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Unit 1 P21

1.There is something wrong with our

computer system, but I think that it is quite minor.

2.I was too young to live on my own

when my father died. The people of my hometown took over responsibility for my upbringing at that time.

3.The toys can be sold to children

after they have to meet the tough/strict safety requirements. 4.Radio and television have

supplemented rather than replaced the newspaper as carriers of news and opinions.

5.When it comes to this magazine, it

carries a digest of article from many newspaper and magazines all over

the world.


A decade ago, Nancy did what so many Americans dream about. She quit an executive position and opened / set up a household equipment store in her neighborhood. People like Nancy made the decision primarily because of/owing to/due to their desire to improve the quality of their lives.

But, to run a small business is by no means an easy job. Without her steady income, Nancy had to cut back on her daily expenses. Sometimes she did not even have the money to pay the premiums for the various kinds of insurance she needed. Once she could not even pick up the phone bill and had to ask her parents to loan her some money. Fortunately, through her own hard work, she has now got through the most difficult time. She is determined to continue pursuing her vision of a better life.

Unit 2 P51

1.Although we were greatly affected

by the results of the global financial

crisis, we still have confidence that we can f ace up to the challenge and overcome the crisis.

2.Under threat of constant sand storm,

we were forced to leave our loved/cherished village and move to

the new settlement.

3.According to a recent online survey,

many consumers say that they may be motivated to consider buying products shown/played in TV advertisements.

4.The old man reported to the police

immediately/at once/right away when he saw/spotted a truck driver dumping contaminated waste alongside the river.

5.Some scientists hold to the firm

conviction that people will come to like genetically modified crops

someday because they can increase

production/yields and help the developing countries combat hunger and disease.

P52 段落翻译

Henson's painful life as a slave strengthened his determination to struggle for freedom. Shortly after he achieved freedom he became a member of an organization that assisted fugitive slaves. He secretly returned to the United States from Canada several times to help others to travel the Underground Railroad to freedom. Once some slave catchers closed in on the escaping slaves and Henson when they were on the run. He disguised them and successfully avoided capture. In addition, later he built a small settlement in Dresden in Canada for escaped slaves, setting up a chapel and a school where they could learn useful ways of making a living. He held to the conviction that slavery would be abolished, all the slaves would be liberated, and the day was bound to come when racial discrimination no longer existed.

Unit 4 P 109

1.The volunteers sent by the Red

Cross disinfected the drinking water in the village with great caution/carefully in order to avoid

an outbreak of plague.

2.Einstein spent many years trying to

unify the theories of electromagnetism and gravity but failed.

3.Professor Wang won the President

Award for/because of his excellence in stimulating students’creative imagination.

4.The board of directors disapproved

of/didn’t approve of the economic stimulus package since/because/as

there were some major design flaws/mistakes.

5.Jordan finally came to the

conclusion that he had to face the reality and accept/take up the challenges by himself because he

had realized that nobody could help him.

P110 段落翻译

What was remarkable about 2005 was perhaps that the United Nations declared it "The World Year of Physics”. It was the 100th anniversary of Einstein’ theory of relativity and the 50th anniversary his death. In 1905 Einstein published five highly important essays in the history of science, thus revolutionizing physics. His great achievement can be credited to his impressive powers of imagination, constant questioning, and not giving a fig for authority. It beyond doubt that Einstein was the greatest scientist in the 20th century.

Unit 5 P 154

1.Grandma took it for granted that

food price would rise/soar,so she bought lots of rice.

2.I can quote you some instances of

her dedication to science.

3.(1) Some special economic zones in

China started developing swiftly in the 1980s.

3.(2) The 1980s saw the start of swift

development of some special economic zones in China.

4.Tension between two countries

stemmed in part from the recent/latest spy affairs.

5.Peter has worked in a law firm for

many years. You can consider having him as your lawyer to act on your behalf when you need legal help.

P154 段落翻译

Amid the atmosphere of Thanksgiving, rather than joining his friends in celebration of the holiday, George was immersed in the diary left to him by his father, who died at sea after he completed two successive trips around the world. The diary brought back every moment George had spent with his father and many of the specific things his father did on his behalf. George's father used to impress on him the need to undergo all kinds of hardship in quest of excellence. He also taught him that nothing in the world could be taken for granted. Even today, George still remembers how his father would quote Aesop's famous saying "Gratitude is the sign of noble souls" and tell him to accord the greatest importance to it.

Unit 6 P182

1.The red house stands out against the

old trees that reach high up to the sky.

2.The salary in for my new job is

great, but for the rest, I’m not satisfied.

3.The waters of the two streams

mingle near our village.

4.We should not mock at other

people’s religious beliefs.

5.The curtains of the room are not

quite in tune with the style of the furniture.

P182 段落翻译

Here and there we see young artists who stand out from other people. They may be in worn out jeans all the year round, or walk barefoot / in bare feet even in winter, or drink to excess, or cling to the fancy of creating a masterpiece without actually doing any creative work. In fact, many of them act like this just to look the part, or to be "in tune with" other artists. They have forgotten that only through persistent effort can one achieve




1 replaced

2 consider

3 quit

4 world

5 tough

6 fuels

7 provide 8 luxuries

9 balance 10 ideal

P 50

1 assistance

2 involved

3 estimated

4 coincidence

5 emerged

6 referred

7 numerous 8 stationed 9 concern 10 capture P 109

1 extent

2 inventions

3 bet

4 manages

5 vision

6 eventually

7 achievement 8 poverty

9 utilized 10 breakthrough P 128

47 appreciate 48 thinking

49 maintain 50 successful 51 achieving 52 accomplish 53 determine 54 discourage 55 easy 56 significant P 153

1 Instead

2 possessions

3 richer

4 breath

5 cherish

6 special

7 specific 8 shining

9 miracles 10 gift

P 181

1 mission

2 involve

3 jail

4 not

5 collect

6 deliver

7 beautiful 8 vacation假期9 need 10 small

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