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Guangdong has come a long way in its infrastructural development./ It’s number one in China in highways, motorways, passenger and cargo transport./ In 2001, we invested 27 billion yuan in our transport systems, /developed many roads, routs, stations, ports, and docks. /We have 51 class-one ports, /and 99 class-two ports./

广东基础设施有了长足的发展,/公路、高速公路、民航旅客运送量、吞吐量均居全国首位。/2001 年交通运输建设投资271.24 亿元,/建成了一大批公路、航道、站场、港口、码头等设施。/我们5一级港口有51个,/二级港口99个。/

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In terms of foreign trade,/ our total exports in 2001 stood at 176.495 billion US dollars./ We have seen steady growth in our traditional export market,/ and initial results in our newly developed markets. /Our exports to the US, EU and Japan have been increasing steadily. /Our exports to Africa, ASEAN, India and Russia have been growing even faster./

对外贸易2001年全省进出口总额1764.95 亿美元,/传统出口市场稳步发展,/ 开拓新兴市场初见成效,/对美国、欧盟、日本市场出口稳步增长;/对非洲、东盟、印度、俄罗斯出口的增长更快。/

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guangdong takes environmental protection very seriously. /In 2001, we invested in the project of “three concurrents”. /The rate of implementation has been 97.8%./ 99.8% of the development projects have done their environmental impact assessment as required./ 5 counties of the province have been included in a pilot project to establish National Ecological Demonstration Areas./ The quantitative assessment of the integrated improvement of urban environments/ has now been extended to cover 52 municipalities.\

广东省十分注重环境保护。/2001年广东省建成投产项目“三同时”,/执行合格率97.8%,/ 99.8%的建设项目进行了环境影响评价,/全省五县被列为国家级生态示范区建设试点县,/城市环境综合整治定量考核范围/扩大到52个建制市。

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guangdong has decided on its blueprint for reform and development in the new century. /The core components are the strategy of an externally driven economy,/ science and education led, /and sustainable development. /The strategy will be embodied mainly in the priority given to science and technology,/ and to education./ We need to attract large number of technical and other types of talents to Guangdong, /to integrate technology and production, /to make hi-tech and new-tech industry the priority area of growth in our economic development./



Your Excellencies, /distinguished guests,/ my lords,/ ladies and gentlemen,/ it is with great pleasure that I welcome you tonight to this magnificent castle. /We warmly welcome you and your distinguished delegation to Wales. /Wales is a small country compared with China. /However, the Welsh people have made a significant congtribution to the development of the United Kingdom /and to the part the UK has played throughout the world.


Welsh companies make an important contribution to the United Kingdom economy. /Some are represented here this evening. /Many already trade with China. /Many more would like to do so. /This is one aspect of the growing relationship between our two countries. /China is a focal point for trade and investment from Wales. /Wales’s exports to China are valued at over £250 million. /It’s good, /but not good enough./ I would encourage Welsh companies to do better.


I would also thank you, Mr Chairman,/ to help increase the awareness of Wales among Chinese companies, /particularly among Chinese companies that are considering their first move into Europe. /For many years,/Wales has been one of the most popular destinations for foreign investment in Europe./ Investors in Wales have brought over £12 billion into the country /and continue to reinvest once established.


Investors are not limited to US and Europe. /Many companies from the Far East have chosen to establish their European operations here./ Our Welsh Development Agency has set up an office in China. /It demonstrates our commitment to your country./ Meanwhile, Welsh companies are increasingly focused on outward investment /and establishing joint ventures with partners in China. /China’s accession to the World Trade Organization/ will present new opportunities for both our economies.


Developing special relationships with China /is something to which we attach great importance, /not only through trade/ but in other areas such as science, education and justice./ Recently, the Welsh Science Mission visited China. /The visit raised Wales’s profile with the Chinese scientific community./ It also established an exchange scheme/in which Welsh scientists will benefit.



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