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1.中美自 1972 年建交以来,两国的经贸关系克服了重重困难,逾越了重重障碍,在两国企业家和金融家的努力下,取得了长足的进步。

Since the establishment of Sino-US diplomatic relations in 1972, economic and trade relations between the two countries have overcome numerous difficulties and obstacles and have made great headway as a result of the invested efforts on the part of the entrepreneurs and financiers of both countries.

2.美国最大的 500 家公司中已有 50 多家在中国投资。

Over 50 of 500 largest American companies have invested in China.


Most of American investment projects in China are large in scale and advanced in technology, and have provided excellent economic returns.


Sino-US investment cooperation has a solid foundation and broad prospects, which will benefit both countries immensely.


America has sufficient capital and a strong technological force.


The fact that China now enjoys political and social stability, continuous economic development, and has definite long- and medium-term economic development plans appeals to foreign investors.


China’s investment attraction also lies in its abundant natural resourc es, massive territory, huge population which provides a cheap labor force, and potential markets, as well as its comprehensive industrial base and technological force which are compatible with foreign investment interests.


In recent years, China government has formulated a series of laws and regulations which offer foreign investors greater convenience.


These efforts, which have facilitated the construction of infrastructures, help improve the investment environment.


China government always supports mutual beneficial cooperation between the companies in both countries, and encourages more investments from America, especially in the construction of infrastructures and basic industries.


The significance of our recent talks lies in their effort to seek better ways to

introduce from US major companies long-term capital to China’s economic construction.


We have reached common ground on how best to approach the issue.

13.例如,中国的四大特种银行之一、名列世界百家银行第 39 位的中国人民建设银行,将为投资者提供以下一些服务项目:

For example, People’s Construction Bank of China, one of the four major special banks in China and one that ranks 39th among the top 1,000 banks worldwide, will provide investors with the following services:


Introduce China’s investment environment, including the scope of business operation and present conditions of the sectors in need of investment and related markets, methods of attracting foreign capital and preferential policies offered. 15.介绍进入中国证券市场、房地产市场,以及各种咨询服务于代理服务行业的有关途径。Provide access to China’s securities and real estate markets, as well as a variety of consulting and agency services.

16.提供有关投资项目的信息服务,例如财产估价信息、情况调查信息以及专题报告等。Provide information services for investment projects such as property assessment, investigation and special reports.



1.After some 100 years of involvement in China, the Siemens of Germany set up a new outfit to expand its operations in China while providing capital and services related to marketing and sales, personnel administration, purchasing, accounting and finance.


2.The new company, Siemens (China), has US$150 million of registered capital and its primary task is to supply funds for Siemens’ joint ventures in China.

新成立的西门子中国公司,拥有 1.5 亿美元的注册资金,它的主要是为在西门子华的合资企业提供资金。

3.At present Siemens is involved in more than 30 mainland joint ventures and is expected to raise its investment in the country to US$ 1 billion by the end of the century.

目前西门子拥有超过 30 家的大陆合资企业,并期望在本世纪末,使在中国的投资达到 10 亿美金。

4.Siemens plans to introduce to China its whole product range, work system and service patterns.


5.The company is currently concentrating on providing help that China needs to develop telecommunication systems, power construction and railroad transportation.


6.It will also expand its business in such sectors as information technology, electronic automation, lighting and components.


7.Currently Siemens has 5,000 Chinese employees, with an annual turnover of US$ 1 billion.

目前,西门子有 5000 名中国员工,每年销售额达到 10 亿美金。

8.Its volume of business is expected to reach US$10 billion by the year 2000 and the number of local employees will increase to about 30,000.

到 2000 年,它的营业额可望达到 100 亿美元,中国雇员将增至 3 万名。




1.China has tens of thousands of joint ventures and representative offices of foreign firms.


2.Occasionally disputes have arisen between labor and management in some of these enterprises on matter of pay and benefits, wording conditions, hours of work and other management issues.


3.Many of these disputes are attribute to the differences in the cultural background between the work force and management.


4.McDonald’s Restaurant has established reputation for its management style, hourly rates of pay, its smiling assistants and social and public welfare activities. 麦当劳餐厅以其特有的管理风格,计时制报酬,微笑服务员和社会公共福利方面建立了良好的声誉。

5.Its Beijing bran ch in the city’s downtown Wangfujing Street opened for business in April 1992.

1992 年 4 月它的位于北京市中心的王府井大街北京分店正式开张。

6.Many people gave up their jobs and tried to find a position there, believing that working in any joint venture would bring more pay.

许多人们辞去了工作来到这里找工作,他们相信在任何一家外资企业工作都会有高薪。7.It didn’t take long, however, for them to discover that the reality was not as bright as they had expected.


8.Pay for ordinary workers was only two yuan an hour for a standard six-hour day. 普通工的标准工作量为一天 6 个小时,每小时的收入仅为 2 元。

9.This meant that an ordinary worker earned only 300 yuan a month.

这意味着普通工人一个月只能挣到 300 元。

10.Workers at McDonald’s Restaurant insisted that their income didn’t tally with the work they did.


11.Fur thermore, during Beijing’s cold winter, the restaurant strictly insisted on observance of its worldwide regulation that worker should wear short-sleeved T- shirts on duty.

而且,就算在北京寒冷的冬天,餐厅严格地坚持其全球统一的着装规定,员工在上班的时候应该穿短袖 T 恤。

12.Other regulations with which workers were unhappy included the hours they were required to work and the food provided for them at meal times.


13.The restaurant’s employees approached the company’s representatives in an attempt to solve some of these problems, but nothing came of it.


14.While some workers adopted the tactic of being slack and talking back to their supervisors, some others tried to resolve these difficulties through negotiations with the administration of the company.


15.They listed relevant points of laws in China and suggested the establishment of a trade union to safeguard workers’ legal rights and interests.

他们列出了中国的相关的法律条款,并提出要建立一个能够保护参观雇员合法利益的工会。16.The company finally made some concessions in both working conditions and pay. 公司最终在工作条件和薪水方面做出让步。

17.McDonald’s workers expressed satisfaction with the changes, and business picked up following the settlement.


18.Recently several new McDonald’s branches have opened in Beijing .


19.Embarrassing things have happened simply because many foreign administrators are very ignorant of how China’s laws are applies.

尴尬的事情发生仅仅因为许多外国管理人员对中国法律的贯彻施行,毫无所悉。20.They go only after profits without any regard for the sensitive concerns of their Chinese employees.


21.According to a spokesman for the Beijing trade union, trade unions will be organized in all joint ventures in Beijing.


22.But perhaps the better solution for conflicts between labor and management would be mutual understanding, friendly cooperation and full consultation between them. 也许解决劳资纠纷的更好的办法是,劳资之间应该互相谅解,友好合作,充分协商。




Shanghai has become a heated destination of investment for transnational corporations.

2.根据上海统计局提供的情况,已有 190 家主要跨国公司在上海这个直辖市进行了投资,总额急剧上升至 19.8 亿美元。

According to Shanghai Statistical Bureau, 190 major transnational corporations have invested in Shanghai, a city which is directly under the central government, with total investment soaring to US$1.98 billion.

3.这些名列世界前 500 家的跨国公司以强大的技术力量和充足的财源为企业提供服务和资金。

These transnational corporations, which rank among the world’s top 500, provide service and financial assistance for the enterprises with their strong technological force and abundant funding.

4.究其数量而言,跨国公司在上海的外资企业中只占 1.8%,但它们的投资额却占了外资总额的 9.9%.

While transnational corporations account for only 1.8% of the total number of foreign-funded enterprises in Shanghai, their investment accounts for 9.9% of the total foreign investment.

5.跨国公司在单个项目上的投资达 2,000 万美元之多,投资方向主要微电子、电信设备、机械制造以及化工等部门。

Their investments in individual projects amount to US$20 million, with the major portion of investment going to the electronics, telecommunications equipment, machine-building and chemical sectors.


The influx of transnational also accelerated the formation of Shanghai’s pillar industries, such as the automobile manufacturing industry.

7.上海大众汽车公司和上海易初摩托车有限公司从德国和日本引进了先进技术。Advanced technology from Germany and Japan has been introduced to the Shanghai Volkswagen Automobile Co. and the Shanghai Ekchor Motorcycle Co. Ltd.

8.与此同时,作为一项加速发展上海电信设备产业的配套工程,几家中外合资企业已在上海宣告成立,其中包括上海贝尔电话设备制造有限公司和上海西门子移动电信设备公司。At the same time, as part of an effort to accelerate development of its telecommunications equipment sector Shanghai has established several Sino- foreign joint ventures, including the Shanghai Bell Telephone Equipment Manufacturing Co, Ltd., and the Shanghai Siemens Mobile Telecommunications Equipment Co.

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