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新视野大学英语第三版 book 2

unit 1


English is known as a world language, regularly used by many nations whose English is not their first language. Like other languages, English has changed greatly. The history of the English language can be divided into three main periods : Old English, Middle English and Modern English. The English language started with the invasion of Britain by three Germanic tribes during the 5th century AD, and they contributed greatly to the formation of the English language. During the medieval and early modern periods, the influence of English spread throughout the British Isles, and from the early 17th century its influence began to be felt throughout the world. The processes of European exploration and colonization for several centuries led to significant changein English. Today, American English is particularly influential, due to the popularity of American cinema, television, music, trade and technology, including the Internet.




Chinese calligraphy is a unique art and the unique art treasure in the world. The formation and development of the Chinese calligraphy is closely related to the

emergence and evolution of Chinese characters. In this long evolutionary process, Chinese characters have not only played an important role in exchanging ideas and transmitting culture but also developed into a unique art form. Calligraphic works well reflect calligraphers' personal feelings, knowledge, self-cultivation,personality, and so forth, thus there is an expression that "seeing the calligrapher's handwriting is like seeing the person". As one of the treasures o Chinese culture, Chinese calligraphy shines splendidly in the world's treasure house of culture and art.

unit 2


A M00C (massive open online course) is an online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web. M00Cs are a recent development in distance education and have now become a surging trend in higher education. These classes are aimed at expanding a university's reach from thousands of tuition-paying students who live in town, to millions of students around the world. In addition to traditional course

materials, M00Cs provide interactive user forums to support interactions between students and professors. M00Cs can encourage communication among participants who bring a variety of viewpoints, knowledge, and skills to the course ; inspire people to "try on" subjects that they wouldn't otherwise pursue or even try on education itself ; provide multiple ways to engage with course material, encouraging multimodal ( 多模式的 ) learning that can address the needs of learners with a variety of learningstyles ; and inspire better teaching and use of technologies for face-to-face courses.





In recent years, with the development of Internet technology, the construction of digital education resources of our country has made great achievements. Many universities have set up their own digital learning platforms, and digital teaching is playing an increasingly important role in education. Compared with the traditional way of teaching, the digital way has a lot of advantages. On one hand, digital teaching makes global sharing of teaching resources possible ; on the other hand, it expands the learner's study time and space to learn, allowing people to get access to the digital virtual schools through the Internet

anytime and anywhere. These advantages make it possible for people to shift from one-time learning to lifelong learning.

unit 3


As an important part of the American culture value system, "individualism" is admired by most American people. Americans view the family as a group whose primary purpose is to advance the happiness of individual members. In contrast to many other cultures, the primary responsibility of the American family member is not to advance the family as a group, either socially or economically. What would be best for the family is not usually considered to be as important as what would be best for the individual. With freedom comes the responsibility to care for oneself, for it is the freedom of choice that carries with it theresponsibility: to accept the consequences of the choices. Many Americans give their children a lot of freedom because they want them to be independent and self-reliant. Along with the American emphasis on

individual freedom, the belief in equality between parents and children also has had a strong effect on the family.



孝道(filial piety)是中国古代社会的基本道德规范(code of ethics)。中国人把孝视为人格之本、家庭和睦之本、国家安康之本。由于孝道是儒家伦理思想的核心,它成了中国社会千百年来维系家庭关系的道德准则。它毫无疑问是中华民族的一种传统美德。孝道文化是一个复合概念,内容丰富,涉及面广。它既有文化理念,又有制度礼仪(institutional etiquette)。一般来说,它指社会要求子女对父母应尽的义


Filial piety is the basic code of ethics in ancient Chinese society. Chinese people consider filial piety as the essence of a person'sintegrity, family harmony, and the nation's well-being. With filial piety being the core of Confucian ethics, it has been the moral standard for the Chinese society to maintain the family relationship for thousands of years. It's undoubtedly a traditional Chinese virtue. The culture of filial piety is a complex concept, rich in content and wide in range. It includes not only cultural ideas but also institutional etiquettes. Generally speaking, it refers to the obligation of children to their parents required by the society, including respect, care, support for the elderly and so forth. Filial piety is fundamental to the ancient "Oriental civilization".

unit 4


Valentine's Day on February 14 is celebrated in various American and European countries. It is a holiday of love and romance usually by exchanging valentines or love

tokens between lovers. There are different origins regarding the festival. One legend goes that the Romans put a priest named Saint Valentine into prison for refusing to believe in the Roman gods. On February 14, Valentine was put to death not only because he was Christian, but also because he had cured the jailer's daughter of blindness. The night before he was executed he wrote her a farewell letter signed "From your Valentine". Later, February 14 became a holiday for people to show affection for their loved ones. Today, people celebrate Valentine's Day in different ways, sending greeting cards and flowers, giving chocolate or other gifts, or joining in romantic dinners. The holiday has now become popular all over the world. In China the festival is also becoming increasingly popular with young people.



中翻英农历七月初七是中国的七夕节 (Qixi Festival),是中国传统节日中最具浪漫色彩的一个节日。一些大的商家每年都举办不同的活动,年轻人也送礼物给他们的情人。因此,七夕节被认为是中国的“情人节”(Valentine's Day)。七夕节来自牛郎与织女(Cowherd and Weaving Maid)的传说。相传,每年的这个夜晚,天上的织女都会与牛郎相会。所以,在七夕的夜晚,人们可以看到牛郎织女在银河(the Milky Way)相会。姑娘们也会在这一天晚上向天上的织女乞求智慧,以获得美满姻缘。但随着时代的变迁,这些活动正在消失,唯有标志着忠贞爱情的牛郎织女的传说一直流传民间。

July 7th on the Chinese calendar is Chinese Qixi Festival, the most romantic of all the traditional Chinese holidays. Every year, some big businesses organize various activities, and young people send gifts to their lovers. As a result, the Qixi Festival

is considered to be Chinese "Valentine's Day". The Qixi Festival is derived from the legend of Cowherd and Weaving Maid. The legend holds that on this particular night every year the Weaving Maid in heaven meets with Cowherd. So, people can see Cowherd and Weaving Maid meeting in the Milky Way on the night of Qixi. On this night, girls would also beg Weaving Maid for some wisdom for a happy marriage. But,with the changing of times, these activities are diminishing. All that remains is the legend of Cowherd and Weaving Maid, a sign of faithful love, continuously circulated among the folk.

unit 5

英翻中 The Age of Discovery, also called the Age of Exploration, is a historical period of European global exploration that started in the early 15th century and continued until the 18th century. It is usually regarded as a bridge between the Middle Ages and the Modern era, in the context of emerging western imperialism and economic competition between European kingdoms seeking wealth through the establishment of trade routes and colonies. Among many great explorers during this period, the most outstanding one was

Christopher Columbus since he discovered the New World. European overseas expansion led to the rise of colonial empires, with the contact between the Old and New Worlds producing the exchange: a wide transfer of plants, animals, foods, culture, and so forth. This represented one of the most significant global events concerning ecology, agriculture, and culture in history. European exploration allowed the global mapping of the world, resulting in a new world-view and distant civilizations acknowledging each other.


中翻英丝绸之路(Silk Road)是我国古代一条连接中国和欧亚大陆

(Eurasia)的交通线路,由于这条商路以丝绸贸易为主,故称"丝绸之路"。作为国际贸易的通道和文化交流的桥梁,丝绸之路有效地促进了东西方经济文化交流和发展,对世界文明进程有着深远影响。当前,在新的历史条件下,我国提出了"一带一路"(One Belt, One Road)(即"丝绸之路经济带"和"21世纪海上丝绸之路")的战略构想。"一带一路"以合作共赢为核心,强调相关各国的互利共赢和共同发展。这一战略一经提出即受到沿线各国的积极响应。

The Silk Road is a traffic route in the ancient times connecting China and Eurasia. This trade route focuses on the trade of silk, hence the name "the Silk Road". As an international trade channel and a bridge of cultural exchanges, the Silk Road effectively improved the economic and cultural exchanges and development between the East and the West, exerting a profound impact on the progress of the world civilization. Nowadays, under the new historical circumstances, our country proposes the strategy of "One Belt, One Road" (namely the Silk Road Economic Belt and the

21st. The strategy of "One Belt, One Road" focuses on cooperation and mutual benefits, emphasizing mutual benefits, win-win, as well as common development of the related countries. Once proposed, the strategy has received positive responses from the related countries along the road.

unit 7


The color and style of a wedding gown can depend on the religion and culture of the wedding participants. For example, in Western cultures brides often choose a white wedding dress, while in China the traditional wedding dress is in red. Though white has become the most preferred color for wedding gowns across the world today, this was not a widespread trend before the Victorian era. White became a popular option in 1840, when Queen Victoria wore a white gown at her wedding. The official wedding photographwas widely published, and many brides chose white to become the followers of the Queen. Many people believed that the color white symbolized virginity, though this was not the original intention. As far as the style is concerned, wedding

dresses were once typically short in the front with a longer train in the back. This tendency continued until the late 1960s, when it became popular to revert to long, full-skirted designs.



中国是丝绸的故乡,因而有很多与丝绸相关的艺术,刺绣就是其中的一种。刺绣是中国民间传统手工艺之一,至少有两、三千年的历史。从事刺绣的多为女子,因此刺绣又被称为"女红"(women's needlework)。刺绣在中国受到了人们广泛的喜爱。刺绣可用来装饰衣物,如在衣服、被子、枕套

(pillowcase)等物品上绣上美丽的图案,也可制作成特别的饰品(ornament)。中国有四大名绣: 苏州的苏绣、广东的粤绣、湖南的湘绣以及四川的蜀绣。各种绣法不仅风格有差异,主题也各有不同。在这其中,苏州的苏绣最负盛名。China is home to silk, thereby having a variety of arts related to silk, one of which is embroidery. Embroidery, with at least two or three thousand years of history, is one of the Chinese traditional folk arts and crafts. Since most embroiderers are women, it's also called "women's needlework". Embroidery has been much-loved by the Chinese people. It can be used to beautify clothing and things. For example, clothes, quilts, pillowcases etc. can be embroidered with beautiful designs, or a pieceof embroidery can be made for a special ornament. There are four most famous types of embroidery in China: Suxiu from Suzhou, Yuexiu from Guangdong, Xiangxiu from Hunan, and Shuxiu from Sichuan, each having its own style and theme. Among the four, Suzhou embroidery has enjoyed the highest reputation.

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