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精品文档Unit 1

8) construct 5)crippled 6)genuine 7) 2) alternative 3)initial 4) universal P20 1、1)tackle impressive9) shallow

captured 16) 15) rough entitled 13) contact 14) constant P2110) react 11) generate 12)

5) find it in 4) count…against 2、1) In any case 2) took hold 3) root out 17) move 18) put

6) aware of 7) do her wrong myself to

6) heal 7) treat 、P228) like it or not 11) cured 2) heal 3) treated 4) cure 5) treated

2) The production here needs temperatures lower 、1) Action speaks louder than words P232is There 4) rather than throw them away degrees than 25 Celsius 3) I like to keep things

d rather leav

e her job than (be forced to) work for that boss ' 5) Shenobody here other than me

6) 5) studying 2) to thank P241、1) preparing 3) repairing/to be repaired 4) to get

8)to reduce 9) to leave 10) worrying 7) missing being treated

4)Deeply hiding 3) surprised, leaves P25 2、1) kept nodding, rather confused 2) Fallen

6) Being, interested moved 5) following

about 7) realize/remember CLOZE1) harmonious 2)that 3) ironically 4)For 5)recover 6) go 13)emotional 8) hardest 9) unfair 10) who 11)forgiveness 12)dealing with


1. In life our stupidiest course of action is to cling too much to what we have and refuse to let go.

2. I'm willing to work in the IT industry, but have no idea how to go about it.

3. Many people are aware of the importance of living in harmony with nature.

4. Problems like the generation gap cannot be swept under the carpet.

5. I never did understand what was eating away at her.

6. He has been at peace with the world all his life.

7. He did not speak out/say what he thought. For one thing, she might not understand. For another,

he was afraid that she might not forgive him.

8. As the years rooled by, he became increasingly interested in /fascinated

Unit 2

8) c 7) i P48 1、1)b 2)f 3) d 4) h 5) j 6) a

4) fall/get into debt 5) played the 2) without so much as P49 3、3) may well 1)bound for

7) put my name up for 8) was bestowed on

fool 6) on earth

8) response 3) stretched remedy 4) confine 5)remarkable 6)owe 7) lower P52 1) emphasize 2)

9) reveal 10)characterized 11)picture 12)adopt 13)proposed

5) on earth 1) singled out for 2) kept back 3)all but 4) in search of 14) trembling P53 2、8) took in

7) first and foremost 6) in particular

5)thirsty for 2) bound 3)aware of 4)appreciative of of 、P54 11) for responsible 10)suitable for 8) noted for 9) independent of 6) worthy of 7)capable of

6)glad 4)asleep 5)cheerful 3)sleeping 1) similar 2)alike/similar 、P55 210)alive

9)living 7)afraid/frightened 8)frightened

3) a forgetful person 2)a hopeful man / person in politics 、3 1) a delightful holiday

6) a spoonful of water

5) a handful of rice 4) a masterful manager

9) a mouthful of wine

8) a roomful of students P56 7) an armful of newspapers

2)贺卡上印有“新年快乐”的字样,下面还有一条附言。英译汉2. 1)杰克,有你的电话。)你的笔写5)物体受热时膨胀。3P57)给了他们两天的时间来为会议做必要的准备。4


精品文档起来很流畅。汉译英3.s territory. '1)It is known to all that these islands have always been part of China2) When you plan a project, all these factors ought to be taken into consideration.

3) The/These children are well taken care of / are taken good care of in the nursery.

4) The car is too old; it needs repairing/to be repaired.

5) The question has been much talked about on TV recently.


7) granted 8) aware 2) circumstances 3) as if 4) value 5) which 6)constant 1) set

9) characterizes 10)appreciate 11) who 12) damage 13) stricken 14) during

P58汉译英1) Such a sight always moves me and sets me thinking.

—you'd have done the same thing under/in similar circumstances.2) Stop scolding/blaming her3)We should be appreciative of/grateful for what we have instead of taking everything for granted.

ge, but it's the same old story of saying one thing and doing another.4) He may promise to chan5) I racked my brains about how to break the terrible news to him.

6) It will be impossible for me to repay my parents for everything they have done for me.

7) For now, it reminds to me to thank you once more for joining us and wish you good luck in

your work.

8) I said right from the beginning that he would cause us trouble.

Unit 3

8) c

4) e 5) b 6) h 7) a P 83 1. 1) d 2) g 3) f

2. 1)establish 2)creep 3)resolve 4)refresh 5)occurrence 6)surplus 7) favourable 8) remark P84

5) walk the streets 6)came on/upon 3. 1) work out 2) unused to 3) out of 4) added to

7) in the mean time

8) F

5) F 6) F 7) T 2. 1) F P852) T 3) F 4) T

6)sufficient 4) neglect 5)crept P87 1. 1) favourable 2) discouraged 3) consented

10)worthy 11)prospects 12)resolved 7) traced 8) somewhat 9) refresh

15) rewarded

13) remarked 14) undergo

6) came across 4) put to the test 5)flooding in 2. 1) pack up 2) many a 3) stay the course plunged …into7) come up wit 8)

9) occurred to

7)worth 5)rough 6) tough 2) neglectful 3) colourful 4)coloured P89 1. 1)neglected 12)respectable 10)favourite 11)respectful 8)worthy 9)favourable


13)respective 14) considerate

8)sheet 7)article 6) can 5) slice P90 2. 1) slice 2) bunch 3) can 4)item

15)bunch 16) item

14)bar 12)article 13) particle 10)bar 9)particle 11)sheet

P91 1. 1) was encouraged/encouraging 2)has lived 3)had worked 4)would spend 5) should go/go 6) would be 7)was waiting 8)was smiling 9)was going 10) got 11)missed 12) go 13) has helped 14) has discovered

P92 2. 1) will have stayed 2) had been lying 3)have been enjoying 4) has been

5)were climbing 6) will object 7) does 8) keep

Cloze 1) for 2) aware 3) affair 4) prospects 5) storage 6)matter 7)plunged

8)break 9)offered 10)dancing 1 1)cleared 12) welled up 13)stic 14)sacrifices 15) published 精品文档.



1) Rumor has it that his new book is based on a true story about a family in a small Tennessee town.

2) He teaches in a middle school, but he does some translation work on the side to bring extra cash/money.

and between confidence there is a difference It's 3) good to be confident (about yourself), but conceit.

4) Only those who stick it out can achieve success. Those who give up halfway will never realize their dreams.

5) A true hero possesses/has courage, a noble purpose and a willingness to make sacrifices.

6) Anyone who picked up this novel and reads the first paragraph will be hard pressed to put it down.

7) In a sense, life is like swimming; if you keep holding on to the sides of the pool, you (will) never learn.

8) The future of a nation depends in a large measure upon the quality of education and training. Unit 4



1)a bad day

victim learn from 2)good mood


affect 3)choices react to

chances of success enjoy life more 4)feel better


8) d 7) j 3) a 4) g 5) h 6) c 1.1) b 2) f


4) To my horror

2) consider yourself as 3) unworthy of 3. 1) admit into

7) are / feel disposed to s eye 6) (in) one way or another 5) in her mind'8) give it a try

7) T 3) F 6) F 4) T 5) F 1.1) T 2) T


7) crises 6) address 2) focused 3) perspective 4) tense 5) shape 1) positive 14) rare 13) outcome 12) ignored 10) conversely 11) issue curse 8) 9) incredible

18) rejected 17) quit 15) transform 16) accomplish



3) makes a difference

2) have lived through 1) (in) one way or another

8) in reverse 7) pulled over 5) concerned with 6) slipped over 4) Give it a / another try


5) unconscious 4) declined 2) Concerning 3) reject 1) concerned

rise 10) 9) raise 6) subconscious 7) former 8) preceding


5) make 4) do take 2) make 3) 1) does

10) took 8) taken 9) making 6) Take 7) done

e 6) 5) c b 3) 2) a 1) d 3.

f 4)


精品文档Task 1P122-123

will hear / are going to hear go; will be / is going to be / is to be; 1)

are going to swim / are swimming / are to swim 2)

will be / is going to be / is to be; 3)

shall discuss / are going to discuss / are discussing / will discuss / are to discuss

will be / is going to be / is / is to be; 4)

will be / are going to be / are to be

will be opened / is going to be opened / is opened / is to be opened; 5)

will not be / is not going to be / is not

are to keep

Task 2

4) shall / will be having 3) will do am changing, will be 2) have used 1) are, will be;

8) should / would have got 7) will have turned 5) will / are going to break 6) would take

10)would be sitting / would sit 9)shall have been working


5) Conversely 3) necessity 4) perform 1) perspective 2) despair

10) recognize 9) achieve 8) as 6) prophecy 7) where

14) concerned 13) channels 11) dealt with 12) attitude



Only those who have lived through a similar experience can fully appreciate this. 1)

(The only people who can fully appreciate this are those who have lived through a similar experience.)

Scientists have been hard pressed to figure out how these particles form and interact (with


one another).

d lik

e to express my special thanks to everyone who has contributed over the years in one


way or another.

The individual success of the employees in a team environment results in success for the



The war, although successful in military terms, left the economy almost in ruins. 5)

He decided to channel his energies into something useful, instead of being glued to the TV


set all day long.

(He decided to channel his energies into something useful, instead of sitting in front of the

TV set all day long.)

s a difference between strength and courage. It takes strength to survive. It takes

There7) 'courage to live.

She was by nature a very affectionate person, always ready to give a helping hand to others. 8) 精品文档.

精品文档 1. P168

8) infinite 6) guarantee 7) variety 3) function 4) casual 5) conventions 2) 1) visible 15) 13) staff 14) consult 10) charm 11) internal 12) ounce emerged 9) dilemma challenging

6) 5) show up light 3) shake off 4) disapprove of run 2. 1) become of 2) the (red)

8) inside out 7) make out inasmuch as


3) Would address a meeting 1.1) faked my signature 2) would be / was addressing a meeting

6) 4) enforce them 5) constitutes a major threat their right to free speech had been violated

7) Here are some examples be restrained / restrain himself From doing too much heavy work

8) generate a feeling / sense of accomplishment

that can demonstrate

5) Though / 3) as 4) In spite of / Despite 2. 1) regardless of 2) While / Though / Although 9) disregard 7) regardless of 8) in spite of / despite Although / While 6) as


softened 7) has ensure 5) entitled 6) hardened 1) empower 2) enable 3) encamped 4) 10) hastened 9) frightened 8) threateded


P1726) whose 7) whom 4) which 5) when 1) where 2) why 3) who


1) The girls whom he employs are always complaining about their poor-paying jobs.

2) He was educated at the local grammar school, after which he went on to Cambridge.

3) This is John, with whose help I have finally come out of my financial trouble.

4) We were shown pictures of an African village, which was threatened by growing poverty. was she man with whom a strange hairstyle. / The 5) She was dancing with a man who had dancing had a strange hairstyle.

6) He paid me 10 dollars for washing 10 windows, most of which hadn't been washed for at least

a year.


simply 6) which 5) constitute 2) based 3) traits 4) 1)

12) function 11) interaction talent 10) dilemma 7) despite 8) 9) wonder 15) character issues 13) figures 14) who


He consults for out company and we often consult him when we encounter problems in 1) our work.

--- you'll never get away with it.Don't try to cheat 2)

face. He is a the difficulties that he may My father is always optimistic, regardless of 3) positive role model for us.

and China's 1920's durina big family g of the 4) This novel describes ups and downs 1930's.It is not enough to act in good faith. We also need to act reasonably.


You may score good marks by burning the midnight oil before the exams, but in the long 6) run you have to study hard every day to achieve academic excellence.

Don't stare at the computer screen for too long. Raise your eyes once in a while and look 7) into the distance.



8) It's to your advantage to learn from the mistakes of others.



1) positive 2) focused 3) perspective 4) tense 5) shape 6) address 7) crises 8) curse 9) incredible 10) conversely 11) issue 12) ignored 13) outcome 14) rare 15) transform 16) accomplish 17) quit 18) rejected


1) (in) one way or another 2) have lived through 3) makes a difference 4) Give it a/another try 5) concerned with 6) slipped over 7) pulled over 8) in reverse



1) concerned 2) Concerning 3) reject 4) declined 5) unconscious 6) subconscious 7) former 8) preceding 9) raise 10) rise


1) does 2) make 3) take 4) do 5) make 6) Take 7) done 8) taken 9) making 10) took

3 d a f b c e



1) will be/is going to be/is to be go will hear/are going to hear

2) are going to swim/are swimming/are to swim

3) will be/is going to be/is to be

shall discuss/are going to discuss/are discussing/will discuss/are to discuss

4) will be/is going to be/is/is to be will be/are going to be/are to be

5) will be opened/is going to be opened/is opened/ is to be opened

will not be/is not going to be/is not are to keep

1) are, will be; am changing, will be 2) have used 3) will do 4)

shall/will be having 5) will/ are going to break 6) would take 7) will have turned 8) should/would have got 9) shall have been working 10) would be sitting/ would sit


1) perspective 2) despair 3) necessity 4) perform 5) Conversely

6) prophecy

7) where 8) as 9) achieve 10) recognize 11) dealt with 12) attitude 13) channels 14) concerned


1.Only those who have lived through a similar experience can fully appreciate this. /

The only people who can fully appreciate this are those who have lived through a similar experience.

2. Scientists have been hard pressed to figure out how these particles form and interact (with one another). / …are formed…

3. I'd like to express my special thanks to everyone who has contributed over the years in one way 精品文档.


or another.

4. The individual success of the employees in a team environment results in success for the company.

5. The war, although successful in military terms, left the economy almost in ruins.

6. He decided to channel his energies into something useful, instead of being glued to the TV set all day. / instead of sitting in front of the TV set all day long.

7. There is a difference between strength and courage. It takes strength to survive. It takes courage to live.

8. She was by nature a very affectionate person, always ready to give a helping hand to others. Unit 6



1) c 2) d 3) e 4) a 5) b 6) I 7) f 8)



1) b 2) a 3) c 4) a 5) c


1) have got along/on 2) out of date 3) consists of 4) chipped away at 5) for the most part 6) getting a grip on 7) make sense 8)

put into action

P 202


1) objective 2) current 3) double 4) exhibit 5) eliminate 6) integrated 7) outstanding 8) strategies 9) similarities 10) striving/strive 11) narrows 12) logical 13) mysterious 14) thick 15) painful

1) at rest 2) without regard to 3) rely on/upon 4) take a chance 5) for the most part 6) in this regard 7) make sense 8) on the sidelines



1) to 2) with 3) at 4) with 5) from 6) beyond 7) from 8) on 9) for 10) to


1) in the way that 2) though/although 3) when 4) since 5)

used in a comparison 6) though 7) used in a comparison 8) because 9) while 10) in the way that


1) a. supposition b. supposed c. supposedly d. supposed

2) a. conservative b. conserve c. conservation

3) a. Predictably b. prediction c. predict d. predictable

4) a. ridiculous b. ridiculed c. ridiculously d. ridicule

5) a. creation b. creatively c. create d. creative/created

6) a. original b. originally c. origin d. originated

Grammar review




1) of which 2) for which 3) in which 4) in whom 5) of which 6) to which 7) for which 8) at which


1) as you describe/ have described/ described 2) as concern everyone of us 3) As is well known 4) As we all can see 5) As you show/ as you have shown for your teacher 6) As is reported/ announced in today's papersCloze

1) concentration 2) focus 3) recharge 4) opposite 5)

solving 6) generate 7) switch 8) introversion 9) distinguish 10) traits 11) yet 12) passion 13) being 14) quality


1) It is only by trail and error that we learn and progress / make progress.

2) You should know that the education of the heart is very important. It will distinguish you from others.

3) A person who strives for perfection tends to have a low threshold of pain. Things around bother them.

4) They regard honesty as a matter of principle and they are willing to sacrifice everything for its sake.

5) People judge you by the company you keep. You are inviting trouble if you get into bad company.

6) Speaking your mind without regard to other people's feelings is not a virtue.

7) Her sensitivity exposes her to more suffering and pain than ordinary people can imagine.

We must awaken people to the need to protect our environment.


Words in action:

1. 1. viewpoint

2. conventional

3. typical

4. merely

5. valid

6. productive

7. asses


9. employment 10. convey 11. competent 12. objective 13. professional 14. reserve 15. shift 16. dismiss 17. personally 18. strengths 19. intense 20 norms

2. 1. in reserve 2. To his credit 4. in person 5. take up 6. follow the herd 7. asses/judge …on its (own) merits 8. takes an …turn


1. to on to about, of to on, with to, with on to to

2. deep total heavy high deep strong high heavy close total


Grammar review

1. 1. what

2. whether

3. whose

4. whoever

5. what

6. where

7. how

8. which

9.that 10. that

2. 1.The children said they had seen some of those animated cartoons .

2.John said that he knew he wouldn't be able to do it.\

3.Marry said that Joe couldn't have done such a thing, for he was such a conscientious young man.

4. Last Friday Mary asked John whether /if he was going to plant trees with them the nest day.

5. He asked John how long he had been waiting for them.

6. The old lady downstairs told us to be quiet after midnight.

7. The monitor remained us not to forget to take our notebooks with us.



8. John remarked what a lovely house it was.



1. being

2. who

3. essential

4. employee

5. role

6. goals

7. specific

8. common

9. on 10 line 11. mean 12. agree 13 offer


1. We have worked together for a long time and have never let our differing opinions get in the way of our friendship.

2. This agreement will pave the way for a lasting peace between the two countries.

3. They usually don't mention their requirements until you are beginning to let your defenses down.

4. You should have the courage for face your own mistakes. Don't try to shift the blame onto others when things go wrong.

5. If you are more often than not affected by fear and worry, you will find this book very useful.

6. Now that I have accepted the position, I shall certainly do to the best of my ability all that is required of me.

7. If you don't have a plan of what you will do every day, chances are high that you won't do much.

8. Great minds think alike. Your ideas are completely in line with his.


新世纪大学英语(第二版)综合教程4Lecture Key_U1

Unit One Man and Nature Enhance Your Language Awareness Words in Action ▆Working with Words and Expressions 1.In the boxes below are some of the words you have learned in this unit. Complete the following sentences with the words given. Change the form where necessary. ▆ Answers: 1) spark 2) compelled 3) bare 4) scrape 5) destruction 6) output 7) retreat 8) tipped 9) miracle 10) eternal 11) pile 12) transfer 13) mass 14) thereby 15) have emerged 16) trigger 17) threaten 18) consumed 19) hollow 2.In the boxes below are some of the expressions you have learned in this unit. Complete the sentences with them. Change the form where necessary. ▆ Answers: 1) show signs of 2) cope with 3) lives in fear of 4) tough it out 5) cut down 6) from head to foot 7) searched out 8) nothing short of 9) As yet 10) settle in 11) take heart


Unit 1 Part Ⅱ Reading Task Vocabulary Ⅰ1. 1)respectable 2)agony 3)put down 4)sequence 5)hold back 6)distribute 7)off and on 8)vivid 9)associate 10)finally 11)turn in 12)tackle 2. 1)has been assigned to the newspaper’s Paris office. 2)was so extraordinary that I didn’t know whether to believe him or not. 3)a clear image of how she would look in twenty years’time. 4)gave the command the soldiers opened fire. 5)buying bikes we’ll keep turning them out. 3. 1)reputation; rigid; to inspire 2)and tedious; What’s more; out of date ideas 3)compose; career; avoid showing; hardly hold back Ⅱviolating Ⅲ;in upon Comprehensive Exercises ⅠCloze back; tedious; scanned; recall; vivid; off and on; turn out/in; career ; surprise; pulled; blowing; dressed; scene; extraordinary; image; turn; excitement ⅡTranslation As it was a formal dinner party, I wore formal dress, as Mother told me to. 2)His girlfriend advised him to get out of /get rid of his bad habits of smoking before it took hold. 3)Anticipating that the demand for electricity will be high during the next few months, they have decided to increase its production. 4)It is said that Bill has been fired for continually violating the company’s safety rules. /Bill is said to have been fired for continually violating the company’s safety rules. 5)It is reported that the government has taken proper measures to avoid the possibility of a severe water shortage. /The local government is reported to have taken proper measures to avoid the possibility of a severe water shortage. 2.Susan lost her legs because of/in a car accident. For a time, she didn’t know how to face up to the fact she would never (be able to) walk again. One day, while scanning (through) some magazines, a true story caught her eye/she was attracted by a true story. It gave a vivid description of how a disabled girl became a writer. Greatly inspired, Susan began to feel that she, too, would finally be able to lead a useful life. Unit 2 Part ⅡReading Task Vocabulary Ⅰ1. 1)absolutely 2)available 3)every now and then 4)are urging/urged 5)destination 6)mostly 7)hangs out 8)right away 9)reunion 10)or something 11)estimate 12)going ahead 2. 1)in the examination was still on his mind. 2)was completely choked up by the sight of his team losing in the final minutes of the game. 3)was so lost in study that she forgot to have dinner. 4)has come up and I am afraid I won’t be able to accomplish the project on time. 5)of equipping the new hospital was estimated at﹩2 million. 3. 1)were postponed; the awful; is estimated 2)reference; not available; am kind of 3)not much of a teacher; skips; go ahead Ⅱ;on Ⅲor less of/sort of 4. kind of/sort of 5. more or less 6. or something Comprehensive Exercises ⅠCloze up; awful; practically; neighborhood; correspondence; available; destination; reunion; Mostly; postponing; absolutely ; savings; embarrassment; phone; interrupted; touch; envelope; signed; message; needed ⅡHalf an hour had gone by, but the last bus hadn’t come yet. We had to walk home. 2)Mary looks as if she is very worried about the Chinese exam because she hasn’t learned the texts by


Unit Two Optimism and Positive Thinking Enhance Your Language Awareness Words in Action ■ Working with Words and Expressions 1. In the box below are some of the words you have learned in this unit. Complete the following sentences with them. Change the form where necessary. ■ Answers: positive startled perspective harden shape address crises curse incredible 10) conversely 11) issue 12) response 13) prior 14) rare 15) accomplish 2. In the box below are some of the expressions you have learned in this unit. Do you understand their meanings? Do you know how to use them in the proper context? Now check for yourself by doing the blank-filling exercise. Change the form where necessary. ■ Answers: get the hang of have lived through makes a difference have no idea concerned with slipped over ran into in reverse mull over ■ I ncreasing Your Word Power 1. D ecide whether “do ”, “make ”or “take ”is needed to complete each of the following sentences. Change the verb form where necessary. ■ A nswers: does make take do make Take done taken making ))))))))) ))))))))) ))))))))) 10) took


Unit One Living in Harmony Enhance Your Language Awareness Words in Action ▆ Working with Words and Expressions 1.In the boxes below are some of the words you have learned in this unit. Complete the following sentences with them. Change the form where necessary. ▆ Answers: 1)bunch 2)amazed 3)shift 4)bundle 5)drop 6)capacity 7)participating 8)style 9)commerce

10)rob 11)symbol 12)appreciated 13)displayed 14)slip 15)conquer 16)roast 17)figured 2.In the box below are some of the expressions you have learned in this unit. Do you understand their meanings Do you know how to use them in the proper context Now check for yourself by doing the blank-filling exercise. Change the form where necessary. ▆ Answers: 1)in rich contrast to 2)are exposed to 3)risked his life 4)rely on 5)at knife-point 6)stands out


3.Many products for sale seem to scream at us, "Buy me! Buy me!" Advertising is a big busin ess in our world with many products competing for our attention. Think of the last time you boug ht clothes. You probably noticed the variety of colors, patterns, fabrics and brands you could choo se from. Which kind of soft drink would you like to have today or what kind of computer do you want? Advertisers are skilled in the art of making their products look the best to appeal to our se nses. But products aren't always what they seem. Sometimes advertising is deceptive and as cons umers ,we must be careful about what we choose to buy. It is important to learn to compare prod ucts and identify our purpose in purchasing the things we need. But the good thing about advertising is that it helps people to make decisions and refine thei r choices. In the United States, the Ad Council creates timely public service messages to the nation. Th eir purpose is to raise awareness of public problems that citizens can respond to. Inspiring ads ca use individuals to take action and even save lives. Pollution in America, for example has been red uced over the years because of the creative Public Service advertisements that the council provid es" Please, please don't be a litter bug, 'cause every 'litter bit' hurts." Many families have taught t heir children to place litter in the trash can in response to this catchy phrase, which has affected g enerations as each succeeding generation has taught their children not to litter. 4.Nature imposes difficult conditions upon the earth from time to time . The tornado and fo rest fire destroy natural resources ,homes and other structures ,and very often harm or kill peopl e . Technological tragedies happen with little or no warning as we see trains crash and airplanes f all from the sky shortly after take-off. As tragic as calamities are , they seem to bring out the best in human nature . people trained in em ergency care arrive at the scene and begin assisting the inj ured .Others come with equipment to remove debris. Men , women ,and young people willingly c ome to the scene of an accident , hoping to be of help in some way . These selfless acts of kindne ss make our world a better place . compassion eases the wounds of calamities. American Airlines flight number 587 crashed less than three minutes after taking off from JF K Airport in New York in November,2001. Witnesses s aw an engine fire develop on the plane’s nu mber one engine located under the left wing of the aircraft .seconds later ,the airliner crashed int o eight homes ,completely destroying four of them .All 260 people aboard the airplane were kille d along with six people at the crash site ,leaving many people to mourn the loss of their loved on es .the residents (people who live in the area of the crash ) rallied together to comfort those griev ing, while others removed bodies from the wreckage and did the necessary clean-up. 工程实施困难的条件下在地上的时候。龙卷风和森林火灾破坏自然资源,房屋和其他建筑物,和经常伤害或杀死人。技术的悲剧发生在很少或没有预警,因为我们看到火车事故,飞机起飞后不久就从天空坠落。一样悲惨的灾难,他们似乎显示出人性中最好的。在急诊受训的人到达现场并开始帮助受伤的人则跟设备清除残骸。男人,女人,和年轻人自愿来到事故现场,希望能有帮助。这些无私的善举让我们的世界变得更美好。同情减轻灾害的伤口。 美国航空公司587号航班坠毁不到三分钟后从纽约肯尼迪机场起飞,11月2001。目击者看到一个引擎火灾发展在飞机上的1号引擎位于下飞机的左翼,接着后,客机坠毁八家,完全摧毁了四个260名乘客的飞机遇难连同6人在事故现场,造成许多人悼念失去的亲人,居民(住在崩溃的面积)聚集在一起,安慰那些悲伤,而另一些人则从残骸,并把尸体移走必要的清理。 5.Success can be reached in different ways by people in different careers. Bill Gates began at age to program computers,His vision for personal computing has been central to the success of M icrosoft Corporation, the company he founded with his childhood friend in 1975 . The former CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch, is a business legend. A famous quote by Mr. Welch is,” Chang before you have to. ”He believes in leading by example and encourages his empl oyees to do their best every day. Michael Jordan s aid,”I accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying.” He is one of the best athl etes to ever play team sports. His great smile, athletic achievements, and pleasant personality ha ve made him one of the most famous athletes in the world. Michael Jordan spent a lot of time pla ying basketball as a child but in senior middle school he was taken off the team . Instead of giving up , he worked through adversity and became the greatest basketball player yet .


The Answers to Unit 1 Enhance Your Language Awareness (I) Working with Words and Expressions 2. (1) obtain (2) confident (3) communicate (4) advantage (5) relevant (6) helpful (7) extreme (8) enjoyable (9) means (10) process (11) particularly (12) characters (13) astonished (14) apparently 3. (1) fond of (2) is...related to (3) according to (4) To a certain degree (5) vice versa (6) no doubt (7) rid... of (8) cleared up (9) or else (10) at all costs (11) sure enough (12) let alone (13) similar to (14) It's no use (15) in my opinion (16) was worth (II) Increasing Your Word Power 1. (1) c (2) d (3) b (4) b (5) b (6) d 2. (1) highly/very (2) quite/very (3) quite/very/increasingly (4) quite/simply/very 3. Adverbs Adjectives efficiently efficient particularly particular fluently fluent quickly quick cheaply cheap continually continual probably probable adventurously adventurous finally final steadily steady slowly slow solemnly solemn really real apparently apparent tentatively tentative exactly exact 4. No Mistake especial→ especially necessarily → necessary frequent → frequently No Mistake easily → easy No Mistake individually → individual much → many high → highly apparently → apparent remarkably → remarkable probable → probably No Mistake (III) Grammar Task 1: (1) would/should (2) should/would (3) might (4) would (5) must (6) can't (7) should would (8) must Task 2: (1) We passed the afternoon very pleasantly, roller-skating in the sun and talking about our childhood under a tree. / The afternoon passed very pleasantly, while we roller-skated in the sun and talked about our childhood under a tree. (2) On entering the lecture hall, I was surprised at the size of the crowd. / When I entered the lecture hall, I was surprised at the size of the crowd. (3) When I was only a small boy, my father took me to Beijing and we had a lot of fun together. (4) To write well, a person must read good books. (IV) Cloze


Key to Exercises Opener Mary is thinking of getting a tattoo tomorrow afternoon. She asks Mel to join her, but Mel cannot because she has to work tomorrow. And then Mary invites Mel to go to a party tomorrow night. Mel hesitates at first, but finally decides to go with Mary. They will meet at eight o’clock. Abbreviation Meaning 1. TGIF Thank God it’s Friday 2. AMA Ask me anything 3. OMG Oh my God! 4. YOLO You only live once 5. FOMO Fear of missing out 6. FYI For your information 7. LOL Laugh out loud 8. TBH To be honest 9. PPL People 10. ETA Estimated time of arrival Transcript: A: Hey, Mary. B: Hey, Mel. A: TGIF.

B: TGIF. A: Mel, I need some advice on something. B: AMA A: Yeah, thanks. I’m thinking of getting a tattoo. B: OMG! Really Are you serious A: Well, YOLO. B: That’s true. A: Well. B: When are you going to do it A: I’m thinking tomorrow afternoon. Do you want to come B: Oh, I’d love to come, but I’ve got to work tomorrow. Oh, major FOMO. A: What a shame! B: Yeah, A: Well, FYI, there’s a party tomorrow night. And if you are not busy, you can come to that instead. B: I’m not busy, but TBH I really need to take it easy this weekend. A: What That’s so not like you. B: LOL, that’s true. A: Party is in Hackney Wick. It’s gonna be good, good music, good PPL. B: Oh, major FOMO again. Oh, what the hell Yes, why not I’ll go.


Unit1 Working with words and expressions 1. 2. cloze Translation

Answers to Unit 2 Book 4 Unit Two Man and Technology Words in Action Working with Words and Expressions 1. 1) monitor 2) phenomenon 3) isolation 4) gradual 5) opponent 6) advent 7) genetic 8) consciously 9) extreme 10) nasty 11) boom 12) formal 13) soar 14) survey 15) Similarly 16) modify 17) rough 2. 1) at the same time 2) are stuck with 3) for certain 4) make no difference 5) on average 6) when it comes to 7) depends on 8) built into 9) come to mind 10) at work Increasing Your Word Power 1. Adjectives Nouns Adjectives

Nouns 1) technological technology 6) luxurious luxury 2) eternal eternity 7) leisurely leisure 3) miraculous miracle 8) subjective subject 4) relevant relevance 9) prosperous prosperity 5) analytical Analysis 10) innovative innovation 2. 2) multi-faith 3) multiform 4) multifunction 5) multi-ethnic 6) multilateral 7) multi-lingual 8) multimedia 9) multimillionaire 10) multinational 1) a multi-faith society 2) a multi-lingual secretary 3) a multimillionaire 4) a multinational motor-manufacturing corporation 5) a multifunction video camera

新世纪大学英语系列教程第2版综合教程 课后题答案

新世纪大学英语系列教程第2版课后题答案-综合教程 新世纪大学英语系列教程第2版综合教程课后题答案 Unit One Living in Harmony Enhance Your Language Awareness Words in Action ▆ Working with Words and Expressions

1.In the boxes below are some of the words you have learned in this unit. Complete the following sentences with them. Change the form where necessary. ▆ Answers: bunch 1)amazed 2)shift 3)bundle 4)drop 5)capacity 6)participating 7)style 8)commerce 9)rob 10)symbol 11)appreciated 12)displayed 13)slip 14)conquer 15)roast 16)figured 17) 2.In the box below are some of the expressions you have learned in this unit. Do you understand their meanings? Do you know how to use them in the proper context? Now check for yourself by doing the blank-filling exercise. Change the form where necessary. ▆ Answers:


Unit 1 Living in Harmony Enhance Your Language Awareness 1. Text A amaze bunch bundle capacity commerce conquer display drop roast rob style symbol vague figure Text B appreciate participate shift slip 1)My neighbours are a friendly bunch of people. 2)Dave amazed his friends by leaving a well-paid job to travel around the world. 3)The employees in this company work an eight-hour shift . 4)The professor came to the classroom with a bundle of newspapers under his arm. 5)A passenger asked the driver: “Could you drop me off near the post office? I'd like to post a letter.” 6)The little girl's capacity for learning languages astonished me. 7)How many countries will be participating in the Olympic Games? 8)I like the typically French style of living. It is so romantic. 9)They have made their fortunes from industry and commerce . 10)They threatened to shoot him and rob him of all his possessions.

新世纪英语专业综合教程(第二版)第1册 单词

综合教程1 unit1 anguish n. 痛苦;苦恼vt. 使极度痛苦 vi. 感到极度的痛苦 beloved n. 心爱的人;亲爱的教友 adj. 心爱的;挚爱的 breathing n. 呼吸;瞬间;微风 adj. 呼吸的;逼真的 v. 呼吸(breathe的现在分词) confront vt. 面对;遭遇;比较 conspicuously adv. 显著地,明显地;超群地,惹人注目地 evil n. 罪恶,邪恶;不幸 adj. 邪恶的;不幸的;有害的;讨厌的 gracefully adv. 优雅地;温文地 gravely adv. 严重地;严肃地;严峻地;沉重地 haven n. 港口;避难所,安息所 vt. 为……提供避难处;安置……于港中 hoarse adj. 嘶哑的 kneel vi. 跪下,跪 note n. 笔记;音符;票据;注解;纸币;便笺;照会;调子vt. 注意;记录;注解part n. 部分;角色;零件adj. 部分的 vt. 分离;分配;分开adv. 部分地 vi. 断裂;分手 porch n. 门廊;走廊 rest n. 休息,静止;休息时间;剩余部分;支架vt. 使休息,使轻松;把…寄托于vi. 休息;静止;依赖;安置 rosebush n. 蔷薇丛;玫瑰丛;灌木 shudder n. 发抖;战栗;震动 vi. 发抖;战栗 summon vt. 召唤;召集;鼓起;振作 bring back 拿回来;使…恢复;使…回忆起来 give in v. 屈服;让步;交上 hand in hand 手拉手地;联合 have sth. in common 有共同之处 laughter and tears lock sth. away through one’s tears well up 涌出;流露;萌发


Teaching Planning College English Integrated Course Book Three Unit Two The Freedom Givers Zhong wen 1.Background Information Teacher: zhong wen Students: 56 sophomores Content of the textbook: unit-2 text A the Freedom Givers Textbook: foreign language teaching and research press Time duration:10 minutes 2.Textbook Analysis The author tells three stories about the Underground Railroad and early Black civil rights movement. The three stories are chosen because they are representative of all participants in this movement: John Parke r is a freed slave who later turned into a courageous “conductor”; Levi Coffin is a brave white “conductor”; Josiah Henson is a slave who struggled his way to freedom with the help of the Underground Railroad. We learn about the name of Josiah Henson at the beginning of the text, yet his full story is not told until the last part. In this way the author achieves coherence of text. 3.Students Analysis The class is made up of 56 students, with 30 girls and 26 boys ,who have a good knowledge of Basic English, but know very little about the American culture behind the language. So in this introduction part, It is necessary to introduce some background information to the students before reading 4.Teaching Objectives Students will be able to: 1.understand the main idea(early civil-rights struggles in the US, esp. the underground Railroad) 2.grasp the key language points and grammatical structures in the text, 3.conduct a series of reading, listening, speaking and writing activities related to the theme of the unit 4.Appreciate the various techniques employed by the writer (comparison and contrast, topic sentence followed by detail sentences, use of transitional devices,etc.); 5.Teaching Procedures: Greetings Step 1 Lead-in T: Today we are going to talk about the ethic heroes in American history, before the class, I’d like to introduce the slavery to all of you. T: Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States, during his term of office; he led the civil war and abolished the slavery. T: In the battle against slavery, not only did the president try his best to abolish this system, but also the people, especially the black people living in the South America try hard to fight for their own feat. Today, we will introduce some freedom givers in the American history. Before