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Lesson one


1. I don ' tokwn how to break the news to him

2. There was a fire in a hospital last night. No one was killed.

3. The cinema is not so far from here as you have imagined.

4. After he explained it to me in details. I began to recognize that I was wrong.

5. This house has belonged to the family of Gates from more than a hundred years.

6. This football star has broken away from the previous club and is planning to join another one.

7. Anyone without a ticket will be stopped.

8. The president hopes that in the many long years to come, the relationship between the two countries will be improved.

9. We should look into the future, and not always live in the past.

10. The news that he died of heart disease made us startled.

11. I was reading the text when the teacher asked me to stop to translate two sentences.


1. He felt the ladder shaking.

2. I saw John going into the classroom

3. I saw him taking away the book.

4. Did you hear my mother going downstairs?

5. The children let me tell the story again


1. What are you doing? You should go to bed now.

2. He changed his name, thinking that by doing so no one would discover what he had done before.

3. There should be no problem with this watch, for I have checked several times.

4. shall I post the letter for you.

5. when I was your age, wherever there was a football match, I would sit before the TV set watching for a couple of hours.

6. Don' t worry, I will come to see you every day.

7. If I were you, I wouldn ' t havethbisocuogah t, it ' s too expensive.

8. Would you let me use your computer for a while.

9. where shall we meet tomorrow?

10. what shall I say? I am so happy.

Lesson two


1. The little dog seems t o understand the master ' s will.

2. He gazed at the photo for a long time, recalling the past years.

3. Thought the general manager knew he would meet a lot of difficulties, he started his work with a will

4. Suddenly an idea struck me- why not beep him now?

5. This newspaper devoted two pages to describing the funeral of the princess.

6. The chinese government urged the United Nations to solve this problem peacefully.

7. Since she was not content with her present English level. She enrolled her name in

evening clases.

8. We should put away our disagreemets and work hard for our common goal.

9. Boys in the middle school are forbidden to wear long hair in this country.

10. The doctor was convinced that It was unnecessary for her to lose weight.


1. we tried every means to keep him talking.

2. the joke made me laughing.

3. I semlt something burning.

4. I heard my parenmts quarreling in the bde-room

5. the old man is watching the children playing football.


1. If you had told me earlier, I might have helped you solve the problem.

2. it ' s already eight o ck, and 'he cmloust have left home.

3. that old man couldn ' t have seen someone walking into thicetivm ' s room, for he was a blind.

4. could I use your telephone? No problem, you can use it anytime you like

5. they must be dancing in the youth club now.

6. You needn ' t have watered those roses. It ' s raining soon.

7. The room is so clean, and someone must have come and cleaned it yesterday


8. I told him to turn left but he turned right. He might have misunderstood you.

Lesson three


1. This policy doesn ' t mean to harm uponinttheerests of the common people.

2. Everyone knows what rose stands for.

3. Leave him a message in case he forgets to return the files to the secretary.

4. The reporter wanted to trip the president up by some clever questions.

5. I have come upon this word several times.

6. the fire sent people rushing out of the building one after another.

7. it ' s already four olock, but n'o c body has turned up.

8. I hate to see young people hang around the street.

9. The president wanted to know who was in charge of this department.

10. He stood up and made his way to the gate.

11. Learning her son had an accident, Peter ' s mo the rhrou s phietadl taot flying speed.


1. You must have your hair cut.

I have to have my camera repaired.

3. I have heard the song sung in English.

4. After he returned home, he found the house cleaned.

5. I want the work done quickly.



1. Baby needs to be taken good care of.

2. it ' s atyptio give up the opportunity.

3. it ' s dangerous forhcildren to play in the street.

4. He promised not to come again.

5. I don ' t mean to hurt you.

Lesson four


1. He always cleans up the office before hi leaves.

2. three weeks had passed by before I received his first letter

3. he walked back and forth in the room, thinking about the problem.

4. I wouldn ' t have time to exapiln to you at length, but for the sake of your safety, please leave this city as soon as possible.

5. he is hard of hearing now, and no longer goes to the theater.

6. how can you yell at an old man like that.

7. you should be ashamed of what you did just now.

8. he told his children to stay away from dangerous electrical things.

9. He made up his mind to prove that Mary ' s videwnoptohinotldcowual ter.

10. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn ' t persuade him

11. we should not look down upon a person for what his parents have done.

12. that sum of money only brought desaster for this family.


1. I showed her the report of the accident in the newspaper.

2. he didn ' t tell me his address.

3. could you lend me your bike for a day or two

4. David sends Tela 'nstspCarheristmas card every years

5. My father gave me a dictionary on my birthday.


1. they allow people to put bike there, bu t don ' t allow us to park cars.

2. the bus conductor asked me to show him my ticket, and I couldn he ' t find it, so asked me to buy another one.

3. they sent many policemen there to prevent the football fans from making troubles

4. I am glad to hear you will be able to come a t weekend, don 'get tfotor bring the

book with you

5. we stopped to buy some gasoline for one time and asked the way for another.

6. I tried to go upstairs quietly, but they were woken up.

7. he kept us waiting for a whole day, he too far'. s gone

8. He witnessed a few boys robbing the bank.

please tell him I will be glad to discuss the question with him at anytime. we can hear her singing every morning. Lesson five



it ' s understandable that girls want to be in good shape. 2.

he decided to settle down in his hometown after returning from abroad. 3.

I remembered locking the door last night, it I f 'ounsdstirtaonpgeentthhaist morning. 4.

if you go on eating like this, losing weight is out of the question. 5.

they showed deep concern for the contry ' s future at that time. 6.

she didn ' t have the heart to break the bad news to her daughter. 7.

from then on, he gave me great help in manyu aspects. 8.

I get bigger by the day, so he suggested that I go jogging for half an hour every morning. 9.

the government is committed to devoting major efforts to developing educational undertaking.

10. I think we ‘ d better have the house reirpead before the rainy season. 二、用本课动词句型。


I told the news to everyone in the room. 2.

Mother bought a new shirt for me. 3.

My parents sold the house to a stranger. 4.

Could you lend your dictionary to me for a moment. 5. The teacher gave a pencil to each child.



it is impossible to rebuild that tower. 2.

it is the only way to deal with people like him 3.

I always have a lot of housework to do at weekends. 4.

Please be quiet, I have something important to say. 5.

you are the first to tell me the news. 6.

it is more comfortable to stay at home watching TV than go to to the cinema to see a film.


Many people who failed to enter a university are studying on their own. 8. It is unusual to be so cool here in June.

Lesson six.



They had thought themselves as the best parents in the wor ld. 2.

could you say it in another way? The children did not quite understand you. 3.

You need about two hours to go there by bike 4.

Please see to it that the child ren go to bed before 9 o ' clock 5.

Do you know how much our company paid as a result of your incompetence? 6.

the two countries maintained a close contact with each other in times of crisis. 7.

what would you do with these books?

9. 10.

8. Our explanation will only make him more angry.

9. He had gone through many difficulties before he achieved success.

10. After grying several times, the young man finally succeeded in flying across the Altantic.


1. she promised us that she would surely come.

2. I have reminded him that we will meet at 8:00 in the evening.

3. He told me that he had passed all the end-term examinations.

4. My father often tells me that knowledge is power.

5. Her parents cou ldn ' t convince hetrhat her decision was wrong.


1. Both he and his wife are from Britain.

2. He lowered his head so that she couldn ' t see his eyes.

3. Don' t make noise while others are reading .

4. I neither know him nor do I want to .

5. There was a traffic jam on the way, otherwise I would have arrived an hour before.

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