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I. 1. 1) arguments 2) put ... down

3) sequence 4) rigid

5) tedious 6) hold back

7) reputation 8) distribute

9) off and on 10) vivid

11) associate ... with 12) congratulations

13) finally 14) turn in/turn out15) tackle

2. 1) George has been assigned to the newspaper's Paris office. There is a possibility that his wish to become a writer will come true.

She had a clear image of how she would look in twenty years' time.

When the officer gave the command the soldiers opened fire.

As long as people keep buying bikes we'll keep turning them out.

3. 1) Mr. Green is very dull as a lecturer. He's rigid and old fashioned, and doesn't seem to have

the faintest idea of how to inspire. I always get bored with / by his lectures.

Alan's essays are long and tedious to read. What's more, his arguments are often based on out of date ideas.

I was pleasantly surprised at my ability to compose an essay that the professor chose to read to the class. It was without doubt one of the happiest moments in my school career, but I did my best to avoid showing pleasure. When the professor offered me his congratulations, however, I could hardly hold back a smile.

II. Synonyms in Context

1. composed

2. severe

3. agony

4. extraordinary

5. recall

6. command

7. was violating 8. anticipate

III. Collocation

1. at

2. for

3. of

4. with

5. as

6. about

7. to 8. in, in

9. from 10. on/upon


1. 1) Russell Baker is reported to live today with his wife in Virginia. They are said to be building another bridge across the river.

Only a few students in Mr. Parker's composition class are said to have really captured the essence of the essay.

Those love poems were believed to have been composed by an English poet of the sixteenth century.

2. 1) as you suggested

2) as I told you to

exactly as I was

as you have described them to me

Comprehensive Exercises

I. Cloze

2. congratulations

4. scanned

6. vivid

8. off and on

10. career


1. hold back

3. tedious

5. recall

7. arguments

9. turn out/turn in


1. that

3. black

5. at

7. different

9. On

11. answer

13. wrong

15. Thus

II. Translation

Susan lost her legs because of / in a car accident. For a time, she didn't know how to face

up to the fact that she would never ( be able to) walk again.

One day, while scanning (through ) books, a true story caught her eye/she was attracted by a true story. It gave a vivid description of how a disabled girl became a writer. Greatly inspired. Susan made up her mind to read as much as she could, and what's more, she wanted to write stories about her own childhood. Susan began to feel that she, too, would finally be able to lead a useful life.

新标准大学英语(第二版)综合教程 精读1 课后参考翻译

新标准大学英语综合教程1 课后参考翻译 Unit 1 英译汉:T oday, a gap year refers mostly to a year taken before starting university or college. During their gap year, American students either engage in advanced academic courses or do some volunteer work to improve their knowledge, maturity, decision-making, leadership, independence, self-sufficiency and more, thus improving their résumés before going to college. British and European students, however, take a much more holiday-style approach to the gap year by generally working for 3–6 months and then travelling around the world before college begins. This is intended to expand their minds, personal confidence, experiences and interests prior to college. It is a much less structured approach than taken in the United States, and is generally viewed by parents as a formative year for young adults to become independent and learn a great deal of responsibility prior to engaging in university life. 参考译文:如今,间隔年最为普遍的含义是指上大学前的一年。在这一年中,美国学生或是学习高级学术类课程,或是做一些志愿服务,以此来提高自己的知识水平、成熟度、决策力、领导力、独立性、自给自足以及多方面的能力,力求在上大学之前让自己的简历变得更加完善。然而,英国和欧洲的学生更倾向于把间隔年当作假期来看待。他们通常用3-6个月的时间打打工,然后利用剩余的时间在大学开学前环球旅行。这样,在上大学前,他们可以增长见识,提升自信,丰富阅历,培养兴趣。与美国的间隔年不同,英国和欧洲的做法没有那么周密的安排。家长们通常把间隔年看作是年轻人成长起来的一年,他们在开始大学生活之前变得独立,并学会承担很多责任。 汉译英:今天,很多中国的大学非常重视培养学生的创新意识和创业精神(entrepreneurship)。很多知名大学与多家公司建立长期的合作关系。这些公司会定期从大学中录用合格的毕业生。此外,有些校友还创建启动资金,支持学生创办自己的企业。一些大学的校长表示,创业与学习并不矛盾,鼓励学生创业可以帮助他们将专业知识应用于实践,提升自身的竞争力(competitiveness)。 参考译文:Today, many Chinese universities attach great importance to cultivating innovation awareness and entrepreneurship. Many prestigious universities establish long-term relationships with a lot of companies. These companies recruit qualified graduates from the universities on a regular basis. What’s more, some alumni even create start-up funds to support students in starting their own business. The presidents of some universities say that doing business and studying are not in conflict and that encouraging students to set up businesses can help them put their specialized knowledge into practice and raise their competitiveness. 比如,把冰糖和梨放在一起蒸是很好的药膳,可以起到润肺(moisten lung)、化痰(dissolve phlegm)、止咳(arrest cough)的作用。 For example, pear steamed with rock sugar is a medicated diet, good for moistening the lung, dissolving phlegm and arresting cough. 药膳不仅具有药物的疗效,还具有食物的美味。


新标准大学英语3 Unit1 Active reading(1) 4. b c c d c a 5.productive attendance resistance ambitious acceptance script impressive 6.attendance ambitious productive impressive resistance script acceptance 7.mortgage deck surf coastal;defy lengthy 8.b a b b b a b b Active reading(2) 4.triple cemetery rear biography cram budding finite elapse 5.elapsed;cemetery rear;crammed triple budding;biography finite 6.a b a a b b a a 7.a b b a a b b b a Language in use 6.(1)我们都觉得在校时间不多了,以后再也不会有这样的学习机会了,所以都下定决心不再虚度光阴。当然,下一年四五月份的期末考试最为重要。我们谁都不想考全班倒数第一,那也太丢人了,因此同学们之间的竞争压力特别大。以前每天下午5点以后,图书馆就空无

一人了,现在却要等到天快亮时才会有空座,小伙子们熬夜熬出了眼袋,他们脸色苍白,睡眼惺忪,却很自豪,好像这些都是表彰他们勤奋好学的奖章。 (2)明天行吗?明天只是个谎言;根本就没有什么明天,只有一张我们常常无法兑现的期票。明天甚至压根儿就不存在。你早上醒来时又是另一个今天了,同样的规则又可以全部套用。明天只是现在的另一种说法,是一块空地,除非我们开始在那里播种,否则它永远都是空地。你的时间会流逝(时间就在我们说话的当下滴答滴答地走着,每分钟顺时针走60秒,如果你不能很好地利用它,它就会走得更快些),而你没有取得任何成就来证明它的存在,唯独留下遗憾,留下一面后视镜,上面写满了“本可以做”“本应该做”“本来会做”的事情。 7.(1)Students differ about whether they should have their future mapped out when they are still at university .Some think they should have a definite goal and detailed plan, so as to brace themselves for any challenges, whereas some others think they don’t have to think much about the future , because future is full of uncertainties. (2)After a very careful check-up ,the scientist was told he had got a fatal disease .Although he knew that his life was ticking away ,instead of complaining about the fate ,the scientist decided to make the best of the remaining days ,and speed up the research project he and his colleagues initiated ,and have a shot at completing it ahead of schedule.


Unit 1 Vocabulary 1.F ill in the gaps with words……. 1). Respectable 2).agony 3).put down 4).sequence 5).hold back 6).distribute 7).off and on 8).vivid 9).associate 10).finally 11).turn in/out 12).tackle 2. Rewrite each sentence…… 1)…has been assigned to the newspaper’s Paris office. 2)….was so extraordinary that I didn’t know whether to believe him or not. 3)….a clear image of how she would look in twenty years’ time. 4)….gave the command the soldiers opened fire. 3. Complete the sentences… 1).reputation; rigid; to inspire 2).and tedious; What’s more; out of date ideas 3).compose; career; avoid showing; hardly hold back Ⅱ. Synonyms in Context

https://www.sodocs.net/doc/9c6934585.html,posed 2.severe 3.agony 4.extraordinary 5.recall https://www.sodocs.net/doc/9c6934585.html,mand 7.was violating 8.anticipate Ⅲ.Collocation 1.at 2.for 3.of 4.with 5.as 6.about 7.to 8.in; in 9.from 10.on/upon Comprehensive Exercises Ⅰ.Cloze Text-related (1).hold back (2).tedious (3).scanned (4).recall (5).vivid (6).off and on (7).turn out/in (8).career Theme-related (1).last (2).surprise (3).pull (4).blowing (5). dressed (6).scene (7).extraordinary (8).image (9).turn (10).excitement Ⅱ.Translation 1.A s it was a formal dinner party, I wore formal dress, as Mother told me to. 2.H is girlfriend advised him to get out of/get rid of his bad habit of smoking before it took


Unit one Active reading 2 Dealing with unfamiliar words 4. Replace the underlined words with the correct form of the words in the box 1. detect 2. admirable 3. subways 4. inadequate 5. scribbling 6. persecution 5. Answer the questions about the expressions 1.(a) delighted 2.(a) need to be developed with careful thinking 3.(a) at a time in the future 4.(b) to make someone extremely afraid and nervous Language in use with / without 1 Match the uses of with / without with their definitions. 1 (a) 2 (b) 3 (a) 4 (c) 5 (c) 6 (d) 2 Rewrite the sentences using with / without . 1 Her tutor moves his head from side to side. Her tutor spills his coffee into the saucer. With his head moving from side to side, her tutor spills his coffee into the saucer. 2 “Splendid,” he says. He doesn’t wait for an answer. “Splendid,” he says, without waiting for an answer. 3 Frank McCourt speaks in class. He has an Irish accent. Frank McCourt speaks in class with an Irish accent. 4 He plans to go on the subway. He has the books covered in purple and white NYU jackets. He plans to go on the subway with the books covered in purple and white NYU jacket. 5 He’s only allowed to take two courses. He isn’t told why. He’s only allowed to take two courses, without being told why. 6 He wou ld like to ask a question. He doesn’t like to raise his hand. He would like to ask a question without raising his hand. Collocations 3 Read the explanations of the words and phrases. Answer the questions. 1. climb (a) Because the room is very small. (b) You would climb into bed if you are so tired that it feels like a huge effort. (c) You would probably need to bend over, and crawl through the hole. 2 spill (a)spilt coffee all over your desk You have accidently knocked over a cup/mug and the coffee has gone (uncontrolled) all over the desk. (b)toys spilled out all over the carpet The toys were in a container, such as a box; either the box is too full so some toys are falling out onto the carpet, or the box has been tipped over so most of the toys have fallen out of the box. (c)crowds were spilling out of the bars and restaurants Many people are leaving the bars and restaurants all at once, probably because they are closing for the night. 3. join (a) join a band When they can play a musical instrument and want to play with others.

新标准大学英语综合教程3 6-10单元 课后答案

Active reading (1) Last man down: the fireman’s story Language points 1 Last man down: the fireman’s story (Title) The expression last man down, similar to last man standing, refers to the survivor or winner. The last man down from the tower before it collapsed would be one of the bravest. 2 There were about two dozen of us by the bank of elevators ... (Para 2) A bank of elevators means a set of lifts. 3 Some had their turnout coats off, or tied around their waists. (Para 2) Turnout coats are the uniform firefighters wear when they turn out for a fire. 4 Others were raring to go. (Para 2) The expression raring to go is an old form of rearing up, and means being eager to go like a horse. 5 All of us were taking a beat to catch our breaths, and our bearings, figure out what the hell was going on. (Para 2) To take a beat means to rest for a moment. A bearing is an exact compass reading measured in degrees. To take your bearings is to find where you are. Here it means both physically and mentally. 6 We’d been at this thing, hard, for almost an hour, some a little bit less, and we were nowhere close to done. (Para 2) To be at this thing is a slang expression which means to work on this mission. The expression nowhere close to done means someone is far from completing their


新标准大学英语1课后翻译unit1-5 UNIT1 1. 他们对业余剧社的介绍给索菲留下了深刻的印象,于是她就报了名。(Amateur Dramatics; sign up for) Their introduction of Amateur Dramatics impressed Sophie so much that she signed up for it. 2. 网络教育为全职人员提供了利用业余时间接受继续教育的机会。(work full time) Online education provides those who work full time with opportunities to receive further education in their spare time. 3. 刚上大学时,他不知道是否需要把老师讲的内容一字不落地都记下来。(be supposed to; scribble down) When he first arrived at university, he was not sure whether he was supposed to scribble down every word out of the professor's mouth. 4. 没有人觉察出他隐藏在笑容背后的绝望。(detect) Nobody detects his despair well hidden behind his smile. 5. 有些学生能轻松自如地与陌生人交谈,可有些学生却很难做到这一点。(be easy about) Some students are easy about talking with strangers, while some others find it hard to do so.


新视野大学英语第四册课后答案 Unit 1 III. 1. idle 2. justify 3. discount 4. distinct 5. minute 6.accused 7. object 8. contaminate 9. sustain 10. worship IV. 1. accusing... of 2. end up 3. came upon 4. at her worst 5. pa: 6. run a risk of 7. participate in 8. other than 9. object to/objectedV 1. K 2. G 3. C 4. E 5. N 6.0 7.1 8. L 9. A 10. D Collocation VI. 1. delay 2. pain 3. hardship 4. suffering 5. fever 6. defeat 7. poverty 8. treatment 9. noise 10. agony Word building VII. 1. justify 2. glorify 3. exemplifies 4. classified 5. purified 6. intensify 7. identify 8. terrified VIII. 1. bravery 2. jewelry 3. delivery 4. machinery 5. robbery 6. nursery 7. scenery 8. discovery sentence Structure

IX. 1. other than for funerals and weddings 2. other than to live an independent life 3. other than that they appealed to his eye . . ` 4. but other than that, he'll eat just about everything . 5. other than that it's somewhere in the town center X. 1. shouldn't have been to the cinema last night 2. would have; told him the answer 3. they needn't have gone at all 4. must have had too much work to do 5. might have been injured seriously XIII. 1.B 2.A 3.C 4.D 5. B 6.A 7.B 8.A 9. C 10.A II.D 12.C 13. D 14.A 15. C 16.D 17.B 18.C I9. A 20.D Unit 2 Section A Comprehension o f the text 1. He lived a poor and miserable life during his childhood. 2.Because no one in Britain appeared to appreciate his talent for comedy.His comic figures did not conform to British standards.


Unit 1 1. If you ask me, real life is not all it’s cracked up to be. Twelve years at school and three years at university, teachers banging on about opportunities in the big wide world beyond our sheltered life as students, and what do I find? Try as I might to stay cheerful, all I ever get is hassle, sometimes with people (especially boys, god, when will they grow up?), but mostly with money. It’s just so expensive out here! Everyone wants a slice off you. The Inland Revenue wants to deduct income tax, the bank manager wants repayments on my student loan,the landlord wants the rent, gas, water, electricity and my mobile bills keep coming in, and all that’s before I’ve had anything to eat. And then some bright spark calls me out of the blue, asking if I’m interested in buying a pension. And this rate, I won’t even last till the end of the year, let alone till I’m 60. 依我看,现实生活并没有人们想象的那么美好。我们上了12年的中、小学,又上了3年大学,这期间老师们一直在没完没了地谈论在备受呵护的学生生活之外的那个广阔天地里的各种机会,可我遇到的又是什么呢? 无论我怎么想保持心情愉快,可麻烦事总是接踵而来:有时是跟人发生矛盾(尤其是跟男孩子,天哪!他们什么时候才能长大?),但通常是为钱发愁。这个地方什么东西都很贵!人人都想从我身上赚点钱:税务局要收个人所得税,银行经理要我偿清学生贷款,房东催我交房租、燃气费、水费、电费,手机账单也不断地寄来。所有这些还没算上吃饭的钱。更可气的是,不知从哪里冒出一个自作聪明的家伙我打电话,问我要不要买养老金。照这样下去,我甚至都支撑不到年底,更别提活到60岁领养老金了。 2. 我认为,选修第二专业并不合适每一位本科生。我大学本科主修英语专业,大一时就开始辅修经济学了。无疑,我是班里最用功的学生。我竭尽全力想同时达到两个不同专业的要求,但还是有不及格的时候。因为经济学需要良好的数学基础,我不得不花大量时间钻研数学,因而忽略了英语学习。 第二学期,《英国文学》及《宏观经济学》两门课不及格给我敲响了警种,这可是我一生中第一次考试不及格,这大大打击了我的自信心。虽然我不是一个容易向命运低头的人,在暑假结束的时候,我还是决定放弃经济学,以免两个专业都难以完成。当我只需修一个专业的时候,一切似乎又回到了正轨。(if you ask me; odds; try as … might; sap one’s confidence; given that; bow to fate; come to a close; for fear that; now that) If you ask me, taking a second maj or isn’t good for every undergraduate. In my freshman year as an English major, I took economics as my minor. By all odds, I was the most hardworking student in my class. But try as I might to meet the requirements of the two different subjects, I still co uldn’t do well enough to pass all the exams.Given that the study of economics required a good command of mathematics, I had to spend so much time on math that I neglected my English major. Failing English Literature and Macro-economics in the second semester sounded the alarm for me. This was the first time I did not pass a course in my life, which had greatly sapped my confidence.Although I was not a man who would easily bow to fate, as the summer break came to a close, I decided to give up economics for fear that I would fail in both subjects. Now that I had only one subject to attend to, everything seemed to be on the right track again. Unit 2 1. Indubitably the vast majority of books overlap one another. Few indeed are those which give the


Unit1 1)等我们终于找到8号房间的时候,妈妈已经涨红了脸,累得上气不接下气。我打开门锁,我们都走了进去。 2)她给我留下了深刻的印象,我觉得自己太无知了,甚至不配跟她呼吸同样的空气。 3)我不知道为什么我非得了解文学。可是招生办公室的那位女士说,虽然我读过陀思妥耶夫斯基和梅尔维尔的小说,虽然一个没上过高中的人能读这些书的确令人敬佩,但这门课是必修课。 4)我乐得飘飘然了,第一件事就是去买所需要的课本,然后用纽约大学紫白相间的护封把它们套起来,这样地铁里的乘客就会向我投来艳羡的目光了。 5)接着,教授告诉我们,观念并不是从天而降的现成品。从长远来看,清教徒是宗教改革运动的产物,他们继承了宗教改革运动的世界观,并且他们对孩子的态度也由此体现了宗教改革运动的思想。 1. Their introduction of Amateur Dramatics impressed Sophie so much that she signed up for it. 2.Online education provides those who work full time with opportunities to receive further education in their spare time. 3. When he first arrived at university, he was not sure whether he was supposed to scribble down every word out of the professor’s mouth. 4. No one detects his despair well hidden behind his smile. 5. Some students are easy about talking with strangers, while some others find it hard to do so. Unit 2 1. 外面,天空灰蒙蒙的,海面上刮来一阵强风。天气看起来和我的心情一样阴郁。 2.“好啦,别抱怨了,就给我尝一只牡蛎,然后你就可以吃些好吃的、顺口的东西,比如对 虾加黄油面包。”他提议说。吃了这么长时间的饭,他的话中第一次有了妥协的 意思。 3. 但是,虽然清晰地感觉到了他的妥协,——只有一个十岁的男孩才有这样的感觉,我仍然明白这妥协包含着吃掉那只牡蛎,那只放在我父亲盘子边上的牡蛎。 4.(添加了可可油后)巧克力凝固成易折断的条块,入口即化。 5. 但是,是什么原因使得巧克力出奇的畅销?有是什么原因导致了巧克力的上瘾特性,使 无数人承认自己是巧克力迷呢? 1. They don’t serve chips/French fries here. If you want them, you have to go to a KFC or McDonalds. 2. He picked up a walnut and tried to crack it with a hammer, but instead he crushed it. 3. When the gold was heated and melted, they poured it into a mould to form a gold bar. 4. He admitted to breaking the window of the classroom.


Unit 3 Art for Art’s Sake Active reading (1) Reading and understanding 2 Choose the best answer to the questions. 1 Why does the writer divide listening to music into three types of experience? (a) It is important to keep the different types of experience separate. (b) It makes it easier to understand what is happening when we listen to music. (c) It is the traditional way of referring to the experience of listening. (d) Different people listen on different planes, according to the type of person they are. 2 What is the main characteristic of the sensuous plane? (a) It is the sort of feeling we get when listening to music on the radio. (b) It can only be experienced by people who aren’t musicians. (c) It is a reaction we have which is generated by the sound of the music. (d) It does not give us any real sense of pleasure. (It does give us pleasure.) 3 What is the main characteristic of the expressive plane? (a) It can only be experienced by intelligent people. (b) It is when we believe the composer is communicating something to us. (c) It is a controversial concept; some composers don’t think it exists. (d) It is most obviously apparent in the music of Stravinsky. 4 What is the main characteristic of the musical plane? (a) It can only be experienced by people who have studied to read music. (b) It is the ability to experience different musical elements. (c) It is the plane that we experience instinctively, without realizing it. (d) It is the easiest of the three planes to appreciate. 5 How do most people usually listen to music? (a) On only one plane at any given moment. (b) On all three planes at the same time. (c) Without paying enough attention. (d) Without understanding what they are doing. 6 Why does the writer end the passage by referring to the theatre? (a) The theatre also offers three types of experience. (b) Composers are like the characters in a play. (c) Theatre is the form of art which is most similar to music. (d) The audience in a theatre are like musicians in an orchestra. 3 Match the liste ners’ activities with the planes they are on.


.. .. .. 专业word可编辑. 新标准英语 1 课文翻译 Unit 1 大一新生日记 星期日 从家里出发后,我们开车开了很长一段时间才到达我住的宿舍楼。我进去登记。宿舍管理员给了我一串钥匙,并告诉了我房间号。我的房间在6楼,可电梯坏了。等我们终于找到8号房的时候,妈妈已经涨红了脸,上气不接下气。我打开门锁,我们都走了进去。 但爸爸马上就从里面钻了出来。这个房间刚刚够一个人住,一家人都进去,肯定装不下。我躺在床上,不动弹就可以碰到三面墙。 幸亏我哥哥和我的狗没一起来。 后来,爸爸妈妈就走了,只剩下我孤零零一个人。周围只有书和一个箱子。接下来我该做什么?

星期一 早上,有一个为一年级新生举办的咖啡早茶会。我见到了我的导师,他个子高高的,肩膀厚实,好像打定了主意要逗人开心。 “你是从很远的地方来的吗?”他问我。他边说话边晃悠脑袋,咖啡都洒到杯托里了。 “我家离爱丁堡不太远,开车大约6个小时,”我说。 “好极了!”他说,接着又走向站在我旁边的那个女孩儿。“你是从很远的地方来的吗?”他问。但不等那女孩儿作出任何回答,他就说到,“好极了!”然后就继续向前走。他啜了一口咖啡,却惊讶地发现杯子是空的。 妈妈打来电话。她问我是不是见到了导师。 星期二 我觉得有点儿饿,这才意识到我已经两天没吃东西了。我下楼去,得知一天三餐我可以在餐厅里吃。我下到餐厅排进了长队。 “早餐吃什么?”我问前面的男生。 “不知道。我来得太晚了,吃不上早餐了。这是午餐。”

.. .. .. 午餐是自助餐,今天的菜谱是鸡肉、米饭、土豆、沙拉、蔬菜、奶酪、酸奶和水果。前面的男生每样儿都取一些放到托盘上,付了钱,坐下来吃。 我再也不觉得饿了。 妈妈打电话来。她问我有没有好好吃饭。 星期三 早上9点钟我要去听一个讲座。我醒时已经8:45了。竟然没有人叫我起床。奇怪。 我穿好衣服,急匆匆地赶到大讲堂。我在一个睡眼惺忪的女生旁边坐下。她看了看我,问:“刚起床?”她是怎么看出来的? 讲座进行了1个小时。结束时我看了看笔记,我根本就看不懂自己写的字。 那个女生名叫苏菲,和我一样,也是英语文学专业的学生。她看起来惊人地聪明。听完讲座后我们一起闲聊。她告诉我在空档年( 高中毕业后等着上大学的一年) 里,她已经把这学期书单上的书都读完了。她给我留下了深刻的印象,我觉得自己太无知了,甚至不配跟她呼吸同样的空气。 妈妈来电话问我睡得好不好。 专业word可编辑.