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1. 随着职务的提升,他担负的责任也更大了。(take on)
With his promotion, he has taken on greater responsibilities.

2. 他感到没有必要再一次对约翰承担这样的责任了。(make a commitment) He felt he did not have to make such a commitment to John any more.

3. 闲暇时玛丽喜欢外出购物,与她相反,露茜却喜欢待在家里看书。(as opposed to)
Mary likes to go shopping in her spare time, as opposed to Lucy, who prefers to stay at home reading.

4. 说得好听一些,可以说他有抱负,用最糟糕的话来说,他是一个没有良心 (conscience) 且没有资格的权力追求者。(at best, at worst)
At best he 's ambitious, and at worst a power-seeker without conscience or qualifications.

5. 我们已尽全力想说服他,但是却毫无进展。(strive, make no headway) We have striven to the full to convince him, but we have made no headway.

1. 宪法规定公民享有言论自由。(provide for)
The Constitution provides for citizen’s freedom of speech.

2. 我们在如何养育孩子的问题上有截然不同的看法,因此常发生争吵。(grow out of; bring up)
Our constant quarrels grew out of the diverse ideas on how to bring up children.

3. 我们早在会阅读之前就已经掌握了一些词汇。(long before)
We have learned some words long before we can read.

4. 很多中国家长认为孩子越早上学越好。(the more ... the more)
Many Chinese parents think that the earlier children go to school, the better.

5. 新税法不是要惩罚富人,而是要给穷人以公平和机会。(rather)
The new tax law is not to punish the rich. Rather it is to bring justice and opportunity to the poor.

1. 你应该及时掐掉凋谢的花朵。(pluck off)
You should pluck off the dead flowers in time.

2. 我认为你所说的实在算不上一个答案。(qualify as)
I don’t think what you said really qualifies as an answer.

3. 我们的喊声在寂静的大街上回荡。(echo)
Our shouts echoed through the silent streets.

4. 毫无疑问,他的成绩提高了,他又重新燃起了对学习的兴趣。(revive) 4. 毫无疑问,他的成绩提高了,他又重新燃起了对学习的兴趣。(revive)
There is no doubt that his grades have improved and his interest in learning has revived.

5. 史密斯夫妇已经向离婚法院正式申请离婚。(file for)
The Smiths have filed for divorce in the divorce court.

1. 我爷爷虽然70岁了,但他的爱好广泛,从下国际象棋到爬山,多种多样。(range from ... to)
My grandfather’s interests range from playing chess to climbing mountains although he is 70 years old.

2. 真奇怪,汤姆的奶奶都80岁了还玩玩具娃娃。(surprisingly)
Surprisingly, Tom’s grandmother plays with dolls at the age of 80.

3. 他大公无私的精神和天赋使他适合担当大多数学生梦想得到的那项工作。(

qualify for)
His selflessness and talent qualify him for the job most students dream to get.

4. 你如何解释他的那个怪梦?(interpretation)
What interpretation would you put on his odd / strange dream?

5. 我们老板刚买的新轿车一小时能行驶200公里。(be capable of)
The brand-new car our boss has just bought is capable of making 200 kilometers an hour.

1. 产品广告中的说明必须符合产品的实际质量。(conform to)
The explanation in the advertisement of the product must conform to its actual quality.

2. 新的见解有望为我们探索应对这种情况的新方法铺平道路。(pave the way for)
New insights will hopefully pave the way for us to explore new ways of treating this condition.

3. 谚语来源于生活,是一个民族的语言和文化的浓缩和体现。(derive from) Answer: Proverbs, which derive from life, are the condensation and embodiment of the language and culture of a nation.

4. 这段情感关系一直困扰着她,而且不见尽头。(haunt)
Answer: The emotional relationship has been haunting her with no end in sight.

5. 应当承认,很难判定这件独特商品的合适价格。(discern)
Answer: Admittedly, the right price for this unique commodity is hard to discern.

1. 她将她的少年时代描绘成一个幻想和发现的时期。(portray ... as)
She portrayed her childhood as a time of wonder and discovery.

2. 试验表明,不抽烟的人比抽烟的人犯的错误要少。(fewer ... than) Experiments showed that nonsmokers committed fewer errors than smokers.

3. 足球迷经常受到人们的重视,不是因为他们自身的成功,而是因为他们支持的球队获得了胜利。 (not ... but)
Football fans are often highly regarded not for their own achievement, but through their connection to a team that wins.

4. 尽管演员的演技高超,这部长达3个小时的电影还是未能吸引住我们。(despite)
Despite the actors’ wonderful acting, the three-hour movie could not hold our attention.

5.王教授是我能唯一指望救我儿子的大夫。(rely on)
Professor Wang is the only doctor I can rely on to save my son.

1. 对考试结果我无法预料,我们只有等着瞧了。(inkling)
I have no inkling about the examination results, we shall have to wait and see.

2. 我不知道到底发生了什么事,但是他们一小时前就该到达这里的。(suppose to)
I don’t know what happened, but they were supposed to be here an hour ago.

3. 他今天穿的衬衫的颜色与领带很不相配。(match)
The color of the shirt he is wearing today does not match that of his tie.

4. 经过数年的准备和积累,我终于开始了写作生涯。(commit)
After years of preparation and accumulation, I have committed to a writing career finally.

5. 我已经告诉我的孩子们要学着把自己的抽屉清理好。(clear out) I have asked my kids to learn

to clear out their drawers

1. 无论我们遇到什么样的困难,我们都应该想办法克服它。(overcome) No matter what difficulties we come across, we should try our best to overcome them.

2. 尊老爱幼是中华民族传统的美德。(traditional)
Respecting the old and caring for the young is a traditional Chinese virtue.

3. 今天,各行各业的人都在努力提高自己的知识水平以便跟上时代的发展。(all walks of life)
Today, people from all walks of life are trying to acquire more knowledge to keep pace with the development of the times.

4. 孩子们特别喜欢卡通片。(have a fancy for / take a fancy to) Children have a fancy for cartoons.

5. 鉴于他们缺乏经验,这工作他们做得不错。(given that)
Given that they are lacking in experience / inexperienced / green hand, they have done a good job.

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