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l.If you move into any place other than your own private home,make sure you know what the rules are about pets if you have one.出入除自己家以外的任何场所时,如果你带有宠物,一定要了解有关宠物的规定。

2.Some women could have made a good salary in job instead of staying at home,but they decided not to work for the sake of the family一些女性完全可以不待在家里,而是去工作,挣一份不错的工资。但是为了家庭,她们放弃


3.How can you justify such rudeness?You will pay heavily for that because they have sued you for damaging their good name.你怎么为这样粗鲁的行为辩护?你将会为此付出沉重的代价,因为他们己经以低毁名誉的罪


4.Criticism can be of great use;we may not like it at the time ,but it can spur us on to great things批评有其重要作用;我们可能当时不喜欢它,但是它能激励我们去做更伟大的事情。

5.His uncompromising behavior ,to which the public objected ,left him bankrupt emotionally and financially他毫不让步的行为遭到公众的反对,这使得他陷人了精神上崩溃、经济上破产的境地。

6.Even if you fail,don't let failure harm you ,don't let failure take over.remember failure is a necessary step in learning ;it is not the end of your learning ,but the beginning即使你失败了,也不要被失败伤害,更不要被失败左右。记住:失败是学习过程中必要的一步;它不是学习、的结束,而是学习的开始。


1.If there had been no Charlie Chaplin ,the history of world cinema would have been different如果没有查理?卓别林,世界电影史就会不一样了。

2.It was a relief that his hard work eventually gave him the result that he had long desired:He successfully discovered the cause of the disease.令人感到宽慰的是,他的努力最终给予了他长期渴望的结果—他成功地发现了这种疾病的原因。

3.Charlie Chaplin was one of the greatest and most widely loved movie stars.From the tramp to modern times he made many of the funniest and most popular films of his time .He was best known for his character ,the youthful and lovable Little tramp 查理?卓别林是最伟大、最广受热爱的电影明星之一。从《流浪汉》到《摩登时代》,他拍摄了许多他那个时代最有趣、最受欢迎的电影。他最出名的是他扮演的一个人物—年轻可爱的小流浪汉。

4.Chapin was an immensely talented man:within only two years of his first appearance in motion picture in 1914,he became one of the best-known personalities in the nation 卓别林是一个才能非凡的人:自他1914年第一次在电影中出现,两年时间内他就成了这个国家最有名的人物之一。

5.Charlie Chaplin had an impact on everyone's life in the early 20th century.He made more people laugh than any other man who ever lived and changed the way people looked at the world查理?卓别林对20世纪初期每个人的生活都产生了影响。与有史以来的任何人相比,他让更多的人欢笑,改变了人们看待这个世界的方式。

6. On Christmas Day in 1977Chaplin passed away .He left behind family and friends saddened by his death ,and millions of fans worldwide.1977年,查理?卓别林在圣诞



1.The man is reported to have said in private that "we are being made fools of by many of our clients,so we are entitles to have them bow to us as compensation"据报道这个男子曾在私下说:“许多救济对象在欺骗我们,因此,作为补偿,我们有权让他们对我们点头哈腰。

2.After considering your background and experience ,we regret to inform you that we don't have an appropriate job opportunity for you at current stage我们考虑了你的背景与经历,很遗憾地告诉你,我们目前没有适合你的工作机会。

3.I fail to take my cue from Oscar ,Instead ,i talked back to the women ,who turned out to be our manager我没能按奥斯卡的暗示去做,相反,我反驳了那个妇女,结果她竟然是我们的新经理。

4.There needs to be someone who can act as a champion for the rights of the poor because the system so easily lends itself to abuse需要有人来充当穷人权利的捍卫者,因为这一体制太容易被滥用。

5.I called the police for help after my car broke down on the freeway.Twenty minutes later,they came to my rescue我的车子在高速公路上抛锚后,我打电话向警察求助,20分钟后他们赶来帮我。

6.He was passionate for art,but he went through tremendous pain-pain of poverty and misunderstanding.他热爱艺术,却经受了巨大的痛苦—贫穷与误解。


1,The developing countries see information technologies as a means to accelerate their economy,but some lack experience in weighing costs and choosing between technologies.发展中国家认为信息技术是促进经济发展的途径,但一些国家在估算成本与选择技术方面缺乏经验。

2.The world is said to have about 3,000times as much groundwater as water it has in rivers and lakes ,and groundwater is far cleaner据说地球拥有的地下水量大约是其拥有的河流和湖泊水量的三千倍,而且地下水要干净得多。

3.Anyone can take good photos-it's just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.任何人都能照出好照片—问题只是你是否在合适的时间和地点。

4.By installing computer in their schools and libraries ,the community leaders demonstrated that they were determined not to lag behind in technology通过在他们的学校和图书馆安装计算机,这些社区的领导们表明他们决心不在技术上落后。

5.When he started the company ,he thought he'd be able to cruise alongside the top businesses in the market ,but he is disappointed because he hasn't yet succeeded 当他开始创办这家公司时,他想他将能在市场上与那些顶级公司并驾齐驱,可是他现在失望了,因为他没有成功。

6.A Florida couple is building what they say will be the home of the future,one strong enough to withstand hurricanes ,yet gentle enough to blend in with the environment 佛罗里达的一对夫妇在建造一座他们称之为未来之家的房子,它既能抵御咫风,又与周围环境十分协调。


1.The new mechanism is not so effective as they had expected,for months passed and there has been no big improvement in management efficiency新的机制并不像他们预


2.I don't want to scare you unnecessarily ,but you might as well face facts and look at a few numbers我不想不必要地吓唬你,可你最好还是面对事实,看看一些数字吧。

3.Loneliness is marked by a sense of isolation ,Solitude ,on the other hand ,is a state of being alone without being lonely and can lead to self-awareness孤独的特点是一种与世隔绝感,而独居则是独自一人却不感到寂寞的状态,它能引发自我


4.Loneliness is a negative state.one feels that something is missing,It is possible to be with people and still feel lonely-perhaps the bitterest form of loneliness 孤独是一种消极的状态,你会感到失去了某种东西。你可能与别人在一起仍然感到孤独—这也许是孤独最痛苦的形式。

5.Solitude is a positive state of engagement with oneself .Solitude is desirable ,a state of being alone where you provide yourself wonderful and sufficient company 独居是一种与自我相约的积极的状态。独居是值得向往的,是独自一人、享受自我愉快而又充实的陪伴的一种状态。

6.Thoreau says that loneliness can occur even amid companions if one's heart is not open to them梭罗说,一个人即使身处同伴之中,如果不对他们敞开心扉,仍会感到孤独。Unit6

1.Suppose you were offered a bribe in exchange for a promise ,what would you do -receive it or stand by your principles?假设有人向你行贿,要换取一种承诺,你会怎么做?是接受呢,还是坚持自己的原则?

2.Nowadays ,people wouldn't put up with those terrible circumstances,but in those days it was accepted as a fact of life现在人们不会忍受那些糟糕的境况,可是在那些日子里却只能接受那样的现实。

3.Cheating in various forms is on the increase in college and universities,and i have lost count of the number of students who were caught cheating this semester 大学校园里形形色色的作弊现象越来越多,我已不记得这学期有多少学生因作弊而被捉住孔

4.Mr.Aichi had to withdraw himself from the competition for the position of state governor when it was revealed that he had been on the take当艾奇先生被披露曾受贿时,他不得不退出州长职位的竞争。

5.While originally he had been fully in support of the reform policies ,later he began to attack the reform movement虽然他原先完全支持改革政策,可后来却开始抨击这场改革运动了。

6.The professor definitely will not agree with the point that the translation amounted to little more than looking up words in dictionaries这位教授肯定不会同意翻译基本是在词典里查生词的观点。


1.As a responsible manufacturer ,we are more than concerned about the environment ;we are actively involved in environmental protection.作为一个负责的生产厂家,我们不仅仅关注环境;我们还积极参与环境保护。

2.Of course ,she too eventually left to get married,but i could say for sure that she was nothing less than dedicated and never allowed her professional priorities to be distracted当然,她最后还是离开,去结婚了,但我敢肯定的是:她对工作尽职尽责,从不允许自己的职业重点受到影响。

3.Other than academic success ,what has been your greatest achievement to date?除了学业上的成绩,你迄今为止最大的成就是什么?

4.Observation and experiments are carried out in order to test or shed light on some theory ,and only those observation considered relevant to that task should be recorded观察和实验的目的是为了验证或阐明某些理论,只有那些被视为与任务相关的观察才应该被记录下来。

5.Wherever they are now,black people are descended from Africans,but over the centuries their genetic heritage has become diversified and complicated because of various reasons不管现在身处何地,黑人都是非洲人的后裔,但是数百年来,由于种种原因,他们的遗传基因已经变得多样化且非常复杂。

6.In effect,they agreed to the view that the very change in law brings about a change in the nature of society and human relationships within it.实际上,他们都同意这种观点:法律的变化引起了社会本质的变化以及社会中人与人之间关系的变化。

Unit 1

1. 这种植物只有在培育它的土壤中才能很好地成长。

The plant does not grow well in soils other than the one in which it has been developed.

2. 研究结果表明,无论我们白天做了什么事情,晚上都会做大约两个小时的梦。

Research findings show that we spend about two hours dreaming every night, no matter what we may have done during the day.

3. 有些人往往责怪别人没有尽最大努力,以此来为自己的失败辩护。

Some people tend to justify their failure by blaming others for not trying their best.

4. 我们忠于我们的承诺:凡是答应做的,我们都会做到。

We remain true to our commitment: Whatever we promised to do, we would do it.

5. 连贝多芬的父亲都不相信自己儿子日后有一天可能成为世界上最伟大的音乐家。爱迪生也同样如此,他的老师觉得他似乎过于迟钝。

Even Beethoven's father discounted the possibility that his son would one day become the greatest musician in the world. The same is true of Edison, who seemed to his teacher to be quite dull.

6. 当局控告他们威胁国家安全。

They were accused by the authorities of threatening the state security.


1 .要是这部喜剧中的人物更幽默些的话,就会吸引更多的观众。

If the characters in this comedy had been more humorous,it would have attracted

a larger audience.‘


She has never lost faith in her own ability, so it is a possibility for her to become

a successful actress.

3 .我从未接受过正式培训,我只是边干边学。

I never had formal training,I just learned as I went along·


As their products find their way into the international market,their brand is gaining in popularity.

5 .她可以编造一个故事,说自己被窃贼打昏,所有的钱没了,但她怀疑自己是否能让这个故事听起来可信。

She could make up a story by saying she was knocked unconscious by thieves and that

all her

money was gone,but she doubted whether she could make it sound believable.

6 .谁都不清楚他是否故意推迟了这次访问,可是这引起了对他更多的批评。

No one was certain whether he postponed the visit on purpose, but this brought more criticism of him.

Unit 3

1. 据报道有七八位官员收受贿赂,市长决定亲自出马调查这件事。

Seven or eight officials are reported to have taken bribes and the mayor has decided

to look into the affair in person.

2. 这些工人后悔当时接受管理部门的意见重新回去工作。现在他们再次面临失业的危险了。These workers regret yielding to the management's advice and going back to work. Now they are again faced with the threat of losing their jobs.

3. 你只需填写一张表格就可取得会员资格,它可以使你在买东西时享受打折的优惠。

You only need to fill out a form to get your membership, which entitles you to a discount on goods.

4. 不知为什么他们的汽车在半路坏掉了,结果他们比原计划晚到了三个小时。

Their car broke down halfway for no reason. As a result they arrived three hours later than they had planned.

5. 那位官员卷入了一场丑闻,数周后被迫辞职。

The official got involved in a scandal and was forced to resign weeks later. 6. 这个靠救济过日子的人开始慢慢地建立起自己的市场,生意日渐兴隆。

The man living on welfare began to build up his own market, one step at a time and his business is thriving.

Unit 4

1. 我父母不是对我的教育投资,而是把钱花在了买新住房上。

Rather than invest in my education, my parents spent their money on a new house.

2. 如今,人们用于休闲娱乐的开支是过去的两倍。

Today, people are spending twice as much on entertainment and relaxation as they did in the past.

3. 一家公司要成功,它必须跟上市场的发展。

In order to be successful, a business must keep pace with developments in the marketplace.

4. 与申请这个职位的其他女孩相比,她流利的英语是个优势。

Her fluency in English gave her an advantage over other girls for the job.

5. 对于学生而言,没有任何地方比图书馆更好了,在那里所有的图书都任由他们使用。

For students, nowhere is better than the library, where all the books are at their disposal.

6. 我们要充分利用好这个平台,加强交流,拓展合作领域,共谋发展大计。

We should make full use of the platform to strengthen communication, expand cooperation in more areas and seek further development through joint efforts. Unit 5

1. 这个小个子男子并不如他看上去那么单纯。

This little man is not so innocent as he appears.

2. 对这个问题我已束手无策了,所以你不妨去求助于王教授吧。

There's nothing I can do about the problem, so you might as well turn to Professor Wang for help.

3. 对方高度评价了再不同领域合作取得的成果,并希望合作进一步加深。

Both sides speak highly of the fruits in their cooperation in different areas, and hope that the

cooperation can be furthered.

4. 一方面,亲民形象能使新政策更易于被民众接受,另一方面,它也能“广直言之路,启


On the one hand, an image of being close to the people can get a new policy more easily accepted. On the other hand, it will "encourage people to speak their minds and come up with constructive suggestions".

5. His sense of loneliness rose and fell and he sometimes would talk at length to himself and his pets and the television.


6. 毕竟,金钱不是万能的,最富有的人不一定是最幸福的。

After all, money is not everything. The richest people are not necessarily the happiest.

Unit 6

1. 假设你发现了你自己的同事受贿,你会不会无动于衷呢?

Suppose you found out that your colleague takes bribes, would you just ignore it?

2. 他如此固执,我们已对他失望了。跟他争论一点意义都没有。

We've given up on him because he is so stubborn. It is pointless to argue with him.

3. 他突然想到了一个加速实验进程的好办法,但组里的成员却对此意见不一。

He hit upon a good method to speed up the progress of the experiment, but opinions differed among members of the group on it.

4. 今天我能够使自己的职业与兴趣相符,之前我是做不到的。

Today I'm able to square my profession with my interest, which I wasn't able to do before.

5. 要成为一名驾驶员,视觉上分辨红色与绿色的能力是必不可少的。

The ability to visually distinguish between red and green is essential to becoming

a driver.

6. 这个组由七个人组成,他们经常见面,分享彼此的信息。

The team consisted of seven people who met on a regular basis to share their information with each other.

Unit 7

1. 这些科学家在创建基因图谱的过程中体会到:合作不仅仅是一种有吸引力的选择,它还

是一种责任。(more than)

In the process of creating the genetic map, these scientists realized that cooperation was more than an attractive option; it was a responsibility.

2. 他们的研究发现简直就是一个奇迹。由于他们的发现,人们对人类基因的历史有了新的

了解。(nothing less than; shed light on)

Their research findings were nothing less than a miracle. As a result of their findings, new light has

been shed on the history of human genes.

3. 事实上,只有勤奋加方法得当才能使你在学习上比他人有优势。(in combination with; give an advantage over)

In fact, only hard work in combination with proper methods will give you an advantage over others.

4. 法官说这种惩罚将起到杀一儆百的作用。(serve as)

The judge said the punishment would serve as a warning to others.

5. 感染的危险只限于那些与病人有亲密接触的人。(be confined to)

5. The risk of infection is confined to those who have close contact with the patients.

6. 从这一分析中我们可以更好地知道发生了什么以及要做些什么。(in a better position

to do) From such an analysis we are in a better position to understand what has happened and what to do

about it.

Unit 8

1. 只要他守规矩,我倒不在乎他晚上在外呆得这么晚。(mind + V-ing)

1. 1 don't mind his staying out so late as long as he behaves himself.

2. 与其他计划相比,我更喜欢他的计划,因为我觉得没有任何一个计划比他的计划更实际。(no + singular nouns or plural nouns; in that)

2. 1 prefer his plan to others in that I think no plan is more practical than his.

3. 他们与那家公司中断了生意来往,因为那家公司上一个财政年度损失惨重,已经破产了。(break off)

3. They broke off business relations with that company as it suffered huge losses in the last fiscal year and went bankrupt.

4. 既然你不喜欢他,当初为什么还要邀请他参加你的生日晚会呢?(now that; in the first place)

4. Now that you don't like him, why did you invite him to your birthday party in the first place?

5. 虽然知道获胜的可能性不大,但比赛失败后,我们多少还是有点沮丧。(more or less) 5. Though we knew our chances to win were slim, we were more or less depressed when we lost in the game.

6. 也许这是为进步而付出的代价,谁知道呢? (pay the price)

6. Perhaps this was the price that has to be paid for progress-who knows?

Unit 9

1. 尽管他们做出了巨大的努力,但目前为止,博物馆每天的参观者仍然还是很少。(for all; so far)

For all their great efforts, the museum's daily attendance has so far still been very low.

2. 作为对政府检查员批评的回应,公司改变了一些做法,而不是放弃自己的规定。(in response to; rather than)

In response to criticism by government inspectors, the company changed some of its practices rather than gave up its rules.

3. 警方提醒乘客,不要将钱和贵重物品放在提包里,以防被盗。 (warn against)

The police warned the passengers against putting money and precious things in bags lest they should be stolen.

4. 调查应集中于父母和孩子们如何看待学校满足他们需求的那些办法。(focus on)

Surveys ought to focus on how parents and children perceive the ways in which the school satisfies their needs.

5. 一瞬间,特斯(Tess)由一个天真的女孩变成了一个成熟、受过良好教育的女子。 (in

a flash)

In a flash, Tess changed from an innocent girl to a mature and well-educated woman.

6. 我能证实200列新火车正在制造中,第一批将在今年五月投入运营。 (come into service)

I can confirm that 200 new trains are being manufactured and that the first of those trains will come into service in May this year.


1. 无论你的智商有多高,你的看法都受到个人经历的局限,因此要学会吸纳他人有用的观点。(no matter...)

No matter how high your IQ is, your view is limited by the

experience you have had and so you should learn to incorporate

the useful perspectives of others.

2. 这个游戏非常有趣,他们谁也没有注意到时间的流逝。(Use inverted order of "so...

that...";take note of)

So interesting was the game that none of them took note of the passage of time.

3. 我一直在整理这些旧文件,看看哪些有用,哪些需要扔掉。(sort through)

I've been sorting through these old documents to see which are useful and which can be thrown away.

4. 随着年龄越来越大,你应该考虑未来的计划。(reflect on)

As you get older you should reflect on future plans.

5. 他在演出中的亮相简直是个轰动。(nothing less than)

His appearance in the show was nothing less than a sensation.

6. 他们每个月都从工资中留出一笔钱,用于孩子将来的教育。(set aside)

Every month they set aside a particular amount of money from their salary for the sake of their kid's education in the future.

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