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1.现在各行各业的人越来越多地依靠计算机来解决各种难题.Now people in different walks of

life depend more and more on computers to solve various kinds of difficult problems

2.他已做出计划,每月留出一些钱准备明年去北京旅行.He has made a plan to set aside some money every month for a trip to Beijing next year.

3.现代科学技术的发展使社会发生了巨大的变化.The development of modern science and technology has brought about great social changes.

4.直到会议结束之后,他才放弃自己的想法.It was not until after the meeting that he gave up his idea.

5.我们不要怕别人指出我们的缺点。We should not be afraid of having our shortcomings pointed out. 6.雨下的太大了,我们出不了门.It rained so hard that we couldn’t go out.

7.请务必在离开营地前把所有的火都熄灭掉。Please make sure to put out all the fires before leaving the camping ground.

8.我们不能排除天气有变坏的可能性.We can not rule out there possibility that the weather may turn out to be bad.

9.要么做好失败的准备,要么干脆别做.Either prepare yourself for failure or don’t do it at all .

10. 一看到多年未见的老友,她突然哭了起来.At the sight of the old friend she hadn’t seen for years, she burst into tears.

11. 他自失业以来减少了他的日常开支.He has cut down on his daily expenses since he lost his job.

12. 当被问及为何不愿与姐姐同在一屋时, 她只是一声不吭.When asked why she didn’t want to share the room with her sister, she just kept silent.

13. 请务必安排最好的摄影师在结婚典礼上照相.Be sure to arrange for the best photographer to take pictures at the wedding ceremony.

14. 他是否受过正规训练与成为一名优秀的演员并不相干.Whether he has received formal training or not is not relevant to being a fine actor.

15. 诸如空气污染和交通拥堵之类的问题早已引起政府的关注.Such problems as air pollution and heavy traffic have already attracted the government’s attention.

16. 那部新电影是根据真实故事而制作的,我认为它值得一看.I think it worthwhile to see the newly-released film which is based on a true story.

17. 那项新技术可能使他们的产量翻一番.This new technique may enable them to double their production.

18. 即使面前有许多困难,我们也决心要进行这项实验.We are determined to carry out the experiment even if there are a lot of difficulties before us.

19. 请提前一周把申请表寄至人事部门.Please send your application form to the personnel department a week in advance.

20. 他没有把录音机送回到商店,而是决定自己修理.Rather than take it back to the shop, he decided to repair the recorder himself.

21. 在市长的帮助下,我们最终获准接触这起交通事故的受害者。With the mayor’s help, we were finally allowed access to the victime of the traffic accident.

22. 这是一次冒险的行动,请务必让他知道。It is a risky attempt, please see to it that you let him know it.

23. 戴维对这幅画评价很高,他认为它的风格是独特有,高雅的,但遗憾的是,情况并非如此。David has a high opinion of the painting,He thinks that its syle is unique and refinedk. But unfortunately, this is not the case.

24. 我希望他们能及时赶到,但很有可能他们会像往常一样迟到。I hope that they’ll arrive in time,but chances are that they will be late as usual.

25. 这寻老夫妇想要搞一个新处聚会,而他们的女儿则想去西藏旅行,The elderly couple have in mind a New Year’s get—together, while their daughter has in mind a trip to Tibet.

26. 这个诗人出生的那幢房子几年被拆除了。The house in which the poet was born was born was knocked down several years ago.

27. 全球变暖是近年来洪水发生的主要因素之一。Global warming was one of the many factors responsible for the flooding in recent years.

28. 报纸上的这篇文章谈到了亚洲的金融危机。The article in the newspaper to the economic crisis in Asia.

29. 医生力劝病人少抽烟和饮酒。The doctor urged the patient to cut down on smoking and drinking.

30. 这们老人很难取悦,但这个女孩在他身上创造了奇迹。The old man was diffcult to please, but the girl worked wonders in him.

31. 有迹象表明,这个国家的经济正在复苏There is some evidencethat the economy is recovering in this county.

32.毫无疑问,科学技术的发展对人类进步起着事关重要的作用.It is without doubt that the development of science and technology is of vital importance to human advancement.

33.根据所看到的一切,他得出结论:这里发生了车祸.Based on what he saw, he came to the conclusion that there was a motor-car accident here.

34.就能力而言,汤姆是胜任此项工作的合适人选.So far as ability is concerned, Tom is the right person for the job.

35.既然你不愿意和我们一起去那里,至少也应该告诉我们怎么去吧.Since you are not willing to go with us, you should at least tell us how to get there.

36.根据我的观察,凡事在事业上有成的人都具有坚强的意志。According to my observation ,those who are successful in life have a strong will doing everything.

37.如果你乐意,我们饭后就一起去看一场电影。If you feel like, let’s go to see a film after meal.

38.西方很多妇女不能同工同酬,这是不公平的。It’s unfair that many women in western countries do not earn equal pay for equal work.

39.经过多次的失败之后,他终于找到了解决这个问题的方法。After many failures, he finally found the solution to the problem..

40.我确实相信,机会属于时刻准备的人。I know for sure that chance are in favor of those who are always ready.

41.直到深夜他才回到宿舍。It was not until late into night that he returned to his dormitory.

42.昨晚我们把车开得很快,希望能及时赶到机场。We drove very fast late night in the hope that we could get to the airport in time.

43.她在退休后仍积极参与政治活动。She was actively involved in political activities.

44.我不太熟悉这种型号的电脑。I am not very familiar with this type of compute.

45.我刚刚出门就接到他的电话。No sooner had I left the house than I received his phone call.

46.医生建议马里宗教完全康复后再出院。The doctor advised Mary to stay in the hospital until she was fully recovered.

47.是他指出了我的缺点,并鼓励我加以改正。It is he who has pointed out my shortcomings and encouraned me to get rid of them.

48.他们似乎不太可能信守诺言。It didn’t seem likely that they would even keep their promise.

49.我认为跟他讨论这个问题没有多大的意义。I don’t think it is meaningful to talk with about the problem. 50.凡不属于当地居民者,不能参加竞选市长的活动。All those who are not the local residents can not take part in the election campaign for mayoralty.

51.经过仔细调查,警方得出结论:昨天的交通事故该由出租车司机负全责。Having investigated carefully, the police arrived at the conclusion that the taxi-driver should take full responsibility for yesterday’s traffic accident.

52.不言而喻,用训练有素的运动员代替没有受过训练的运动员是明智的。It is self-evident that it is wise to substitute well-trained sportsmen for untrained sportsmen.

53.好英语的关键是经常练习.The key to master English well is to practice often.

54.昨天带来放在书架上的一本新的英汉成语词典,对于翻译很有用处.A new English-Chinese phrases dictionary that I bought here yesterday and placed on the shelf is very useful for translation.

55.所用的一切东西都必须在天黑之前准备好.Everything used must be ready before dark.

56.由于恶劣的天气条件,一些区域几乎不能居住。Some areas, due to their severe weather conditions, are hardly populated.

57.今天早上我比往常早去办公室,以免堵车.I lefe for the office earlioer than usual this morning in case of traffic jam.

58.请勿在公共场所抽烟和吐痰,因为法律禁止如此.Please refrain yourself from smoking and spitting in public places since the law forbids them.

59.由于他时常被他的同事忽视,因此很少有机会展示他的能力.Since he is often ignored by his colleagues,he rarely has the opportunity too demonstrate his ability.

60.这座桥以为人民的事业而牺牲的英雄命名.The bridge was named after the hero who gave his life for the cause of the people.

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