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Unit 1

1. 我知道,不管发生什么情况,我都可以依靠兄弟的支持。I know I could rely on my brother to stand by me whatever happened.

2. 一般说来,年轻一代与老一辈不同,他们对现在而不是对过去更感兴趣。但这两代人如果不互相尊重对方的需要,就都会遭受损失。As a rule, the younger generation tends to be more interested in the present rather than the past unlike the older generation, but both generations will stand to lose if they do not respect the other’s needs.

3. 中国的书面文字是国家完整统一的一个重要因素。The Chinese written language has been a major factor for integrating the whole nation.

4. 在中国的传统艺术和文学中,竹子和松树往往象征着道德上的正直和刚正不阿。In traditional Chinese art and literature, the bamboo and the pine tree always symbolize moral integrity and uprightness.

5. 女皇伊丽莎白一世统治英国45年。在她统治时期,国家十分繁荣昌盛。Queen Elizabeth the First ruled England for 45 years, and the nation prospered under her rule.

6. 民主意味着多数人来治理;但不仅如此,尊重少数人反对的权利也是民主不可分的一部分。这两条规则同等重要。Democracy means that the majority rules. But that’s not all. Respect for the minority’s right to disagree is also an integral part of democracy. The two rules are of equal importance.

7. 一个国家不可能强大,除非她不但在地理上,而且在政治、经济和文化上都是一个整体。

A nation cannot be strong unless it is well-integrated politically, economically, culturally as well as geographically.

8. 晚会十分乏味,所以他就偷偷溜出房间回家了。可是雨后的路非常泥泞,他脚下一滑,掉进了沟里。The party was boring, so he slipped out of the room and went home. But the road was so muddy after the rain that he slipped and fell into a ditch.

9. 她身体糟糕到了这种程度,以至于冬天都不敢见太阳,怕中暑。Her health was such that she wound not dare to be exposed to the sun even in winter lest she got sunstroke.

10. 有一天晚上,我正在一家小饭馆里借酒消愁,他突然走了过来,往我手里塞了一沓钞票。

I was drowning my sorrow one night in a small restaurant when he came over to me and slipped a roll of money in my pocket.

1. 他因收受贿赂而正在接受调查。He is being investigated for receiving bribes.

2. 政府开始向被洪水围困的地区空投食品。The government started airdropping food to areas being cut off by the flood.

3. 人们十分关注善款现在是如何使用的。People are much concerned about how the charity money is being used.

4. 出于安全的原因,这些实验室的具体地址保密。The exact locations of the laboratories are being kept secret for reasons of security.

5. 吉姆今天是怎么回事?我觉得他相当粗鲁,一反常态。What’s the matter with Jim today?

I think he’s being rather rude, not his usual self.

6. 当地的公安局因对白领犯罪手软而受到批评。The local public security bureau is being criticized for being soft on white-collar crime.

7. 汽车事故调查者受到指责说他偏向肇事者。The car accident investigator is accused of being one-sided, favoring the offender.

8. 项目协调人抱怨说他几乎一半时间都花在开会和写报告上。The project coordinator complains that almost half of his time is being spent on meetings and reports.

9. 他最近写的小说正被改编成电视剧。这部小说已上《纽约时报》畅销书榜42周。His latest novel being adapted for TV has been on the New York Times best-seller list for 42 weeks.

10. 发言人断然否定了当前流行的关于总统健康问题的种种谣言。The spokesman flatly denied all rumors being circulated at the moment about the president’s health.

Unit 2

1. 诸葛亮装作十分镇静,成功地瞒过了司马懿,使他不知道这座城实际上是没有守卫的空城。他证明了自己值得受到人们的崇拜和尊敬。Zhuge Liang pretended to be very calm and succeeded in hiding the fact from Sima Yi that the city was really unguarded. He proved himself worthy of the admiration he had received.

2. 他知道大战在即,而且他的军队和敌人众寡悬殊,所以他假装正在迅速往后方撤退。实际上他是在给敌人准备一个大陷阱。He knew that a bloody battle was imminent and his army was terribly outnumbered. So he pretended to be retreating quickly to the rear. Actually he was laying a trap for the enemy troops.

3. 社会达尔文主义者认为我们可以把人类社会比作动物世界。他们头脑里似乎没有想过人和动物会有不同。人所依靠的是他们的头脑,而不是动物本性。Social Darwinists asserted that we can compare human society to the animal world. It did not cross their minds that human being could be different from other animals. They relied on their brain rather than their instinct.

4. 这种大规模养殖的鸡和我们以前家养的鸡没法比。现在的养鸡场也许提高了产量,但鸡的美味给弄没了。These mass-produced chickens do not compare with the chickens we used to raise at home. Chicken farms may have increase the output, but they have robbed the chickens of their good taste.

5. 金融泡沫的最后破灭造成了席卷全球的严重危机。The financial bubbles finally burst, causing a serious crisis that swept over the whole world.

6. 由于我们的价格优势,我们今年向那个地区的出口与去年同期同比增长了30%。Thanks to our price edge, our exports to that region increased by 30% compared with the same period the previous year.

7. 记者们有一大堆问题要问,但政府发言人说,她所知道的只是大约30多个持枪的恐怖分子突然闯进剧院的时候人们正在看话剧。The reporters were all bursting with questions. But the government spokesperson said that all she knew was that people were watching a play when some thirty armed terrorists burst into the theater.

8. 当犯人们突然放声歌唱的时候,监狱长十分恐慌。When the prisoners burst out singing, the prison warden was frightened.

9. 这个地区遍布工厂,而且整个岛上到处都是度假村。但是已经有迹象表明很多当地百姓将起来反对这种趋势。The area is dotted with factories. It also has holiday inns dotted around the whole island. But there are already signs that many local people will rebel against this trend.

10. 他宣布,反叛者如果放下武器,就能得到宽恕。He declared that all the rebels would be pardoned if they laid down their arms.

1. 俗话说,无风不起浪。As the saying goes, there’s no smoke without fire.

2. 不可否认,这部电影在电影史上无片可及。There’s no denying that the film has no equal in cinema history.

3. 我提醒过他个中危险,可他不予理会。I warned him about the danger involved, but he paid no heed to my warning.

4. 关于幸福的含义,没有广泛为大家接受的定义。There’s no generally definition of happiness.

5. 这可不是些一般的学生,他们即将接受宇航员的训练。There are no ordinary students; they are going to be trained as astronauts.

6. 该公司财务问题根本就没有易行的或是毫无痛苦的解决办法。There are no easy or painless solutions to the company’s financial problems.

7. 第一次离开家生活,大学生不得不自己干日常的杂事,不过这不是什么坏事。Away from home for the first time, college students have to do day-to-day chores themselves. It’s no bad thing, though.

8. 双方对主要议题分歧太大,所以说不好谈判会拖多久。The two sides are so far apart on key issues that there’s no telling how long the talks could drag on.

9. 这就是我梦寐以求的假日——没有电话、没有电视、也没有忧虑。That’s the kind of holiday I dream of —no telephone, no TV and no worries.

10. 这个国家的一些顶级经济学家说,他们没看到改过经济复苏的迹象。Some of the nation’s top economists say that they see no signs of economic recovery in the country.

Unit 3

1. 我们改革开放政策的结果是经济的快速增长,但是我们不要忘记这个政策又是人民思想大解放的结果。Our reform and open policy resulted in rapid economic growth. But we must not forget that the policy in turn resulted from the great emancipation/liberation of people’s minds.

2. 一般说来,喜欢某一个人会使你倾向于同时也喜欢他的观点Generally speaking, the fact that you like a person will dispose you to like his ideas, too.

3. 我们难以预料是否有朝一日能找到处理核废料的百分之百安全的方法。可能的话,我们应该换成别的能源。It is doubtful if we can ever find a way to dispose of nuclear waste that is 100 percent secure. If possible, we should shift to other energy.

4. 我到处寻找一套适合摆在我那小起居室的家具,却发现这种家具正脱销。I searched around for a set of furniture that would fit in my small sitting room. But I found them out of stock at the moment.

5. 那个客栈老板在照看那个客人的时候,发现他的长相和警察要找的谋杀犯嫌疑相符合。When serving the customer, the innkeeper found that the man fit the descriptions of the wanted murder suspect.

6. 当有人问他怎样才能保持健康时,他就会提些老套的建议:坚持良好的饮食习惯,意思就是:无盐、无糖、无脂肪。When ask how to keep fit, he would always give his stock advice: Stick to a good eating habit—meaning: No salt, no sugar, no fat.

7. 那水游泳都不行,更不要说饮用了。正因为如此,那地区很多人都病倒了。As a result of the fact that the water was unfit for swimming, let alone drinking, many people in the region got sick.

8. 我以为他听到这事会发脾气,但他没有。相反,他突然忍不住大笑起来。He did not lose his temper when he heard this as I thought he would. On the contrary, he was suddenly seized by a fit of laughter.

9. 完工时这条地铁将延长至覆盖整个城市。When completed, this subway will be extended to cover the whole city.

10. 股市似乎对经济的繁荣没有反应,这一点让每个人都不解。怪不得人们都决定持股观望。That the stock market did not seem to respond to the economic boom puzzled everybody. No wonder people decided to hold their stocks.

Unit 4

1. 我看见一叶扁舟顺河漂流。我不想像这小舟一样没有目标,随波逐流地了此一生。I saw

a boat drifting along the river. I do not intend to be like this boat, drifting through life aimlessly.

2. 山谷里的桃花全都盛开了,让她留恋忘返。在前面不远处,她看见一家农舍,从窗户内传来了美妙的乡村音乐。The peach trees in the valley were in full blossom, making it difficult to tear herself away from them. Some distance apart from her, she saw a little hut with sweet country music drifting out of its window.

3. 结婚以后,我和朋友的来往慢慢变少了。而我夹在那些一起共事的商界人士当中十分不自在。他们说的生意经我厌烦透了。After my marriage, my friends and I drifted apart a little, and I was completely out of my element among those business people I had to work with. Their business discussions bored me stiff .

4. 他们之间已经具有发生内战的所有要素。国际社会已向双方呼吁,希望他们和平解决争端。They already had all the necessary elements for a civil war. The international community has appealed to both sides for a peaceful settlement of their disputes.

5. 很多人认为教会正在失去他的吸引力。虽然他积累了越来越多的财富。Many people think that the church is losing its appeal although it has accumulated more and more wealth.

6. 扩大业务的主意对我很有吸引力。现在我们很多贸易伙伴的经济都正在开始加速发展。我们的国内市场估计明年也将好转。The idea of business expansion appeals to me .Today the economy of many of our trade partners is beginning to pick up speed. Our domestic market is also project to recover next year.

7. 改革总是有风险的,但不改革风险更大。现在大多数人都希望进一步改革,尽管肯定也会有人反对。Reform always contains some element of risk, but we risk a lot more without reform. Today most people find further reform appealing although there is bound to be opposition.

8. 他读到这封信的时候气疯了。他将信撕碎,扔进了废纸篓。他从衣服上撕下一块布,用自己的鲜血写下了他的最后一封信。He was furious/infuriated when he read the letter. He tore it up and threw it into the wastepaper basket. Then he ripped a piece of his coat and using his own blood as ink, wrote his last letter.

9. 回想起来,我们大家都觉得当初把这个美丽的城墙拆掉是愚蠢的。In hindsight/Looking back, we all feel that it was foolish to tear down/demolish this beautiful city wall.

10. 你在家等着,我七点左右开车来接你。你别担心,医生已向我保证,她会很快好起来。You wait at home, I’ll come and pick you u p at around seven. Don’t worry, the doctor has assumed us that her wealth will pick up soon.

1. 我家乡的气候挺宜人的,除了一月和八月之外。The climate of my hometown is pleasant except in January and August.

2. 除了不舒服的气候,王宁每天都要慢跑约40分钟。Except when he is unwell, Wang Ning spends about 40 minutes a day jogging.

3. 有关他的特别使命,他对家里人只字为提,只是说要出差一段时间。About his special mission he told his family nothing except that he had to be away on business for some time.

4. 他的父母知道除了让他呈现真实的自我之外,他们不必多做些什么。His parents know that they don’t have to do much for their son except to let him be himself.

5. 除了合法属于他们的东西之外,他们没有要求要其他任何东西。They asked for nothing except what was rightfully theirs.

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