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新一代大学英语 综合教程1 课后翻译

新一代大学英语综合教程1 课后翻译


1、Structured time results from the way an average day is parceled up for our kids –time for school, time for homework, time for music practice, even time for play “计划内时间”源自每一天的时间安排方式,何时上学,何时完成家庭作业,何时进行音乐训练,甚至何时玩耍,一股脑儿的塞给孩子。

2、It is not just that they sit together, passing the salt across the meal table. It is that they sit with one another across the course of their lives, sharing its savor –its moments, bitter and sweet 他并不是说朋友们坐在一起,在饭桌上把盐传来传去。他的意思是朋友们共享人生经历,分享各种滋味,苦的,甜的。

3、The more social media we have, the more we think we are connecting, yet we are really disconnecting from each other 我们已经有了很多的社交媒体,我们认为我们的联结将会变得更加紧密,但我们真正上却在彼此隔离


2 It is important to emphasize that building ones emotional intelligence cannot- will not- happen without sincere desire and concerted effort 需要强调的是,没有真诚的愿望和竭尽全力的付出,培养情商是不可能的,也不会有结果。

1、It is much harder to learn to empathize-to internalize empathy as a natural response to peopl e-than it is to become adept at regression analysis 要使同理心内化为对别人的一种自然反应,才算是获得了同理心,这比擅于回归分析要难得多。

2、“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”, wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson. If yo ur goal is to become a real leader, these words can serve as a guidepost in your efforts to develop high emotional intelligence 拉尔夫·沃尔多·爱默生写道:“没有热情,就不可能取得任何伟大的业绩。”如果你的目标是成为一位真正的领袖,这句话可以激励你不断努力,提高情商。


1、Science deals almost exclusively with things, not ideas or feelings, and with the external world and its working, not inner states and their workings, despite the effort of some psychologists to be or seem scientific 科学的研究对象基本上仅限于事物,而非思想或者情感,仅限于外部世界及其运作,而非内在状态及其运作,尽管一些心理学家也试图让自己的工作具备或者显得有科学性。

2、The environment must be carefully controlled so that extraneous elements do not intrude to invalidate the experiment, and so that others can repeat the experiment in the hope of arriving at the same result, which is the best evidence of its reliability 实验环境必须严格控制,一是为防止外界因素侵扰而使实验无效,二是为其他人能够重复该实验以期获得相同结果,这是实验可靠度的最佳证据。

3、But it is the language in which results are reported and in which the work itself is done and with which it is controlled-namely, mathematics-that is perhaps the most distinctive characteristic of all 但是,科学最显著的特征也许是它使用的独特语言——数学。通过数学,科学发现得以汇报,科学工作得以完成和控制。


1 Under what circumstances can a private sorrow serve simultaneously as a public grief? 在什么


2 the Holocaust Museum must take them back in time, transport them to another continent, and inform their current reality 大屠杀纪念馆一定能带他们回到过去,载他们到另一片大陆,并告知他们现实

3 The Holocaust Museum forces as the Nazis excluded groups of people from the human family, denying them freedom to work, to study, to travel, to practice a religion, claim a theory, or teach a value 随后愈演愈烈,纳粹开始把一部分人群从人类大家庭中分离出去,剥夺他们工作、学习、旅游、信仰宗教、提出理论或传授价值观的自由。


1 I argue that China has a very long way to go before it becomes — if it ever becomes — a true gl obal power 我认为中国在成为真正的全球大国之前—如果有可能成为的话—还有很长的路要走

2 The Chinese nation has a strong belief in peace. Many of the ancient sayings go deep in peoples mind (i.e. “a nation, however powerful, is doomed if it always hungry for war”, “peace is mo st valuable under the sun” and “achieving harmony while allowing differences”) 中华民族有着强大的和平信仰。许多古老的谚语已经在人们的脑海中深入(即“一个国家,无论多么强大,如果它总是渴望战争必将是失败的(国虽大,好战必亡)”,“和平是阳光下最大的价值(和为贵)”和“实现和谐,同时允许差异(和而不同)”)

3 The WTO multilateral trade principles and dispute-settlement mechanisms, for example, offer China tools to defend itself against the threats of discrimination and protectionism that rising economic powers often confront 世贸组织多边贸易原则与争端解决机制, 例如,为中国提供相应手段来保护自己免受歧视和和保护主义的威胁,这是经济大国崛起过程经常面对

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