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Shyness can vary from feeling mild discomfort to high level of anxiety that impact us in almost everything we do.


Despite his stubbornness, he knew that he should avoid arousing any suspicions.


It will be interpreted as criticism no matter what you say.


Let’s not allow ourselves to be upset by trifles which we should ignore and forget.


Too much time spent dwelling on the past can get in the way of enjoying life as it happens.


People who believe they can accomplish goals and solve problems are more likely to do well in school.


She wore a dress with a pattern of roses on it.


Helen had prepared a wonderful meal for us.


Ann promised faithfully that she would never tell.


Could you deliver this letter to the accounts department.


We were offered a selection of milk and plain chocolate.


Tell the children to keep out of mischief.


We could hear the sound of distant thunder.


The project has received approval from the government.


Kelly loved her husband in spite of the fact that he drank too much.


Experts seem unable to agree whether the drug is safe or not.

1. 我过去喜欢摄影,但是现在没时间去追求其他爱好了。

I used to like photography, but now I have no time to pursue any hobbies.

2. 没有一种可确信的方式来预测谁会得哮喘。

There is no sure way to tell/predict who will develop asthma and who won’t.

3. 现在,神经生物学家们不在争论大脑能否生成新细胞。

Now neurobiologists no longer argue about whether brain can grow new cells or not.

4. 不再像以前那样热爱表演了。

I don’t love acting as much as I once did.

5. 如果你不确定你的目标,你就不知道你应该向哪个方向前进。

If you don’t define your goal, you don’t know in which direction you should be heading.

6. 你不该老想着过去,花些时间回顾和思考你走过的路可以帮你计划你的将来。

While you should not dwell on your past, taking the time to review and reflect on the path you have taken will help you plan for your future,

7. 你也许爱某人,但是却不一定得和他结婚。

You may love someone but not necessarily have to marry him.

8. 这些例子都说明了有些学生的简历写得多么差。

The examples demonstrate how poorly some students write the resumes.

1. 如果我要选择一个方案的话,我将毫不犹豫的支持后者。

If I had to select one plan, I would not hesitate to support the latter.

2. 他看上去似乎是无罪的,但证据表明并非如此。

He seemed not guilty, but the evidence suggested otherwise.


I warned him off going to the east coast because it was full of tourists.


The fact that something is cheap doesn’t necessarily mean it’s of low quality.


Without anyone to turn to for help, making an appropriate choice can be difficult.


His sadness at the death of his wife found expression in his music.


Only when people overcome their shyness do they live more confidently. 8;今天我不在给孩子们买任何东西了——事实上我已经花太多的钱了。

I’m not buying the children anything else today—I’ve spent far too much money as it is.


They are nearly 24 reported sets of twins in the town, of which nearly 12 are identical twins.

2. 我们很清楚危险,不会盲目采纳人们说的话。

“We are well aware of his danger and won’t blindly accept what people say.”stated Mr. Malcom.

3. 我仍然记得我初次在湖边遇见你的时候,你给我的,给我的一切。

I still remember when I first met you on the lake side;what you gave me, all that you gave me.

4. 当她写大学项目时,她找了其他材料,使她更充分地享受工作的乐趣。

When she came to writing her college project, she found other material; this would enable her to enjoy more fully the work.

5. 一旦十五分钟休息结束,你必须开始下一步锻炼来使锻炼计划更有效。

As soon as the 15 minutes rest is over, you must start the next exercise to make the exercise program more effective.

6. 没有他们作为志愿者来工作,我们根本无法为需要帮助的人提供任何服务。

Without their working as volunteers, we could never be able to provide any service for those who need it.

7.人们对梨的态度与其他水果几乎相同,只是从来不会被包装成礼品。Pears are treated in much the same way as some other kinds of fruit but are never wrapped.

8. 据报道,年初召开的包括教师、护士和医生60人参加的会议取得了成功。

A similar meeting held at the beginning of the year, attended by 60 people including teachers, nurses and doctors, was very successful according to the report.

Unit 9

1. Many people took advantage of the local workforces and environmental conditions(利用当地的劳动力和环境条件)to start up a few new factories.

2. I feel inclined to congratulate her on her performance tonight,(我很想祝贺她今晚的表演)but her interest has changed again to speak of Egypt.

3. I’m sure her illness was brought on(她的病被引发)partly by the worry of all that was happening.

4. The problem is that the employer is apt to underestimate the value of direct discussion with his employees.(容易低估与其雇员直接讨论的价值)

5. What they had been doing resulted in the discovery of a cure for cancer.

6. Comparatively speaking, we are more concerned with work efficiency and product development.(我们更关心工作效率和产品开发)

7. The doctors once said to us that the surgery could induce heart attack.(手术会引发心脏病)

8. Although we may be qualified to work for the project,(我们也许有资格为该项目工作)we can not really be considered top-class scientists.

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