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2、Indeed, we might feel as if we are suddenly awash in friends. Yet right before our eyes, we're also changing the way we conduct relationships. Face-to-face chatting is giving way to texting and messaging; people even prefer these electronic exchanges to, for instance, simply talking on a phone.Smaller circles of friends are being partially eclipsed by Facebook acquaintances routinely numbered in the hundreds. Amid these smaller trends, growing research suggests we could be entering a period of crisis for the entire concept of friendship. Where is all this leading modern-day society? Perhaps to a dark place, one where electronic stimuli slowly replace the joys of human contact.确实如此,我们似乎感到突然之间好友数量井喷。不过,我们眼前也正在改变为人处世的方式。面对面的聊天正在被短信取代;相比打个电话,人们甚至更愿意使用这些电子交流方式。脸谱网上的熟人圈儿动辄数百人,相比之下,现实生活中规模较小的朋友圈则显得黯淡少光。在这些较细微的趋势中,越来越多的研究表明友谊的整个概念正在遭受危机,而我们也许正在一步步地迈向这个危机时代。所有这一切要把现代社会引向何方?也许现代社会就此陷入黑暗深渊,在这个深渊里,人与人之间交往的乐趣慢慢地被电子诱惑所取代。

8、No single person is at fault, of course. The pressures on friendship today are broad. They arise from the demands of work, say, or a general busyness that means we have less quality time for others. How many individuals would say that friendship is the most important thing in their lives, only to move thousands of miles across the continent to take up a better-paid job?当然,这并不是某个人的错。如今,交友压力来自方方面面。比如来自工作压力,或是整天瞎忙,无法和他人享有高质量的沟通时间。有人嘴上说友谊是生命中最重要的东西,却为了一份收入颇丰的工作远赴千里之外。这样的人还少吗?

9、Of course, we learn how to make friends — or not — in our most formative years, as children. Recent studies on childhood, and how the contemporary life of the child affects friendships, are illuminating. Again, the general mood is one of concern, and a central conclusion often reached relates to a lack of what is called "unstructured time."当然,我们是在性格成型的最重要的孩提时期学会如何结交朋友或是如何断交。最近,关于儿童期和儿时生活对交友的影响的研究很有启发性。这些研究再一次关注了风气这个问题,其主要结论都与孩子缺少“计划外时间”有关。

10、Structured time results from the way an average day is parceled up for our kids — time for school, time for homework, time for music practice, even time for play. Yet too often today, no period is left unstructured. After all, who

these days lets his child just wander off down the street? But that is precisely the kind of fallow time so vital for deeper friendships. It's then that we simply "hang out," with no tasks, no deadlines and no pressures. It is in those moments that children and adults alike can get to know others for who they are in themselves.


12、Aristotle had an attractive expression to capture the thought: close friends, he observed, "share salt together." It's not just that they sit together, passing the salt across the meal table. It's that they sit with one another across the course of their lives, sharing its savor — its moments, bitter and sweet. "The desire for friendship comes quickly; friendship does not," Aristotle also remarked. It's a key insight for an age of instant social connectivity, though one in which we paradoxically have an apparently growing need to be more deeply connected.亚里士多德曾经这样表达此意,妙不可言。他说,亲密的朋友,是“一起吃盐的朋友”。他并不是说朋友们坐在一起,在饭桌上把盐传来传去。他的意思是朋友们共享人生经历,分享各种滋味,苦的,甜的。亚里士多德还说过“交友的想法常常匆匆而至,但是真正的友情往往姗姗来迟。”这对于当今这个时代来说是一种重要的真知灼见。因为,在这个时代里,虽然人们能迅速建立关系,不过我们反倒越发觉得需要更深一步结识他人。


6、With persistence and practice, such a process can lead to lasting results. I know one Wall Street executive who sought to improve his empathy –specifically his ability to read people’s reactions and their perspectives. Before beginning his quest, the executive’s subordinates were terrified of working with him. People even went so far as to hide bad news from him. Naturally, he was shocked when finally confronted with these facts. He went home and told his family –but they only confirmed what he had heard at work. When their opinions on any given subject did not mesh with his, they, too, were frightened of him.只要坚持并不断实践,这样的过程能够带来持久的结果。我认识一位华尔街的主管,他想方设法提高自己的同理心。具体一点就是读懂对方的反应,了解对方的看法。在开始努力寻求改变之前,这位主管的下属惧怕与其一起工作。人们甚至对他隐瞒坏消息。最终面对这些情况时,他自己自然大吃一惊。回家后,他告诉家人——但家人更肯定了他在单位听到的一切。无论什么话题,如果家人的观点未能与之吻合,他们也会害怕他。

7、Enlisting the help of a coach, the executive went to work to heighten his empathy through practice and feedback. His first step was to take a vacation to a foreign

country where he did not speak the language. While there, he monitored his reactions to the unfamiliar and his openness to people who were different from him. When he returned home, humbled by his week abroad, the executive asked his coach to shadow him for parts of the day, Several times a week, in order to critique how he treated people with new or different perspectives. At the same time, he consciously used on-the-job interactions as opportunities to practice “hearing” ideas that differed from his. Finally, the executive had himself videotaped in meetings and asked those who worked for and with him to critique his ability to acknowledge and understand the feelings of others. It took several months, but the executive’s emotional intelligence did ultimately rise, and the improvement was reflected in his overall performance on the job.这位主管向私人教师寻求帮助,他回到工作岗位,通过实践和别人的反馈来提高自己的同理心。首先,他到一个语言不通的国家去度假。在异国他乡,他审视自己面对不熟悉事物的反应以及对异族人群的开放性。返回家乡时,一周的国外生活已使他丢掉了所有的高傲,这位主管让私人教师一周跟踪自己几天,每天跟踪自己几个时段,以此评价自己对持新观点或不同观点人的态度。同时,他还有意识地利用工作现场与人交往的机会来实践“倾听”异己观点。最后,主管还让人拍摄他开会时的表现,让下属以及合作伙伴评价自己承认并理解他人感情的能力。这个过程持续数月,但最终,主管的情商确实提高了,并在他的整体工作表现上体现了出来。

8 It’s important to emphasize that building one’s emotional intelligen ce cannot –will not –happen without sincere desire and concerted effort. A brief seminar won’t help; nor can one buy a how-to manual. It is much harder to learn to empathize –to internalize empathy as a natural response to people –than it is to become adept at regression analysis. But it can be done. “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm,” wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson. If your goal is to become a real leader, these words can serve as a guidepost in your efforts to develop high emotional intelligence.需要强调的是,没有真诚的愿望和竭尽全力的付出,培养情商是不可能的,也不会有结果。一场简短的研讨会起不了作用,实用操作手册也无法买到。要使同理心内化为对别人的一种自然反应,才算是获得了同理心,这比擅于回归分析要难得多。但获得同理心也是能做到的。拉尔夫·沃尔多·爱默生写道:“没有热情,就不可能取得任何伟大的业绩。”如果你的目标是成为一位真正的领袖,这句话可以激励你不断努力,提高情商。


2、First, science is practiced by special people with a specific view of the world. Scientists try to be objective, unsentimental and unemotional. They do not let their feelings get in the way of their observations of real things, facts, as they call them. They often work in laboratories or in other areas where they can carefully control what they are working on. They do not just wander out onto the dock at sunset and look at the world with wonder, as a poet might. Ideally, they are also both honest and check them out and then utilize them in their findings

so others can check them out and then utilize them in their own work. They do not claim more than they can prove, and often even less. But they are very proud of their calling and prefer to talk to other scientists rather than anybody else, especially poets, who tend to make them feel uncomfortable, to put them down.(Of course poets also feel scientists return the favor.)首先,从事科学工作的是特殊的一类人,他们具有特定的世界观。科学家努力保持客观、理性,不感情用事,不会让感情妨碍他们观察他们所说的实物和事实。科学家常常在实验室或者他们能够严格控制研究对象的场所工作。他们不会像诗人那样,在日落时去码头闲逛,惊奇地观赏这个世界。典型的科学家既朴实,又谦恭。他们总是尽量客观地汇报他们的科学发现,以便别人能够证实并在工作中加以运用。他们不会对自己不能证明的事物妄加断言,甚至常常连自己能够证明的也不去多说。然而,他们对“科学家”这一称谓引以为傲,更喜欢彼此相互交流,而不太愿意和其他人交流,尤其是和诗人,因为诗人总让他们感觉不自在,且常贬低他们。(当然了,科学家在诗人眼里也不过如此。)

3、Second, science deals almost exclusively with things, not ideas or feelings, and with the external world and its workings, not inner states and their workings, despite the effort of some psychologists to be or seem scientific. The human body is considered to be or seem scientific. The human body is considered to be a part of the external world; the soul is not. Therefore, scientists work to understand the body but not the soul. Most scientists doubt the soul exists. The solar system and the universe are also part of the external world, although we have little enough direct evidence of their mode of existence. Scientists tend to assume the basic conditions of nature on Earth are the same everywhere in the cosmos.其次,科学的研究对象基本上仅限于事物,而非思想或者情感,仅限于外部世界及其运作,而非内在状态及其运作,尽管一些心理学家也试图让自己的工作具备或者显得有科学性。人体被认为是外部世界的一部分,而人的灵魂则不然。因此,科学家探索的是人的肌体,而不是灵魂。大部分科学家怀疑灵魂的存在。太阳系和宇宙也是外部世界的一部分,虽然我们没有充足的直接证据来证明它们的存在模式。科学家往往认为,地球上自然界的基本状况无论在宇宙的何处都是一样的。

4、Mankind is only questionably part of the external world in this sense. Scientists are generally reluctant to deal with the behavior of large groups of men and women. Thus economists, for example, struggle to be considered scientists, but usually in vain. The external world of scientists contains some things, like quanta, quarks and quasars, that are as mysterious as angels and normally as invisible. But this does not trouble them, as they believe they can deal effectively with the elementary particles that they cannot see and according to the uncertainty principle never can see, but not with angels, which will probably never appear to scientists because scientists do not believe in them. 从这个意义上讲,把人类归为外部世界的一部分是有争议的。科学家一般不愿意研究大量人群的行为。因此,举例来说,尽管经济学家努力想被当作科学家,却通常徒劳无果。科学家所关注的外部世界包括具体事物,比如量子、夸克、类星体,它们像天使一样神秘,通常是肉眼看不见的。但是这并没有使他们苦恼,因为他们相信自己能够有效地研究基本粒子,虽然他们看不见这些粒子,而且


6、Third, science deals with whatever it deals with in a special way, employing special methods and a language for reporting results that is unique to it. The best-known method, but not necessarily the most often employed, consists of experiment, Which involves getting an idea –from where, most scientists do not question –framing it in a testable hypothesis, and then testing the hypothesis in a controlled environment to find out whether or not is id valid. The environment must be carefully controlled so that extraneous elements do not intrude to invalidate the experiments, and so that others can repeat the experiment in the hope of arriving at the same result, which is the best evidence of its reliability.第三点,科学使用一种特殊的方式研究一切可研究的对象,那就是采用特殊的研究方法和其独特的语言来描述结果。最为人熟知而又未必最常用的方法是实验,包括产生一个想法(大部分科学家不关心这一想法从何而来),把想法拟定为一个可测试的假设,然后在一个可控环境中测试这个假设,检验它是否成立。实验环境必须严格控制,一是为防止外界因素侵扰而使实验无效,二是为其他人能够重复该实验以期获得相同结果,这是实验可靠度的最佳证据。

10、Science was the major discovery, or invention, of the 17th century. Men of that time learned – and it was a very great, revolutionary discovery – how to measure, explain and manipulate natural phenomena in the way that today we call scientific. Since the 17th century, science has progressed a great deal and has discovered many truths, and conferred many benefits, that the 17th century did not know. But it has not found a new way to discover natural truths. For this reason, the 17th century is possibly the most important century in human history. It instituted irrevocable change in the way human beings live on Earth. We can never go back to living the way we live in the Renaissance, for instance. We can only wonder whether the change was in all ways for the better.科学是17世纪的主要发现或者发明。那个时代的人们发现了如何用我们今天称之为科学的方法去测量、解释和利用自然现象(这是一个非常伟大的、突破性的发现)。17世纪以来,科学取得了巨大的进步,发现了很多真理,带来了大量惠泽,这些在17世纪都不为人所知。但是自17世纪之后,科学并没有找到新的方法来发现自然真相,因此,17世纪或许是人类历史上最重要的世纪,它为人类在地球上的生活方式带来了不可逆的变化,比如,我们永远不可能回归文艺复兴时期的生活方式。我们只能自问这种变化是否会让一切变得更加美好。


As a national landmark

6 作为国家的标志性建筑,大屠杀国家纪念馆遵循美国的理想化模式,即多元化理念,对大屠杀进行解读。因此,如纪念馆理事会所言,大屠杀“在枪响之前就已经开始,对犹太人、持不同政见者、黑人、吉普赛人和残疾人进行迫害。随后愈演愈烈,纳粹开始把一部分人群从人类大家庭中分离出去,剥夺他们工作、学习、旅游、信仰宗教、提出理论或传授价值观的自由。这个纪念馆将证实失去生命本身正是失去人权的最后一步。”


The us holocaust


Memory of historcal

8 对历史事件的记忆以及对记忆的叙述一直是犹太人的信仰、传统和身份的核心部分。把自己定义为以背诵的方式缅怀历史的民族后,犹太人继续依赖回忆而维系自己的民族身份。


By extension,holocaust

9 大屠杀纪念馆的作用也在延伸,它正逐渐成为历史教育、社会活动和集资的中心。因此,美国很多犹太人和非犹太人通过大屠杀这一镜头来学习整个犹太历史,而不是通过研究犹太历史来了解大屠杀。在没有其他类型的犹太文化博物馆的情况下,大屠杀纪念馆和博物馆往往通过围绕这一时代来构建犹太文化和身份。因此,大屠杀不仅会继续是美国犹太人意识的中心,也会承载所有美国非犹太人对1000年前欧洲犹太文明的了解。UNIT 5

China is the

1当今世界,中国是最重要的正在崛起的大国。20年来,中国已从国际体系的边缘走到了中心。无论何时何地,中国都广受全球关注。环顾四周,中国总是出现在新闻报道里——大量消耗资源,大量吸引外资,扩大海外足迹,与亚洲邻国相处时坚持自己的主张,在国际治理外交中是广受欢迎的追随对象,开拓海军新水域,扩大在全球媒体中的关注度和文化存在感,经营作为全球发展引擎的强大经济体。在世界各大洲,在大部分国际机构和许多国际事物中,人们都能感受到中国对全球的影响与日俱增。多种评估显示,中国目前显然是继美国之后的世界第二大国,其经济总量将在2025年前后超过美国。For the past

2 过去的30年,观察家们已经看到世界对中国的影响;而现在局面扭转,人们有必要了解中国对世界的影响。中国正在更快、更广地出现在世界舞台上,理解中国走向世界的各种表现因此变得重要。

China global expansion

3 中国的全球发展不是偶然的。直接起因是在1978年12月召开的着名的十一届三中全


Over a longer

4在较长一段时期内,中国现代化使命的一个突出特点是国家追求综合国力的提升。中国人民通过学习其他强国的经验,非常明智地学到了重要的一课:真正的国际大国拥有多方面的实力。中国的战略家们已经意识到那些只在一个或几个方面拥有实力的国家的弱点,并从而得出结论:重要的是在各个方面,即经济、科学、技术、教育、文化、价值观、军事、治理、外交和其他领域建设和发展综合实力。中国坚信国力应该是综合的、一体化的,而不是原子式的。当今的国力和19世纪或20世纪的国力不一样。那时工业力量和军事力量占主导地位,而现在的国力必须也体现出强大的文化和规范实力(即软实力)。所以,为了重新取得全球大国的地位,中国在当代有意识地作出了多方面的努力。UNIT 7

The decline of


No absolutely not


The causes of



The same unbridled


The sumatran rhino


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