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(Units 1-5)

1.If you love plants,the chances are you buy them on ____and then wonder where to put them.

A. purpose

B. Impulse C . display D . Cue

2.if you have to go through a smoke-filled area, you’d better ____with your head low .

A. crawl

B. retreat C . proceed D . Drag

3.Mother_____my brother to keep his voice down but he ignored her .

A. remarked

B. motioned C . shrugged D . Impressed

4.If doing one thing gives you an unpleasant feeling , the normal reaction would be to stop doing it .

5.Among these articles, which do you think are most likely to interest our students?

6.Long after even the latest apple tree had finally broken into leaf, the mulberry’s branches remained stubbornly bare .

7.These schools come under the supervision of locally appointed committees.

8. We should see ourselves as part of nature rather than in conflict with it .

9.These rows of small trees growing close together create living walls for shelter and privacy in the garden.

10.Don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s anything I can do for .

11.During the nine months before her baby is born ,her face is one perpetual (永恒的) smile .

12.Traditional Chinese food is far superior (较高的;优越的) to McDonald’s and KFC or any fast foods I know .

13.Under this law ,consumers have the right to reject faulty goods and demand a refund (退款)

14.I was shocked by the conditions in the factory , which constituted definite health and safety hazards.

15.His bedroom consists of a single bed with a small television at its foot .

16. Linda is 35 years old and ,after two close relationships, the prospect of staying single depresses her .

17. Lucy ,who did not even go to grade school , had no prospect of a job at the time .

18. The workers in the factory stopped working in protest against their foreman using bad language .

19.This technique is traditionally thought to be of Chinese origin .

20. The rise in unemployment frustrated the government’s plans for economic recovery.

21. Henry seemed bewildered by this completely unexpected turn of events.

22.Andrew was determined to pursuer a computer career after graduation.

23.The solution to this problem is anticipation(未雨绸缪),that is preventing it from developing by thinking ahead and taking action early.

24. Henry’s actually capable of telling lies, pretending to be sick when he’ healthy.

25. As a teacher,he thinks his business is to stir up curiosity in his students rather than insist on obedience.

26.As a matter of fact ,all those countries with whom we are failing to compete invest more in education than we do .

27. That’s just a(n) estimate --nobody really knows what the figure is because nobody bothers to calculate it .

28.The body cannot store vitamin C so it is essential to have a fresh supply every day .

29.More and more people taking to their bikes as a(n) alternative to driving or using public transport.

30.My uncle lived in a comfortable home converted from farm buildings some 15 miles to the northwest of the city .

(Units 6-10)

1.In view of global warming,coastal buildings should anticipate sea-level rise.

2.I feel confident you will extend a helping hand to those who are suffering from cold and hunger.

3.My attitude to ageing is that it’s inevitable so there’s very little we can do about it .

4.We had better move forward ,for it will not do us any good to dwell on (详述;停留在;居住在...上)the past .

5.The book is written so that a reader will benefit in a future encounter with a work of art .

6.They took emergency steps to protect themselves from the dreaded disease.

7.The spending cuts made it impossible to fill the posts left vacant by retired teachers .

8.Can you list a few problems likely to confront the human race in the next few decades?

9.More than $10 million in research costs has been lost on a(n) abandoned nuclear safety program .

10. They will give presentations on those aspects of engineering that are having an impact on the development of military equipment .

11.They got on to the airfield that night and started to place their bombs ,but as the aircraft were widely dispersed ,this took time in the dark .

12.Disposable (可支配的) income is steady and consumption has barely fallen,though people have become more cautious about buying luxuries (奢侈品).

13.The new project designed to create more jobs for the laid-off has been launched quietly and without fuss.

14.His views have been clearly expressed in numerous speeches and newspaper articles .

15. There is no real evidence to suggest high-protein diets improve our performance at school .

16.The majority of reported incidents on the football field concerned bad language and unsportsmanlike conduct .

17.Susan is never known to be tempted to follow fashions ,however attractive they may seem.

18.The ability to sing and dance has become increasingly important in the entertainment industry nowadays ,and there are few actors who don’t possess some musical and dance skills .

19.Our firm can help you devise a scheme to meet your needs in the most cost-effective way .

20.During the talks both sides agreed to explore possible ares of co-operation.

21.Mary sat on the edge of her chair and looked about with uneasy glances like a trapped animal.

22.Edward had done extremely well in the entrance examinations ,which convinced his father that he was worthy of financial support .

23.The nets are intricate structures beautifully woven by the male birds to attract females.

24.A(n) verbal agreement is not as binding as a written contract .

25.In February ,after a(n)exhausting series of tests ,the doctor told us my father was nearing the end of his life .

26.In addition to tax cuts ,the government is also expected to make it easier for foreign investors to take profits out of the country .

27.Ann was flattered when she was chosen to speak at the graduation ceremony ,but at the same time she was pretty scared.

28.Irene was evidently a heavy smoker ,for the first two fingers of her right hand were stained with nicotine .

29.At what point in his or her career should a singer decide to quit the stage and concert platform?

30.Reluctant to miss the lecture on Sunday ,I had to cut short the visit and cam back on Saturday .


Unit 1

At a dinner party the guests and their hosts were involved in a heated discussion , or rather an argument concerning the question of whether women had as much self-control as men .As they argued, signs appeared to one of the guests that a cobra was present in the room . While his first impulse was to jump back ,he knew that this would be a mistake;so he urged the other diners in a commanding tone to hold still without telling them why .Shorty , The cobra emerged on the veranda ; and the man ran quickly to the door to slam it shut . It was soon discovered that the cobra had crawled across the foot of the hostess,who kept calm , not uttering a sound.Thus the conclusion of this crisis laid bare the fact that women have as much self-control as men.


As more states require high school students to pass competence exams before graduating , evidence suggests that cheating among students is also on the rise. Many educators are concerned about dishonest behavior among examinees, and have launched a number of campaigns to control cheating . In spite of their efforts , however , cheating seems to be increasingly contagious among students in both high schools and universities . Numerous arguments have been made about the cause of this widespread problem . Some experts believe it is linked to changes in American society as a whole since , unlike earlier times, modern American is largely a nation of strangers . Additionally, moral values are not taught or reinforced as they were in “the good old days.”


1.While I was waiting to enter university, I saw advertised in a local newspaper a teaching post at a school in a suburb of London about ten miles from where I lived. Being very short money and wanting to do something useful, I applied, fearing as I did so, that without a degree and with no experience in teaching my chances of getting the job were slim.

However, three days later a letter arrived, asking me to go to Croydon for an interview. It proved an awkward journey: a train to Croydon station; a ten-minute bus ride and then a walk of at least a quarter of a mile . As a result I arrived on a hot June morning too depressed to feel nervous.

. 在我等着进大学期间 我在一份地方报纸上看到一则广告 说是在离我住处大约十英里的伦敦某郊区 有所学校要招聘一名教师。我因为手头很拮据,同时也想做点有用的事,于是便提出了申请,但在提出申请的同时我也担心自己一无学位二无教学经验得到这份工作的可能性是微乎其微的。

然而 三天之后 却来了一封信 叫我到克罗伊登去面试。这一路去那儿原来还真麻烦 先乘火车到克罗伊顿车站 再乘十分钟的公共汽车然后还要至少步行四分之一英里。结果。我在六月一个炎热的上午到了那儿 因为心情非常沮丧 竟不感到紧张了。

Praise is like sunlight to the human spirit; we cannot flower and grow without it. AndYe t w h i l e m o s t o f u s a r e o n l y t o o r e a d y t o a p p l y t o o t h e r s t h e c o l d w i n d o f c r i t i c i s m,w e are somehow reluctant to give our fellows the warm sunshine of praise.

W h y-w h e n o n e w o r d c a n b r i n g s u c h p l e a s u r e? A f r i e n d o f m i n e w h o t r a v e l s

w i d e l y a l w a y s t r i e s t o l e a r n a l i t t l e o f t h e l a n g u a g e o f a n y p l a c e

s h e v i s i t s.S h e's n o t m u c h o f a l i n g u i s t,b u t s h e d o e s k n o w h o w t o s a y

o n e wo r d-"b e a u t i f u l"-i n s e v e r a l l a n g u a g e s.S h e c a n u s e i t t o a m o t h e r

h o l d i n g h e r b a b y,o r t o l o n e l y s a l e s m a n f i s h i n g o u t p i c t u r e s o f h i s family. The Abilityhas earned her friends all over the world.

2. 对于人的精神来说 赞扬就像阳光一样 没有它我们便不能开花生长。然而我们大多数人动不动就对别人刮起批评的寒风不知为什么却不愿意把表扬的温暖阳光给予我们的同伴。

只要一句话就能带来这样的欢乐 我们为什么却不愿意这样做呢 我有一个到处旅行的朋友总是努力学一点她要去访问的国家的语言。她并不是什么了不起的语言学家 但她的确知道怎样用几种语言说一个词——“美极了”。她可以对一个怀抱婴儿的母亲或者对一个从身上掏出全家照的寂寞的推销员用上这个词。这种能力为她在全世界赢得了朋友。

Unit 1

1.Track down __________

2.Be seated(sit down) __________

3.Spring up __________

4.At the sight of __________

5.Feel like __________

https://www.sodocs.net/doc/6d863062.html,e to __________

7.Make for __________

8.Ring out __________

9.Light up ___________

10.on impulse 易冲动

https://www.sodocs.net/doc/6d863062.html,es to with start 突然醒悟


13.just a minute ___________

14. 举行盛大晚宴___________________________


16. 他不以为然_______________________

17.rose to one’s feet 起身


1.Be short of ______________ 7.fill ...with ... 使...充满...

2.Smell of _____________ 8.divide...into 把...分成...

3.Judging by ______________ 9.attach ...important to do sth. 关注某人做某事

4.In common ______________

5.Consist of (be made of ) _____________

6.In turn _________________

Unit 5

1.do (sb.) harm _____________

2.Serve as _____________

3.From year to year _____________

4.In all likelihood ______________

https://www.sodocs.net/doc/6d863062.html,e about (take place ) ___________

6.Go up _____________

7.Make up ___________

8.First of all ________________ 9.To make matters worse _____________

10.At first ______________

11.By itself _________________

12.Cut down _______________

13.Most of all _________________

14.Object to _________________

https://www.sodocs.net/doc/6d863062.html,e across ____________

https://www.sodocs.net/doc/6d863062.html, up to ___________

https://www.sodocs.net/doc/6d863062.html,e up with ________

https://www.sodocs.net/doc/6d863062.html,e though __________ Unit 8

1.out of style _______________

2.(be) faced with ________________

3.Be hard on _____________________

4.On the rise _________________

5.A case in point _____________

6.All but ________________

7.(be) different from_______________ 8.Think of ...as _____________________

9.In the case of ________________

https://www.sodocs.net/doc/6d863062.html,e to __________________

11.Lie in ( exist in ) _________________

12.On the other hand ________________

13.At one’s best _____________________

14.Go down __________________

15.be pleased with _____________

16.能力测试____________ 17.Prevent doing sth. __________ Unit 10

1.Make out ____________

2.Only too_________________

3.Not much of a _______________

4.Fish out _________________

5.Shrug off_________________

6.Pat on the back _______________

7.Pass on _________________

8.Live on ____________________



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