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建交 establishment of diplomatic relations

近海石油勘探 offshore oil exploration

弱、任人宰割enduring impoverishment and long

standing deblity

落后就要挨打lagging behind leaves one vulnerable to attacks.

刻骨心的教never forgotten lesson

中民族的大复 rejuvenate the nation 不懈努

力 unremitting efforts

与俱 keep pace with the times 第

一要 on the primary task

展是硬道理 development is of overriding importance 科

学展 scientific outlook

和社会harmonious society

互利共win-win result

本着??的精神 in the spirit of ?一奉

行 in persistent pursuit of 双关系

bilateral relations

祝酒join me in toast

mission 代表

gracious hospitality 友好款待

convey 达

bosom friend 知己last but not least 最后

at one's earliest convenience 在其方便的候,尽早??cherish 珍惜

economic recession 不景气

ensure a sustained growth 确保持增

on the occasion of允我借??的机会??

Economic power 大国

Stay focused on 孜孜不倦的做

A moderately prosperous society 小康社会

海内存知己,天涯若比long distance separates no bosom friends

迎 / 开幕 / 幕 welcome / opening / closing speech / address

致开幕 / 幕 deliver / make an opening / closing speech 开幕 /

幕式 opening / closing ceremony

字式signing ceremony

友好goodwill visit

宣布??开幕 declare?open; declare the commencement / opening of ?

宣布??幕declare the conclusion / closing of ?

表情友好的 make a warm and friendly speech 情洋溢

的迎 gracious speech of welcome

尊敬的市先生 respected / respectable / honorable Mr. Major

thriving and robust 蓬勃向上陛下 Your / his / her Majesty

megalopolis 特大型城市殿下 Your / his / her Highness / Excellency / royal Highness boast 以??自豪下 our / his / her honor / Excellency

unequalled 不能与??相媲美夫人 madam

miraculous rise 奇迹般地迅速崛起以??的名in the name of

financial giants 金融的巨由衷的意heartfelt thanks

business community 商界承蒙??的盛情邀 at the gracious invitation of

manufacturing industry 制造回去 look back on; in retrospect

IPR(intellectual property rights) 知展望未来 look ahead; look into the future

joint consultancy service 合咨服机构最后 in conclusion

transnational corporation 跨国公司提祝酒 propose a toast

荣幸地答您予我的情招待have the honor of reciprocating your warm reception

愉快地答您情洋溢的迎have the pleasure in replying to your gracious speech of welcome

着国人民的深厚感情with profound and amicable sentiments for your people

道来 /来自大洋彼岸的朋友 friends coming from a distant land / the other side of the Pacific 作国

人民的友好使者 as an envoy of friendship of your people

随同易代表来的商界朋友friends from the business community accompanying the trade delegation

增我彼此之的理解 & 友 increase / strengthen / promote / expand our mutual understanding and friendship 促我之

友好合作 promote / facilitate/ enhance / strengthen / advance our friendly relations of cooperation 符合两国人的共同

利益 according with / agree with / conform to/ meet the common interests of our two people

在我愉快地宣布第二十二届万国政盟大会开幕。Now I have the pleasure to declare the 22 nd Universal Postal Congress open.


表示烈的迎。 It is my great honor to declare the commencement of Beijing International Conference on Outer Space Exploration. On behalf of the Chinese Government and people, and in my own name, I would like to extend my warm welcome to

all the delegates and guests.

在这个月明中秋的良宵,我们在东海之滨的上海欢聚一堂,我代表中国政府和人民,向前来参加时代华纳集团举办的“99 《财富》全球论坛” 活动的朋友们,表示热烈的欢迎。 On this splendid moonlit night in mid autumn, as we gather in the beautiful city of Shanghai, located on the coast of the

east China Sea, let me, on behalf of the Chinese Government and people, extend a

warm welcome to the friends who have come to take part in the ’99 Fortune Global Forum, which is sponsored by Time Warner Group Inc.


感谢。I would also like to express my congratulations in the successful opening of the conference in Nanjing. I wish to thank all the members of the organizing committee for their hard work, which has made this conference possible.



呼第四节妇女大会的召开,并预祝大会圆满成功。 In this most beautiful autumn season, we welcome in Beijing the opening of the

4th World Conference On Women, the largest and one of the most important international conference meetings of its kind in world history. We hope that the conference will become a brilliant landmark of promoting the civilization, peace, and progress of humanity. For this, we warmly herald the opening of the 4 th World Conference on Women and wish the Conference a complete success.

在这春暖花开的季节,我们在美丽的博鲨,迎来了亚洲和世界各地的朋友。In this blooming season of spring, we have brought together in this pretty town of Boao so many friends from around Asia and the world at large.

我很荣幸代表中国政府和人民向来自联合王国的代表团表示热烈欢迎。I have the honor to express this warm welcome on behalf of the Chinese Government and people to the delegation from the United Kingdom.

我深信这次会议将达成意向保护知识产权的协定。我预祝大会圆满成功。I am convince that this conference will reach an agreement on the protection of intellectual property rights. I wish the conference a complete success!


全体员工的最诚挚的问候。 It is in the spirit of friendly cooperation, mutual promotion and common prosperity that I extend to you the warmest welcome and convey to you the most gracious greetings from all the employees of our petrol-chemical group corporation. TEXT




Your Excellency Vice President and Mrs. Williams, Our distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen:


It is my privilege and great pleasure to host this banquet in honor of Vice President and Mrs. Williams and other distinguished guests.


I would avail myself this opportunity to extent my warm welcome to you all.


A remark the Analects of Confucius best expressed what I feel now, "It is such a delight that I have friends visiting from afar."


Evidently, Vice President Williams' current visit has demonstrated his Excellency's determination to further enhance the friendly

and cooperative relations between our two countries.



I am deeply convinced that frequent exchanges of visits between the top government officials of the two countries are beneficial not only to the improvement of our relationships, but also to the peace and stability in the Asia- Pacific region and the world as a whole. 7.我们两国建交以来的这些年里,我们在政治、经济、贸易、文化、教育、科技、卫生等领域里进行了真诚的、卓有


Over the years since the establishment of the diplomatic relationship between our two countries, we have carried out sincere and rewarding cooperation in political, economic, trade, cultural, educational, scientific and technological, public health and other fields.


In particular, our cooperation in off-shore and automobile industry have been advancing rapidly ever since the exchange of

visit between your Prime Minister and our Premier.



We are very satisfied with the development in these areas, and willing to make further efforts with your government and people

to push these cooperative relations to a new height.


Currently, China is engaged in a national drive for an unprecedented economic reform.



It would not be possible for this grand reform program to yield successful results if China deprived of domestic socio-political stability, of an international environment of peace and development, and of economic and technical cooperation between China and other countries.


It is our common wish to seek sustained world peace and global economic prosperity.


It is in the spirit of safeguarding world peace and ensuring mutual development and prosperity that we have made our current foreigh policies, as well as economics and trade policies, and wish to promote our relations with any other countries.


We are very pleased that your country is in persistent pursuit of a world peace policy and has remained a decade-old trading partner of China.


I am looking forward to holding talks with you on the development of bilateral relations, as well as on the Asia-Pacific region

and other international issues of common interest.


In closing, I would like you to join me in a toast,


To the health of Vice President and Mrs. Williams,


To the health of all our distinguished guests,


To the lasting friendship and cooperation between our two

countries 20.为世界和平和繁荣,

To the peace and prosperity of the world,



1. our Honor Mr. Mayor, My Chinese friends, Ladies and Gentlemen:


2. I feel honored to come here on my first visit to your beautiful city.


3. On behalf of all the members of my mission, I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to our host

for their earnest invitation and gracious hospitality we have received since we set foot on this charming land.



4. I am also very happy that this visit has given me an excellent opportunity to convey to you and to the people of Shanghai

warm greetings and sincere good wishes of the government and people of my country.



5. Although we live with a distance of tens of thousands miles between us, "Long distance separates no bosom friends," as one

of your Tang poets said.

尽管我们远隔万里,但贵国一位唐朝诗人说得好:" 海内存知己,天涯若比邻。"

6. The whole world is watching with great interest the remarkable changes that a taking place in China particularly in Shanghai,

a thriving and rebust megalopolis.


To our great amazement, this country boasts a two-and-half decade persistent economic growth, which is unequalled elsewhere in the world.

令人惊讶的是,25 年来中国经济强劲持续增长,没有哪一个国家可以与其媲美。

7. This is a country with the fastest growing economy in the world.


8. China's miraculous rise as one of the strongest economic powers in the Asian-Pacific region has attracted a growing number

of business and financial giants in our country to invest in China, particularly to invest in a number of long-term projects in Shanghai and its surrounding areas.



9. Over the last few year, there has never been any place other than Pudong that holds so much attraction for our people in

the business community.


10. It is with this awareness that we have come here to seek better ways of promoting our economic and financial cooperation.


11. One of the objectives of my mission is to sign our Investment Protection Agreement.


12. I am also seeking possibilities of establishing, through partnership with our Chinese colleagues, consultancy services for transnational corporations in Shanghai.



13. Last but not the least, I would like to extend in person our official invitation to the mayor of Shanghai.


14. We would like His Honor to visit the city of San Francisco at his earliest convenience, so as to give us an opportunity to return the warm reception and hospitality we enjoy here.


15. I greatly cherish the close relationship between our two cities.


16. I also greatly value the position we enjoy as one of your most important trading partners.


17. In spite of the worldwide economic recession in recent years, there has been a steady growth in our economic cooperation and trade volume.


18. It is our sincere wish that we continue to work closely together to enhance our friendly relationship and to ensure a sustained growth in our economic, financial and trade cooperation.


17. On the occasion of this reception, I wish Mr. Major and all our Chinese friends present here tonight good health! Thank you!






1. It is with great pleasure that I extend a warm welcome to the Chinese Provincial Trade Delegation.


2. I am very happy that you are here to attend the opening ceremony of the Canadian Industrial Exhibition.


3. I would like to take this opportunity to convey to our Chinese guests the warm greetings from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.


4.This exhibition is a display of recent industrial achievements in Canada, as well as a showplace of our high-tech advances in such areas as aviation, machine tool, electronics, coal mining, power generation equipment, off-shore oil exploration, automobiles, covering all sections of Canadian industry.



5. I am very proud that some of the exhibits are the products from some Canadian-Chinese joint ventures.


6. Although these products are a mere fraction of all our exhibits, they mark the arrival of a new era of the economic and

scientific and technological cooperation between our two great nations.


7. Our cooperation is one of great promise.


8. As you know, "A good beginning is half the battle."

众所周知: " 好的开始是成功的一半。"

9.This exhibition is expected to provide further opportunities for collaborative efforts between the local technology researchers and their international counterparts. We believe the exhibition of high and new technology is the best way to forster international cooperation on science and technology, as well as to facilitate innovations in industries.



10.In the future, we will host more specialized exhibitions on science and technology,such as mental amd metallurgy, chemical engineering, textile machinery, foodtech and aviation. With the help of those exhibitions , we will gradually create an international marketplace for innovation, science and technology, and provide networking opportunities within the industry.



11. The Chinese Provincial Trade Delegation is the largest visiting group to attend our exhibition and I wish my Chinese friends

a most rewarding visit.


12. The exhibition center covers an area of 50,000 square meters and has a floor space of 25,000 square meters. Facilities of

the center include a main exhibition hall, with four special-purpose exhibition halls around it, and a multi-functional conference

hall. 展会中心占地 50000 平方米,建筑面积为 25000 平方米。中心设施包括一个主要展厅,周围有四个特殊用途展厅,还有一个



汉译英 :


Mr. Chairmen, Ladies and Gentlemen:


It is my great honor to declare the commencement of Beijing International Conference on Intellectual Property Rights.


On behalf of the Chinese Government and people, and in my own name, I would like to extend my warm welcome to all the delegates and guests.


I would also like to express my congratulations on the successful opening of the conference in Beijing.


I wish to thank all the members of the organizing committee for their hard work,

which has made this conference possible.


The violation of intellectual property rights has become a serious problem facing the world today.



Every year, for example, the computer software industry throughout the world suffers a heavy financial loss for world-wide reckless piracy, a loss which consequently compels the programmers and the manufacturers of published software to raise the retail prices, thus shifting part of their loss to honest users.


The protection of intellectual property rights has become a growing concern among all the nations of the international community. 9.参加本次会议的各国代表都希望能携手合作,共同打击侵权行为,遏制盗版恶流的蔓延。

The participating countries at this conference have expressed their hope for joint efforts to fight the violation of the

copyrighted property and stop the wicked spread of piracy.


I am convinced that this conference will reach an agreement of intellectual property rights.


I wish the conference a complete success!




Respectable Madam Chairperson, Representatives of the Conference, Ladies and Gentlemen:



In this most beautiful autumn season, we welcome in Beijing the opening of the fourth World Conference on Women, the largest and one of the most important international meetings of its kind in world history.

3.联合国185 个成员国的代表、联合国组织和个区域性国际组织的代表,以及2000 多个非政府组织的代表再次聚会,她们将庄严宣誓,要迅速采取行动,消除歧视妇女的现象,使妇女能够尽快与男子一起创造和分享21 世纪的和平与繁荣。Representatives from 185 UN member states, from the United Nations and international organizations of various regions, as well as from over 2000 non- governmental groups, gather together to make a solemn promise that they will take rapidly action to eliminate discrimination against women, so that they can quickly join with men to create and share peace and prosperity of the 21th century. 4.男女平等实属天经地义。

Equality between men and women is fully justified.


Back in the early days of human history, women and men jointly built their homelands, shared wild fruits and trophies and brought up the younger generation.


However, for many centuries women were denied the basic right to equality with men, and deprived of their dignity and the decision-making power over affairs of the state and of the family.


The world has long been under control of men.


Regarded unfortunately as second-class citizens, women are frequently subject to discrimination, violence and humiliation.


However, things will eventually return to their original nature.


Today, equality between men and women is generally recognized as a basic human right by the international community and

has been written into the Charter of the United Nations.



Over the past half century, intuitive men and courageous women across the world have made tremendous efforts and, to a large extent, successfully in enabling females, who make up half of humanity, to regain equal rights with men.


加男男女女能作为平等的伙伴共同步入 21 世纪。

We place our hope on the current World Conference on Women because it will take more effective steps to speed up the process of enhancing the status of women worldwide, so that men and women across the world will enter the 21 century in equal partnership.



We place the hope on the current World Conference on Women because we are convinced this conference will promote mutual understanding and friendly exchanges between various nations, particularly between women, so that countries around world will

also share the partnership.



1. 1 月 17 日中美终于在谈判的最后一刻在北京达成了一项纺织品贸易双边


China and United States averted a potential trade war by coming to a last minute the

agreement on bilateral textile trade in Beijing on January 17 。

2.经过三天共11 个小时的激烈谈判,双方签署了一项谅解备忘录。

After 11 hours of intense negotiations over a three-day period, the memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed.


Jennifer Hillman, chief US trade negotiator, and Wu Yi, Minister of China's Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, attended and spoke at the signing ceremony.

4. Hillman: China is the largest exporter of textile to the United States.


5. The new agreement is a positive sign of our cooperative bilateral relations.


6. I believe this agreement will ensure the steady growth of Chinese textile exports to my country.


7.吴仪:这项协议的达成将为美国财政部长劳埃德 ?本森率团访华,为中国副总理兼外交部长钱其琛与美国国务卿沃伦?克里斯托


The conclusion of this agreement will create a positive atmosphere for the China tour led by US Treasure Secretary Lloyd Benson and the upcoming meeting between China Vice-Premier and Foreign Minister Qian Qichen and US Secretary of State Warren Christopher in Paris.


China and United States are economically complementary.



US capital, technology and equipment are conductive to China's modernization drive, while China's potentially huge market

and abundant source of labor are important to US economy.

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