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Unit 1 —Unit 7

Unit 1

Section A


1 The attitude is that if one is not moving ahead, he is falling behind

2 Time is treated as if it were someth ing almost real People budget it, waste it, steal it, kill it, cut it, acco unt for it;

they also charge for it They do this because time is a precious resource

3 Every one is in a rush ——ofte n un der pressure In the writer?s eyes, city people always appear to be hurry ing to

get where they are goin g, restlessly seek ing atte ntio n in a store, or elbow ing others as they try to complete their shopp ing

4 Don?t take it pers on ally This is because people value time highly, and they rese nt some one else

“ wa

bey ond a certa in appropriate point

5 This is because America ns gen erally assess and enquire about their visitors professi on ally rather tha n socially

They start talk ing bus in ess very quickly Time is always tick ing in their inner ear

6 America ns produce a steady flow of labor-sav ing devices: they com muni cate rapidly through faxes, phone calls or emails rather tha n through pers onal con tacts

7 The impers on ality of electro nic com muni catio n has little or no relati on to the sig ni fica nce of the matter at hand

8 It is take n as a sig n of skillfu In ess or being compete nt to solve a problem or fulfill a job with speed in the U S


1 Budgeted

2 acute

3 restless

4 surroundings

5 compete nt

6 assess ing

7 elbowed

8 con duct ing

IV 1. behi nd 2 for 3 to 4 out 5 of 6 to 7 in 8 into

V 1 commitment 2 attraction 3 appointment 4 impression 5 civilization 6 composition 7 confusion 8 congratulation 9 consideration 10 explanation 11 acquisition 12 depression

VI 1 advisable 2 desirable 3 favorable 4 con siderable 5 remarkable 6 preferable 7 drin kable 8 acceptable


1 much less do they take them out for dinner

2 much less a big compa ny

3 much less carry it upstairs

4 much less spoke n to him

5 much less ( to ) read a lot outside of it


1 Hav ing meals at home can cost as little as two or three dollars, whereas eat ing out at a restaura nt is always

more expe nsive

2 We thought she was rather proud, whereas in fact she was just very shy

3 We have n ever done anything for them, whereas they have done everyth ing for us

4 Natalie prefers to stay for ano ther week, whereas her husba nd prefers to leave immediately

5 Some highly praise him, whereas others put him down severely

VII Tran slati on Chin ese to En glish

1 In the eyes of some people, Picasso?s pain ti ngs would seem rather foolish

2 The in crease in their profits is due partly to their new market strategy

3 The man told his w ife to keep the medicine on the top shelf so that it would be beyond the children?s reach

4 Happ in ess does n't always go with money

5 That car has give n me nothing but trouble ever since I bought it








VIII 1-5 BBCCA 6-10 CBBBC 11-15 ABBCA 16-20 CBBAB

Secti on B

XV 1-4 CACA 5-8 ACBC

XVI 1 desirable 2 marvelous 3 favorable 4 distressed 5 hostility 6 recog niti on 7 alleviate 8 appreciate

XVII 1 in teract with 2 gone through 3 deal with 4 recovered from 5 adjust ing themselves to 6 familiar to the

public 7 clashed with 8 In spite of

Unit 2

Section A


1 Most coun tries concern themselves with econo mic developme nt, regardless of its effect on the global ecology

2 Because of the in creas ing en vir onmen tal damage, people become more aware of en viro nmen tal problems and

many coun tries un dertake new en vir onmen tal in itiatives

3 Canada closed the area to cod fishing and set strict limits on catches of other species As a result, herring eve ntually recovered, but some species may n ever recover, and about 40,000 fisherme n are un employed because

of the fishing bans and loss of their fish supply

4 Costa Rica has issued a series of new en vir onmen tal laws and created parks and n ature preserves that cover

one quarter of the country

5 It was under pressure from environmentalists around the world that Brazil took certain measures to protect its

Amazon rain forest; and the writer questions its true level of commitment to protect Amazon Indians who are

endangered in the conflict with those people who continue to destroy the forests

6 Heavy metals from coal mini ng have con tam in ated much of the area?s waters Many rivers, la nd, and forests

are biologically dead because the pollution is very serious

7 The program has succeeded in strengthening the country?s agricultural base and bringing a new source of wealth to villagers But it remai ns to be see n whether these measures will have eno ugh impact to slow the rate of

remov ing the forests

8 Indon esia is facing the problem of provid ing eno ugh food, shelter and employme nt for its large populati on, and

en courag ing birth con trol

III 1 aware ness 2 un dertake 3 abundant 4 ambitious 5 diversity 6 con tam in ated 7 spon sored 8 waged

IV . Filling the Blank

1 Correct form: regardless of

Synonym ous: without tak ing into acco unt, pay ing no atte nti on to

2 Correct form: spri nging up

Synonym ous: appeari ng quickly or sudde nly

3 Correct form: concerns herself with

Synonym ous: is busy with, i nvolves herself in

4 Correct form: aim at/for/toward(s)

Synonym ous: direct its efforts towards

5 Correct form: con verted ? in to/to

Synonym ous: cha nge ? into

6 Correct form: up to

Synonym ous: as many as

7 Correct form: as a result of

Synonym ous: because of, result ing from

8 Correct form: frown on/upon

Synonym ous: not approve of


1 settler: one who settles (in a place)

2 miner: a worker in a mi ne

3 garde ner: one who works in a garde n, either for pay or as a hobby

4 director: a person who directs (a department, a film, etc )

5 observer: a pers on who observes or watches carefully

6 planner: a person who plans ( a city, etc)

7 container: anything which contains sth , e g a box, a bottle, etc

8 con ductor: a pers on who con ducts (atour group, on a bus, etc )

V 1 musical 2 occasional 3 environmental 4 central 5 global 6 dangerous 7 natural 8 agricultural


1 it rema ins for him to do it

2 the result rema ins to be see n

3 rema ins to be see n in a few weeks

4 much rema ins to be settled

5 Worse things rema in to be told


1 Every month we?ll deliver the very best articles, together with the latest fashion and beauty news

2 The famine, together with the war, killed millions of lives

3 Together with his brother, John has gone to the party held by the Fine Arts Association once a year

4 The Smiths are pla nning to sell the house, together with the fur niture

5 Together with his wife, he helped to desig n the highest build ing in the tow n


1 Since the beg inning of this summer, Haier has waged a massive ad campaig n to promote its air-c on diti oner sales

2 Mary?s pare nts frown on the idea of her going to America, so it rema ins to be see n whether she will realize her dream

3 Rose knows that con ti nu ous letters from Joh n, together with coun tless roses, are aimed at winning her heart

4 Through spon sori ng the grow ing of fruit trees to rege nerate waste land, the gover nment succeeded in improv ing the ecological en vir onment

5 The government has undertaken a series of new environmental initiatives As a result, many parks and green belts have sprung up all over the country









1- 5CBBCB 6- 10ABACB 11- 15BACAB 16-20ABCBC


Secti on B

XVI 1 summit 2 comparable 3 characterized 4 paved 5 con servati on 6 literal 7 erect 8 recreati on


1 The small boat had bee n washed away duri ng the storm

2 Up to 10 men can sleep in this tent, which looks rather small and maybe is not morethan14 s quare meters

3 In order to protect the en viro nment, people should clea n up after a pic nic

4 In this small tow n, a thousa nd miles of bike trails along the sides of rivers lead into abig park

5 He lost his job and on top of that his wife left him

6 If we coord in ate our efforts, we should be able to complete the project ahead of time

7 Professor Bonnet has bee n work ing on cells of this type for many years

8 The education system in our country is currently characterized by an emphasis on success in exams

Unit Three

Section A

III 1 mutual 2 illusion 3 canceled 4 overlooked 5 poceeded 6 resolve 7 prejudice 8 compromise 9 con firm 10 subseque ntly IV 1 hav ing nothing to do with 2 tak ing care of 3 met with 4 on the surface 5 work out 6 in compatible with 7 ups and downs 8 learned of 9 indication of 10 all along

V 1 M 2 L 3 F 4 D 5 H 6 O 7 A 8 C 9 I 10 K

VI 1 shopp ing 2 feeli ng 3 storage 4 cook ing 5 ending 6 beg inning 7 gatheri ng 8 removal 9 arrival 10

passage 11 writi ng 12 marriage

VII 1 relati on ship 2 citize nship 3 leadership 4 membership 5 boyhood 6 livelihood

7 brotherhood 8 authorship 9 adulthood 10 n eighborhood 11 wisdom 12 own ership


1 It is never too bad for us to do something about the situation

2 One is n ever too old to lear n

3 It is n ever too late for you to put a stop to this madn ess

4 It is n ever too late for you to mend your ways

5 His in come was n ever too small to support his family


1 My best frie nd,Ann a,was here last ni ght

2 The compa ny man ager,Mr Madis on ,gathered his staff and announ ced the decisi on

3 You should have see n an ophthalmologist, an eye doctor

4 He sent for the acco untan t,the most experie need pers on in acco un ti ng

5 "Leave it to me," said David,the man on ni ght duty


1 You are n ever too experie need to lear n new tech niq ues

2 There rema ins one problem, namely,who should be sent to head the research there

3 Their relatio nship did meet with some di fficulty at the beg inning because of cultural differe nces

4 Though he has had ups and dow ns,l believed all along that he would succeed someday

5 I have some reservati ons about the truth of your claim

6 She isn't particularly tall,but her slim figure gives an illusion of height









Secti on B

XV 1 B 2 A 3 B 4 C 5 B 6 B 7 A 8 B

XVI 1 anticipate 2 brilliant 3 ingredient 4 dialect 5 somehow 6 bubbled 7 compelled 8 diplomatic

XVII 1 on 2 from to 3 off 4with 5 towards/ with 6 concerning /about 7 over 8 on

Unit 4

Section A


1 The flight is a start of their new experie nee, and they have to live without their pare nts for a period of time

2 They go there to become flue nt in En glish, finish high school, and un dersta nd the America n way of life as

much as possible

3 They can get it if they can pass the final exams at the end of each semester

4 No most of them have difficulty mak ing all n ecessary arran geme nts

5 She wrote a detailed letter, which showed that she was a religious and loving girl

6 Yes, they do because they don?t have eno ugh experie nee in pack ing, and they tend to take unn ecessary thing s with them

7 They really have to rely on themselves for everyth ing from the n on, and they are not sure whether they can

man age to adapt to new situati ons

8 Most of them are not used to food and long for home; some find it difficult to observe the regulation about



1 gran ted

2 departure

3 abroad

4 adapt

5 domestic

6 accustomed

7 comma nd

8 desce nded

IV . Filling the Blank

1 pla n on

2 lived through

3 dreamed of

4 take on

5 hit the target

6 host to

7 econo mize n

8 in tur n

V Word Buildi ng

1 sad ness

2 weak ness

3 careless ness

4 ill ness

5 dark ness

6 kindn ess

7 laz in ess

8 n ervous ness

VI 1 n oisy 2 wealthy] 3 sunny 4 lucky 5 tasty 6 healthy 7 sleepy 8 icy


1 It is necessary for the manager to finish the whole task before leaving for a holiday

2 It is a shame to take so much money for doing so little

3 It is our responsibility to help people around us who are in trouble

4 It is a surprise for us all to realize he has been cheating us

5 It is pleasa nt for the mother to see her daughter grow ing into a young lady


1 as long as she got her father?s agreeme nt

2 As long as you set a goal for yourself

3 As long as she covers all expe nses herself

4 as long as she does her rout ine job well

5 As long as you n ever lose heart


1 For most parents, the decision to send children abroad for study is made after careful thinking They will try to

have everyth ing worked out before their childre n leave

2 Jack has on ly bee n worki ng for three mon ths, so, for lack of experie nee, he will have difficulty fin ishi ng the

task alone

3 As long as you specify what we are expected to do, we?ll try our best to help you get everyth ing ready

4 Susa n had thought she would adapt to life there soon, but she found later things were not so easy, and she

bega n to feel homesick

5 Tension descended on these children when it was time for departure, since they didn?t know whether they could adapt to the life without pare nts






3 “对我来说,” 17岁的格洛里亚更为重要。”6个月的精心筹划才能作出到国外学习的决疋



5学生们在等待美国国内班机把他们带到在美国的临时家庭时也会觉得紧张。从那以后,每个人都得自己照料自己了。VII 1-5 BACCB 6-10 ACCBA 11-15 CBAAA 16-20 BCABC

Secti on B

XVI 1 emigrate 2 guida nee 3 infin ite 4 prosperous 5 shri nks 6 warmth 7 whatsoever 8 ceaseless

XVII 1 made a fortune 2 make sure 3 full of people 4 was dressed in 5 is always in differe nt to6 en ter into 7

did not know about 8 pay for

Unit 5

Section A


1 She feels terrible She wants to weep and she does weep a little

2 He smoked Prince Albert tobacco in cigarettes he rolled himself

3 Her father was hooked by cigarettes Though he smoked Prince Albert tobacco, he n ever looked as fashi on able

as Prince Albert; he continued to look like a poor, overweight, hard working colored man with too large a family

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