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Unit 1


The village is so close to the border that the villagers live in constant fear of attacks from the enemy.


In only twenty years the country was transformed into an advanced industrial power.


The company has evolved into one of the major chemical manufacturing bases in this region. 4、鉴于目前的金融形势,美元进一步贬值(devalue)是不可避免的。

Given the current financial situation, it is inevitable that the US dollor will be further devalued.


The government’s call for suggestions about the control of water pollution produced very little response from the citizens.


The weather showed no signs of getting better so the government called upon us to get prepared for floods.


At one time scientists thought there was nothing smaller than an atom but now most people know that an atom consists of even smaller particles.


The students are all very much concerned about the World Cup. Speaking at least two hours every day watching the live matches on TV.


The department store lost out because loans were very hard to come by and it could not start business on time.


We can’t to there for a walk because there is a navy base there, which is off limits to tourists.

Unit 2


He really know a lot about theory, but when it comes to actual work,he seems to be quite ignorant.


The newest survey showed that the majority of citizens support/supported the goveronment’s plan to build a library.


The two countries could reach agreement successfully on scientific and technological cooperation because several factors favorable to their cooperation had been at work.


I saw the film when I in primary school, but just won’t come to mind this moment.


He has been stuck with heavy debt though he works about twelve hours every day on average.


Is it necessary to know his height? To me,it is irrelevant to whether he can be a good lawyer or not.


The cupboard is build into the wall so that it both saves space and is convenient to use.


These worker can earn more than wo do, but the other side of the coin is that their job is more dangerous./


Helen majors in economics at the university at the same time she studies philosophy as her second major.


What is the most important is that you must find out and solve the problems by yourselves. It makes no difference whether I go there or not.

Unit 3


Most people strongly believe that the court will no doubt punish the bank robbers severely.


The medical workers overcame one difficulty after another in their long-term quest for a cure for the disease.


Acting on the information they received, the police closed off the streets and caught the bank robbers.


We were amazed at learning that the newly-built TV factory can produce 500,000 TV sets in the first year.


The government is looking into the causes of so many layoffs and is trying to help the laid-off workers to be re-employed.


To expand the sales of its product, the company has taken up various measures to open up new markets and to improve its services.


He has neglected his studies to such an extent that I am afraid it is impossible for him to catch up with the other students in a month.


The fireworks factory was closed last month for failing to comply with the government safety regulations.


It remains to be seen whether our football team can beat its opponent.


Mr. Smith predicted that the recent oil discoveries, together with the use of new technologies, would lead to a decline in the price of crude oil.

The increase in the price of oil A accident EJKIG LAHFD There are two types of people DACCB

Anne Whitney,a sophomore at Colorado State University CDBCA If the sun has enough power to warm and light CABDD BDBAA CDBDC DACAC

Rich-poor Divide Serious, Study Find

About 90 percent of Chinese believe the polarization between the rich and poor is "serious" in China, NYYNYYY a measure of income inequality offices are increasingly open-plan ban MP3 players from the workplace

Ronaldo More "Valuable" Than Ronaldinho

Ronaldo's hotel room topped that of team mate Ronaldinho's in an eBay online auction (拍卖) ending on May 29, NYYNNYY be given signed Brazilian football shirts watch England's opening World Cup match having the "smile of a peasant"

Low Expectations Are the Key to Happiness

Having extremely high expectations for yourself or others may not be such a good thing after all, YYYNNYN the happier a nation and a person can be to encourage those who have newly entered adulthood to become self-reliant members of society new responsibilities

Yao Says "Games First, Babies Second"

China's newly wed basketball sensation, Yao Ming, said babies would take a back-seat to Olympic NNYNNYY a big bonus serving tea pottery and porcelain industry

Biotech Foods Produce Mixed Feelings in US

Americans are still split in their opinions about genetically engineered foods (转基因食品).YNYYYYY strong and continuous prices down genetically engineered organisms

Genetic Map Points Way to an Improved Honey Bee Scientists now have a genetic map of the world's most important insect —important

to the food supply.YYNNNNY nectar pollination makes the heart and lungs work harder and increases oxygen use

The Winners Teach Us How to Learn From Failure

Sometimes life is unfair and frustrating, but knowing how to approach failure can be the first step to success. F NG NG FF NG F bounce back out of boredom things have come full circle

Save Your Own Life

How to Survive ...

NGTFFFFNG trap moisture playing dead fight through his fear

Much to the delight of horse lovers everywhere, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill (H.R. 503) in September 2006 outlawing the sale and transport of horses for slaughter (屠杀) for human consumptio CBDAB In the past, the horse was considered a livestock for farm work or transportation. Now it is treated as a symbol of wealth The horses can be sold privately only if they are not sold for slaughter

In China, tea fell out of favor as a drink during the years of the Mongol Yuan Dynasty (1280-1368 CBDAC Tea is brewed by steeping loose leaves in boiling water Because tea was a drink that would take on literary, artistic and even religious implications, as in the example of "Ch’a Ching Transportation facilities in Egypt are centered in Cairo and largely follow the pattern of settlement along the Nile DBACC

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