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1、Don’t let the failure discourage you.Try again.

2、He dropped out of college after only two weeks.

3、He spoke very highly of her.

4、Peter took advantage of his visit to London to improve his English.

5、The chairman agreed to conside r my suggestion.

6、The idea needs to be tried out.

7、The new road is a major government project.

8、This is our greatest and most encouraging progress; in short, a triumph.

9、The house has belonged to our family for a long time.

10、There was a pause in the talk when Mary came in.

11、We all look forward to your next visit to Nanjing.

12、She discovered that she had lost her purse.

13、The plane will land in five minutes.

14、It used to be thought that the earth was flat.

15、Everyone is fascinated by the singer’s amazing voice.

16、My parents are thinking of spending their holiday in France.

17、She’s very modes t about her success.

18、Most plants require sunlight.

19、Be careful to your words when talking to elderly people.

20、Mother called again to make certain that the new air-conditioner would be delivered the next day.

21、I presented a bunch of flowers to Mrs.Link last Christmas.

22、Jack wrapped the gift in a piece of colored paper.

23、Shall I make the introduction? Robert, this is Julia.

24、My mom cleans the house every day and keeps everything in order.

25、This idea appeared in many books.

26、The People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949.

27、When will the work on the highway be completed?

28、Oranges are my favorite fruit.

29、Hans Andersen created many lovely characters.

30、The business has expanded from having one office to having twelve.

31、Did you have fun at Disneyland last summer?

32、His lies brought to an end his friendship with Mike.

33、I’ll help you as far as I can.

34、He had included a large number of funny stories in the speech.

35、These greenbelts protect 500,000 acres of farmland against moving sands.

36、The TV program is shown to call people’s attention to water pollution in China.

37、A soft wind caused ripples on the surface of the lake.

38、The children formed a circle around her.

39、My mother measured me for a new dress.

40、The park lies at the center of the city.

41、The train would pull out soon. We ran like mad to catch it.

42、My old grandmother has difficulty in remembering things.

43、The company employed about 100 men.

44、She checked the letter before sending it.

45、We are not prepared to accept the big change in the plan.

46、It’s too late to go to the basketball match now; besides, it’s beginning to rain.

47、We’ve been hunting for the lost boy all over the town.

48、It’s a good habit to go for a walk after supper.

1、Here is my card. Let’s keep in touch.

2、Don’t forget to come to my birthday party tomorrow. I won’t.

3、The number of people invited was fifty, but a number of them were absent for different reasons.

4、Lisa has three brothers-in-law.

5、This is not your shirt, but your brother’s.

6、How beautifully she sings! I have never heard a better voice.

7、The boy wanted to ride his bicycle in the street, but is mother told him not to.

8、Next to the table were two old chairs and some books.

9、If by any chance anyone comes to see me, ask them to leave a message.

10、There is a lot of sugar in the jar.

11、This radio is almost the same as hers.

12、She told me two stories, but neither of them was interesting.

13、I agree with most of what you said, but I don’t agree with everything.

14、The doctor said that she would try her best to cure me.

15、Many young people read the English newspaper called The 21st Century in order to improve their English.

16、Which newspaper do you think is the most popular with young people in Australia?

17、I was in the kitchen cooking something when the doorbell rang.

18、There was a swimming pool in the school.

19、When will those shops open? I don’t know when those shops will open.

20、Please remind me that I must call her before nine.

21、They were all tired, but none of them would stop to take a rest.

22、Why don’t we take a little break? Didn’t we just have one a while ago?

23、What did you think of her speech? She spoke for an hour but didn’t say much.

24、As she was reading the newspaper, Granny fell asleep.

25、Helen had left her keys in the office so she had to wait until her husband came home.

26、The visiting minister expressed his satisfaction with the talks, adding that he had enjoyed his stay here,

27、We decided not to climb the mountains because it was raining heavily.

28、If I had a long enough holiday I’d visit Europe, stopping at all the small interesting places.

29、Would you like a cup of coffee or s hall we get down to business right away?

30、Mother was worried because little Alice was ill, especially as Father was away in France.

31、I don’t know the restaurant, but it’s said to be quite a good one.

32、Can I join your club, Dad? You can when you get a bit older.

33、It’s nearly seven o’clock. Jack can be here at any moment.

34、I don’t like the way you speak to her.

35、I have never heard of anything more exciting than this.

36、We’d better complete the job with less money and fewer people.

37、It is dangerous for people to cross the strees if they don’t observe the traffic rules.

38、Would you mind meeting me here at nine o’clock?

39、When we are in trouble they often help us.

40、I was so sleepy that I could hardly keep my eyes open yesterday evening.

41、With the help of the guide dog, the old man paid his son a visit.

42、Because of bad weather we had to have our physical education class in the classroom.

43、I often dream of seeing my old friends.

44、In the end they succeeded in finishing the task at t he end of June.

45、Can you translate the passage into English?

46、We couldn’t help being moved when we heard the hero’s story.

47、Please pay twenty dollars for these, the dictionary included.

48、When he became a famous poet he was in his early thirties.

49、You had bette r not smoke here. This is a publice place.

50、The teacher shared the tasks among all the children in her class.

51、The new student got along well with other classmates.

52、She looked up his number in the phone book to make sure that she had got it right.

53、My friend Mary is becoming more and more interested in Chinese food.

54、Waiter! Yes sir?

55、All the members in our group like football.

56、The composition needs checking before it is handed in.

57、The pen I can using now belongs to my brother.

58、Do you usually go to see the doctor alone or with your mother?

59、Mr. Brown caught several fish and then set them free, which he thought was a good way to spend time.

60、You didn’t need to tell him that secret, for he would learn about it soon anyway.

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