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第一单元When I think of people in this world who have really made a difference, I think of my parents. 当我认为人们在这个世界上真的很不错,我认为我的父母。They were truly saints among ordinary people. 他们是真正的圣徒在普通大众。I was one of the ten children my parents adopted. 我是一个十个孩子我父母收养了。They rescued each of us from a life of poverty and loneliness. 他们救出了我们每个人都从一个贫穷和孤独的生活。They were hardly able to restrain themselves from bringing home more children to care for. 他们几乎无法抑制自己更多的孩子带回家照顾。If they had had the resources they certainly would have. 如果他们有资源,他们当然会。Most people do not realize how much they appreciated someone until they pass away. 大多数人并不知道自己有多感激有人直到他们去世。My sisters and brothers and I did not want this to happen before we uttered the words "Thank you" to our parents. 我的兄弟姐妹们,我不希望这样的事情发生在我们说过这句话“谢谢你”,我们的父母。Although we have all grown up and scattered about the country, we got back together to thank our parents. 尽管我们都长大了,散放在国家,我们一起回来,谢谢我们的父母。My brother Tom undertook the task of organizing the event. 我哥哥汤姆承担这个任务的组织的事件。Every Friday night, Mom and Dad have had the ham dinner special at the same restaurant for the last twenty years. 每个星期五的晚上,妈妈和爸爸有火腿晚餐特别在同一家餐厅里过去二十年。That is where we waited without their knowing. 这就是我们等不知情。When we first caught a glimpse of them coming across the street, we all hid underneath a big table. 当我们第一次瞥见他们正在过马路,我们所有的一张大桌子底下藏了起来。When they entered, we leapt out and shouted, "Thank you, Mom and Dad. 当他们进入,我们跳了出来,大声喊道,“谢谢你,妈妈和爸爸。" My brother Tom presented them with a card and we all hugged. “我哥哥汤姆向他们提出一个卡片和我们所有的拥抱。My Dad pretended that he had known we were under the table all along. 我的爸爸假装他知道我们一直在桌子底下。

第二单元Women who exercise regularly need to be careful with what they eat. 女性经常锻炼需要小心吃什么。Researchers have found evidence that even moderate exercise can result in losing iron. 研究人员发现,有证据表明即使适度的运动也会导致失去铁。They said that women who exercise regularly, especially in endurance activities, typically lose iron. 他们表示,女性经常锻炼,尤其是在耐力活动,通常失去铁。In order to prevent this from becoming a problem, it is important that those women consume more meat or take supplements to replace the iron lost. 为了防止这种成为一个问题,它是重要的,那些女人吃的肉更多或服用补充剂来取代铁失去了。Those who do not bother to get plentiful amounts of iron may begin to feel weak and tired. 那些不费心去获得大量的铁可能开始觉得虚弱和疲惫。"If you can get the recommended daily allowance of iron in your diet, you will probably perform better," said one diet specialist. “如果你能得到的每日推荐摄取量的铁在你的饮食,你可能会表现得更好,”其中一个说饮食专家。"One shortcoming of taking iron pills is that the pill form is not well absorbed and can sometimes make you sick. “一个缺点是,服用铁丸避孕药形式是不能很好地吸收和有时会让你生病。It is preferable that you try to remedy the deficiency by getting more iron-rich meats in your diet." 最好是,你试图弥补不足,让更多富铁肉类在你的饮食习惯。”There are ways to help your body store away the iron it takes in. 有一些方法可以帮助你的身体储存铁它接受。By getting plenty of Vitamin C, your body is able to process, or use, the iron better. 充足的维生素C,你的身体能够处理,或使用,铁更好。

Researchers acknowledge that everyone's body is different and the problem will be less serious for some. 研究人员承认,每个人的身体都是不同的,这个问题不会那么严重一些。Because it is impossible to decide whether or not this could be a problem for you, health specialists say it is advisable to check your iron levels. 因为它是不可能决定是否这可能是一个问题,健康专家说这是明智的检查你的铁水平。Even when you can't feel it, you may still have a problem. 即使你不能感觉到它,你可能仍然有一个问题。

第四单元For many, beauty and fashion are permanently linked. 对许多人来说,美丽和时尚是永久链接。With regard to fashion, the Barbie doll has been consistently in style. 关于时尚,芭比娃娃一直在风格。From the first Barbie dolls, Mattel took care to dress them in detailed, fashionable clothes. 从第一个芭比娃娃,美泰公司小心地给他们穿上详细,时髦的衣服。Some observers note that the fashions of the Barbie doll trace fashion trends perfectly since 1959. 一些观察家注意,时尚的芭比娃娃跟踪时尚趋势完全自1959年以来。While critics complain that the models do not represent "average" female bodies, they also complain about the Barbie doll's size. 虽然批评人士抱怨说,这个模型并不代表“平均”女性的身体,他们还抱怨芭比娃娃的大小。Some have criticized the dimensions of the Barbie doll as an unattainable ideal of the female shape. 一些人批评芭比娃娃的尺寸作为一个不可能实现的理想女性的形状。Charlotte Johnson, the Barbie doll's first dress designer, explained that the doll was not intended to reflect a female figure realistically, but rather to portray a(n) exaggerated shape underneath fashionable clothes. 夏洛特·约翰逊,芭比娃娃的第一个服装设计师,解释说,这个娃娃并非为了反映一个女性人物现实,而是描述了一个(n)夸大形状下面时髦的衣服。However, the unrealistic dimensions of the doll have brought the strongest criticism regarding the doll's encouragement of an obsession with weight and looks. 然而,不切实际的维度的娃娃带来了最强烈的批评对于娃娃的鼓励的痴迷重量和外表。Convinced of the negative effects of the Barbie doll on children, Cathy Meredig of High Self Esteem Toys developed a more realistically proportioned doll in 1991. 确信的是芭比娃娃的负面影响孩子,凯蒂Meredig高自尊玩具开发了一种更实际相称的娃娃在1991年。Her doll did not sell well, however. 她的洋娃娃并不畅销,然而。Throughout the years, the Barbie doll has had several competitors, but none have been able to compete with the glamour offered by the Barbie doll. 这些年来,芭比娃娃已经有好几个竞争对手,但没人能与之竞争的魅力所提供的芭比娃娃。

第五单元As a surgeon, I have seen a lot of deaths. 作为一个外科医生,我看到许多人死亡。

I am rarely astonished by anything. 我很少惊讶,任何东西。The other day, however, one humorous and slightly odd story I heard touched me. 另一天,然而,一个幽默和稍显奇怪的故事我听说摸我。 A doctor told me that a very old woman he was treating was lying motionless on her pillow face down. 医生告诉我,一个很老的女人是为了治疗是一动不动地躺在她的枕头脸朝下。He thought she was dead, but when he approached, he noticed she was breathing. 他以为她死了,但当他走近时,他注意到她的呼吸。Her hospital gown exposed her back bare, so he put a cover over her. 她的病号服暴露她的背裸露的,所以他把盖住她的。Just then she sat up slowly, startling the doctor. 这时她坐起来很慢,令人吃惊的医生。She seemed quite alive. 她似乎很活着。"I thought you were nearly gone,"

the doctor said. “我认为你很近了,”医生说。"Your breathing was so shallow and you seemed lifeless." “你的呼吸是如此肤浅和你似乎毫无生气的。”"Never mind that, doctor, I've been waiting for you," the old woman said quite confidently, as if she were his mother. “别介意,医生,我一直在等你,”老太太说很自信,因为如果她是他的母亲。She had been a good mother to four, but she had survived them all. 她是一个好母亲到四,但她都幸存下来了。She gracefully handed the doctor a jar of strawberry jam. 她优雅地递给医生一罐草莓酱。"Take the lid off and try some," she said. “把盖子揭开,尝试一些,”她说。He sampled a little and told her it was delicious. 他尝一点,并告诉她这是美味的。"Good," she said, handing him a piece of paper with writing. “好,”她说,递给他一张纸与写作。"This is how to make it. “这是如何使它。" He understood what a(n) privilege she had given him and took it with thanks and then left. “他明白什么是(n)特权她给了他并把它与谢谢,然后离开了。The old woman lay back down and died soon after his departure. 老女人躺回去,在他离开后不久即去世。

第六单元Do you know February 2nd is Groundhog's Day (土拨鼠日)? 你知道2月2日是土拨鼠节(土拨鼠日)? Legend has it that on this morning, if a groundhog can see its shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter. 传说在今天早上,如果土拨鼠能看到它的影子,会有六个周的冬天。If it cannot see its shadow, spring is on the way. 如果它不能看到它的影子,春天是在路上。Some believe that the means of forecast is rather arbitrary and is often incorrect. 有些人认为这意味着相当武断的预测是,通常是不正确的。Others argue that it is significant because it recognizes that the different parts of nature are connected in some way. 其他人则认为,这是重要的,因为它承认自然的不同部分以某种方式连接。Each part is dependent on the rest of the parts for a healthy system. 每一个部分都是依赖于其余的部分对于健康的系统。Some farmers pay close attention to the behavior of ducks and geese when predicting the weather. 一些农民密切关注鸭子和鹅的行为预测天气。It is sensible to guess an early winter is coming when you see ducks and geese moving south in October. 这是合理的猜测早期冬天来了,当你看到鸭子和鹅在10月份向南移动。Many dog owners can tell when winter or spring will come by stroking their pet. 许多狗主人可以告诉当冬天或春天会来摸摸他们的宠物。In preparation for winter, a dog's hair becomes thicker. 为了准备过冬,狗的毛变得更厚。Dogs lose hair as spring sets in. 狗失去头发春天集。Information gathered from nature can help people to take precautions against a hard winter or bad storm. 从自然收集的信息可以帮助人们采取措施预防一个艰难的冬天或糟糕的风暴。Some animals are even believed to be able to detect when an earthquake will occur. 有些动物甚至被认为能够探测地震何时发生。People holding this belief even go further to say that information gathered by computers is often worthless and nature is far more accurate: Isn't it time we started paying attention to what is around us? 人们持有这种信仰甚至更进一步说,电脑所收集的信息通常是毫无价值的,自然是更准确:难道我们开始注意我们周围是什么?

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