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Unit 1

1.背离传统需要很大的勇气。(departure, enormous)

It takes an enormous amount of courage to make a departure from the tradition.

2.汤姆过去很缅甸,但这次却非常勇敢能在大庭广众面前上台表演了。( performance,


Tom used to be very shy, but this time he was bold enough to give a performance in front of a large audience.

3.很多教育家认为从小培养孩子的创新精神是很可取的。(creative, desirable)

Many educators think it desirable to foster the creative spirit in the child at an early age.

4.假设(assume)那幅画确实是名作(masterpiece),你觉得值得购买嘛?(worthwhile)Assuming (that)this painting really is a masterpiece, do you think it’s worthwhile to buy/purchase it?


light on, investigate, valid)

If the data is statistically valid, it will throw light on the problem we are investigating.

Unit 2

1.该公司否认其捐款有商业目的。(deny, commercial)

The company denied that its donations had a commercial purpose.


Whenever he was angry, he would begin to stammer slightly.



Education is the most cheri shed tradition in our family. That’s why my parents never took me to dinner at expensive restaurants, but sent me to the best private school.

4.手术康复后不久,他失业了,因此经历了人生的有一个困难阶段。(shortly after, go


Shortly after he recovered from the surgery, he lost his job and thus had to go through another difficult phase of his life. 5.与我们的富裕邻居相比,我们的父母就相当穷了,但是他们总是努力满足我们最起码


In contrast to our affluent neighbors, my parents are rather poor, but they have always tried hard to meet our minimal needs.

Unit 3


Have scientists found proof of water on Mars?



The planning committee has narrowed down the possible locations for the nuclear power plant to two coastal towns.


Sam not only lost his job but also both legs; he had to live on welfare for the rest of his life.

4.由十二人组成的陪审团(jury)一致表决人为玛丽有罪(guilty)。(consist of, in unison)

A jury consisting of 12 members voted in unison that Mary was guilty.


Sean felt humiliated to hear his talent being questioned.

Unit 4


Research shows that laughter can bring a lot of health benefits.


A slow Internet connection speed is really annoying


As the law stands, helping someone commit suicide is a crime.



In her report, Mary tries to interpret the data from a completely different angle.


great talent, set apart)

Sue is a girl of great talent. Her amazing memory sets he apart from her classmates.

Unit 5

1.是工人和主管人员的创造力和敬业精神将这个公司变成了一个盈利的企业。(it is… that,


It is the creativity and dedication of the workers and executives that turned the company into a profitable business.


The prices of food and medicine have soared in the past three months.


We plan to repaint the upper floors of the office building.


His success shows that popularity and artistic merit sometimes coincide.


I don’t want to see my beloved grandmother lying in a hospital bed and groaning painfully.

Unit 6

1.他这人话不多,但要说到玩电脑那他就太机灵了,同学们都不是他的对手。(when it

comes to)

He is a man of few words, but when it comes to playing computer games, he is far too clever for his classmates.

2.无知的孩子们可能认为这些动物很可爱并开始和他们玩起来。(not know any better)Children who don’t know any better may think the se animals are pretty cute and start playing with them.


车。(grit one’s teeth, hybrid). There is no way to obtain a loan, so to buy the new equipment, I’ll just have to grit my teeth and sell my hybrid car.

4.如果猎人没有看到一群象朝他的营地(campsite)走来,他就不会开枪。(a herd of)

The hunter would not have fired the shots if he had not seen a herd of elephants coming towards his campsite


特别是那些由他自己造成的痛苦经历。(selective, ironic)

I find it ironic that Tom has a selective memory –he does not seem to remember painful experiences in the past, particularly those of his own doing.

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