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1.But it was enough to affect me then,who was but a young sailor,and had never known anything of the matter.


2....he rose immediately,for he swam like a cork.



3.Beauty lies in the lover’s eyes.


4.In the country of the blind,the one-eyed man is King.


5.There is no smoke without some fire.




6.Can the leopard change his spots?


7.Time is money.



8.Give him an inch and he will take a mile.


9.The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.


10.Seeing is believing.


11.What’s done is done.


12.When Greek meets Greek then comes the tug of War.【译文】两雄相遇,其斗必烈。


13.My uncle Cassidy gives me money!Pigs mightily if they had wings!【译文】我的卡西迪叔叔会给我钱?那猪也会长翅飞上天啦!


14.Consequently Mr.Micawber was soon so overcome,that he mingled his tears with hers and mine.


15.The Gardiners stayed a week at Longbourn;and what with the Philipses,the Lucases,and the officers,there was not a day without its engagement.



16.I supposed I should be condemned in Hareton Earnshaw’s heart,if not by his mouth,to the lowest pit in the infernal regions…


17.Unless you’ve an ace up your sleeve,we are dished.


18.He has fished in Manhattan’s wallet and dug out coins.



19.As I remained in the Third Fourth three times as long as anyone else,I had three times as much of it.I learned it thoroughly.Thus I get into my bones the essential structure of the ordinary English sentence--which is a noble thing.


20.Business is a two-way street and to keep it open in both directions there must be a sense that both partners are doing their utmost to ensure a steady growth in each other’s markets.


21.Among so many well-dressed and cultured people,the country girl felt like a fish out of water.


22.Atomic clocks keep time to better than0.01second a year.




23.He wanted to run,but that would be the worst thing he could do.


24.Romeo is banished:and all the world to nothing that he dares never come back to challenge you.


25.To be,or not to be:that is the question.


26.The soldier who retreated fifty paces laughed at the one who had fallen back a hundred paces.


27.The pot calls the kettle black.


28.No feast lasts forever.


29.It’s an ill bird that fouls its own nest.



30.It’s a good machine that works without power.


31.Strike while the iron is hot.


32.You must not lose faith in humanity.Humanity is an ocean,if a few drops of the ocean are dirty,the ocean does not become dirty.


33.Speech is silver,silence is golden.



34.The worse wheel of a cart creaks most.


35.All the world is a stage.