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Unit 1

1. 无论你是多么富有经验的演说家,无论你做了多么充分的准备,你都很难在这样嘈杂的招待会上发表演讲。

No matter how experienced a speaker you are, and howwell youhave prepared your speech, you willhave difficulty makinga speech at such a noisy reception.

2. 就像吉米妹妹的朋友都关心吉米一样,吉米也关心他们。

Justas allhis sister'sfriends cared about him,Jimmy caredabout them.


Carmanufacturers stamp avehicle identification number atseveral places on new carsto helptrack downstolen vehicles.


If you dare tellonmewhen theteachergets back I won'tsay a word to you any more.

5. 有些老年人愿意独自过日子,但大多数老人选择和儿女一起生活。

Someelderly people prefer toliveon their ownwhile thegreat ma jority choose tolive withtheirchildren.

6. 现在需要面对的事情是:如何筹集创建公司所需的资金。

Here issomethingthat needsto bereckoned with: howto get the n ecessary finances to establishthe company.



Thedefendant, a woman of only 30, kept insisting on herowninnocence.

2. 总体看来,枣、豆类以及一些多叶的绿色蔬菜是最好的铁质来源。

All things considered,dates, beansand some leafygreen vegetablesare the best sources of iron.

3. 正餐时不供应饮料,饮料会影响消化。

No beveragesare served with meals becausethey interferewith digestion.

4. 考虑到那个地区受欢迎的程度,提前订旅馆是明智的。

Taking the popularityofthe region into consideration,it is advisable to book hotels in advance.


If you have a feeling of wanting to throwup after taking this drug, stop taking itimmediately and consultyour doctor as soon as possible.

?6.总结这次讨论时,他说双方都要好好考虑怎样以最有效的方法来解决这一问题。Summingup the discussion, he said both parties shouldconsider the most effective way to solvetheproblem.



1.In his thinking asinhisbehavior he isvery traditional.


2.Oncethe teachers agreeto acceptthenew teaching programthe yhave to facethestrain itputs on them.


3. In the longrun it is worthwhile to pursue one’s study after graduating from university instead of going to workdirectly.


4.As the school operates on the Character Firstprinciple moral values and a cademic achievements are stressed equally.


5. It is said that the meetingwhich is scheduled to beheldthis month will be putofftillnextmonth.


6.The school sees its jobaspreparing itsstudents forlife bycultivatingacomprehensive set ofprinciples that canbenefit all of them. unit4

1. 从各方面考虑,这座城市是世界上最令人激动的城市。

Everything considered,the cityisthe world's most exciting city.2. 尽管没有得到父母的赞同,他还是继续他的计划出国学习。

Though withno approval from hisparents,he went ahead with hisplan to studyabroad.


The bridge was named afterthe hero who gave his lifefor thecauseofpe ople.

4. 据说,画家是以他母亲为模特的。他母亲的面容沧桑却不失坚定。

It is said that the painter usedhis mother as the model inthe painting w hoseface represented suffering yet strength.

5.这位作家于1950 年因出版一本小说而一举成名,小说的灵感来自于他和一位姑娘在农场


The writer instantlyrose tofame in 1950with thepublicationof a novelinspired by his experience with a girlon afarm.

6. 有个故事说,US是“山姆大叔”的缩写,“山姆大叔”原名叫山姆·威尔逊,他曾和一名男子一起工作,这名男子和美国政府签订了一份合同,给军队提供肉食。

One storysaysthat "US"was short for"UncleSam" whose real name wasSamWilson,who hadonceworkedwitha man who had signe d a contract with the governmentto provide meat to the USArmy.unit5


Notuntilhe saw his motherlying in bed, dying, didhe realize how much heloved her.

2.考虑到他最近的身体状况,我认为他这次考试成绩还不错。Taking into account of his rec ent physical condition, Ithink he hasdone quite wellin the exa m.

3.克拉克夫人躺在床上一动不动,一时间我都纳闷她是否还活着。Mrs.Clark lies in bed motionless, andI wonder briefly ifsheis still alive.

4.整栋楼一片黑暗,只有三楼的某个窗户透出一丝光。The buildingwas darkenedexcept for a single lightburning in athird-storeywindow.


These soldiers havereceivedvery strict training andarewell equippedto fulfillthe newtask.


He reached for the phone,picked itup, and dialedthe hotel'snumber.


1. 我们应该尽最大努力预测地震,这样地震造成的财产破坏才会被尽可能地避免。

We should tryour bestto forecast earthquakessothat destruction o fpropertycaused by them couldbe preventedas muchas possible.


A farmernoticed large schoolsoffish swimming near thesurface of the water,which,he said, indicated the possible occurrence ofan earthquake.


Keep an English-English dictionary handy,and when youcannotunderstanda wordwith

?accuracy, you may refertoitany time.


If necessary, peoplewho live in the area where an earthquakeis about to occur may sleep in tents.


A master's degreedoes makea great difference to a student who wants to get a job.


In addition tothe knowledgeaboutearthquakes, the book tells us howto prepare forthem.



1.An interestingquestion thereforeremains asto how far Microsoft cango with Gates asits CEO.抱怨是没有用的,因为抱怨并改变不了什么。重要的是得采取措施预防类似事件发生。

2.There’s/It’s no use complaining since nothing ever changes asthe resu ltof acomplaint. What’s important isto take measures to prevent similar events fromhappiness.


3.Learnto accept the factthat some people you thoughtwere friends turn outto be enemies. 正如你能从书名期待的那样,书里多处提到盖茨是个什么样的人。

4.As you would expectfrom the book’s title,there are many references to whatkind of manGates is.


5.The prosperity of the company stemsfrom hardworking and thrifty of the entire staff.


6.He said nothingat allon thesubject of the play whichwas put on for the first time Saturday night.



1. Itsounds like a good idea,but what ifit’s atrick?


2. Cities and towns in thisarea suffered a lot from the earthquakewith Jiujiang and Ruichangamongtheworst-hit.


3.Hecomplained that theyshouldnot have got involved init in the first place.


4.For Mary’s sake, I can lendyou my car toget around your transport p roblem.


5. In theoryit’s feasible to clone achild to harvest organs,butin practice it would bepsychologically harmful to thechild.

他以Braver 为笔名发表了一篇文章,强调克隆动物的过程也同样适用于克隆人类这一观点。

6.Hepublished anarticle under the name of Braverwhich stresses the ideathat theprocess ofcloning animalswouldwork for humans as well.



Wordcameyesterday that they were killed whiletryingtoreach thesummit.


Underno circumstances shallImention to anyone thatIhave turned down the invitationtoher wedding.


Itmade theheadlines that thepresident's wife threatened her husbandw ithpublic exposure.

4.那位富有的女士再三要求签订婚前协议,令其未婚夫自尊心大受伤害,结果以拒婚告终。That wealthy lady's repeateddemand for apremaritalagreement great lyharmed her prospective husband'sself-esteem and endedupinhis refusalto get married.


Make no mistake aboutit, some women would insist on the right toget a divorce iftheir husbands did notearn as much as they expected. 6. 偶然发现的指纹有助于弄清他一直在调查的凶杀案。

The casual discovery of thefingerprintshed some lightonthe murder he had beenlooking into.


?1. 我去了图书馆,查阅我能找到的所有关于在百慕大三角地区(Bermuda Triangle)船只和飞机神秘失踪的报道。

Iwenttothelibraryand read whatever Icouldfind about the c auses of the mysterious disappearancesoftheships and planes intheBermuda Triangle.

2. 如果你继续这样对待朋友,你会失去所有朋友。(and) Continue treating friends likethis, and youwill lose themall.

他们必须完全了解其产品,知道如何通过口头、电话或信件来推销。They must know their product thoroughly and know how topromote sales by word of mouth,telephoneor letter. 4. 我突然意识到,金钱无法弥补过去五年里他所遭受的苦难。Itsuddenlydawned on methat money couldn't make up for allthat h

e had suffered in thepastfiveyears.

5. 有些人称翻译为科学,而另一些人却把它当作艺术。Some people referto translat ion as science whileothers take it as art.6. 我们应该发扬民主,而不应该将个人观点强加于他人。 Instead of imposing personal views upon others, we should promote democracy.



第一单元Section A 1、with his index finger, Patterson pointed toward a plan color-coded box beneath a long wooden table.他的食指向帕特森表示计划颜色盒长的木头桌子下面。 2、He disguised himself as a waiter and watched what was going on around. 他把自己伪装成一个服务员看着周围发生了什么事情。 3、He often whistles a tune during the morning tea break when his boss is not around. 他经常口哨曲子在上午茶休息的时候,他的老板不在身边。 4、And again she shouted in a high-pitched voice, word by word, with no attempt to restrain herself,“I cannon stand any more. 她又喊高音,一字一句,没有试图克制自己,“我炮忍受。 5、There were certain people in that room, like perter and John, who had failed to grasp what I was saying. 这个房间一定的人,像彼得和约翰,谁没有明白我在说什么。 6、During that time I was overwhelmed with longing for those innocent days of early childhood. 那段时间我不胜向往纯真的童年时光。 7、I’m just praying that the board of directors will take steps before it is too late. 我只是祈祷,董事会将采取的步骤之前,已经太晚了。 8、She was the director’s faithful assistant in whom he could have absolute confidence. 她是导演的忠实助手在他可以有绝对的信心。 9、These developers pledge to build low-income housing units when the supply of affordable housing for poor people continues to shrink. 这些开发商承诺建立低收入住房单位时,穷人的经适房供应继续缩小。 10、People have been mobilized to build defenses and drain f looded lad as heavy rains continue to fall.人有被动员起来,建立防御和排水淹水的小伙子暴雨持续下降。 第二单元Section A 1、Church Mill, although of fairly moderate size compared with some of its neighbors, is a delightful two-story building of stone. 教会厂,虽然相当大小适中的一些邻国相比,是一个愉快的两层楼建筑的石头。 2、If your weight remains constant you must be using up all your calories, but if you are gaining weight then some of the calories you consume are being stored as fat. 如果你的体重保持不变,你必须使用你所有的卡路里,但如果你增加体重然后一些你消耗的卡路里作为脂肪存储。 3、I don’t think it advised that Tim be assigned the job since he has no experience.我不想劝提姆是分配工作,因为他没有经验。 4、Meals also have to be modified from their original state so that they will have a beneficial effect on the body. 膳食也必须从它们的原始状态修改,使得它们不会对人体具有有益的效果。 5、His face was very red, which was a clear evidence of his fever. 他的脸很红,这是他发烧的明确的证据。 6、Families with children tend to be restricted as to when they can take their


新视野大学英语(第三版)第一册课后翻译答案及原文 Unit 1 原文: Socrates was a classical Greek philosopher who is credited with laying the fundamentals (基础) of modern Western philosophy. He is a mysterious [m??st?ri?s] figure known chiefly([?t?ifli?]adv.主要地) through the accounts of later classical writers, especially the writings of his most famous student Plato.Socrates has become well known for his contribution to the field(n.领域)of ethics(['eθ?ks]n.伦理学). His method of teaching, known as the Socratic Method, by asking and answering questions to stimulate(vt.激发)critical thinking and to explain ideas remains a commonly([?kɑ:m?nli]adv.普通地)used tool in a wide(adj.广泛的)range of discussions. He also made important and lasting contributions to the field of epistemology ([??p?st??mɑ:l?d?i]认识论) and logic, and the influence of his ideas and approach remains a strong foundation([fa?n?de??n]基础)for Western philosophy that followed.Socrates was the most colorful figure in the history of ancient philosophy. His fame was widespread in his own time, and his name soon became a household word although he con structed no philosophical system, established no school, and founded no sect (宗派). 翻译: 苏格拉底是古希腊哲学家,被誉为现代西方哲学的奠基人。他是一个谜一般的人物,人们主要通过后来的一些古典作家的叙述,尤其是他最著名的学生柏拉图的作品去了解他。苏格拉底以他对伦理学的贡献而闻名。他的教学法亦称为苏格拉底法,即通过提问和回答来激发批判性思维以及阐述观点。该方法在各种讨论中仍被普遍使用。他还在认识论和逻辑领域做出了重大而深远的贡献。他的思想和方法所带来的影响一直是后来的西方哲学的坚实基础。苏格拉底是古代哲学史上最丰富多彩的人物。他在他那个时代已威名远扬。虽然他未曾建立什么哲学体系,未曾设立什么学派,也未曾创立什么宗派,但他的名字很快就变得家喻户晓了。 原文: 孔子是中国历史上著名的思想家、教育家,是儒家学派(Confucianism)的创始人,被尊称为古代的“圣人”(sage)。 他的言论和生平活动记录在《论语》(The Analects)一书中。《论语》是中国古代文化的经典著作,对后来历代的思想家、文学家、政治家产生了很大影响。不研究《论语》,就不能真正把握中国几千年的传统文化。孔子的很多思想,尤其是其教育思想,对中国社会产生了深远的影响。在21世纪的今天,孔子的学说不仅受到中国人的重视,而且也越来越受到整个国际社会的重视。 翻译: Confucius was a great thinker and educator in Chinese history. He was the founder of Confucianism and was respectfully referred to as an ancient (古代的)"sage". His words and life story were recorded in The Analects. An enduring(持久的)classic of ancient Chinese culture, The Analects has had a great influence on the thinkers, writers, and statesmen that came after Confucius. Without studying this book, one could hardly truly understand the thousands-of-years' traditional Chinese culture. Much of Confucius' thought, especially his thought on education, has had a profound influence on Chinese society. In the 21st century, Confucian thought not only retains the attention of the Chinese, but it also wins an increasing attention from the international community. Unit 2 原文: Christmas is a widely observed cultural holiday, celebrated on December 25 by millions of people around the world. It commemorates (纪念) the birth of Jesus Christ. The festival dated from as early as 336 AD. Gradually it evolved into a religious as well as secular (非宗教的) celebration, celebrated by an increasing number of non-Christians. Today Christmas is observed as an important festival and public holiday around the world. Christmas customs differ in different


Unit 1 TEXT A Language focus Word in use [3] 1.whereby 2. pursuit 3. inhibit 4. maintain 5. patriotic 6. transcend 7. endeavor 8. dedication 9. prestige 10. nominate Word building [4] [5] 1.resultant 2. tolerant 3. pollutants 4. inhabited 5. participants 6. descendants 7. attendants 8. respectful 9. contestants 10. neglectful 11. resourceful 12. boastful Banked cloze [6] 1.eventually 2. premier 3. endeavor 4. bypass 5. handicaps 6. committed 7. attained 8. transcend 9. feats 10. slightest Expressions in use [7] 1. removed from 2. failed in 3. in pursuit of 4. deviated from 5. precluded from 6. triumph over 7. work their way into 8. written off

TEXT B Understanding the text [2] CBADBBCD Language focus Word in use [4] 1.indulge 2. propelled 3.aggravated 4.dazzled 5. alleviated 6.renowned 7.eloquent 8. destined 9.scorns 10. Applause Expression in use [5] 1.up 2.in 3.on 4.up 5.to 6.on 7.as 8.out sentence structure [6] 1.He prefers to start early rather than leave everything to the last minute 2.She prefers to be the boss, to be in charge and to organize others rather than be organized by some whom she may not even rate very highly. 3.My brother prefers to take the whole blame himself rather than allow it to fall on the innocent. [7] 1. Try as he would 2. Search as they would 3. Hard as we work Try as we might Collocation Warm-up 1. repeated 2.overwhelming 3.immense 1.heroic 2.sound 3.substantial 1.attained 2.fueled 3.achieved [8] 1. sudden opportunities 2. immense obstacles 3. amazing determination 4. profound difficulties 5. overwhelming failures 6. poverty-stricken 7. substantial hardship 8. repeated misfortunes 9. sheer persistence 10. dazzle audiences 11. achieve fame 12. strong will


新视野读写教程第一册课后答案.txt台湾一日不收复,我一日不过4级!如果太阳不出来了,我就不去上班了;如果出来了,我就继续睡觉!新视野大学英语(第一册)答案 Unit 1 Section A. Learning a Foreign Language 《读写教程 I》: Ex. II, p. 7 1. The kind and patient teacher and her positive method of praising all students often. 2. In junior middle school, his English teacher was kind and patient. He liked to answer questions in class and he made much progress in English. But, in his senior middle school, his teacher punished those who gave wrong answers. He didn’t want to answer questions any more in class. As a result, he did not make much progress in English. 3. In college and junior middle school, his English teachers were both patient and kind, but he didn’t have as many chances to answer questions in college as he did in junior middle school. 4. It requires much time, commitment and discipline to keep up with the flow of the course. 5. Hard work. 6. He could take all the time he needed to consider his ideas and write a reply before posting it on the screen. 7. Learning a foreign language taught him the value of hard work and gave him insights into another culture. 8. He could communicate with many more people than before. 《读写教程 I》: Ex. III, p. 7 1. embarrass


新视野读写教程第三册第三单元测试题(二级) 试卷编号:T7-U3-RW3-HJW 考试时间:60 分钟 满分:45 分 Part 1 Understanding Short Conversations (Each item: 1) Directions:In this section you'll hear some short conversations. Listen carefully and choose the best answer to the questions you hear. 1. A. In China. B. In Japan. C. In Korea. D. At home. 2. A. To reduce the size of the head office. B. To help the company make more money. C. To try new Japanese techniques. D. To learn from Japanese companies. 3. A. The things the man has learned. B. The success the man has found. C. The ways the man has changed his life. D. The attitude of learning the man has adopted. 4. A. The man can't make his own interviews. B. The man hasn't ever worked in business. C. The man doesn't teach kids about business. D. The man doesn't want a new job.


1.你认为一个人要做些什么才能成为一个幸福的人? What do you think one can do to be a happy person? 2. 自从她去年离开上海去重新过她的农村生活后,我的心里一直很失落。Since she left Shanghai and resumed her life in the country last year, a void has found its way into my heart. 3. 我甚至没想过他会中头奖。 It didn't even cross my mind that he would win the first prize. 4. 我是在大城市长大的,忙忙碌碌的生活对我不再新鲜了。 I grew up in a big city, so the rat race is no longer new to me. 6. 教书是一个重要的职业——一个令人神往的职业,充满挑战和激情。Teaching is an important profession—a fascinating one, filled with challenges and excitement. 7. 如果这位科学伟人还活着的话,毫无疑问他会扩充他的定义,把最新的研究成果If the great scientist were still alive today, he would no doubt expand his definition to include the latest research findings. 8. 解决国与国之间争端的最好的办法是通过联合国。The best way to solve disputes between countries is through the United Nations. 9. 大工厂生产的产品正在替代小工场生产的产品。 Goods produced by big factories are taking the place of the goods produced by small workshops. 10. 这事件可能产生的后果应予以认真考虑。 The likely consequences of the incident need to be reflected on/upon. 11. 他差点解决了这个问题。He was within an inch of solving the problem. 12. 假如你要把财产转让给他人,须使他成为合法产权人 If you want to transfer your property to someone, you should first make him the legal owner of it. 13. 自从公司迁到这个地区以来,已有数十台电脑被盗,公司决定采取措施制止盗窃。More than ten computers have been stolen since the company moved to this area, so the company decided to take action to stop it. 14. 形势要求政府立即作出反应,否则,重大损失将不可避免。


新视野大学英语(第2版)第1册Unit 1答案 III. 1. rewarding 2. communicate 3. access 4. embarrassing 5. positive 6. commitment 7. virtual 8. benefits 9. minimum 10. opportunities IV. 1. up 2. into 3. from 4. with 5. to 6. up 7. of 8. in 9. for 10.with V. 1.G 2.B 3.E 4.I 5.H 6.K 7.M 8.O 9.F 10.C Sentence Structure VI. 1. Universities in the east are better equipped, while those in the west are relatively poor. 2. Allan Clark kept talking the price up, while Wilkinson kept knocking it down. 3. The husband spent all his money drinking, while his wife saved all hers for the family. 4. Some guests spoke pleasantly and behaved politely, while others wee insulting and impolite. 5. Outwardly Sara was friendly towards all those concerned, while inwardly she was angry. VII. 1. Not only did Mr. Smith learn the Chinese language, but he also bridged the gap between his culture and ours. 2. Not only did we learn the technology through the online course, but we also learned to communicate with friends in English. 3. Not only did we lose all our money, but we also came close to losing our lives. 4. Not only do the workers want a pay increase, but they also want reduced working hours. 5. Not only is the house expensive, but it is also too far away from my company. Translation VIII. 1. Not only can students choose when and where to learn for an online course, but they can also take time to think through answers before making a reply. 2. She is excited by the idea of online learning while be considers it meaningless and useless. 3. Communicating with native English speakers is a very rewarding experience from which we can learn a lot. 4. Today, more and more people have access to the Internet through which they look for the information they need. 5. He wants her to give up working and stay home to look after the children. She feels, however, that this is too much for her. 6. Now that we have finished the course, we shall start doing more revision work. IX. 1. 我永远都不会忘记那位老师,是他告诉我学外语是有趣的、有价值的。如果


精品文档 Unit 3 – Section A Language Focus – Words in Use 1. Ernest Hemingway's keen insight into his society, ardent love for people and perceptive abilities helped him to form his own (peculiar) characteristic of writing. 2. The project is on the point of collapse, and unless something very (radical) is done to repair the damage there will be no hope for the project. 3. It's not unusual for teenagers to go through a(n) (phase) when they feel ashamed of their parents, afraid that they might not live up to their friends' standards. 4. It is (sensible) for every family to make earthquake emergency plans and know how to leave the area during the chaos following an earthquake. 5. Economists are interested in all the factors that can help to (predict) the extent to which a price change will affect supply and demand in the market. 6. Starting Monday, all foods (labeled) "organic" must be up to the strict national standards that the government decided to put into effect now. 7. There is more to a woman than her looks, so I (resent) the fact that after a woman grows old and loses her looks people stop paying attention to her. 8. Apart from technological development, the 20th century (witnessed) an enormous worldwide political, economic and cultural transformation. 9. Unlike the practice in China, if you're at a hotel restaurant in the United States, expect a 15-20 percent service charge or add the (equivalent) amount yourself. 10. The change in smoking habits (parallels) a change in the incidence of lung cancer. The more people smoke, the more chances of occurrence for lung cancer. Word Building 1.chaos 2.drama 3.academic 4.depress 5.detect 6.erode 7.classify 8.confusion 9.cooperation 10.dictation 11.right 12.journalist 1.chaotic 2.dramatic 3.academy 4.depression 5.detection 6.erosion 7.classification 8.confuse 9.cooperate 10.dictate 11.rightist 12.journal


NNCE Book3课后翻译参考答案 Unit1 英译中原文:Global citizen is someone who identifies with being part of an emerging world community and whose actions contribute to building this community's values and practices. Global citizenship believes that humankind is essentially on and each individual has the power to change things. In our interdependent world, global citizenship encourages us to recognize our responsibilities toward each other and learn from each other. Global citizens care about education, disease, poverty, and environmental issues around the world. Today, the forces of global engagement are helping some people identify themselves as global citizens who have a sense of belonging to a world community. This growing global identity in large part is made possible by the forces of modern information, communications and transportation technologies. Global citizenship aims to empower people to lead their own action. Along with the knowledge and values that they have gained from learning about global issues, people need to be equipped with the necessary skills to give themselves the ability and confidence to be pro-active in making a positive difference in the world. Keys:世界公民是指一个人承认自己是新兴的全球社区的一分子,而且其行动对全球社区的价值打造和实践活动有所贡献。世界公民相信人类从本质上来说是一个整体,任何个人都有改变事物的能力。在我们这样一个相互依赖的世界中,世界公民意识鼓励我们认识到对彼此的责任,并从对方身上学习。世界公民关心全球的教育、疾病、贫穷和环境问题。在当今,全球合作的力量在使一些人萌发世界公民的意识,让他们拥有对全球社区的归属感。这种不断发展的世界公民意识在很大程度上来讲,要归功于现代信息、通信和交通技术的力量世界公民意识致力于给予人们力量,让他们付诸行动,世界公民除了要从世界问题中学习知识和价值观,还要拥有必需的技能,使他们拥有能力和自信,积极推动世界的发展。 汉译英原文:如今,很多年轻人不再选择" 稳定" 的工作,他们更愿意自主创业,依靠自己的智慧和奋斗去实现自我价值。青年创业(young entrepreneurship)是未来国家经济活力的来源,创业者的成功不但会创造财富、增加就业机会、改善大家的生活,从长远来看,对于国家更是一件好事,创业者正是让中国经济升级换代的力量。尤其是在当前,国家鼓励大众创业、万众创新,在政策上给予中小企业支持,这更加激发了年轻人的创业热情。 Keys:Nowadays, many young people no longer choose "stable" jobs. they prefer to start their own businesses and realize their self-value through their own wisdom and efforts. Young entrepreneurship is the source of national economic vitality in the future. The success of entrepreneurs not only creates fortune, increases job opportunities, improves people's life, but it is also good for the country in the long term. Entrepreneurs are a driving force in upgrading China's economy. Especially for the time being, our country is encouraging people to start their own businesses and make innovations and giving policy support for medium and small businesses. This further arouses young people's enthusiasm to start their own businesses.


Unite 1 1.选词填空 explore(v.勘探,探测) transmit(v.传送,传递,传播) resource(n.资源) emerge(v.出现,为···所公认) yield(v.产生,出产,屈从,让步) pose(v.摆姿势,导致) assume(v.认为,假定,假设) confidence(n.信任信赖,自信心) inherit(v.沿袭,秉承,继承) comprehensive(a.综合的,多方面的) 1. Given the chance to show his ability, he regained confidence and began to succeed in school. 2. It is so difficult to explore the bottom of the ocean because some parts are very deep. 3. It was about 30 seconds before Alex emerged from the water; we were quite scared. 4. We often assume that when other people do the same things as we do, they do them for the same reasons; but this assumption is not always reasonable. 5. There is widespread concern that the rising unemployment may pose a threat to social stability. 6. After a(n) comprehensive physical exam, my doctor said I was in good condition except that my blood pressure was a little high. 7. It is well known that China is a country with rich natural resources and a very big population. 8. Some people believe that the earth can yield enough food to support at least twice its present population. 9. Sam inherited the gift of imagination from his family, but he lacked the driving power to take action. 10. A bee that has found honey is able to transmit to other bees the information they need in order to collect the honey. 2.15选10 attain赢得,获得,得到 fascinating迷人的,吸引人fulfill履行,执行pursue追求,致力于 available可获得的可利用的 qualify使合适,合格raise提升,增加 passion强烈的爱好,热爱 virtually实际上classify分类归类 acquire获得,取得,学到 fashionable流行的especially特别的 sample样品,标本 prosperous繁荣的University students come from different parts of the country with various purposes. However, a closer look at their reasons for studying at the university will enable us to (1)classify them roughly into three groups: those who have a(n) (2)passion for learning, those who wish to (3)attain a bright future, and those who learn with no definite purpose. Firstly, there are many students who learn simply because they (4)pursue their goal of learning. Some read a wealth of British and American novels because they are keenly interested in literature. Others sit in front of the