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Have you ever known anyone famous? If so, you may have found that they are remarkably similar to the rest of us. You may have even heard them to people saying there is anything different about them. "I'm really just a normal guy," an actor who has recently rocketed into the spotlight. There is, of course, usually a brief period while they are popular when they actually start to believe they are as great as their fans suggest. They start to wear clothes and talk as if everyone should hear what they have to say. This period, however, does not often last long. They fall back to reality as fast as they had risen above it all. What will it feel like to soar to such and look down like an eagle from up high on everyone else? And what will it feel like to have flown so high only to from your dream and realize you are only human? Some only see the in losing something they had gained. They often make attempts to regain what they lost. Often these efforts result in even greater pain. Some become financially and emotionally. The only real winners are those who are happy to be back on the ground with the rest of us.



Have you ever heard of Jon Stewart? He is currently one of the most popular comics on television. His pessimistic view of the politics and government laughter, thought and even anger. He has a clever wit that often runs into with some government policies. His whole show is to making fun of the nonsense that occurs in politics. But, what makes his show so is his ability to tell his jokes with intelligence.

"It's not just comedy," said one media expert. "His comments have a lot of over a very large audience in America. He has a lot of political power."

Recently Stewart was a guest on a news show about politics. The host journalist a heated debate when he about Stewart's responsibility to the American public. Stewart argued that while the content of the script for his show may be political in nature, his primary is to entertain. The host journalist, however, emphasized the political influence of his performance. The argument ended up anger from both parties. The incident how sensitive some people can be to what others find funny. It also showed how important comedians have become to politics.




What happens in America when someone becomes disabled and cannot do the kind of work they did in the past? If someone has been injured on the job, they are supposed to the medical worker, who would certify that there was a problem. Then, they may receive from the company. If the company provides a(n) , the person may receive money monthly to make up for lost wages. The person who has been disabled may also take the company to court if safety was at the workplace. This usually results in of a payment to settle the dispute. In addition, all workplaces are required to pay money to the government for a program to take care of people disabled on the job. One in this program requires workplaces where more injuries to pay more money. For this reason companies that require heavy physical labor take safety very seriously. Most people disability insurance. They think it is that a person should get paid without working. In fact, this benefit is usually not enough to cover the rent and other bills of those who receive it. Most of the disabled still want to work, but from the injury and training for other types of employment takes time.



Mr. Li runs a small trade company in Sichuan province. He used to be worried about the sales of his goods, but now he simply logs on to the Internet and the information about his company to almost anywhere. He now has so many resources at his than before. He

has even started to in foreign countries and make money almost anywhere.

The revolution has certainly changed the way we look at the world. And, most importantly, it allows people to get equal to the information. People in less developed areas of the world are taking of the benefits as well. One person says, "I used to have a small farm, but now I am doing international business." This is just one of the many benefits of the information . There are, however, some challenges we will have to face. For example, there is a great deal of concern over in the Information Age. Mr. Li this point. Hopefully, we can solve this problem in the near future.




How do you spend your time when you're alone? Do you turn up your music as loud as you can and listen to your own entertainment? Do you buy yourself the biggest steak you could find and sit down to a good meal? It has been my observation that these activities can be the best type of for a troubled mind. It is crucial for humans to find some in life. They must find some time to let the universe go spinning on without others' . The portion of this world that to one person is increasingly becoming smaller. And whatever we do have we must with others. Therefore, our ability to maintain a healthy balance between social and personal pursuits is being challenged. Inspiration in solitude is a major not only for poets and philosophers but for ordinary people as well. A healthy adult needs "alone-time"; time to on what is truly important to them. When you are alone, you can out your soul until it fills up the whole room, and use your freedom, moving at your own pace. However, it's important to stay . Don't forget that in order to be a healthy part of others' lives, you must yourself be healthy.



In the past several years, many news stories about corporate greed have come to surface. The illegal practices of some executives have impacted our economy. What makes this worse is that these executives seem to have the of some political leaders. Some of the executives even lawmakers. Recently a member of Congress from California was caught demanding gifts from interest groups in for supporting new laws. A few top leaders in the government are under for illegal activities. This doesn't even the surface of the problem. A few years back a company made many purposeful errors to fool investors. Many believe that one reason the problem became so big was that our nation's top leaders the company. By the time the truth was , many innocent people had lost their entire savings. There seems to be more and more companies that the public's trust for their own interests. This calls for laws and strict regulations to put the illegal practice to an end.


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