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1 Just as my father’s death had changed Jimmy’s world overnight, September 11th changed our lives; the world we’d known was gone. But, as we sang for Jimmy and held each tight afterward praying for peace around the world, we were reminded that the constant love and support of our friends and family would get us through whatever life might present. The simplicity with which Jimmy had reconciled everything for us should not have been surprising. There had never been limitations to what Jimmy’s love could accomplish.

2 Iron deficiency is very common among women in general, affecting one in four female teenagers and one in five women aged 18 to 45, respectively. But the ratio is even greater among active women, affecting up to 80 percent of female endurance athletes. This means, Lyle says, that "too many women ignore the amount of iron they take in";. Women of child-bearing age are at greatest risk, since their monthly bleeding is a major source of iron loss. Plus, many health-conscious women increase their risk by rejecting red meat, which contains the most easily absorbed form of iron. And because women often restrict their diet in an effort to control weight, they may not consume enough iron-rich food, and are liable to experience a deficiency. "The average woman takes in only two thirds of the recommended daily allowance for iron," notes another expert. "For a woman who already has a poor iron status, any additional iron loss from exercise may be enough to tip her over the edge into a more serious deficiency,"

4 In the mid-1870s, French artist Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was working on an enormous project called Liberty Enlightening the World, a monument celebrating US independence and the France-America alliance. At the same time, he was in love with a woman whom he had met in Canada. His mother could not approve of her son's affection for a woman she had never met, but Bartholdi went ahead and married his love in 1876.

That same year Bartholdi had assembled the statue's right arm and torch, and displayed them in Philadelphia. It is said that he had used his wife's arm as the model, but felt her face was too beautiful for the statue. He needed someone whose face represented suffering yet strength, someone more severe than beautiful. He chose his mother.

6 Although scientists still cannot predict earthquakes, they are learning a great deal about how the large plates in the earth's crust move, the stresses between plates, how earthquakes work, and the general probability that a given place will have an earthquake. Someday soon it may actually become possible to predict earthquakes with accuracy. However, even if prediction becomes possible, people who live in areas where earthquakes are a common occurrence will still have to do their best to prevent disasters by building structures that are resistant to ground movement and by being personally prepared. These precautions can make a great difference in saving lives and preventing the loss of homes. Education concerning how to survive an earthquake should be a major emphasis for all government programs and earthquake-related research projects.

7 He’s the most famous businessman and the richest man in the world---worth an estimated $40 billion in 1997. Without a doubt, Bill Gates belongs in the same class as Tomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and other great minds who changed the world. The self-described ”hacker” has dominated the personal computing revolution and modernized the whole world in the process. Indeed, his classification into any other rank than this would seriously understate his impact on the world.

9 Romantic love has no bearing on this process, say these lawyers, who consider prenups to be business agreements. Their justification: Some 50 percent of all marriages in the United States end up on the trash heap.

Moreover, the discussions for a prenuptial agreement, which involve laying bare all one's finances, sometimes save a couple from a terrible marriage." It sheds light on issues which could later widen and result in divorce," said a lawyer.

10 We looked at each other with identical expressions. Then it probably dawned on us both that the place in which we sat is not the place of men who have been failures in life , and that for boys , being what they are , an occasional push is not such a bad thing. Together we lifted our glasses, and the tensions between us went away. And though neither of us spoke, I know we drank to the memory of our Aunt Carrie.

1 Parents are the most influential (lack reckon revolve accomplished preserve reconcile admitted wreck agreeable blossom)

2 Sad to say, the link between (physical suffer refreshed victim gravity exercise invite deficiency endurance poor)

4 The White House and the (Descriptive cultures residents president similarly reflects ancestors purpose witness self-seclusion )

5 Henry Thoreau was a 19th century writer (Freedom impressed effects addition interfere actually convenience surrounding observing detailed)

6 During an earthquake, (stay driving avoiding aftershocks disasters inhabitants occur motions released seismic)

7 If you were on a (collective accomplish displaying comprised abuses restraint outcomes maximum headquarters concentrating)

9 I have a prenuptial agreemet (violate inherited justification committed effective verify contest bearing consented stung)

10 You're sitting on the train (opppsite yawning phenomenon tend discovery humans experiment spread exchange responses)

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