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1. “一年365 天,一周7 天,一天24 小时,生意始终在进行,那意味着一年365 天,一周7 天,一天24 小时,竞争也同样在进行,”豪特说,“公司取胜的方法之一就是要更快地到达‘目的地’!这就是说,你不仅要把所有能支持公司快速运转的功能都调动起来,而且还得知道如何决定‘目的地’是哪里。这样,不仅对那些行动快速的人们,也对那些思维敏捷,并有勇气按自己的想法行事的人们都提出了要求。这需要全公司各部门的运作,而不仅仅是管理部门的工作。

“Business happens 24/7/365, which means that competition happens 24/7/365, as well,” says Haut. “One way that companies win is by getting …there? faster, which means that you not only have to mobilize all of the functions that support a business to move quickly, but you have to know how to decide where …there? is! This creates a requirement not only for people who can act quickly, but for those who can think fast with the courage to act on their convictions. This needs to run throughout an organization and is not exclusive to management.”(第一章 P29 第一段)

2. 最后,职业地位包含对职业标准的遵守。很多律师通过在行业内外把自己塑造成一个具有良好职业道德的典范来找到自我价值。对那些在所有职业行为中都表现出极度正直和谦逊有礼的律师们来说,当管理阶层对他们理应受到的特别尊重表示肯定时,便又获得了另一种形式的精神报酬。

Lastly, professional status encompasses adherence to ethical standards. Most lawyers find self worth in setting an example—both within the profession and within the larger society—as ethical actors. When management affirms the special respect due to lawyers who act with the utmost integrity and civility in all of their professional dealings, it provides yet another form of compensation.(第一章 P29 第二段)

3. 最近的调查显示越来越多的人抱怨饭菜质量平平,价格昂贵,而法国烹饪的衰落还不止于此。这在法国可不是个小问题,要知道2002年美食旅游为法国创收180 亿欧元,占到全部旅游收入的1/4。越来越多的餐馆老板反映政府的税收和经济政策限制了他们的利润,也就影响了他们投资和雇佣更多人手的能力。束缚他们手脚的是令法国不那么光彩的繁琐拖拉的公事程序,更不要说那些来自欧盟的规定,从销售税到布里乳酪里含细菌的指标统统都在严格的掌控之中。

The decline goes well beyond recent surveys that show growing complaints about mediocre quality and high prices—no small concern in a country where tourisme gastronomique earned 18 billion euros in 2002, a quarter of all tourist revenues. More and more restaurateurs say that government tax and economic policies are limiting their profits, and thereby hurting their capacity to invest and hire more staff. They have become ensnarred in the red tape for which France is infamous—not to mention edicts from Brussels that affect everything from sales taxes to the bacteria in the Brie.(第二章 P59 第一段)

4. 浙江菜口味清淡,精致玲珑,是长江下游区域菜肴的代表。西湖醋鱼是其中的一道名菜。这道菜鲜美,酥嫩,带着自然的清香。中国乃至世界各地的中餐馆大都能找得到这道菜,但口味往往不及在浙江杭州吃得那般纯正。因为只有杭州拥有来自西湖的鱼和水。

Zhejiang cuisine is light and exquisite, and is typical of food from along the lower Yangtze River. One famous dish is West Lake Vinegar Fish, which looks pretty and has the delicate refreshing flavors of nature. Many Chinese restaurants in China, as well as other parts of the world, serve this dish, but often the flavor is less authentic compared to that found in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province, which has unique access to the fish and water of West Lake.(第二章 P59 第二段)

5. 不管如何解释,工作与生活的平衡总是欧洲人的主要谈资,同时也是智囊团和政策制定者研究和考虑的主题。在美国,人们使用这个说法时总是带着几分针对那些吃蛋奶火腿馅饼的有闲人士才会表现出来的冷嘲热讽的态度。但是,它可能还是会流行起来的。时任《纽约时报》执行主编的比尔?凯勒曾鼓励员工们要给生活增加一些色彩,多陪陪家人或去欣赏艺术。

Whatever the explanation, the idea of a work-life balance is a staple of European discourse, studied

in think tanks, mulled over by policymakers. In the US, the term, when it?s used at all, is said with the sort of sneer reserved for those who eat quiche. But it might still catch on. When Bill Keller was named executive editor of t he New York Times last week, he encouraged the staff to do “a little more savoring” of life, spending time with their families or viewing art. (第三章 P89 第一段)

6. 《欢乐满人间》的作者帕梅拉·林登·特拉弗斯概括得精辟之极。她写到,“你不能把你想象的东西砍掉一部分然后写成一本专给孩子看的书,坦白地说,因为事实上你根本无从知道童年究竟是什么时候结束的而成人期又是什么时候开始的。它们互相连接、浑然一体。”在罗琳的书中,从语言开始,就有足够多的让大人和孩子都喜欢的东西。也许她的文风朴实,但是她给人和物命名的方式显示了独特的原创才能。(看不看吧?)P. L. Travers, the author of the Mary Poppins b ooks, put it best when she wrote, “You do not chop off a section of your imaginative substance and make a book specifically for children, for— if you are honest—you have, in fact, no idea where childhood ends and maturity begins. It is all endless and all one.” There is plenty for children and adults to enjoy in Rowling?s books, starting with their language. Her prose may be unadorned, but her way with naming people and things reveals a quirky and original talent.(第三章 P89 第二段)

7很多研究发现婴儿获得关爱的质量会影响到他们以后的交友,在学校的表现,如何应对陌生的或可能充满压力的情况,以及他们成年后如何建立并且维系情感连系。正是因为这些原因,人们与家庭成员的早期亲密关系才如此至关重要。在人情冷漠的环境中(如孤儿院,某些寄养家庭,或缺乏关爱的家庭)长大的孩子会出现情感和社会性发育不良,语言和运动技能迟缓,以及精神健康问题。(第四章 P119 第一段)8一开始让人相互吸引的是什么?许多人相信“世上有一个人是你为之而生的”,而且命运会将你俩带到一起。这样的想法很浪漫却不现实。实证研究发现,是文化标准和价值观而非命运,将人们连系在一起。我们错过了成千上万的可能的爱人,因为他们早就被正式的或非正式的挑选理想爱人的准则筛选出局,这些准则包括年龄、种族、地域、社会阶层、宗教、性倾向、健康状况或外表。(第四章 P119 第二段)

9. 做瑜伽没有场地的限制,一套瑜伽动作通常需要20 分钟到两个小时或者更多的时间,而一个小时左右的时间则是一系列动作和冥想的最佳选择。根据瑜伽师和学派的不同,一些瑜伽动作做起来辛苦异常,而另一些却只是在呼吸和心跳平稳的情况下调整和伸展肢体。每天练习瑜伽会达到最好的效果,随着动作越来越熟练,你就可以加大强度和难度这样瑜伽就能成为你相伴终生的日常锻炼方式了。练习基础的瑜伽动作即可收到增强力量,改善柔韧性并使人感到舒适的效果,但要想达到完美和高深的境界还是需要日积月累的练习,这也是瑜伽吸引人的地方之一。

Yoga routines can take anywhere from 20 minutes to two or more hours, with one hour being a good time investment to perform a sequence of postures and a meditation. Some yoga routines, depending on the teacher and school, can be as strenuous as the most difficult workout, and some routines merely stretch and align the body while the breath and heart rate are kept slow and steady. Yoga achieves its best results when it is practiced as a daily discipline, and yoga can be a life-long exercise routine, offering deeper and more challenging positions as a practitioner becomes more adept. The basic positions can increase a person?s str ength, flexibility and sense of well-being almost immediately, but it can take years to perfect and deepen them, which is an appealing and stimulating aspect of yoga for many.(第五章 P151)



六章 P185 第二段)

12人性的恒定性是众所周知的,因为没有人相信一个人能够从根本上改变他的本性。这就是为什么一个恶名远扬的人很难重建公众对他的信心。人们凭经验知道某一年中表现出无赖性格的人不太可能在第二年有任何改观。小偷也不会变成值得信赖的员工。吝啬鬼也不可能变成慈善家。而且,一个人不会在五六十岁的时候变成谎话精、懦夫或叛徒,如果那时候他是,那么早在他性格形成的时候他就已经是了。大罪犯最初都是小罪犯,正如大橡树最初都是小橡果。(第七章 P215 第一段)

13我回想起他那时高涨的情绪、他的活力、他对未来的信心,还有他的冷漠。这两个人不可能是同一个人,然而我确信就是他。我起身付了帐,走进广场去找他。我的思绪一片混乱。我感到恐慌。我绝不会想到他已经沦落到这般可怕的悲惨境地。我问自己发生了什么事,是什么样的希望迟迟不能实现令他伤心,是什么样的失意将他击垮,是什么样的幻想破灭将他逼向屈辱?我问自己是否已经无计可施。我绕着广场走着。(第七章 P215 第二段)

14. 有时候,心理剖析可以非常详细。以雅阁为例,本田汽车报告称,雅阁汽车的主人喜欢用吸尘器打扫他们的车库,你不能说他们不干净。

Sometimes, psychographic profiles can be quite detailed. Take the Accord. Honda Motor reports that the car's owners like to vacuum their garages. You can't say they're not clean.(第八章 P243 第一段)

15. 我们还发现,有时看上去类似的汽车可能传达了完全不同的信息,比如英国最好的两种豪华轿车:宾利公司的雅致和劳斯莱斯公司的幻影,两者都高贵而快捷,但他们却各自吸引了不同类型的客户群。

We also found that sometimes messages sent out by seemingly similar cars can be quite different. Consider two premier British luxury sedans: Bentley's Arnage and Rolls' Phantom. Both are stately and fast, but each attracts a different kind of customer. (第八章 P243 第二段)

16. 宾利的买主想要的是低调的,但可以世代相传的传家宝;有史以来所生产的宾利,80%以上至今仍跑在路上。然而,欢迎的买家却期盼一夜成名,汽车的外表使得它所到之处无不引人注目。

The Bentley buyer wants an understated heirloom that he or she can pass down through the generations; over 80% of all Bentleys ever made are still on the road today. The Phantom buyer, on the other hand, is looking for instant recognition. The car has a presence that really demands attention wherever it goes.(第八章 P243 第三段)

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