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Unit 1


Li Ming was a chemistry major, a charmer noted for his easygoing and humorous temperament. However, his English was so poor that he always barely got by. The teacher admonished him that his poor English would be an impediment to scholarship. What’s more, she showed her trump card: if Li Ming did not work hard. She would flunk him.

He was also told that he should not learn English merely for the sake of his diploma, otherwise, even after graduation from university, he would still be semiliterate. Although Li Ming did not lose his composure, he was well aware that he had to settle down to work and follow through because his academic life was at stake.

Unit 2



Linda, my good friend, has received good education and is both beautiful and elegant. She was not proposed to even when she was well over thirty.The reason is that she, as a career –oriented woman, is devoted to her work. Navigating between home and the company, she had hardly any time to socialize with people of the opposite sex. Her parents were gripped by anxiety at the thought of their daughter still remaining single at such an age. They did not know what to do and even consulted with some sociologists.

But the situation began to change last month, when the headquarters of the company transferred Linda to the training department. On the new post , Linda met a man who tugged on her heartstrings for the first time. Ever since then, they dated virtually on a daily basis, and Linda realized that she would love the man beyond all reason. When she decided to take the matrimonial plunge, she informed me. Though Linda’s love is reminiscent of the romance that we see only in movies and I don’t know what the future will hold for her, I give her my heart-felt wishes and agree

readily to be a member of the entourage of bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Unit 3


The disingenuousness of food suppliers has become a serious issue in today’s society . Some of them defraud the public by disinformation and extolling food additives as a great achievement in food industry. They also claim that additives at a moderate level do no harm to health.

Some righteous scientists have made in-depth pathological investigations into the content and toxicity of food additives.Their findings, which suggest that some common food additives may lead to health risks if used for a long time, are regarded as a landmark event in the research of food security.

Although a gaggle of skeptics hired by food manufacturers question whether such researches are scientifically based and even deride people as timid, many consumers are beginning to pay attention to food additives and turning to natural and fresh food. Some experts promise to give testimony if any consumer charges food suppliers with racketeering.

Unit 4


The effect that e-mail has on our professional and personal life is mind-boggling. People thousands of miles away from each other can send and receive detailed documents within mere seconds. This allows us to take on a multitude of projects , to pool our collective efforts in a way that wouldn’t have been possible before. It has become routine for us to correspond and exchange files with people overseas. The only obstacle is the difference in time zones.

But on the other hand, e-mail can eat up a substantial portion of our workday. Sometimes, most of the time and effort involved is going through unsolicited message and deleting junk. However, many of the unwanted messages I receive are actually worth reading, so it would be reckless to wipe them all out without further investigation. After all, many of the messages I receive come from coworkers and superiors. In my opinion, e-mail may help flatten hierarchies in an office setting. It is far easier to make suggestions to our bosses via e-mail than it is to do so in a face-to-face talk. But the downside of it is that e-mail , if misinterpreted, may result in some hurt feelings, and offenses.

E-mail can be a blessing or a curse. Used properly, e-mail can offer great advantages. Used poorly, it can cause enormous trouble.

Unit 5


In modern societies, despite the social progress and prosperity. People always feel that there is something not quite right. However , it is hard for them to put a finger on it. A feeling of emptiness and not belonging, a lack of defined solid relationship seem to be the sources of unhappiness. People all agree on the great conundrum of personal happiness: when asked how they are, they will answer in terms of their family life and work life rather than just what they are paid. For them, the quality of life means more than the quantity of salary.

However, politicians find it hard to grasp the subject, and are flummoxed by immeasurable concepts such as the family value. As a matter of fact, the government can take a provocative role to respond to the yearning for happiness. Ultimately society’s happiness requires us all to play our part, and indeed, playing our part is part of being happy.

Unit 6


This essay embodies the author’s positive attitude toward globalization,but it also conveys his worries about the challenges brought about by

globalization.Globalization enhanced economic growth at an international level,sustaining the expansion in rich countries and reducing poverty in the rest of the world.Since national economies have become increasingly interdependent,cooperation becomes crucial in the pursuit of progress and security.Nevertheless,the problem is that the value of international cooperation seems to have been forgotten lately.History teaches us that bypassing international laws,agreements and institution means incurring the reversal of globalization.



The celebrity professors have many natural enemies. No week goes by without some academic celebrity or other biting the dust,his reputation in tatters. Ambrose is an America’s favorite historian. It now turns out that five of his books contain extensive “borrowings” from others’ works. Goodwin, a fixture on American television, quietly mollified one of her chief victims by paying her some money. Other charges are also being hurled at celebrity professors’ say,take compulsive lying, hypocrisy and general flatulence. Is it a case of a few bad apples or the whole barrel? Yet there are two big arguments in favor of what they do. First, they help to circulate ideas, by giving a chance to educated laypeople to get information and universities a chance to pay back some of their debt to the societies. Secondly, they help to keep talented people in academia. Fundamentally, the besetting sin of American academia lies in hyper-specialization. And the market does work. Those dishonest will pay for their sins.


用道格拉斯将军的话来说,“责任”、“荣誉”、“国家”这三个神圣的词语庄严地决定了士兵们想成为怎样的人,能成为怎样的人,会成为怎样的人。他们是世界上最高尚的人之一。他们无需他人的颂扬,因为他们已经写下了自己的历史。他们没有高贵的出身,但却死得非常光荣。他们忍受着与爱人、亲人长期离别的痛楚以及战争地区的恐怖, 以不屈不挠的意志,庄严地履行着“责任”、“荣誉”、“国家”这一号令。

According to General Douglas, “Duty”,“Honor”, “Country”——those three hallowed words reverently dictate what soldiers ought to bet can be and will be. They are one of the world’s noblest figures who need no eulogy from anyone, for they have written their own history. They do not have noble origin, but have glorious death.

They suffer from the bitterness of long separation from those they loved and cherished as well as the horror of stricken areas of war. With their indomitable will, they reverently follow the password of “Duty”, “Honor”, “Country”.

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