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We can reap a lot from the rewarding experience of communicating with native speakers of English.


With the mayor’s help, we were at last allowed access to those people who suffe red from the traffic accident.

1.3 Bob和frank一直不和。令他们尴尬的是,他们将分配到同一个部门工作。

Bob and Frank didn’t get along well with each other. It was embarrassing that they were to work in the same department.


As a boy, I used to intimidate my sister into crying by telling her that a wolf was coming.

1.5 做科学研究不容易不仅需要时间、精力和经费,还需要有自制力和奉献精神。

It is not easy to do scientific research; it requires time, energy and money as well as discipline and commitment.

2.1 芬奇先生冲进她的房间,朝着她喊道:“难道你就不能把音乐关小一点吗?”

Mr. Finch burst into her room and shouted at her, “Can’t you turn down the music a little bit?”

2.2 我喜欢摇滚音乐,因为它通常节奏强,寓意深。

I like rock music because it usually has a strong rhythm and a powerful message.

2.3 像通常一样,当他的父母不喜欢他的穿着时,便开始唠叨他。

As usual, when his parents don’t like what he wears, they start to bug him.

2.4 代沟美国也有,中国也有。

Generation gaps exist in the United States as well as in China.

2.5 桑迪的母亲比以前更爱唠叨她,而她与母亲的争论也比以前更多了。

As her mother bugged Sandy much more than before, she argued with her mother a lot more than usual, too.

3.1 既然你计划移居加拿大,那你必须努力适应寒冷的气候。

Now that you are planning to move to Canada, you must try to adjust to a cold weather.

3.2 他承诺帮助我们买下那幢房子,但有点勉强。

He promised to help us to buy the house, but with a little reluctance.

3.3 这是一次重要的会议,请务必不要迟到。

This is an important meeting. Please see to it that you are not late for it.

3.4 他是个有经验的商人,他做国际贸易已经有好几年了。

He is an experienced businessman; he has engaged in foreign trade for quite a few years.


She urged me to accept the new post, although the job is not very well paid.

4.1 不管是有意思还是无意识人们往往用眼神、面部表情、形体动作和态度表露真情,从而使他人产生包括舒适到害怕的一连串反应。

Consciously or unconsciously, people show their true feelings with their eyes, faces, bodies and attitudes, causing a chain of reactions, ranging from comfort to fear.

4.2 想想你与一个陌生人的偶遇,把注意力集中在最初的七秒钟。你当时有何感想,你是如何解读他的呢?

Think of your encounter with a stranger. Focus on the first seven seconds. What did you feel and think? How did you “read” this person?

4.3 当你全身心投入到了自己正在谈论的事情中,是那么专注,以至于完全没有感觉到害羞。

You were committed to what you were talking about and so absorbed in the moment that you lost all self-consciousness.


Public speakers often send mixed messages, but the audience believe what they see over what they hear.

4.5如果你想给人留下好的印象,其诀窍在于始终如一的保持自我,你最佳的自我。If you want to make a good impression, the trick/skilled way is to be consistently you, at your best.


We will do our best to help the girl infected with the AIDS virus to live longer, regardless of the cost.


Please turn off the TV, because the noise will distract her from her homework.

5.3由于缺乏资金和必要的设备,这家公司过了很长时间才实施提高产品质量的计划。It was a long time before the company implemented the program to improve the quality of its goods because of lack of money and necessary equipment.

5.4 上课时,鲍勃常常准备一些图画来说明课文中讲述的内容。

When giving a lecture, Bob often prepared some pictures to illustrate how the situation mentioned in a text took place.

5.5 有能力的成功商人善于利用各种资源来赚钱。

An able and successful businessman is good at making use of all the resources to make money.

6.1 有了他父亲给的钱,他就有能力在附近的镇子上买栋房子了。

With the money given by his father,he could afford a house in the town nearby.


The young lady was so excited that she could not restrain herself from bringing up the subject of marriage.


I’m afraid you can’t see him today because he was sent on an important mission just an hour ago.


When she was young,she used to store quotations from poems in a notebook.


Whoever they are,they should take the responsibility for the accident/they should be responsible for the accident.


The other day when I was walking along the street, I had my wallet stolen.


When I go to work, I prefer taking a bus rather than driving and that morning was no exception.

7.3 在遭到持械袭击的受害者中,很少有人能辨认出袭击他们的人,因为他们的注意力集中在抢上,而不是放在持枪人上。

Some victims of armed attacks are seldom able to identify their offenders because their attention focuses on the guns, rather than on their users.


The two robbers’ methods s uggested that they might be the same men who had committed a number of robberies in the area over the pass few months.


We hold dear our freedom to move about, the fruits of labor and our own lives.

8.1 她对那可怜的病孩充满了同情。

She was filled with pity for the poor diseased baby.

8.2 欲寻珍珠就要先潜入水中。

He who would search for jewels must dive below.

8.3 我原本打算昨天晚上去看电影,但却下雨了。

I intended to go to see a film last night, but it rained.


There was a flood of complaints about the poor service at the restaurant .

8.5 医疗检查证实她的身体状况良好。

Medical tests established that she was in good health.


In the 21st century people will order their goods at home through the Internet and have them delivered.


The increase in information and knowledge about management will be more important to top managers.


As smoking advertising is banned in many areas, smoking cigarettes will be under siege. 9.4做家庭作业时,每10个学生中有8个会去利用诸如博物馆和科学设施之类的资源。

Eight out of every ten students will use sources such as museums and science facilities in doing their homework assignments.


It is what we do and what we do not do that determine our future.

10.1 你要么跟我出去,要么待在家里,没有折中的办法。

You have to either go out with us or stay at home. There is no middle point.

10.2 老师表扬了那些学习用功、考试考得好的学生。

The teacher gave credit to the students who had studied hard and done well in the exam.

10.3 我工作的地方有很多计算机。

Where I work there are plenty of computers.

10.4 换言之,要保持自我,面对现实,不可贪财图利。

In other words, be yourself and face reality, but don’t sell out to convenience.

10.5 那些缺乏真正内涵的人总是依赖外在因素—比如外表或地位,以使自己感觉良好。

Those who lack genuine core values always rely on external factors——their looks or status——in order to feel good about themselves.

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