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中国国家旅游管理总局China National Tourism Administration

中国国际旅行社总社China International Travel Service (CITS)中国旅行社总社China Travel Service (CTS)

旅行社travel service/agency

旅游公司tourism company

团体/包价旅游group/package tour

春/秋游spring/autumn outing

假日/蜜月旅行vacation/honeymoon tour

持证导游licensed tourist guide

实习导游student guide

自然景观natural scenery/attraction

人文景观places of historic figures and cultural heritage 旅游景点tourist attraction/sight/destination; scenic spot

山水风光scenery with mountains and rivers; landscape

名山大川famous mountains and great rivers

名胜古迹scenic spots and historical sites

迷人海景charming seascape

避暑/度假胜地summer/holiday resort

避暑山庄mountain resort

蜜月度假胜地honeymoon resort

古建筑群ancient architectural complex

洞穴;岩洞cave; cavern

溶洞water-eroded cave

石灰岩洞limestone cave



瀑布waterfall; chute; fall; linn; cascade


温泉hot spring

陵墓emperor’s mausoleum/tomb

古墓ancient tomb



烽火台beacon-fire tower

楼tower; mansion



塔pagoda; tower


石舫stone boat


湖心亭mid-lake pavilion

水榭waterside pavilion/house

莲花池lotus pond

曲径winding path

九曲桥nine-turning zigzag bridge

故居former residence


修道院abbey; cloister; monastery

尼姑庵Buddhist nunnery

佛教圣地Buddhist sacred land

藏传佛教寺院monastery of Tibetan Buddhism

转世灵童soul boy



罗汉Heavenly Guardian; arhat

佛指舍利the finger bone relic of the Sakyamuni Buddha 佛龛shrine

古兰经the Holy Koran

真主安拉Allah the Almighty

穆斯林朝觐/朝觐Islamist pilgrimage/pilgrim



琉璃瓦glazed tile

宫殿palace; hall; chamber

行宫temporary imperial palace for a short stay


御花园imperial garden

皇城imperial city

皇太妃empress dowager

皇妃imperial concubine

宰相prime minister

太监court eunuch

四大金刚the Eighteen Disciples of the Buddha

出土文物unearthed cultural relics

甲骨文inscription on oracle bones

青铜器bronze ware


青/陶瓷celadon; ceramics

陶器earthenware; crockery; pottery


泥塑clay figurine

折/檀香扇folding/sandal wood fan

古玩店antique/curio shop

手工艺品artifact; handicrafts

木/竹/贝雕wood/bamboo/shell carving


雕漆器carved lacquer ware



唐三彩trio-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty

金石印章metal and stone seals

字画卷轴scroll of calligraphy and painting

国画traditional Chinese painting

山水/水墨画landscape/ink painting


宝the four stationery treasures of the Chinese study includ ing a writing brush, an ink stick,an ink stone and paper

宣纸rice paper


工艺精湛exquisite workmanship

独具匠心original/ingenious design

旖旎秀美charming and beautiful

诱人景色inviting views

异国情调exotic appeal/impression

烟波浩渺vast expanse of mist-covered waters

湖石假山lakeside rocks and rockeries

青山绿水green hills and clear waters

美景尽收眼底command a panoramic view of the beautiful sights 景色宜人,令人心旷神怡soothing and relaxing vista

珍禽奇兽,奇花异草unique and rare fauna and flora

天下第一泉the finest spring under heaven


洞the most spectacular cave unparalleled elsewhere in the w orld


务provide anintegrated service for tourists covering dining, accommodation,transportation, sightseeing, shopping and enterta inment


In heaven there is the paradise, and on earth there are Su zhou

and Hangzhou./As there is the paradise in heaven, so there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth.


Trips to China’s five great mountains render trips to other mountains unnecessary, and trip to

Huangshan renders trips to the five great mountains unnecessa ry.


Guilin landscape tops/belittles those elsewhere, and Yangshuo landscape tops/belittles thatGuilin.


The balustrades are lined with stone-carved lifelike lions si tting on the carved pillars in differentpostures.


In these frescoes, we can witness the artistic styles of di fferent eras.


The Great Wall winds its way up and down the mountains lik e a giant dragon, disappearing into thevault of heavens.


The unique landscape of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze Riv er is a wonderful work of MotherNature.


The city boasts the largest and the most famous garden arch itecture in the country.


This temple has a long history dating back to the early pe riod of the Tang Dynasty.


It’s simply an architectural wonder that this temple was co nstructed without a single nail.


This beautiful lamasery with glazed tiles is a typical work of Chinese architecture.


The architecture of this hall best represents the architectur al style of China’s Song Dynasty.


The Stone Forest is the nature’s work on the type of lime stone formation known as karst landform.

花园中的溪、桥、山、亭布局精明,相得益彰,浑然一体,尽显其独特的自然美。The streams, bridges, rockeries and pavilions of the garden are cleverly laid out and fit in well with

each other with a uniformed effect, revealing a natural beau ty of their own.


The walls of these buildings are usually painted white. Hidd en among the flowers, trees and hills, the

white walls stand up sharp contrast to the gray tiles and brown windows. Tree shadows swayingon the white wall and wil low reflections dancing in the ponds, all these bring more vividness and

elegance to the surroundings. The tourists strolling about ma y then find themselves truly enjoyinga moment of peace and relaxation in this paradise beyond the turmoil of the world.


This mountain blends the grandeur of Mount Tai, the awe of the Huashan Mountain and thee

legance of Mount Emei. Its natural four attractions, namely, extraordinary pines growing out of

rock crevices, grotesque rocks, seas of clouds swirling aroun d the peaks, and hot springs, are truly

unparalleled elsewhere. The world-famous Visitor-Greeting Pine has long been known for its singular build.


天坛 the Temple of Heaven

午门 Meridian Gate

社稷坛 Altar of Land and Grain

保和殿 Hall of Preserving Harmony

坤宁殿 Palace of Earthly Tranquility

养心殿 Hall of Mental Cultivation

长安寺 Temple of Eternal Peace

灵光寺 Temple of Divine Light

德和殿 Temple of Harmonious Virtue

佛香阁 Pavilion of the Fragrance of Buddha

宁寿宫 Palace of Peace and Longevity

布达拉宫 Potala Palace

皇穹宇 Imperial Heavenly Vault

仁寿堂 Hall of Benevolence and Longevity

金水桥 Golden Water Bridge

居庸关 Juyongguan Pass

万寿山 Longevity Hill

龙王庙 Temple of the Dragon King

城隍庙 Temple of the Town God

夫子庙 Temple of Confucius

孔府 Manor of Confucius’ Descendants

人民英雄纪念碑 Monument to the People’s Heroes 颐和园 Summer Palace

拙政园 Humble Administrator’s Garden

圆明园遗址 Ruins of Yuanmingyuan

白塔 White Dagoba

雍和宫 Yonghe Lamasery

雨花台 Terrace of the Raining Flowers

独秀峰 Peak of Unique Beauty

七星岩 Seven Star Crag

九龙壁 Nine Dragon Wall

敦煌莫高窟 Mogao Grotto in Dunhuang

玉佛寺 Jade Buddha Temple

大清真寺 Great Mosque

黄帝陵 Huang Di Mausoleum

十三陵 Ming Tombs

沧浪亭 Pavilion of Surging Waves

寒山寺 Hanshan Temple

虎丘山 Tiger Hill

灵岩山 Divine Cliff Hill

二泉池 Erquan Pool

鼋头渚 Tortoise Head Garden

长江三峡 Three Gorges on the Yangtze

日月潭 Sun Moon Lake

瑶琳仙境 Yaolin Wonderland

北京21世纪时信教育中心是《中国日报》和新加坡时信集团联合创办的国际化教育机构。Beijing 21st Century Times Education Center is a Sino-Singaporean joint venture betwee n TimesEducation Service in Singapore, an international education institution, and China Daily in Beijing.


The Museum of Industrial History, which officially opened to the public in 1978, displays well-chosenexhibits, each of which depicts the technological development of different per iods in industrialhistory.


The Haibin Tourist Service Vocational School is one of China’s first key vocational seniors highschools at the provincial level approved by the Ministry of Education.

上海证券期货学校是我国第一所专门培养证券期货投资与管理人才的高等学府。Shanghai Securities and Futures College is China’s first institution of higher education whi ch aimsexclusively at bringing up investment and management specialists in the field of s ecurities andfutures.


Shanghai is a famous port city in Southeast China and in the Far East. Linked with all the places inChina and major ports throughout the world, this metropolis is known as a land of attractiveresources and magical power and a birthplace of creative minds and gifted t alents.


Here on displays are close to 100 water-color paintings that embrace the creative wisdo

m ofmaster-hands and boast the magical, bold brush of promising young artists.


With numerous narrow waterways covering the town, Suzhou enjoys a fame as the “Ori entalVenice”.


Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum contains 8,000 life-size figures of terra-cotta warriors and hors es buriedto protect the emperor after his death. These terra-cotta figures are all unearth ed and displayed inthe museum for visitors to see.

花园建于明朝嘉靖年间,是江南一带最大的园林,园内的莲花池与楼台亭阁相映成趣。This garden, which was constructed during the reign of Emperor Jia Jing of the Ming Dyn asty, isthe largest garden of its kind in Southern China. Its lotus ponds mirror the mansio ns, halls, towerand pavilions on the edge, offering visitors picturesque views.


Yu Garden, which was originally the private garden of a Sichuan governor in the Ming Dy nasty,boasts 13 scenic sights and the buildings ornamented with fine brick designs and w ood carvingscharacteristic of the Southern architectural style of the Ming and Qing dynas ties.


The Shanghai Museum displays over 500 pieces of the finest ceramics from the Neolithic times tothe end of the Qing Dynasty.


The Ancient Chinese Sculpture Gallery exhibits 127 pieces of ancient Chinese stone, clay, potteryand cast-bronze sculptures from the Warring States Period to the Ming Dynasty, with the Buddhistsculpture and figurine-modeling art as the main subject.

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