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—I suspect that he has not told us the whole truth. /I doubt he has told us the whole truth.

—— Why do you doubt it?



Nobody would have suspected him. A suspect wouldn't usually look so appealing. But finally the police identified him to be the true murderer through a DNA test.


Huangdi is regarded as the very first farmer in our history while his wife was the first weaver. 3.请向我在那里的朋友致意。我真的非常想念他们。

Please give my best regards to my friends there. I really miss them all.

6. 任何时候只要有可能,年轻人都宁可自己谋生,也不愿靠父母养活。Whenever possible young people prefer to earn their own living than live off their parents.

7.北方要求取消军事演习,但是南方予以拒绝。他们反过来要求北方对开火公开道歉。The North demanded the military exercise be called off, but the South refused. Instead they demanded an open apology from the North for the gun fire.


This place has earned itself quite a reputation for developing a green economy.


Being young, they are often inclined to look at things from the bright side.


Scientists have identified the frozen body as a young hunter who lived about six thousand years ago.


Although she is a second-generation Chinese American, she still values her Chinese cultural identity.



As a child, he was exposed to great works of literature, for both his parents were well-read in classics.

2.军方宣布已经成功开发出了新的隐形(stealth)飞机. (succeed)

The military announced that they had succeeded in developing a new stealth fighter


They’re trying to come up with practical ways to reduce production costs for this township factory.


Most people think that all things considered, life is much better today than it was 30 years ago. 5.成功不仅取决于你做什么,也取决于你不做什么。(depend)

Success doesn’t only depend on what you do. What you don’t do is equally important.


How do you account for the company’s high staff turnover?


Most of the buildings in the town were reduce to rubble in the earthquake.


How can I concentrate on my work with my roommates talking and laughing?


We admire the way he answered awkward questions at the press conference with wit and facts. 10.他他一进会议室,就感觉有点不对劲。(appositive clause)

The moment he entered the conference room, he had a feeling that something had gone wrong.


1) If it hadn’t been for one man’s courage and wisdom, the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone could never have succeeded. This man was the first mayor of the city.

2) ---- Sorry I cut you off just now. You were saying…

---- I was saying that it is not easy to break down the resistance of those conservatives. But we must go at them step by step.

3) The government knows only too well that it cannot increase taxes at will without hurting home consumption. But to shift the emphasis from export to domestic consumption takes time.

4) Even with all these home appliances, it is impossible to do away with/ eliminate our domestic labor completely.

5)Our town must have looked this way three hundred years ago. Many old buildings were about to fall in ruins. Some of our leaders wanted to tear them down and put up new tall buildings in their place. But due to lack of money, the plan had to be abandoned. Looking back that was actually a blessing. Today our town has become a tourist attraction.

6)Ironically, sometimes, the more we increase production, the more we decrease profit.

This project has occupied too much of my time. I could not launch a new project even if I wanted to.

7)To tell the truth, I’m more worried about social s tagnation than economic slowdown. Of course, you may not share my view.

8)Sadly enough, not everyone realizes that if we do not improve our educational standards, we will lag behind other countries for ever.


1)Mr. Lin has always concerned himself with the desertification problem. I fully agree

with him that this is a serious concern as regards our environment protection.

2)The spokesman of our government expressed our deep concern for the two Chinese

engineers who were recently taken hostage by the pirates.

3)It is hard to visualize how we can protect the dam from enemy attack.

4)Freedom of religion means not only that people can pursue different faiths. It also means

that they have the right not to have any religion.

5)We teachers usually meet once every week to compare notes about our teaching.

6)The situation of this area is very delicate. No country should be allowed to do anything

to threaten the precarious balance.

7)To be adequate as a translator, we must have a good command of both the foreign

language and Chinese. And I consider myself terribly inadequate in this respect.

8)However we differ in our opinion, we must face the challenge together.

9)The way I define a good education is that, when you get through it, you not only know

how to make a living, but you also know how to live.



There is a popular children’s story, which describes the adventures of a wooden puppet that comes to life as if by magic.


Your humorous analysis of the situation made the discussion lively.


This ancient building has been restored to its original beauty.


You know, for me to go and live up in the mountains is to recapture my happy childhood.


This overcoat alone is not enough to protect you from the bitter cold in Canada.


The fruit growers were all happily expecting a good harvest this year when the terrible snow storm struck, doing great damage to the ripening fruits.


Too much sugar will not do you any good. To being with, it will be damage to (or damage)

your teeth. In fact, it will do you harm(or harm you) in many ways.


His utter devotion to the Chinese people filled me with admiration.


He insisted that everything should be in place before we knocked off, before five-thirty, to be exact.

10 他知道他得加倍努力来实现他的计划。他急着想一回去就投入工作。可万万没想到一场灾难正等着他。

He knew that he would have to redouble his efforts to carry out this plan, and he was anxious to plunge into the work as soon as he went back. But he never knew that a disaster was lying in store for him.


1) Would you like to/ Would you care to attend the reception?

2) He was removed from his post as the chief of the Public Security Office because

of his involvement in the scandal.

3) While at college you should get more involved in all kinds of activities so as to get

to know more people and gain more experience.

4) We must do everything we can to keep ourselves informed of the latest

development in our own field.

5) His family has not yet been informed of his death.

6) You have to draw a lesson from this. If your essay involves too many technical

terms people won’t be able to understand it.

7) What can I do in return for your help during the time I was sick.

8) Late in the afternoon yesterday, a terrible storm swept across the area. But thanks

to the timely warning, it did not cause any casualty or damage to property. The

people, very grateful, all said this called for a celebration.

9) He had never expected that of all people, it would be his son. (Or: It never occurred

to him that it would turn out to be his own son.

10) He made a large fortune. Not that he was particularly talented, but because he

happened to have a powerful father-in-law.)


1.When dealing with tough situations, try always to look at things from the bright side. Never


2.What do you suppose we should do to arouse every body’s interest in sports?

3.He was made chairman of the Academy of Social Sciences upon his return from England.

4.You people usually favor change whereas old people favor more respect for tradition.

5.The comedy was a terrific hit. Time after time, the audience roared with laughter.

6.Like other officials he likes to indulge in good food, good drinks, and pretty women. But he

tries to justify himself by saying that all this is necessary for him to do his job.

7.The earthquake has destroyed the whole town. Not a single building remains standing. Many

people are in despair. Many are in favor of abandoning the town. But he refuses to give in. He is determined to meet the challenges.

8.People often say “Great minds think alike” I don’t think it always applies in re al life. In fact,

great minds often think differently, and only small minds think alike.

9.We can apply to the state bank for a loan, but how are we going to justify our application?

10.People roared with laughter. On occasions like this, usually you would feel insulted and boil

with indignation. But he did not lose his temper. This showed his moral character.


1.Mr. Carson does a lot of traveling. As a matter of fact I think he’s just gone on a fishing

expedition. But I don’t know his whereabouts. Somew here in Canada maybe.

2.With all my social activities, I’m really exhausted. What’s more, I am neglecting my studies.

3.This small island is not only uninhabited, it is largely uninhabitable as well.

4.She claimed to be descended from one of the oldest families in the United States.

5.This experiment aroused great interest among the people. They all came to watch as Galileo

ascended the stairs calmly, and when he got to the top of the tower, dropped the two shots to the ground.

6.In the twenties of the last century, women were still deprived of the right to vote.

7.Historians usually credit him with unifying the whole of China for the first time in ancient

Chinese history.

8.Everybody held their breath and watched until it became a tiny speck on the horizon.

9.Just then , he heard pounding on the door. He quickly flung the letter into the fire.

10.She was always interested in medical science. But it was her father’s long painful disease that

confirmed her desire to be a doctor.


1.Built-in ads render the film second-rate, a pretty well-known critic points out.

2.He had the impression that these lads had no idea of what their violent acts would lead to.

3.Today the president discussed with his military advisers how to respond to the military

clashes/activities between two neighboring countries near the border

4.The doctor assured the parents that they would do whatever they could to restore their son to

health, but he said it might take time.

5.The Testing Center has taken a series of measures to protect their Computer system against

hacking and viruses.

6.Thousands of manufacturers are involved in producing the parts (that are) needed for these


7.Those who are overweight or indulge in high-salt diets are likely to develop high blood


8.Two neighboring Asian countries claim a few small islands in the East Sea as their own.

9.The tennis player credited her family and coach with her recent success at Australian Open

10.Had the explosion occurred in a densely populated area of the city, there would have been a

great deal of damage and heavy casualties. (damage)


1、I don’t know how to put it. Let me put it this way:he may have many strong points, but honesty definitely is not one of them.

2、He could not put up with the terrible insults. So he put an end to his life.

3、I thought that so long as the economy was no longer overheated, inflation would be brought to an end. But it didn’t work out that way.

4、I really can’t imagine living on a small island without food and water except fish from the sea and rain water from the sky.

5、As far as China is concerned, clean water is perhaps just as important as oil, if not more so. We keep forgetting that we only have one quarter of the world’s average in terms of per capita water supply.

6、He didn’t know where she was hiding, but even if he had known, he wouldn’t have told the police.

7、I was sick and tired of his lying. So when he lied again, I said to myself, “Enough is enough” and left him forever.

8、During his term as president, he has never been known to take anything that does not belong to him, not even an inexpensive gift from a friend.

9、I guessed that you didn’t show up last night because you had something urgent to do, but you might have given me a call.

10、To tell the truth, tonight. I’d rather we didn’t play ma hjong again with that bunch of people. If you don’t mind, I’d like to stay home and watch TV.

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