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6. the statement that oil originated in the sea is confirmed by a glance at a map showing that chief oilfields of the world; very few of them are far distant from the oceans of today.

石油原于大海的这种观点是被人们所认可的,你要看一眼世界主要油井的分布图就一目了然了, 几乎没有远离现在海洋的油井。

7. the rocks in which oil is found are of marine origin too.


8. A very common sedimentary rock is called shale, which is a soft rock and was obviously formed by being deposited on the sea bed. And where there is shale there is likely to be oil.

一块极普通的沉积岩叫页岩,这种页岩质地松软,很明显是通过海底沉积作用形成的。 有页岩的地方,极有可能有石油。

9. the drill may just miss the oil although it is near; on the other hand, it may strike oil at a fairly high level.


10. when the crude oil is obtained from the field, it is taken to the refineries. Gas that comes off the oil later is condensed.


11. We stand now where two roads diverge. But unlike the roads in Robert Frost‘s familiar poem, they are not equally fair


12. right to know


13. A truly extraordinary variety of alternatives to the chemical control of insects is available.


14. All have this in common: they are biological solutions, based on understanding of the living organisms they seek to control, and of the whole fabric of life to which these organisms belong.


15. It has its obscure and unpretentious beginning; its quite stretches as well as its rapids; its periods of drought as well as of fullness.

其源头,隐隐约约,并不引人注目;其流势,时而平缓,时而湍急;其水情, 有汛期,也有枯谒期。

16. Dr. Knipling was ready for a full-scale test of his theory.

尼普林教授已在佛罗里达岛进行了一些实地预备性实验, 并计划大规模地实践其理论。

17. the resou

nding success of the Curacao experiment whetted the appetities of Florida livestock raisers for a similar feat that whould relieve them of the scourge of screw-worms.

库拉索岛上的实验大获成功。 这引起了佛罗里达州特征畜饲养者的兴趣,他们希望借助这一成果帮他们摆脱螺旋铃绳这一祸害。

18. prearranged flight parents.


19. 中国还对广阔的大陆架和专属经济区行使主权权利和管辖权;中国的海域处在中,低纬度地带,自然环境和资源条件比较优越。 人工养殖。

China also exercises sovereignty and jurisdiction over the vast continental shelves and exclusive economic zone, as defined by the Un Convention on the Law of the Sea. Located in medium and low latitudes, China‘s sea areas have comparatively advantageous natural environmental and resource conditions.

20. 所谓上下文一般是指该语言单位的语言环境。 所谓狭义上下文是指句子的上下文, 即在一个句子的范围内该单位周围的的一些语言单位。所谓广义上下文是指该单位的超出句子范围的语言环境,这就是话语上下文,即在该单位的周围,在该单位之外,亦即在与之毗连的各个句子的语言单位的总和。 狭义上下文又可以分为句法上下文和词汇上下文。 所谓环境, 是指:1.交际环境,妈了实现交行行为的环境; 2.通报主题,即话语中描述的一情景; 3. 交际参与者,即说者与听者。


1. As recently as the early 1960s, the phrase “environmental law” would probably have produced little more than a puzzled look, even from lany lawyers.

早在六十年代初,甚至连许多律师接触到“环保法” 这个词儿,大半也只会感到纳决而已。

2.enforcement power, environmental statutes. Court of apples. Federal Power Commission. Grant a licese

执法权力, 环境法, 上诉法院, 关邦电力委员会, 颁发许可证。

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