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Unit 1 Living in Harmony

Enhance Your Language Awareness


Text A amaze bunch bundle capacity commerce

conquer display drop roast


style symbol vague figure

Text B appreciate participate shift slip

1)My neighbours are a friendly bunch of people.

2)Dave amazed his friends by leaving a well-paid job to travel around the world.

3)The employees in this company work an eight-hour shift .

4)The professor came to the classroom with a bundle of newspapers under his arm.


5)A passenger asked the driver: “Could you drop me off near the post office? I'd like to post a letter.”

6)The little girl's capacity for learning languages astonished me.

7)How many countries will be participating in the Olympic Games?

8)I like the typically French style of living. It is so romantic.

9)They have made their fortunes from industry and commerce .

10)They threatened to shoot him and rob him of all his possessions.

11)In many cultures,the lion is the symbol of courage.

12)Your help was greatly appreciated . We are very grateful to you for it.

13)It's the first time the painting has been displayed to the public.

14)During the exam,the naughty boy tried to slip a note


to his classmate while the teacher wasn't looking.

15)As the saying goes,conquer the desires,or they will conquer you.

16)Before the dinner party,Mother has ordered a roast from the butcher.

17)I didn't wait for you at home because I figured that you wouldn't come .


Text A at knifepoint expose...to flag down

help out pick up pull over

rely on rise one's life run contrary to

take a gamble (on)

Text B in (rich) contrast to pull away stand out


1)In this painting,a single red rose stands in rich contrast to the grassland.


2)The factory workers are exposed to poisonous gases and many of them suffer from lung diseases.

3)During the war,the soldier risked his life helping others to escape.

4)Do trust me. You can rely on me to keep your secret.

5)If you are attacked or robbed at knifepoint ,how would you react then?

6)She is such an extraordinary girl that she always stands out in a crowd.

7)Obviously,this foolish idea runs contrary to common sense(常识).

8)I was very tired and had to flag down a taxi in order to get home early.

9)The mother picks/picked up her children from the kindergarten at 5:00 p.m. every day.

10)The publishers took a gamble on an unknown author,and the books have sold well.

11)The driver waved to us as he pulled away .


12)The driver pulled over to the side of the road to see what was wrong with his truck.


Translate the following sentences into English,using the words and expressions given in brackets.

1)离婚的传言不过是为他的新电影炒作的手段而已。(a ploy to do sth.)

The rumor about his divorce is just a ploy to gain publicity for his new film.


a gamble on sth.)

He took a gamble on starting a factory with all the money his parents had left him.


After winning the important game they hoisted their


captain to their shoulders in shouting triumph.

4)在全球化热潮中,我们要提防不同文化的冲突。(watch out for sth.)

In the rush to go for globalization,we should watch out for collision of cultures.

5)在这种情况下,出现麻烦是不足为奇的。(in the circumstances)

In the circumstances it was not surprising that there was trouble .

6)这婴儿非常健康。(the picture of)

The baby is the very picture of health.


7)人们已经意识到儿童接触有关暴力和色情电视节目的危害。(expose sb. to sth.)

People have realized the dangers of exposing children to violence and sex on TV.

8)我们始终考虑到我们是在为谁制作这部影片。(have in mind)

We always had in mind for whom we were making the film.

Unit 2 Optimism and Positive Thinking Enhance Your Language Awareness

1. Text A accomplish address

conversely crisis

Curse highlight incredible issue

Perspective positive rare



Text B harden startle

prior response

1)Don't just make a negative complaint about our service; give us some positive advice.

2)The noise of the car startled the birds and the whole flock flew up into the air.

3)Viewed from an international perspective,it appears absolutely essential to emphasize the importance of potential customers' needs in the developing countries.

4)In this terrible job you have to harden your heart to pain and suffering.

5)We can have many choices in life and the choices that we make will shape our life.

6)Efforts should be made to address the communication problem existing between teenagers and their parents.


7)That couple has endured so many emotional and financial crises . It is amazing that their marriage has lasted for so many years.

8)Just before the speech contest (演讲比赛),he fell ill and was not able to participate in it; he could only curse his luck.

9)It is incredible that her four-year-old boy can write some 600 Chinese characters (汉字).

10)You can add the liquid to the powder,or conversely,the powder to the liquid.


11)The next big issue confronting the workers is the question of social security (社会保险).

12)I wrote to them a month ago but haven't gotten a response yet.

13)I shall have to refuse your invitation because of a prior engagement.

14)There used to be various kinds of birds here,but now they are rare due to lack of food resources.

15)Is it true that visualizing a task by positive thinking helps to accomplish the task better?

2.Text A concerned with in reverse

live through

make a difference result in

slip over

Text B have no idea get the hang of mull over run into


1)You may feel awkward when you start learning how to drive,but it's easy once you get the hang of it.

2)As one of those who have lived through two world wars,Uncle Sam understands the value of life far better than his grandchildren.

3)When you are learning driving a car,it makes a difference whether you have a good teacher or not.

4)He is so stubborn. We have no idea how to persuade him to accept our proposal.

5)Be more concerned with your character than your reputation(名声),because your character is what you really are,while your reputation is just what others think you are.

6)To our surprise,Mr. Thompson slipped over an important point in his analysis — the cause and effect of the problem.

7)To my pleasant surprise,I ran into my best friend Helen in Paris last week.


8)I hit the tree behind me when I put the car in reverse without looking back first.

9)I'll leave you alone here so you can mull over the problem and make a decision on your own.


Translate the following sentences into English,using the words and expressions given in brackets.

1)只有那些有过类似经历的人,才能够完全理解这一点。(live through)

The only people who can fully appreciate this are those who have lived through a similar experience.


2)科学家们一直没弄明白这些粒子是怎么形成、又是如何相互作用的。(figure out)

Scientists have been hard pressed to figure out how these particles form / are formed and interact (with one another).

3)那些掌握了魔方(Rubik's Cube)窍门的人能在很短时间内把每一面都恢复成单一颜色。(get the hang of sth.) Those who have got the hang of Rubik's Cube (Magic Cube) can return each face to consisting of one colour in no time.

4)团队环境中员工个人的成功能带来公司的成功。(result in)

The individual success of the employees in a team environment results in success for the company.

5)这场战争,虽说从军事角度而言是成功的,却令经济几乎崩溃。(in… terms)


The war,although successful in military terms,left the economy almost in ruins.

6)他决定把自己的精力用到有益的事上,而不是整天守在电视机前。(channel sth. into…)

He decided to channel his energies into something useful,instead of being glued to /sitting in front of the TV set all day long.

7)力量不勇气是有区别的。生存需要力量,生活需要勇气。(it takes sth. to do sth.)

There's a difference between strength and courage. It takes strength to survive. It takes courage to live.

8)她天生就是个非常温柔亲切的人总是乐于向别人伸出援手。(by nature)

She was by nature a very affectionate person,always ready to give a helping hand to others.


Unit 3 The Road to Success

Enhance Your Language Awareness

1.Text A neglect prospect reward


Text B consent creep discourage establish

favourable refresh remark



somewhat sufficient undergo


1)A smart appearance tends to make a(n) favourable impression at an interview.

2)The scientist failed in his experiments many a time,but he was never discouraged; instead,he stuck it out and finally made a great scientific discovery.

3)When I asked my mother if I could marry George,she consented but rather unwillingly.

4)The garden has fallen into a state of neglect since its owner died two years ago.

5)Coming home late,the boy crept quietly into the house to avoid waking his parents.

6)If you want to learn a language well,sufficient time is necessary.

7)The origin of Chinese writing can be traced back to ancient China although we are not certain of the date


of its invention.

8)The price was somewhat higher than I had expected. However,it was still acceptable.

9)When you feel tired,a rest and a cool drink will refresh you.

10)As I sit here today,I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity,not only to be alive,but also to apply my life to such a(n) worthy effort.

11)More and more people in big companies are enrolling in English courses to improve their promotion(晋升) prospects .

12)I made full preparations for my journey to London on foot and I resolved to get there in five days. 13)At the end of the interview,she remarked,“You've proved your worthiness more than well enough.”

14)I hope that I shall never again have to undergo such

a terrible experience.

15)Susan started singing to her baby and was rewarded


with a smile.

2.Text A come across come up with

flood in

many a pack up plunge ...


put ... to the test stay the course

Text B in sb.'s favour

1)Since the summer vacation has started,let's pack up and spend a week in the country with my grandparents.

2)The boy is so interested in the popular novel entitled Harry Porter and the Deathly Hallows(圣徒) that he has read it for many a time.

3)I admire Steve very much,for in his pursuit of a successful life,he always stays the course and never gives up in spite of the many difficulties and risks he has encountered.