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Novice and expert

principles and rules/mentor/journeyman/patterns of behavior/complex FALSE/TRUE/TRUE/NOT GIVEN/FALSE


Museum Blockbuster

C /A /B /B

Customers/public relation skills /(the new) museology /tourist attractions A D/B C E

Sir Francis Ronalds and Telegraph


Letters and numbers(or alphabet and numbers)/glass tubes/800km/frictional-electricity(machine)


Bestcom-Considerate Computing



Video Game’s Unexpected Benefits to Human Brain C / D / B / D /


C / F / B / E / A /

Fossil Files --- the Paleobiology Database iii/i/ii/vi/v/iv


Scent of Success



A New Ice Age


heat/denser/Great Ocean Conveyor/freshwater/southward

Soviet’s New Working Week



Yuri Larin/color-coding/family

The Persuaders



trolleys/aisles/loyalty card/cosmetics/group

Water Filter

clay/water/straw/cow manure/950 degrees/60 minutes FALSE/TRUE/NOT GIVEN/NOT GIVEN


Mungo Man


A /E /A /

B /

C /

D /B / A

Bamboo, A Wonder plant


soil erosion/paper

The Gap of Ingenuity


Corporate Soical Responsibility v/viii/iv/vii/i/iii/ii

equal opportunity/internal cost


Amateur Naturalists


Beekepping/life cycle/drought


Thomas Young : The Last True Know-It-All


human eye(or human eye accommodation)/Indo-European/Richard Brocklesby/Royal Institution/gas lighting

How to Achieve Happiness



Aquaculture in New Zealand



Fuel/power/water streams/contaminant/harvesting/Government B5(target)/increase(producing/production)capacity/photosynthesis

Consecutive and Simultaneous Translation


2-3 seconds/10 seconds/100-120/200/95-164


The Future Never Dies?


temperature/(molten)rock(or ash)/food/tidal wave/ice age/rocket/D


雅思阅读模拟试题:音乐 Background music may seem harmless, but it can have a powerful effect on those who hear it. Recorded background music first found its way into factories, shop and restaurants in the US. But it soon spread to other arts of the world. Now it is becoming increasingly difficult to go shopping or eat a meal without listening to music. To begin with, “ muzak ” (音乐广播网) was intended simply to create a soothing (安慰) atmosphere. Recently, however, it’s become big business –thanks in part to recent research. Dr. Ronald Milliman, an American marketing expert, has shown that music can boost sales or increase factory production by as much as a third. But, it has to be light music. A fast one has no effect at all on sales. Slow music can increase receipts by 38%. This is probably because shoppers slow down and have more opportunity to spot items they like to buy. Yet, slow music isn’t always answered. https://www.sodocs.net/doc/683175441.html,liman found, for example, that in restaurants slow music meant customers took longer to eat their meals, which reduced overall sales. So restaurants owners might be well advised to play up-tempo music to keep the customers moving – unless of course, the resulting indigestion leads to complaints! ( )1. The reason why background music is so popular is that ______. A. it can have a powerful effect on those who hear it B. it can help to create a soothing atmosphere C. it can boost sales or increase factory production everywhere D. it can make customers eat their meals quickly ( )2. Background music means ________. A. light music that customers enjoy most B. fast music that makes people move fast C. slow music that can make customers enjoy their meals D. the music you are listening to while you are doing something ( )3. Restaurant owners complain about background music because ______. A. it results in indigestion B. it increases their sales C. it keeps customers moving D. it decreases their sales ( )4. The word “ up-tempo music” probably means_____. A.slow music B.fast music C.light music D.classical music


计算题库及参考答案 1、设A 点高程为15.023m ,欲测设设计高程为16.000m 的B 点,水准仪安置在A 、B 两点之间,读得A 尺读数a=2.340m ,B 尺读数b 为多少时,才能使尺底高程为B 点高程。 【解】水准仪的仪器高为=i H 15.023+2.23=17.363m ,则B 尺的后视读数应为 b=17.363-16=1.363m ,此时,B 尺零点的高程为16m 。 2、在1∶2000地形图上,量得一段距离d =23.2cm ,其测量中误差=d m ±0.1cm ,求该段距离的实地长度 D 及中误差D m 。 【解】==dM D 23.2×2000=464m ,==d D Mm m 2000×0.1=200cm=2m 。 3、已知图中AB 的坐标方位角,观测了图中四个水平角,试计算边长B →1,1→2,2→3, 3→4的坐标方位角。 【解】=1B α197°15′27″+90°29′25″-180°=107°44′52″ =12α107°44′52″+106°16′32″-180°=34°01′24″ =23α34°01′24″+270°52′48″-180°=124°54′12″ =34α124°54′12″+299°35′46″ -180°=244°29′58″ 4、在同一观测条件下,对某水平角观测了五测回,观测值分别为:39°40′30″,39°40′48″,39°40′54″,39°40′42″,39°40′36″,试计算: ① 该角的算术平均值——39°40′42″; ② 一测回水平角观测中误差——±9.487″; ③ 五测回算术平均值的中误差——±4.243″。 5、在一个直角三角形中,独立丈量了两条直角边a ,b ,其中误差均为m ,试推导由a ,b 边计算所得斜边c 的中误差c m 的公式? 【解】斜边c 的计算公式为22b a c += ,全微分得 db c b da c a bdb b a ada b a d c +=+++=--2)(212)(21212 22122 应用误差传播定律得2 22 222222222m m c b a m c b m c a m c =+=+= 6、已知=AB α89°12′01″,=B x 3065.347m ,=B y 2135.265m ,坐标推算路线为B →1→2,测得坐标推算路线的右角分别为=B β32°30′12″,=1β261°06′16″,水平距离分别为=1B D 123.704m ,=12D 98.506m ,试计算1,2点的平面坐标。 【解】 1) 推算坐标方位角 =1B α89°12′01″-32°30′12″+180°=236°41′49″ =12α236°41′49″-261°06′16″+180°=155°35′33″ 2) 计算坐标增量 =?1B x 123.704×cos236°41′49″=-67.922m , =?1B y 123.704×sin236°41′49″=-103.389m 。 =?12x 98.506×cos155°35′33″=-89.702m , =?12y 98.506×sin155°35′33″=40.705m 。 3) 计算1,2点的平面坐标 图 推算支导线的坐标方位角

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【雅思真经派读写互通理论】 长难句理解 经典句型背诵 剑8 1.1 The revolutionary aspect of this new timekeeper was neither the descending weight that provided its motive force nor the gear wheels (which had been around for at least 1,300 years) that transferred the power; it was the part called the escapement. 1.3 Some researchers say the results constitute compelling evidence that telepathy is genuine. Other parapsychologists believe that the field is on the brink of collapse, having tried to produce definitive scientific proof and failed. Sceptics and advocates alike do concur on one issue, however, that the most impressive evidence so far has come from the so-called ‘ganzfeld’ e xperiments, a German term that means ‘whole field’. 2.2 The Little Ice Age was far from a deep freeze, however; rather an irregular seesaw of rapid climatic shifts, few lasting more than a quarter-century, driven by complex and still little understood interactions between the atmosphere and the ocean. 2.3 While it is true that the olfactory powers of humans are nothing like as fine as those possessed by certain animals, they are still remarkably acute. 3.3 It follows from the above that sparing use of energy reserves should tend to extend life. 3.1 Discussion now centres on whether the route through the maze is communicated as a 'left-right' sequence of turns or as a 'compass bearing and distance' message. 3.3 Forests are one of the main elements of our natural heritage. The decline of Europe's forests over the last decade and a half has led to an increasing awareness and understanding of the serious imbalances which threaten them. 4.2 The MSC has established a set of criteria by which commercial fisheries can be judged. 4.3 It was found that children from the noisy schools had higher blood pressure and were more easily distracted than those who attended the quiet schools. Moreover, there was no evidence of adaptability to the noise. In fact, the longer the children had attended the noisy schools, the more distractible they became. 剑6 1.2 Theoretically, in the world of trade, shipping costs do not matter. Goods, once they have been


2019年雅思阅读模拟试题:流程图题(1) BAKELITE The birth of modern plastics In 1907, Leo Hendrick Baekeland, a Belgian scientist working in New York, discovered and patented a revolutionary new synthetic material. His invention, which he named 'Bakelite,’was of enormous technological importance, and effectively launched the modern plastics industry. The term 'plastic' comes from the Greek plassein, meaning 'to mould'. Some plastics are derived from natural sources, some are semi-synthetic (the result of chemical action on a natural substance), and some are entirely synthetic, that is, chemically engineered from the constituents of coal or oil. Some are 'thermoplastic', which means that, like candlewax, they melt when heated and can then be reshaped. Others are 'thermosetting': like eggs, they cannot revert to their original viscous state, and their shape is thus fixed for ever. Bakelite had the distinction of being the first totally synthetic thermosetting plastic. The history of today's plastics begins with the discovery of a series of semi-synthetic thermoplastic materials in the mid-nineteenth century. The impetus behind the development of these early plastics was generated by a number of factors—immense technological progress in the domain of chemistry, coupled with wider cultural changes, and the pragmatic need to find acceptable substitutes for dwindling supplies of 'luxury' materials such as tortoiseshell and ivory.


一、基础知识。(5小题,共26分。) 1.读音节,找词语朋友。(10分) táo zuì nínɡ zhònɡ wǎn lián ēn cì ()()()() zī rùn kuí wú zhēn zhì miǎn lì ()()()() xuán yá qiào bì hú lún tūn zǎo ()() 2.读一读,加点字念什么,在正确的音节下面画“_”。(4分) 镌.刻(juān juàn)抚摩.(mó mē)扁.舟(biān piān)阻挠.(náo ráo)塑.料(suò sù)挫.折(cuō cuò)归宿.(sù xiǔ)瘦削.(xiāo xuē)3.请你为“肖”字加偏旁,组成新的字填写的空格内。(4分) 陡()的悬崖胜利的()息俊()的姑娘 ()好的铅笔弥漫的()烟畅()的商品 ()遥自在的生活元()佳节 4.按要求填空,你一定行的。(4分) “巷”字用音序查字法先查音序(),再查音节()。按部首查字法先查()部,再查()画。能组成词语()。 “漫”字在字典里的意思有:①水过满,向外流;②到处都是;③不受约束,随便。 (1)我漫.不经心地一脚把马鞍踢下楼去。字意是() (2)瞧,盆子里的水漫出来了。字意是() (3)剩下一个义项可以组词为() 5.成语大比拼。(4分) 风()同()()崖()壁()()无比 和()可()()扬顿()()高()重 ( )不()席张()李() 二、积累运用。(3小题,共20分。) 1.你能用到学过的成语填一填吗?(每空1分) 人们常用来比喻知音难觅或乐曲高妙,用来赞美达芬

(1)鲁迅先生说过:“,俯首甘为孺子牛。” (2),此花开尽更无花。 (3)必寡信。这句名言告诉我们。 (4)但存,留与。 (5)大漠沙如雪,。 3.按要求写句子。(每句2分) (1)闰土回家去了。我还深深地思念着闰土。(用合适的关联词组成一句话)(2)老人叫住了我,说:“是我打扰了你吗?”(改成间接引语) (3)这山中的一切,哪个不是我的朋友?(改为陈述句) (4)月亮升起来了。(扩句) (5)小鱼在水里游来游去。(改写成拟人句) 三、口语交际。(共3分。) 随着“嫦娥一号”卫星的发射成功,作为中华少年的我们,面对祖国的飞速发展的科技,你想到了什么?想说点什么呢? 四、阅读下面短文,回答问题。(10小题,共26分。) 1.课内阅读。(阅读文段,完成练习) 嘎羧来到石碑前,选了一块平坦的草地,一对象牙就像两支铁镐,在地上挖掘起来。它已经好几天没吃东西了,又经过长途跋涉,体力不济,挖一阵就 喘息一阵。嘎羧从早晨一直挖到下午,终于挖出了一个椭圆形的浅坑。它滑下


1 Hometown Where do you come from? I am local here. What tourist attractions are there in your hometown? Would a foreign visitor enjoy them? Beijing is famous for its historical attractions like The Forbidden City and Summer Palace which attracts millions of foreign visitor each year. 1.Did you learn much about the history of your hometown in school? I think we all have trouble tracing the history of our hometown because we seldom learn it in school. 2.What do you think needs to change in your hometown? Traffic in my hometown is overly bad. It seems all the residences have to spend their entire life in a Beijing traffic jam. So the change of traffic situation is a must. 3.What place(s) in your hometown do you go to in your spare time? I am a shopping freak. I like to go to a big shopping mall when I have time. Shopping mall is multiple which allows me to get anything I



雅思阅读模拟试题精选 1. Washing, brushing and varnishing fossils — all standard conservation treatments used by many fossil hunters and museum curators alike —vastly reduces the chances of recovering ancient DNA. 2. Instead, excavators should be handling at least some of their bounty with gloves, and freezing samples as they are found, dirt and all, concludes a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences today. 3. Although many palaeontologists know anecdotally that this is the best way to up the odds of extracting good DNA, Eva-Maria Geigl of the Jacques Monod Institute in Paris, France, and her colleagues have now shown just how important conservation practices can be. This information, they say, needs to be hammered home among the

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READING PASSAGE 2 You should spend about 20 minutes on questions 14-26,which are based on Reading passage 2 on reading passage 2 on the following pages. Questions14-17 Reading passage 2 has five paragraphs A-E. Choose the correct heading for paragraphs B-E from the list of headings below. Write the correct number, I-VII, in boxes 14-17 on your answer sheet. List of Headings I Seeking the transmission of radio signals from planets II Appropriate responses to signals from other civilizations III V ast distances to Earth’s closest neighbours IV Assumptions underlying the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence V Reasons for the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence VI Knowledge of extra-terrestrial life forms VII Likelihood of life on other planets Example Answer Paragraph A V 14 Paragraph B 15 Paragraph C 16 Paragraph D 17 Paragraph E


雅思考试全题模拟试题(1) Listening TIME ALLOWED: 30 minutes NUMBER OF QUESTION: 40 Instruction You will hear a number of different recordings and you will have to answer questions on what you hear. There will be time for you to read the instructions and questions, and you will have a chance to check you work. All the recordings will be played ONCE only. The test is in four sections. Write your answers in the listening question booklet. At the end of the test you will be given ten minutes to transfer your answers to an answer sheet. Now turn to Section 1 on page 2. SECTION 1 Question1-9 Question 1-6 Listen to conversation between friend and the housing officer and complete the list below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS OR NUMBERS for each answer. HOUSING LIST HOUSING LIST Address Number of rooms Price per week Additional information Mr. J Devenport 82Salisbury Road Brighton BN 16 3 AN Tel 01273 884673 2 bedrooms sitting room kit. bath Example £120 Unfurnished Mrs E.S. Jarvis2Wicken Street Brighton BN 15 4JH Tel 01273 771621 (1) sitting room kit.bath (2) First floor Mrs. E.C. Sparshott 180Silwood Road Brighton BN 14 9RY Tel (3) 2 large rm/s shared kit and bath £35 Nice area (4) Mr A Nasiry 164 Preston Road Brighton BN5 7RT Tel 01273 703865 large bedroom sitting room with kitchenette.bath. (5) Ground floor Central (6) 2 harrow Road Brighton BN9 9HK Tel 01273 745621 2 large rooms kit bath £86 No pets Questions 7-9 Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer 7.When is the accommodation available? 8.Where is the telephone? 9.How is the flat heated? SECTION 2 Questions 10-20


2017年雅思考试阅读练习试题附答案 人的知识和人的力量这两件东西是结合为一体的;工作的失败都起于对因果关系的无知。以下是小编为大家搜索整理2017年雅思考试阅读练习试题附答案,希望能给大家带来帮助!更多精彩内容请及时关注我们应届毕业生考试网! Volatility Kills You should spend about 20 minutes on Question 1-13 which are based on Reading Passage below. A Despite gun battles in the capital of Chad, rioting in Kenya and galloping inflation in Zimbabwe, the economics of sub-Saharan Africa arc, as a whole, in better shape than they were a few years ago. The World Bank has reported recently that this part of the continent experienced a respectable growth rate of 5.6 percent in 2006 and a higher rate from 1995 to 2005 than in previous decades. The bank has given a cautious assessment that the region may have reached a turning point. An overriding question for developmental economists remains whether the upswing will continue so Africans can grow their way out of a poverty that relegates some 40 percent of the nearly 744 million in that region to living on less than a dollar a day. The optimism, when inspected more closely, may be short-lived because of the persistence of a devastating pattern of economic volatility that has lingered for decades. B “In reality, African countries grow as fast as Asian countries and other developing countries during the good times, but afterward they see growth collapses,” comments Jorge Arbache, a senior World Bank economist. “How to prevent collapses may be as important as promoting growth.” If these collapses had not occurred, he observes, the level of gross domestic product for each citizen of the 48 nations of sub-Saharan Africa would have been a third higher. C The prerequisite to prevent the next crash are not in place, according to a World Bank study issued in January. Is Africa's Recent Growth Robust? The growth period that began in 1995, driven by a commodities boom spurred in particular by demand from China, may not be sustainable, because the economic fundamentals—new investment and the ability to stave off inflation, among other factors—are absent. The region lacks the necessary infrastructure that would encourage investors to look to Africa to find the next Bengaluru (Bangalore) or Shenzhen, a November report from the bank concludes. For sub-Saharan countries rich in oil and other resources, a boom period may even undermine efforts to institute sound economic practices. From 1996 to 2005, with growth accelerating, measures of governance—factors such as political stability, rule of law, and control of corruption—actually worsened, especially for countries endowed with abundant mineral resources, the January report notes. D Perhaps the most incisive analysis of the volatility question comes from Paul Collier, a longtime specialist in African economics at the University of Oxford and author of the recent book The Bottom Billion. He advocates a range of options that the U.S. and other nations could adopt when formulating policy toward African countries. They include revamped trade measures, better-apportioned aid and sustained military intervention in certain instances, to avert what he sees as a rapidly accelerating divergence of the world’s poorest, primarily in Africa, from the rest


土木工程测量6_计算题库 及参考答案 -标准化文件发布号:(9456-EUATWK-MWUB-WUNN-INNUL-DDQTY-KII

计算题库及参考答案 1、设A 点高程为,欲测设设计高程为的B 点,水准仪安置在A 、B 两点之间,读得A 尺读数a=,B 尺读数b 为多少时,才能使尺底高程为B 点高程。 【解】水准仪的仪器高为=i H +=,则B 尺的后视读数应为 b==,此时,B 尺零点的高程为16m 。 2、在1∶2000地形图上,量得一段距离d =,其测量中误差=d m ±,求该段距离的实地长度D 及中误差D m 。 【解】==dM D ×2000=464m ,==d D Mm m 2000×=200cm=2m 。 3、已知图中AB 的坐标方位角,观测了图中四个水平角,试计算边长B →1,1→2,2→3,3→4的坐标方位角。 【解】=1B α197°15′27″+90°29′25″-180°=107°44′52″ =12α107°44′52″+106°16′32″-180°=34°01′24″ =23α34°01′24″+270°52′48″-180°=124°54′12″ =34α124°54′12″+299°35′46″-180°=244°29′58″ 4、在同一观测条件下,对某水平角观测了五测回,观测值分别为:39°40′30″,39°40′48″,39°40′54″,39°40′42″,39°40′36″,试计算: ① 该角的算术平均值——39°40′42″; ② 一测回水平角观测中误差——±″; ③ 五测回算术平均值的中误差——±″。 5、在一个直角三角形中,独立丈量了两条直角边a ,b ,其中误差均为m ,试推导由a ,b 边计算所得斜边c 的中误差c m 的公式 【解】斜边c 的计算公式为22b a c +=,全微分得 db c b da c a bdb b a ada b a d c +=+++=--2)(212)(2121 222 1 22 应用误差传播定律得2 22 222222222m m c b a m c b m c a m c =+=+= 6、已知=AB α89°12′01″,=B x ,=B y ,坐标推算路线为B →1→2,测得坐标推算路线的右角分别为=B β32°30′12″,=1β261°06′16″,水平距离分别为=1B D ,=12D ,试计算1,2点的平面坐标。 【解】 1) 推算坐标方位角 =1B α89°12′01″-32°30′12″+180°=236°41′49″ =12α236°41′49″-261°06′16″+180°=155°35′33″ 2) 计算坐标增量 =?1B x ×cos236°41′49″=, =?1B y ×sin236°41′49″=。 =?12x ×cos155°35′33″=, 图 推算支导线的坐标方位角


Next Year Marks the EU's 50th Anniversary of the Treaty A. After a period of introversion and stunned self-disbelief, continental European governments will recover their enthusiasm for pan-European institution-building in 2007. Whether the European public will welcome a return to what voters in two countries had rejected so short a time before is another matter. B. There are several reasons for Europe’s recovering self-confidence. For years European economies had been lagging dismally behind America (to say nothing of Asia), but in 2006 the large continental economies had one of their best years for a decade, briefly outstripping America in terms of growth. Since politics often reacts to economic change with a lag, 2006’s improvement in economic growth will have its impact in 2007, though the recovery may be ebbing by then. C. The coming year also marks a particular point in a political cycle so regular that it almost seems to amount to a natural law. Every four or five years,European countries take a large stride towards further integration by signing a new treaty: the Maastricht treaty in 1992, the Treaty of Amsterdam in 1997, the Treaty of Nice in 2001. And in 2005 they were supposed to ratify a European constitution,laying the ground for yet more integration—until the calm rhythm was rudely shattered by French and Dutch voters. But the political impetus to sign something every four or five years has only been interrupted, not immobilised, by this setback. D. In 2007 the European Union marks the 50th anniversary of another treaty —the Treaty of Rome, its founding charter. Government leaders have already agreed to celebrate it ceremoniously, restating their commitment to “ever closer union”and the basic ideals of European unity. By itself, and in normal circumstances,the EU’s 50th-birthday greeting to itself would be fairly meaningless, a routine expression of European good fellowship. But it does not take a Machiavelli to spot that once governments have signed the declaration (and it seems unlikely anyone would be so uncollegiate as to veto it) they will already be halfway towards committing themselves to a new treaty. All that will be necessary will be to incorporate the 50th-anniversary declaration into a new treaty containing a number of institutional