a fool of myself when I was living with my uncle on his farm. When asked to get rid of the weed in the rice fields, for example, I often failed to tell apart the weed and the rice seedlings.


4) Why go there today? I‘d much rather we stay until the snow ceases. 干嘛今天去那里?我宁可等雪停了再走。

5) Rice requires large quantities of water and many scientists warn us that even if we use our water sparingly, the day will inevitably come when we will be fighting over limited supplies of water resources.


6) There has been quite a noticeable change in recent years. We no longer lean on export for economic growth. We now tend to put more emphasis on home consumption.


7) Today‘s tendency is to give little kids too many tests and exams until they are no good for anything but taking exams.

现今的趋势是给小孩过多的测验和考试,弄得他们除了考试其他什么都不会。8) It is pointless to force professors to publish a fixed number of papers annually regardless of their quality. Besides, this is a demand even Einstein would not have been able to meet.


1)Do you know how computers work?


2)Anyone can do what I‘m doing.


3) That‘s exactly where you‘re wrong.


3)It is almost impossible to visit Hangzhou without falling in love with

the city.


5) That was why she returned to China at age 73/the age of 73.


6) How they broke into overseas markets still remains a mystery to us. 他们是怎样打进海外市场的对我来说仍然是个谜。

7) Find out who she is, where she came from, and what she has been sent here for.


8) On his first day at school, the boy came to realized what lay ahead of him.


9) Education must sow the seeds of wisdom, besides implanting knowledge and skills.


10) They advised people touring the area to avoid to go out alone after dark.


11) One of her job/part of her work is teaching young people how to handle personal relationships.


12) Making promises without keeping them is not considered a good practice.



1) The fact that he was able toavoid the seemingly inevitable crash made him a national hero.


2) Of the four students who risked their lives to try to drag the drowning children to shore, two never returned.



3) The Japanese are known for their long life span. They believe they owe this to their eating habits/composition of their diet, which contains a lot of fish products.



4) I know Harris. I couldn‘t imagine a man lik e him making such stupid



5) After testing her loyalty many times, he was now going to give her the most dangerous task.


6) I hear that Lincoln delivered an extremely powerful speech on that occasion. Whatever did he actually say?


7) That this time they must be ready to challenge death was clear to everybody. But no one regretted this move.



8) As accidents go/As far as accidents are concerned, there was nothing out of the ordinary: a crazy young man drives a car on a university campus and kills a young woman student. What is unusual is the fact that the man dares to challenge the people who want to take him to court because his father is a local police officer.




9) Every time/Whenever we decide on a financial policy, we have to make

a clear distinction between short-term interests and long-term interests. 每当我决定一项经济政策的时候,我们都必须分清短期利益和长期利益。

10) Although it was early October, people could already be seen driving across the frozen river.


1) The fact that he is somebody‘s relative won‘t change our opinion of him.


2) The wives of the miners trapped in the pit for three days were overjoyed by the news that their men had all been rescued.


3)We must accept the possibility that we might be wrong.


4) There‘s little hope that the patient will survive.


5) The faculty shares the opinion that the majority of this year‘s

freshmen are promising.


6) In spite of our economic growth, we should bear/keep in mind the fact that ours is still a developing country.


7) We should hear his explanation before we jump to the conclusion that he‘s to blame.


8) There aren‘t many people who still cling to the idea that man should conquer nature rather than live in harmony with it.



1) The government will have to decide when and how to put brakes on the economy before it speeds out of control.


2) Why waste money building an airport in the middle of nowhere? We must not ignore the fact that what people here need most is clean water and clean air.


3) They thought they might take a different route on their return trip so as to explore the great canyon in Tibet.

他们觉得回来的时候可以走另外一条路,以便去探索一下西藏的那个大峡谷。4) She traveled around the world and came back home quite a changed person, educated and greatly revitalized.


5) There is no easy fix for our social problems. We should explore all possibilities and move one step at a time.


6) All old traditions die a slow and lingering death. Customs and habits that have taken so long to form can‘t be expected to disappear overnight. 所有旧传统的消亡都是一个漫长的、缓慢的过程。花了那么长时间才形成的风俗习惯,我们不能指望它一夜之间就消失。

7) Madam Chang was considered a pioneer who advocated combining classic Chinese music with Western music.


8) I was so stunned when I heard the news, that for quite some time I didn‘t know what to say.


9) The soldiers are learning how to survive in the wilderness.


10) I‘ll go there with you if you insist. But really I won‘t be much help to you.


1) Remember to bring your ID with you when you go to the airport.


2) I remember feeling greatly disappointed after my first job interview. 我记得第一次求职面试后我感到非常失望。

3) Finally they decided to apologize to the passengers for what had happened. at the airport.


4) I‘m sorry that I clean forgot to pass the message to Big Li.


5) At midday we stop to have lunch in a fast food restaurant.


6) I stopped listening about the disaster on the radio, but I was too shocked to move out of the chair.




1) --- I suspect that he has not told us the whole truth. --- Why do you doubt it?


2) Nobody would have suspected him. A suspect wouldn‘t usually look so appealing. But finally the police identified him to be the true murderer through a DNA test.



3) Huangdi is regarded as the very first farmer in our history while his wife was the first weaver.


4) Please give my best regards to my friends there. I really miss them all.


5) Whenever possible young people prefer to earn their own living than live off their parents.


6) The North demanded the military exercise be called off, but the South refused. Instead they demanded an open apology from the North for the gun fire.


7) This place has earned itself quite a reputation for developing a green economy.


8) Being young, they are often inclined to look at things from the bright side.


9) Scientists have identified the frozen body as a young hunter who lived about six thousand years ago.


10) Although she is a second-generation Chinese American, she still values her Chinese cultural identity.


1) Do you know the young lady sitting next to the chairman of the department?


2) The police have been keeping track of the suspect for a whole week. They will make an arrest soon.


3) The new government announced that they would protect all law-abiding foreigners living in the country.


4) We should bear in mind that there are still thousands of people living on or near the poverty line in this city.


5) These athletes have been training for the current Asian Games for a whole year.


6) Unemployed residents in the city have been protesting soaring food prices in the past two months.


7) The young employees of the organization have been tightening their belts for months, adapting themselves to a war economy.


8) The company claims that they have made a breakthrough in energy-saving technology.


9) Mr. King worked his way up from the position of waiter to manager. He has been working for the restaurant for 30 years.


10) The outgoing/retiring vice president of the university made a heart-warming speech at his farewell party.



1. As a child, he was exposed to great works of literature, for both his parents were well-read in classics.


2. The military announced that they had succeeded in developing a new stealth fighter.


3. They‘re trying to come up with practical ways to reduce production costs for this township factory.


4. Most people think that all things considered, life is much better today than it was 30 years ago.


5. Success doesn‘t only depend on what you do. What you don‘t do is equally important.


6. How do you account for the company‘s high staff turnover?


7. Most of the buildings in the town were reduced to rubble in the earthquake.


8. How can I concentrate on my work with my roommates talking and laughing? 室友又说又笑,我怎么能集中精力做事?

9. We admire the way he answered awkward questions at the press conference with wit and facts.


10. The moment he entered the conference room, he had a feeling that something had gone wrong.



1. 那时我还是个小女孩,脑子里充满童话般的梦想,什么彩虹呀,一碰触就会带来幸福神奇的银雨点呀。父亲使我又想唱歌又想跳舞,我常常为他表演,为只有一个人的观众独唱,他不断地鼓掌,我是公主,他是国王。不过那都是很久以前的事情了。岁月把他催老,也使我见得多了,但懂得少了。

2. 我原先以为岁月不会在父亲身上留下痕迹,然而岁月却带走了我目光中的纯金白银,我看到他的眼睛不再是那奇妙的淡蓝,而褪成了疲惫的灰白;他说的笑话,他过去一直说的那些笑话,不再有趣,不再使我哈哈大笑,现在这些笑话听来是对人们、对生活的伤感与嘲弄;他搂我的时候,我感到我肩上的手十分沉重,他拉起我的手时,他抓得太紧,握得太牢。


1) If it hadn‘t been for one man‘s courage and wisdom, the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone could never have succeeded. This man was the first mayor of the city.


2) ---- Sorry I cut you off just now. You were saying…

---- I was saying that it is not easy to break down the resistance of those conservatives. But we must go at them step by step.



3) The government knows only too well that it cannot increase taxes at will without hurting home consumption. But to shift the emphasis from export to domestic consumption takes time.


4) Even with all these home appliances, it is impossible to do away with/ eliminate our domestic labor completely.


5) Our town must have looked this way three hundred years ago. Many old buildings were about to fall in ruins. Some of our leaders wanted to tear them down and put up new tall buildings in their place. But due to lack of money, the plan had to be abandoned. Looking back that was actually a blessing. Today our town has become a tourist attraction.


6) Ironically, sometimes, the more we increase production, the more we decrease profit.


7) This project has occupied too much of my time. I could not launch a new project even if I wanted to.


8) To tell the truth, I‘m more worried about social stagn ation than economic slowdown. Of course, you may not share my view.


9) Sadly enough, not everyone realizes that if we do not improve our educational standards, we will lag behind other countries for ever. 有意思的是,并不是所有人都已认识到,假如我们不提高我们的教育水平,我们将永远落后于其他国家。

1) The older you get, the more tolerant you become.


2) After 10 p.m. the longer I work, the less efficient I become. 晚上10点以后,我工作时间越长,效率就越低。

3) As both her parents died young, the girl was brought up by her uncle and aunt.


4) The longer you work with him, the more you‘ll learn from him without knowing it.


5) When the concert was over, the audience sat silent and still for a couple of minutes, and then they broke into thunderous applause.


6) Scholars complain that cities, towns and even villages in this country are becoming more and more Americanized.


7) The more I think about it, the more suspicious I am of these strange phone calls.


8) As the years went by, my grandmother was became more and more involved in community work.


9) Generally, the more something is in demand, the higher the price. 一般来说一件物品需求越大,价格也就越高。

10) Much to our grief, all the nice areas around our city are becoming more and more urbanized.


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