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get by be good enough but not verygood 过得去

frustration the state or an instance of being frustrated挫折;令人失望


haul transport ,as with a truck,cart (用马车,卡车)搬运

improvement the act or an instance of improving or bing improved 改进


pursue strive to gainor accomplish努力去获得,追求

wicked evil or bad邪恶的;坏的

at that point an that very moment;right then就在那时

on balance with all thing considered总的来说

illustrate provide with visual features;larify by use of examples举例说明

digest a short account of written materials or data文摘;摘要

boundary sth.that indicates or fixs a limit or extent 边界;分界线

generate bring into existence,produce形成;产生


minor lesser or smaller in amount or improtance较少的;较小的

aside from except for,in addition to 除了

suspect belive to the true,likely or probable;怀疑



scale relative level or degree规模

on a small /large scale小规模地

resist keep from giving in to or enjoying抵制

profit an advantageous gain or return 利润(n&&v)

invest commit in order to gain a financial return投资

whip up make quickly快速做成

miss out on sth 未得到某物,在某事上不成功,失去(得益或享乐的)机会

get through come successfully to the end度过

workforce worker considered as a boy劳动力

dizzy make dizzy or confused使选晕(迷惑)

array an impressively large number一系列,大量

commute 每天乘车往返两地

mushroom grow or expand rapidly迅速增长

economic 经济学的;经济方面的

make sense have an understandable meaning;be sensible 有意义的

get along survive ,manage过得去

just about almost几乎

invole cause to part in;include by necessity


Slender 苗条的;细长的 close to the side/beside

confident 有信心的;确信的feeling or showing trust in oneself or one’s ability5 racial 种族的

slavery 受奴役的状态;奴隶制the state of being a slave or the practice of owning slaves

mission 特殊使命,任务 particular task or duty undertaken by an individual or a group

forge 建立,伪造create by means of much hard work

civil 公民的of or relating to the citizens of a country

be intent on(sth./doing sth) 热中于,坚决要做be eager and determined to do sth on the side 作为兼职;秘密地as an additional job or source of income/secretly capture 抓捕;捕获 capturing or being captured

conviction坚定的看法或信仰firm opinion or belief

impose 把……强加于place a officially on

as for 至于with regard to

transport 运输

disguise 伪装,假扮make look or sound different from normal / give a false appearance

abolish 废除 end the existence of

compel强迫,强求get or bring about by force / force

pass for 被当作appear like / be accepted or looks upon as

pusu sb around摆布 what to do in an impolite or threatening way

make the best of 充分利用 accept an unsatisfactory situation cheerfully and try to manage as well as you can

at risk有危险 in danger / threatened by the possibility of loss

fame 名声声望

trial 审判

arrest逮捕 seize with the authority of the law

legal合法的 allowed or done according to the law

peer 仔细看凝视 look closely or carefully / esp as if unable to see well

be tired of厌倦的 become bored with

oppose 反对 disagree with sth and try to prevent it from happening representation 代表 sth that represents

threat 恐吓威胁

motivate激起 provide with a motive for doing sth

urgent 紧迫的急迫的 needing immediate attention / action or decision


vulnerable exposed to danger or attack;unprotected易受攻击的;无防御的

hook up to connect or attach to with or as if with a hook 连接到

build in make(sth) as part of the structure使成为建筑物的一部分


barrier (n) thing that prevents progress or movement障碍

wander (vi) move about without a fixed purpose 漫游,闲逛,徘徊

terror (n) 恐怖

without/with not so much as 甚至连……都没……

be bathed in cover or envelop as if with liquid 沉浸于


civilize cause to improve from a primitive stage of human society to a more.

developmed one开化,使文明

reflection a thing bringing discredit or criticism; idea arising from thinking;

reflecting or being reflected有损声誉的事,思考;反映


outsmart (vt) 比……精明;智胜

universal. affecting or done by all people or things in the world or in a particular

group; applicable to all cases. 全体的;

共同的; 普遍的

threaten威胁; 恐吓; 扬言于

trap prevent(sb) from escaping from (somewhere,esp, a dangerous place) 使陷


depart die; go away; esp. on a journey. 死; 离开; 起程

advocate speak in favor of; support. 主张; 提倡

recommend make a favorable judgement of. 推荐

wrap hold (sb/sth) by putting your arms, legs,fingers etc. around them 包


count on rely on. 依靠; 指望;

in one’s favor to the advantage of sb. 对某人有利

atmosphere气氛 ; 大气

belief 信念; 相信

aggressive always ready to quarrel or attack; threatening. 爱挑衅的;好斗的;


confirm provide evidence for the truth of; establish the truth of 证实;确认

agile able to move quickly and easily. 敏捷的;灵活的

squeeze press (sth) firmly. 挤;挤塞

draw the line at sth/doing sth refuse to do or refuse to tolerate sth. 拒


on the line at risk. 冒险

take the plunge take a bold decisive step,esp. after thinking about it for some

time. (尤指经过一番思考后)采取断然行动


disarm vi.裁军;解除武装;放下武器vt. 使缴械;使息怒;解除武装;缓和


construct 修建,建造;构成;创立

loose not firmly fastened in place not restrained 松的,不受束缚,自由的approva believe that sb.or sth. is good or suitable;agree offically 赞同;同意,批准

mess sth.which looks dirty or untidy 脏乱状态

anniversary a data on which sth.special or important happened in a previous years 周年纪念日

impressive having a strong effect on sb...through size importance ect.给人以深刻的印象

Stimulate make interested and excited 使兴奋,刺激

imagination the ability to form pictures or ideas in your mind 想象力

shield protect ...from being harmed or damaged 保护,保卫

despite in spite of 尽管

retain keep or continue to have sth 保持,保有

triumph gain a victory or success after a difficult struggle 取得胜利或成功

resistance refusal to accept new ideas ,chances..抵制反抗

beyond doubt allowing no uncertainty 毫无疑问

in a row happening a number of times,one after another 连续地

not give/care a fig not be at all concerned about or interested in 对。。。毫不在乎

excel at be extremely good at 擅长 a strong liking 偏爱,偏好

strain make(a situation)more difficult ;stretct tightly by pulling使紧张,拉紧,绷紧

foundation a basic ideas,principle,ect,that sth,develops from 基础,基本原理remarkable worthy of attention ,striking非凡的


disarm allay the hostility or suspicious of 消除敌意或疑虑


concentration the ability to give all your attention 集中,专心

credit say that sb,or sth.is responsible for sth,good.把什么归于trifle a small amount of sth.少量。少许

unify bring together ;combine ,使成一体,使结合

Contribution sth that you give or do to help make sth successful 贡献

Consult ask the advice or opinion of 请教,想什么咨询

Complicated difficult to understand or deal with 难懂的,难解的

overcome defeat or succeed in controlling or deal with sth 战胜,克服,是不能自持

if anything if there is anything different ;on the contrary even 要说有什么区别的话,甚至正相反

(never)get anywhere/get nowhere not be successful 一事无成


Not amount to much不会有多大成就not seem important ,valuable,or successful


under way 航行中;工作中in motion or operation,having started and making progress undergo经过经历 go through experience

tradition 传统 of or in accordance with tradition

put away 放好 to a place where it is usually stored

get to sth./doing sth. 开始认真思考,做 begin to give serious attention to or deal with

and the rest 等等and so on

quest 寻求 the act of seeking or pursuing sth

reverse 反转 turn around to the opposite direction exchange the positions of turn over 考虑;思考 think abut consider

sincere 诚挚的 not pretending honest

gratitude 感激 being thankful thankfulness

statement 陈述 that is said formally and officially

appreciate感谢 an expression of gratitude understanding of the qualities or worth of sth

specific 明确的;relating to one thing ang not others

behalf 利益intresst benefit

on sb.'s behalfin the interests of sb as the representative of sb

on behalf of sb. 为了的利益;代表(某人)

instance 实例 a single fact expressing a general idea

diminish 变小;减少 make or become smaller or less

expose 暴露 leave uncovered make accessible to

be exposed to 暴露于;与……接触

be immersed in 沉浸在

assemble 集合;装配bring or call together into a group fit together the parts or pieces of


successive 连续的;

undermine;暗中破坏,逐渐损坏 gradually or insidiously make(sb or sth)less strong or effective

weep 流泪; shed cry because of

go about 表现;忙于;着手 behave keep busy doing sth

in secret 秘密地; secretly

quote 引用;引述 repeat or copy the words of another

accord 给予 cause to conform grant

round up 使集合在一起 cause to gather in one place

part with 放弃 give up possession of

long for 渴望 have an intense desire for sth/to do sth

in part 在某种程度上 to a certain extent

gesture 手势姿态 movement of a part of the body /a hand or the head/action performed to convey one’s feelings or intentions

inevitable不可避免的必然发生的 that cannot be avoided that is sure to happen consistency 前后一致 quality of being consistent

negative 消极的表示否定或拒绝lacking in constructive or helpful

qualities//expressing denial or refusal


reach of没找到

on average 按平均值通常

entry 写进清单日记账本等 item written in a list /a diary/ an account book concrete明确的 existing as sth real or solid

enhance提高增强 increase(the good qualities of sb/sth)

considerate体贴的考虑周到 thoughtful of the rights and feelings of others marked by careful thought


bushy growing thickly;thick and rough密生的;丛生的

joint held or done by two or more persons together共同的;共有的

Whistle 哨子

nonsense foolish talk,ideas,behavior废话

Endure continue in existence,last;suffer(sth.painful or uncomfortable) patiently 持续;忍受,忍耐

sin offence against God,religion or good morals罪孽;罪过

Collapse 晕倒;倒塌

Wade walk with an effort 费力的走,涉或蹬

Sedate 给(某人)使用镇静剂

Conscious 神志清醒的,意识到

Encouragement 鼓励,刺激

cling to 紧紧抓住

in a whisper 低声地

turn loose allow (sth.) to be free of control 放手,放纵

cut short interrupt 中止,打断

pull out remove (sth.)by pulling 抽出;拔出

take no notice of pay no attention (to sb./sth.) 不注意(某人/某事物);不理会scarcely not quite;almost not几乎没有;几乎不

subtract take(a number,quantity)away form减去;扣除

backward with the back or end first倒着

fancy sth.imagined;unfounded opinion or belief 幻想;胡思乱想

cling hold tight;resist separation抓紧;抱紧

acute (of diseases)coming quickly to the critical stage;severe急性的;严重的Regain recover;get(sth.)back again after losing it 恢复;重新获得

Enable 使能够,使可能

Partial of or forming the part;not complete 部分的;不完全的

Toughen 使坚韧,强硬

Sympathy feelings of pity and sorrow for sb.else’s misfortune

look the part have an appearance for a particular job,role,or position看上去很像

to excess to an extreme degree过度

wear away (of time)pass gradually;(cause to) become thin or damaged by constant

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