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U4:Retirement brings people’s career to an end. They find, all of a sudden, that they can no more/longer carry on the job they have done for dozens of years. Some old people cannot adapt themselves to such a change and thus become depressed, believing that they are no longer useful. Indeed, depression has become one of the leading threats to old people’s health. Nonetheless, many old people in China are able to maintain their sense of usefulness by rendering their grown-up children services, such as taking care of their grandchildren and providing allowances to them. The question remains as to whether senior citizens should try other means to fill up their leisure, rendering their later years still more meaningful. I suggest the old concern themselves less with their children and make room for young people to take responsibility for their own lives. After all, the old deserve respect from the young and the young should tolerate their aged parents more, on the grounds that the old have contributed so much for so many years both to their family and to society.

U5:Scientific development has brought about global changes in educational thought. It not only generates such a new form of education as “virtual universities” but turns “lifelong learning”into a workable project. In addition, people today seem to be in favor of practical knowledge. But whatever changes there might have been, education must stick to its classic role: to enlighten learners. Confronted with the new problems of this century, we still expect that education should put more emphasis on cultivating learners’ competence to think critically and to work collaboratively/with team spirit. Furthermore, we hope that education will take the responsibility of promoting traditional virtues by guiding learners to dispense with negative desires like greed, lust and violence.

U6:Once transplanted abroad, people will feel anxious and even lose the capacity to deal with daily routines. This problem is attributed to the disappearance of the surroundings we have been used to. Then, what should we do so as to change the life styles and patterns built up in us over so many years? First, we should be more tolerant towards people with cultural backgrounds different from ours. To get over frustrations caused by culture shock, we should try to adapt ourselves to the new environment and get along with our workmates harmoniously. Furthermore, we should never identify a person with the nationality he represents or proceed to hate the person’s culture only because we don’t like him. In fact, to preserve our national culture is not to resist foreign ones.

1.狮舞(Lion Dance)是中国最广为流传的民间舞蹈之一。狮为百兽之首,在中国传统中,狮子被视为是能带来好运的吉祥物(mascot)。古人将狮子视作是勇敢和力量的化身,能驱赶邪恶、保护人类。据记载,狮舞已拥有了2,000多年的历史。在唐代(the Tang Dynasty),狮舞就已经被引入了皇室。因此,舞狮成为元宵节(the Lantern Festival)和其他节日的习俗,人们以此来祈祷好运、平安和幸福。

The Lion Dance is one of the most widespread folk dances in China.The lion is the king of animals. In Chinese tradition, the lion is regarded as a mascot, which can bring good luc k.Ancient people regarded the lion as a symbol of braveness and strength, which could d rive away evil and protect humans. The dance has a recorded history of more than 2,00 0 years. During the Tang Dynasty, the Lion Dance was already introduced into the royal family of the dynasty. Therefore, performing the lion d ance at the Lantern Festival and o ther festive occasions became a custom where people could pray for good luck, safety a nd happiness.


China will develop its economy further and open itself wider to the outside world,which o ffers more business opportunities to overseas enterprises. Since China’s reform and op ening up, Chinese enterprises have been cooperating with overseas enterprises in terms of economy and technology, and have scored great achievement. Overseas enterprises h ave not only helped Chinese enterprises with their growth, but also benefited from the c ooperation. Chinese government will continue to offer favorable policies and conditions t o promote the further cooperation between Chinese and overseas enterprises.


The phenomenon of holiday economy shows that Chinese people’s consumption conce pt is undertaking great changes.According to statistics, the demands of Chinese consume rs are shifting from the basic necessities of life to leisure, comfort and personal develop ment.Therefore, the structure of products should be adjusted accordingly to adapt to soc ial development. On the other hand, services should be improved to satisfy people’s de mand for an improved quality of life.

4.端午节,又叫龙舟节,是为了纪念爱国诗人屈原。屈原是一位忠诚和受人敬仰的大臣(minister),他给国家带来了和平和繁荣。但最后因为受到诽谤(vilify)而最终投河自尽。人们撑船到他自尽的地方,抛下粽子,希望鱼儿吃粽子,不要吃屈原的身躯。几千年来,端午节的特色在于吃粽子(glutinous dumplings)和赛龙舟,尤其是在一些河湖密布的南方省份。

The Duan W u Festival, also called the Dragon Boat Festival, is to commemorate the patri otic poet Qu Yuan. Qu Yuan was a loyal and highly esteemed minister, who brought pea ce and prosperity to the state but ended up drowning himself in a river as a result of bei ng vilified.People got to the spot by boat and cast glutinous dumplings into the water,ho

ping that the fishes ate the dumplings instead of Qu Yuan’s body. For thousands of yea rs, the festival has been marked by glutinous dumplings and dragon boat races, especiall y in the southern provinces where there are many rivers and lakes.

5.2013年6月20日在中国各地,剧估计60万儿童和他们的老师观看了有宇航员(astronaut)王亚平在距离地球300公里的上空所讲授的科学课。王亚平与两个同事乘坐天宫一号实验舱(the Tiangon-1 laboratory module) 执行为期两周的任务。她在课上进行了一系列太空的物理演示。在有些演示中还对比了在地球上重力(one-gravity)环境下同样的实验。这堂物理课不仅让孩子们享受了一堂知识与乐趣兼具的物理课,也显示了我国通信科技的前进。On June 20, 2013, an estimated 600 thousand school children and their teachers across China watched a science lesson taught from 300km above the Earth by astronaut Wang Yaping. Wang is aboard the Tiangong-1 laboratory module with two crewmates, for a tw o-week mission. Her lessons were a series of physics demonstrations in the space. In so me demonstrations,she compared with the same experiment under the one-gravity envir onment on Earth. The lesson has not only offered children a physics lesson with knowled ge and interest, but also shows the advance in communication technology of China.


Shanghai is a dynamic, diverse and stimulating city - the very epitome of modern China. Though Shanghai cannot rival Beijing in cultural heritage, its varied architectural styles a nd cosmopolitan feel give it a charm of its own. Today's Shanghai has become a world-f amous international metropolis. A walk through this booming city reveals many glimpses of its colorful past. Hidden a mongst the skyscrapers are remains of the original Shang hai.They keep on showing how Shanghai has been developing fast and enormously since its opening as a commercial port in the late 19th century, especially after the founding o

f new China.


In modern times, Asia experienced twists and turns in its development. To change their destiny, the p eople of Asia have been forging ahead in an indomitable spirit and with ha rd struggle. Asia's development achievements today are the result of the persistent effor ts of the industrious and talented Asian people. The people of Asia re fully aware that th ere is no ready model or unchanging path of development that is universally applicable. They never shy away from reform and innovation.Instead, they are committed to explori ng and finding development paths that are in line with the trend of the times and their o wn situations, and have opened up bright prospects for economic and social developmen t.

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