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Make a comparison between the English word “send” and the corresponding Chinese character “送”, trying to have a thorough command of them.

Send = 送

1.Your luggage will be sent up very soon.


2.They have sent a wreath.


3.He was given a big send-off at the station.


4.They are now sending their children to college, too.


Send = 送?

1.Who send the letter?


2.Have you sent off the order?


3.Please send him in.


4.He sends words that he wouldn’t be coming.


5.Could you send sb. to help us?


6.Please send the goods by air.


7.The shot sent the birds flying away.


8.Send for the doctor, please.


送= send?

1.送某人一本书give sb a book

2.送礼present a gift to sb

3.送信deliver a letler

4.送客see a visitor out

5.送行see sb off

6.送雨伞bring sb a unbrellar

7.送命lose one’s life

8.送孩子上学take a child to school

9.送某人回家escort somebody home

10.将卫星送上天launch a satellite

11.送葬take part in funeral procession

12.送罪犯上法庭审判hand the criminal over to the court for trial


1.Needing some light to see by, the burglar crossed the room with a light step to light thelight with the light green shade


2.“I got on horseback within ten minutes after I got your letter. When I got to Canterbury, Igot a chaise for town, but Igot wet through, and have got such a cold that I shall not get rid of it in a hurry. I got to the Treasury about noon, but first of all got shaved and dressed. I soon got into the secret of getting a memorial before the Board, but I could not get an answer then; however Igot intelligence from a messenger that I shouldget one next morning…”




Museum、library、hotel、guesthouse、embassy、consulate、teahouse、restaurant、barbershop、gymnasium、exhibition center、cultural center、art gallery、science and technology museum、planetarium、photo studio……


他是祖国的好儿子。He is the fine son of our country.

庄稼长得真好。The crops are growing well.

他们对我真好。They are kind with me.

楼的质量不好。The building is of poor quality.

这个问题很好回答。This question is to answer.

啊,好票!Ah,Good ticket!


学习知识acquire knowledge

学习技术master skill

学习外语learn English

学习成绩academic record

学习别人的长处learn other’s strong po ints

互相学习learn from each other

以雷锋为学习的榜样learn from LeiFeng’s example


1. Histories make men wise; poets witty; the mathematics subtle; natural philosophy dee moral grave; logic and rhetoric able to contend.



2.We won't retreat, we never have and never will


3. Their host carved poured served,cut bread,talked,laughed,proposed,healthiness

他们的主人切肉,倒(酒、水),端上(菜肴), 切面包,交谈,笑语,敬客(酒),祝健康


Please fill out this form, fill it to me.


To promote the interests of the whole.


Rancid anti-eating, walking or prevention.


Song Jun Trinidad, I do not end there.


A fence three piles, one of the three men to help.


1. Winter is the best time to study the growth of trees.Although the leaves are gone and the branches arebare,the trees themselves are beautiful.


2.For generations, coal and oil have been regarded as the chief energy source to transport man from place to place.


3. In order to survive, to feed, clothe and shelter himself and his children, man is engaged in

a constant struggle with nature.



We must cultivate the ability to analyze and solve problems


He can hardly open his mouth without taking shop


Chinese people have always been courageous in exploration, invention and revolution.


We should be loyal to our party, to the people, loyal to the motherland,whether we live or die



1.with the passage of time,my admiration for him grew more


2.We are enemies of all wars, but above all of dynastic wars.


3.No wonder the sight of it should send the memories of quite a number of the old generations back 36 years ago.


4.my audience varied from tens to thousands




The master of English is not easy and requires painstaking effort.


They do not know a thing about factory work, nor about farm work, nor about military affairs.


Our policy is to learn from all nations and all countries their strong points.


Socialist revolution arms at liberating the productive forces




1.He was dumbfounded at her insistence that he explain where every cent of his allowance had gone


2.that our environment has little,if anything,to do with our abilities,characteristics and behavior is central to this theory


3. Behaviorists, in contrast, say that differences in scores are due to the fact that blacks are often deprived of many of the educational and other enviromental advantages that whites enjoy


4. He would be a rash man if he should venture to forecast the results of this event.


5.Bright,very bright were the stars over the wild,dark yanan hill.




I didn’t know he was in hospital until yesterday.


We must know clearly about all the problems involved.


When he crosses the street, he glances right and left, being afraid of hit by the cars.


Only listen to the centaury Party’s direction and mobiliz e all the positive factor can we realise the fourmoderation successfully.



1.The oil of the world willl have been used up,and man will be using the more convenient power obtained from the splitting of the atom.

全世界的石油将会用完,到那时人们将会使用从原子裂变过程中获得的这种更为方便的动力2.Care should be taken to decrease the length of time that one is subjected to loud continuous noise.


3.She told me that her master had dismissed her. No reason had been given; no objection had been made to her conduct. She had been forbidden to appeal to her mistress.


4.Pure science has been subdivided into physical science, which deals with the facts and relations of the physical world, and biological science, which investigates the history and makings of life on the planet.




It was astounded that he was prepared to give me a job


I’m sorry that the visit to the museum has to be put off till tomorrow because of the heavy rain 3.请全系师生于星期三下午2:00在会议室集合,听报告。

All teachers and students of the department are required to meet in the conference room at 2pm on Wednesday for report.


I’m wiser than to believe what you call money talks.


He would do anything he was asked to do but return to his old life.


Africa is not kicking out western imperialism in order to invite other new masters.


Few things are impossible in themselves: and it is often for want of will, rather than of means, that men fail of success.


It is nothing for a big, strong schoolboy to elbow an elderly woman aside in the dash for the last remaining seat on the tube or bus, much less stand up and offer his seat to her, as he ought.



Slips are scarcely avoidable when you're new to your work.


The meeting was a quiet, sometimes even open up.


His absence of mind during the driving nearly caused an accident


His lack of consideration for the feelings of others angered everyone present.


There are two aspects to everything; to say there is only one is to be aware of one aspect and to be ignored of the other.

They often talk horse. 他们常常谈论马。他们常常吹牛

That woman walks the streets. 那个妇女常在那些街上走。是妓女

I’ll report that official. 我要向那位官员报告。我要检举那位官员

The machine is in repair. 那台机器正在修理之中。状态良好

We’ll stand up to the project. 我们都赞成这个工程。抵制这个计划

Don’t make a fuss of them! 别对那些事大惊小怪!别讨好他们


1. Put the following sentences into Chinese, paying attention to the subordinate clauses.

1) He poured into his writing all the pains of his life and the conviction it had brought to him that the world could be made a better place to live in if the exploited would rise up.


2) Furthermore, it is obvious that the strength of a country’s economy is directly bound up with the efficiency of its agriculture and industry, and that this in turn rests upon the efforts of scientists and technologists of all kinds.


3) For example, they do not compensate for gross social inequality, and thus do not tell how able an underprivileged youngster might have been had he grown up under more favorable circumstances.


2. Put the following passage into English.


Forests provide people with timber, but also the regulation of climate, soil conservation, sand immobility,improving the water quality,sterilization, noise reduction, landscaping, maintaining and improving the ecological balance,they are able to play other important roles,windproof, dustproof,smokeproof,etc.If there are no green plants that constantly create oxygen and absorb harmful gases, humanity will not be able to survive. People's health and quality of the air are

closely related, and air quality has a direct relationship with the number of the forests.


1.Put the following sentences into Chinese, paying attention to the attributive clauses.

1)A few stars are known which are hardly bigger than the earth, but the majority are so

large that hundreds of thousands of earths could be packed inside each and leave room to spare; here and there we come upon a giant star large enough to contain millions of millions of earths.


2)T here is nothing more disappointing to a hostess who has gone to a lot of trouble or

expense than to have her guest so interested in talking politics or business with her husband that he fails to notice the flavor or the coffee, the lightness of the cake, or the attractiveness of the house, which may be her chief interest and pride.


2. Put the following sentences into English, paying attention to the attributive clauses.



The scientists all over the world are looking for the efficient methods to purify air and to prevent air been polluted by varies of harmful industrial gases.


A scientist will surely achieve great successes in his work if he braves all difficulties, keeps on working and perseveres to the end.



3)Our business generally do not attach importance to economic benefits, there is a wide

range of labor-free quota, producing no quotas, no quality check, the cost of non-accounting of the phenomenon, resulting in manpower, material and financial resources of a large waste


1. Put the following sentences into Chinese, paying attention to the adverbial clauses.

1) When I try to understand what it is that prevents so many Americans from being as happy as one might expect, it seems to me that there are two causes, of which one goes much deeper than the other.


2) It had been a fine, golden autumn, a lovely farewell to those who would lose their youth, and some of them their lives, before the leaves turned again in a peacetime fall.


3) It was a day as fresh as grass growing up and clouds going over and butterflies coming down can make it. It was a day compounded from silences of bee and flower and ocean and land, which were not silences at all, but motions, stirs, flutters, rising, each in its own time and matchless rhythm.


2. Put the following sentences into English, paying attention to the sentences without subjects or adverbial clauses.

1) 活到老,学到老。

never too old to learn


, no risk, no gain.


While there is life ,there is hope


Pay sb back in his own coin


There is a staff of 400 in this research institute,of whom 20 one senior research scientists there are 7 labs,1 small lib and 1 related factory where are 120 workers


1. Put the following sentences into Chinese, paying attention to their structures.

1) Behold! That golden sea with dazzling waves mountain-high—an immensity of wheat field for three days’ fly, where my father stands shoulder-high, my elder brother exposing only his head, my granny falling into the sea upon her tread, above me golden billows surging like a crest of hundred feet and I hold my breath, jumping two times and three, which ends in a failure to reach the ears of wheat!


3)There are swift flowing rivers, slow, sluggish rivers, mighty rivers with several mouths,

rivers that carry vast loads of alluvium to the sea, clear, limpid rivers, rivers that at some seasons of the year have very much more water than at others, rivers that are made to generate vast quantities of electricity by their power, and rivers that carry great volumes traffic.



1I. Put the following sentences into English, paying attention to their structures.

1) 本厂已有35年生产丝绸服装的历史,其产品远销全球50多个国家和地区。完全真丝,质量上乘,做工精细,款式新颖,光滑柔和,耐洗耐晒,永不褪色,舒适高雅,女士必备。如欲购买,尽快联系。

We have been in the silk garment trade for 35 years. The products find a ready market in 50 countries and regions. They are made of high quality pure silk, soft and smooth, an easy fit in the latest style. Fast to washing and sunlight, the silk garment is a must for ladies of good taste. Contact us for more information.


Backwardness must be recognized before it can be changed.one must learn from those who are more advanced before he can catch up with and surpass them. In order to raise china’s scientific and technological level we must persist in the policy of self-reliance. But independence does not mean shutting the door to the world, nor does self-reliance mean blind opposition to every thing foreign science and technology are part of the wealth created in common by all mankind. It is not just today,when we are scientifically and technologically backward,that we need to learn from others,even after we catch up with the most advanced counties we shall have to learn from in areas where they are particularly strong.

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