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1.只有这样我们对他的这种古怪行为才能给予合理解释。Only in this way can we give a reasonable account of his strange behavior.


She claims to possess a magic power-the power to cure disease simply by the touch of her hand.


He appointed to handle the case.They formed a strong team.within days they found in his possession rolls of https://www.sodocs.net/doc/7214091142.html, dollars and large quantities of valuables the source of which the suspect could not account for.

4.在这个故事里,这个妖怪常常以美女的样子出现。In the story,this evil spirit often appears in the form of a pretty young lady.


He rolled up the painting and said that he wouldn’t part with it for less than a million dollars.


Of all the qualified judges,I don’t know on what account she was appointed to the Supreme Court.


I don’t know enough to form an elaborate theory,but I’m sure that poverty alone cannot account for the increase of the crime rate.


A big stone suddenly rolled down the hill,so big that it smashed the truck to pieces.


I said we must roll up our sleeves and start working,but he just rolled his eyes philosophically and smiled.


In ancient times,our philosophers believed that a good king should be to the people as good to his children.He must never treat them cruelly on any account.


He is so devoted to his research that it never occurs to him

that he will soon have to retire.


Many people have observed that,without effective checks,we all have a tendency to abuse our power.

13.有些国家拒绝卷入这一争端,而且他们对外国的干涉非常反感。Some countries refuse to get involved in this dispute and they resent any foreign interference.

14.控制沙尘暴需要大量的工作和资金。The control of sand storms will involve a tremendous amount of work and money.


You have to take the local conditions into consideration when you apply these technologies.


All applicants will have to fill out these forms and mail in an applicant fee of 50 dollars.


Based on his observation of children’s behavior,he come to the conclusion that learning is a natural pleasure .



In a country of many nationalities,ethnic harmony requires very careful handing.


The government is determined to punish all the corrupt officials involved.


Cheating at exams does not occur very often.But when it does,the school takes a very tough position.


I suspected that the book might not be in print.I checked with the bookstore people,and told that I was right.The book had been out of print for years.


I now have trouble remembering people’s names.I imagine it must result from old age.


We often live under many imaginary threats and feel disheartened as a result.

24. 我怀疑我们的教师有时候低估了学生的智力。其实


I suspect we teachers sometimes underestimate students’mental capacities.Young people actually have very imaginative minds.

25.在学习中,重要的不是把一切都记住,而是运用你的想象力,创造性的、批判性的去进行思考。In learning,the important thing is not to co commit everything to memory,but to use your imagination and think creatively and critically.

26他们连续谈判了好几个小时,但是任然没有解决他们之间的分歧。They talked for hours at a stretch,but they still failed to settle their differences.


For all the warm weather,fresh air and delicious food,her health still did not recover.


They all stretched their necks to see what was happening ,as if pulled by an invisible string.


We got out of the car to stretch a little.In front of us was a

beautiful stretch of open land.



You can’t just let it go at that,I tried to plead with him.

It’s none of your business,he snapped.


He was standing in front of his house on a hill,only about a hundred meters away from the wharf when the tsunami came.


He snapped his briefcase,stood up and said,Then it’s all settled.


One glance at the car,he knew that it was beyond repair.He looked ahead and found the desert stretching as far as the eye could see without a soul in sight.He knew he was in a terrible fix.


To compete successfully we have to adjust to new

conditions.These colorful garments,for example,are especially designed.They are intended for youth market.


There must be a set of checks and balances so that no important policy concerning national interests be made by one person without the consent and knowledge of the people.


In some ways we still ignorant of the potential harm of these dams and reservoirs .They might cause irrevocable changes in the environment.


Rachel Carson is famous for devoting all his life to the cause of environmental protection.


Wu Song swung his stick at the tiger with all his strength.But the stick snapped and the tiger was unharmed.In his panic,he had hit the tree nearby.



I am terribly fond of the pictures you snapped in

Russia,especially the one showing the Russian coachman sitting by the Black Sea with his supper in a cloth on his knees.


The first suspect was the victim’s son.The police suspected him of murdering his father because the neighbors had heard them fighting on the night of the killing.


When Cao Cao called him a real hero,Liu Bei was so shocked that he dropped his chopsticks.But he cleverly covered up his suspicious behavior.


One memorable story in the novel concerns how Liu Bei tried not to rouse Cao Cao’s suspicious about his ambitions,because if he did his life would be at stake.



He must have been the funniest burglar imaginable.He broke into a house,ate and drunk to his heart’s content,and remained dead drunk until discovered the next morning,with a perfectly content look on his face.


Building a house is no joking matter.You have to check carefully at every step.


I really wanted to refute his agreement,but I checked myself because I thought it was not the right occasion.


His troops successfully checked the advance of the enemy whose original intention was to make a surprise attack.



Scientists more or less agree that global warming is a fact, b ut its cause is still hotly debated among them. Many believe that if we piece together all the available evidence, we can co nclude that it is caused by human activities, but others think we need to dig into the problem further, and that natural forces are a t least of equal importance.


一位。 He devoted all his life to the cause of water conservancy . He was one of the few scientists who first saw what kind of trouble it would cause us in future if we were to build a dam here.


护。 Those who sympathize with international terrorism view th e problem from a different premise. They believe that their goal can justify the means. But I am strongly opposed to this view. I believe that no excuse can justify cold-blooded murder of innoc ent women, children and old people.


处。 It is a good thing to have NGOs at work. In a pluralistic so ciety, people’

s views are bound to differ. Opposition should not only be all owed, but also be respected and encouraged. It is also to our adv antage to do this.

51.政府的过度投资意味着许多国有银行的贷款可能得不到偿还。这些呆帐最后就会导致金融危机 Government’s over-investment means that many state bank loans will not be r epaid and these bad debts will finally lead to a financial crisis.


Special bank loans are now available to university students. Tho se who can’t pay for their education can benefit from these loans. .


He ended his speech by saying that as soon as they concluded th eir investigation they would report to the Security Council. He fi

rmly believed that any attempt to maintain the rulers of a countr y in power using mass killing was destined to fail.


议。 She will fly to India by way of Hongkong to conclude a ne w agreement on the protection of intellectual property rights wit

h the Indian government.

55. 根据这些理由,我们只能得出他们在蓄意制造事端的结论,所以我们决定立即召回大使以示抗议。

Based on these reasons, we could only come to the conclusio n that they were out to make trouble. Therefore, we decided to r ecall our ambassador immediately by way of protest.


A mass protest swept the country and he was caught in a crossfire from both the right and the left.


He said that he would rather die than be confined to bed all his life and isolated from the outside world.


We teachers cannot be excused for our lack of concern

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