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1. They have to stay at home for a long time (由于) the heavy rain.

2. I’m a stranger here, so I can’t (适应) right now.

3. Running is a good way to (保持健康).

4.Yao Ming’s fat her and mother are very (骄傲) of him.

5. He has a lot of (经验) in this subject.


1.Hs interesting story made everyone____(发笑)a lot.

2.She doesn’t like skirts.______(甚至) in summer she wears trousers.

3.People enjoy Chinese food because it has different______(味道).

4.There are many different________(种类) of food in fast food shops.

5.I bought a lot of_________(马铃薯) yesterday.

6.The food is_________(确实) delicious.


7.Either my parents or my sister_______(做) supper at the weekends.

8.Mother asks me to ____(保持) the bedroom clean and tidy.

9.Did you __________(同意) with me?

10.—May I take your________(点菜) now?

---Yes, we’ll have some rice and fish soup.


1.The children went to the park and _________(玩得开心) themselves all day.

2.It was really a ___________________(惊奇) that the police came that night.

3.The twins never____________(吵架) with 4each other.

4.It’s _______________(必要的) for us to learn to wait in line.

5.They_____________(到达) in the city of Richmond five days ago.

6.I think it’s very _______________(危险的) to drive on ice.

7.Han Mei made a lot of_____________(错误) in the test yesterday.

8.He went into the room_____________(轻轻地) because the baby was sleeping.

9.Don’t kake any_______________(噪音) in the reading room.

10.Many people are in the ________________waiting room(候诊室).

一.根据提示完成单词。1. Listening to music brings me great _____________(enjoy).

2. The little girl showed me her doll ___________(collect).

3. His mum has no ___________(兴趣) in his hobbies.

4. Your room is u__________. You must clean it up.

5. He wants to be a ____________(职业的) basketball player like Yao Ming.

6. Alice, you are so c __________ (有创意的), where did you learn to draw like that?

7. The boys like all kinds of _______________(活动) .

8. It’s _____________(use) to learn English well.

9. When you go to the post office, will you please buy some s______ for me? I want to send a letter.

10.I am going to a job ________ (面试) tomorrow.

11.Many __________ (青少年)like computer games.

12.He became a ___________ (成功的) basketball player after three years hard training.

13.What do you like to do in your _________( 闲暇的) time?

14.Good hobbies can _______ (发展) our interests.

15.Sally has lots of _______ (爱好)

[巩固练习] 根据提示完成单词。1.More and more f _________ come to visit China these years.

2. I want to know w___________ the answer is right or not.

3.Please remember not to shout(喊叫) in p ___________.

4. The old man felt l__________ after his wife died.

5. My mother warned me not to t____________ the vase(花瓶) on the table.

6.I get up at six o’clock as early as u __________ .

7. The boy is always telling lies(撒谎). So nobody b_______________ him .

8. We are studying in the big and b_______classrooms. But the poor children are in the small dark classroom.

9. Don’t ______ at your friends when they are in trouble. You should try to help them out.

10.Don’t w ________ about me. I’m OK.

根据汉语提示完成句子1.______ _______ ( 实际上), I don’t like pop music.

2. My father will be back _____ a _______ of months ( 几个月后)

3.Please _______ the _______(等一等).I have something important to tell your daughter.

4.At first, I didn’t believe _______ he ________(他说的话)

5.当我听到她哭时,我的心都碎了. I felt ______ _______ when I heard her __________.

6.没有人愿意和不诚实的人交朋友. _____ ______ would like to ______ _______ with

dishonest persons.

7.我知道他来自汕头。I know ____ he ______ ________ Shantou.

8..机场离学校很远。The airport is very _______ ________ from the school.

根据汉语提示完成句子. 1. 我们要感谢你带领我们参观电视台。

Thank you for _____ us ______ Radio Beijing.

2. 如果你想成为一名记者,你需要英语说得很好。

If you want to be a reporter, you ______ ______ ______ English ______.

3. 这孩子不停的问我问题。The child ______ ________ me questions.

4. 他们还没有决定去哪里。They haven’t _______ ______ _______ ______.

5. ______ ________ (似乎) that it is going to rain.

6. That ______ _______ (听起来像) a great idea.

7. 时间已到午夜,本台现在停止广播。It is midnight and we are now ______ _______.

8. 老师要和我单独谈话。The teacher wants to talk to me ________ _________.

9. 我记得今天早上我给老师打过电话了。I _______ ________ my teacher this morning.

10. 我问莉莉昨天早上吃了什么?I asked Lily ________ ________ _______ for breakfast.

二根据句意及提示完成单词。1. If you want to choose a programme, p ______ this button.

2. Ladies and g__________, please welcome our star musician.

3. If you don’t know how to use the machine, look at the i_________.

4. After lunch, his head began to a_______ and he went to the hospital.

5. There are sixty s_________in a minute.

6. My mother__________(藏) my mp3 player last week. I couldn’t find it .

7. You must stay ________(冷静) when you meet something dangerous.

8. You should finish your homewo rk by yourself. And you shouldn’t c_______ others.

9. My sister can remember all the things. She has a good m__________.

10. The doctor ___________ (建议)me to have a rest yesterday.

四完成句子:1. 当你穿越马路时请注意红灯。

Please ________ _______ ________ the red light when you go ________ the road.

2. 她从桌子上拿起了一个盘子突然一条蛇出现了。

She ________ ________ a dish from the table, and ________ a snake _________.

3. 我看到我的宠物猫爬出了箱子。

I saw my pet cat _________________________ ________ the box.

4. 关闭电脑之前别忘了保存你的文件。

Don’t ________ _______ ________ your document before you _______ _______ the computer.

我们确信我们将会通过考试。We (that) we the exam.

你最好确保一下时间You’d better the time.


1. 保护环境是每个人的责任。

It’s our duty______ _______ _______ ___________.


My father asked me_________ ________ __________ ___________

3. 萨丽告诉我不要为她担心。

Sally told me ________ _______ _________ __________ ___________.


She asked me _________ _________the __________.

5. 你能听见萨丽正在拉小提琴吗。Can you hear Sally _______ the violin?

6. 它以高大岩石的奇特形状而闻名。

It ______ ______ ________ the strange ________of its ______ _______.

7 有些人觉得它们看起来像士兵,还有一些人认为它们象动物。

Some people think they ______ _______ ________,and others think they________ ________


8. 整个晚上我听见很大的声响,好象有人在笑.

________ the night , I heard a _______ ________, _____ ______ someone was _______.

9. 我们期望从顶部能看见湖泊和树林的美丽景色,但是只能通过云层看到山顶.

From the top we ______ _______ a wonderful ________ of the lakes and forests, but we could

see the mountain tops _________ the clouds.

10.周林在我们班是第一高的男生. Zhou Lin is the _______ _________ boy in our class.



I have _________ _________ _________ tell you.


She is ________ ________ ________ ________this summer holidays.


We can work out another problem ________ _______ ________ ________.

4、他们正在为野营做准备。They are preparing for _________ ________.


I. “I want to go shopping, Can you _______ ______ ______ (列一栏) of things for me?” said my mother.

2. During the Spring Festival, some people go home to __________ _________ (聚会) with their families.

3. We should believe and ___________ _________ _________ (依靠自己).

4. My brother promised ________ _________ ________ ________(实现他的决心) yesterday.

5. _________ __________ (并非所有的) countries celebrate the new year __________ _________ __________

___________ ( 用同一种方式)


1. 诺曼·白求恩在中国是最出名的英雄之一,但他不是中国人,是加拿大人。

Norman Bethune is one of ______ _______ famous ________, but he wasn’t Chines e, he was __________. 2. 他献身于帮助中国人民。

He _____ ________ ________ ________ _______ the Chinese people.

3. 他也写书,目的是医生们能学到新的治疗方法。

He _______ ______ books _____ ______ doctors could _____ ______ new ________.

4. 由于没有停下来去医治自己的手,他不幸去世。

He died _________ he did not stop ________ ________ _________ of his hand.

5. 她说她的手受伤了,但是这只是一个借口。

She said her hand ________, but that was only __________ __________.

6. 她们的老师问Kylie Sally到底怎么了。

Their teacher ___________ Kylie ________ _________ really _________ _________Sally.



I’ d that something would with the plane.

2. 让我们保持联系。Let’s 。


Would life be when your parents are ?

4. 我们不知道要干什么或如何照顾自己。

We wouldn’t know or look after ourselves.

5. 在他看来,很多青少年太多依赖父母,比起做饭来,还有更多的事要学。

In his , many teenagers depend on their parents, and there is more to learn than cooking.


2. She is very happy,because she is always _______ _______(在朋友中间)。

3. Her parents ______ _______ _____(担心)her study a lot last year.

【】4. The old lady is alone, so we should look after her.(同义句)

The old lady is alone, so we should_______ ________ _________ her.

5.What do you think of their performance.? (同义句)

________ ______you _______their performance?

6.他们不仅受欢迎还很出名。They are both very _______and________.


They come _______ _______ _______with some terrible men and have to ________them.


___ _____ _______,It’s an excellent composition, ________ there are ______ ______ mistakes.


八年级英语上册翻译句子整理 Unit5 据我所知,他将外出三个月。As far as I know,he will be away for three months. 我们教室有30米宽50米长。Our classroom is 30 meters wide and 50 meters long. 这个省的人口有一千万。The population of this province is ten million. 关于今天的旅行,请随意问任何问题。Feel free to ask me anything on today’s tour. 校长总是第一个到校。Headmaster is always the first one to get to school. 爬山运动是世界上最危险的运动之一。 Mountain climbing is one of the world’s most dangerous sports. 长城有多长?How long is the Great Wall? 我们应尽可能保护那些处于危险中的动物。 We should protect the animals in danger as possible as we can. 有不到2000只熊猫生活在剩余的森林里。 There are fewer than 2000 pandas living in the remaining forest 学生们正在为这次考试做准备。The students are preparing for the exam. 我大约一星期后就回来。I’ll be back in a week or so. 这座桥有多长?大约100米。How long is the bridge? It’s about one hundred meters long. 我们的老师总是第一个到校。Our teacher is always the first one to get to school. 这个大厅是我们教室的5倍。This hall is four times bigger than our classroom. 他们把森林里的树砍倒了。They cut down the trees in the forest. 在过去,很多人死于饥饿。In the past,many people died of hunger. 外面有一个妇女在扫地。There is a woman sweeping the floor. 你知道中国是最古老的国家之一吗? Do you know China is one of the most ancient countries? 黄河是中国第二长河。The yellow river is the second longest river in China. 中国的人口比印度的人口多。The population of China is larger than that of India. 中国有超过5000年的历史,它比美国的历史要长的多。 China is more than 5000 years old. It has a much longer history than the US. 尼罗河比世界上任何一条其它河流都长。 The Nile is longer than any other river in the world. 世界上没有和太平洋一样大的海洋。No ocean in the world is as big as the Pacific Ocean. 面对危险,他很勇敢。He is brave in the face of danger.


外研版英语八年级下册知识点总结 Module 1 Feelings and impressions Unit 1 1. What a delicious smell? Smell:一股气味(可数名词) _____ good advice! It’s so helpful to us. (what / How) _____ interesting the story is! (What / How) 2. nice:adj. 美味的,友好的,令人愉快的 nice weather: 好天气 be nice to sb.:对某人友好 a nice trip: 一次令人愉快的旅行 The cookie tastes nice. 这块饼干尝起来美味。 3. would like 比want 语气更委婉。 ----Would you like to stay here with us? ---- Yes, I’d like / love to. 4. lovely: 令人愉快的,可爱的修饰人或物 a lovely afternoon / girl lively: 活泼的,生动的 a lively lesson:一堂生动的课 5. I’m afraid that + 从句: 恐怕(表示歉意或让对方失望的情况)I’m afraid that I can’t come to your party tomorrow. 6. 1) a bit = a little:有点儿,有点后接/形容词/副词\形容词/副词的比较级 I feel a bit thirsty now. After the rain, people feel a bit / a little cooler. 2) a little + 不可数名词: There is a little time left. a bit of + 不可数名词: There is a bit of water in the bottle. 7. have a try: 试一试 have a / an + 名词 have a swim:游泳 have a break:休息 have a shower:洗沐浴 8. I have a sweet tooth. 我喜欢吃甜食。 9. be done: 做好了,完成了done: adj. 做好了的,完成了 10. be sure + 从句:Are you sure what you said? Be sure of / about sth.: 对……确信 I’m sure of / about the telephone number. be sure (not) to do. Sth.: 确保/ 务必(不)做某事 Be sure not to miss the early bus. 11. lucky day:幸运日 You’re a lucky boy. 你是一个幸运儿。 Good luck to you. 祝你好运。 Unit 2 1. thanks for = thank you for: 因……而感谢你 Thank you for your help. Thank you for sending me photos. 2. message: 口信、信息(可数名词) take a message:捎个口信 leave a message:留信 Information: 信息(不可数名词) a piece of information , some information 3. hear from sb. = get / receive a letter from sb. : 收到某人的来信 I heard from my uncle last week. = I got / received a letter from my uncle last week. 4. can’t wait to do sth. : 等不及/ 迫不及待做某事 I can’t wait to open the present. 5. quite: 1) quite a / an + 形容词+ 名词 quite a nice boy:一个相当好的男孩。 2) quite 修饰动词时放在动词前


期末复习翻译句子专项训练 1. 我迫不及待的想要见到你。(can’t wait) 2. 这牛奶闻起来不新鲜。(smell) 3.他们对游览颐和园感到兴奋不已。(excited; the Summer Palace) 4. 我确定我能从照片中认出你来。(sure; know) 5. 感谢你为我做了这么多好吃的小饼干。(thank you for; cookies) 6. 你以前获过奖吗?(win) 7. 你曾经想要过周游世界吗?(want; travel) 8. 他们去过许多有趣的地方。(interesting) 9. 他们发现要拼读这些单词很不易。( find; spell; pronounce) 10. 昨天Tony 邀请我一起野餐。(invite) 11. 他五岁的时候梦想着成为一名医生。(dream of) 12. 他参加过许多比赛但是却没有得过一等奖。(enter) 13.你听到关于太空旅行的最新消息了吗?(hear; space travel) 14. 到目前为止,中国政府已在人们的健康方面花费了大量的金钱。(spend) 15. 对她来说,像以前那样经常和父母见面就难了。(difficult; as…as) 16. 这颗行星和那颗行星离这儿一样远。(far; as…as) 17. 你像这样多久了?(how long) 18. 我从来不太活跃,也不喜欢体育活动。(active)

19. 从那以后它就成为我生活的一部分。(become) 20. 每天早晨锻炼来保持健康怎么样?(do exercise) 21. 抽烟和喝酒对你的健康有害。(harmful) 22. 你为什么不和你的父母交流?(communicate) 23. 自从我会走路以来,健康就是我生活中最重要的一部分。(health) 24. 他总是积极参加各种活动。(active; activities) 25. 父母经常说我们太年轻,不能自己做决定。(too…to) 26. 从那时起,他再也没去过医院。(hospital) 27. 有些疾病对我们的健康是危险的。(dangerous) 28. 该看卡通片了。(cartoon) 29. 他一直与坏人斗争。(keep) 30. 当我看他们的时候我实在忍不住笑了。(laugh) 31. 霍比特人赢得了全世界影迷的心。(The Hobbits; fans) 32. 老师不是很满意我的回答。(satisfy) 33. 卡通使我们有可能从不同的视角看待这个世界。(possible; perspective) 34. 卡通受到了孩子和老人们的欢迎。(popular) 35. 你介意把门关上吗?(mind)

外研版八年级英语( 上) 综合练习题

八年级英语( 上) 综合练习题 一、选择题。 ( ) 1、Why don’t we ________ half an hour in cleaning the classroom? A.to spend B. spent C. spend D. spending ( ) 2、The dictionary _______ me twenty yuan. A.paid B. spent C. took D. cost ( ) 3、The rain stopped the farmers _______ in the fields. A. working B. worked C. work D. to work ( ) 4、We should always _________ our teachers carefully in class. A. listening to B. listen to C. to listen D. to listening to ( ) 5、I saw the boy ______ up to me at this time yesterday afternoon. A. to walk B. walked C. walking D. walk ( ) 6、They enjoyed _______ last holiday. A. they B. their C. them D. themselves ( ) 7、You______ smoke if you see this symbol ““ A. mustn’t B. can C. needn’t D. should ( ) 8、I have ______ this novel for one week. A. kept B. borrowed C. lent D. bought ( ) 9、The old man has _______ for several years. A. died B. been dead C. die D. death ( ) 10、I can’t find my pen . I think I _______ it . A. lost B. losed C. have lost D. is losing ( ) 11、-----Thank you for sending me the beautiful flowers. ----_____.( 选出不恰当的一项) A. You are welcome B. It is a pleasure. C. That’s all right D. No thanks. ( ) 12、My classmates like playing _____basketball, but they don’t like to play_____ trumpet. A. X, the B. the , X C. an, the D. X., X ( ) 13、Since 1989 Project Hope _______ many schools. A. built B. build C. has built D. is building ( ) 14、Project Hope has built many labs since the manger ______ lots of money for it. A. has raised B. raised C. is raising D. raise ( ) 15、We have ______ been there, but we have _____ been Beijing. A. ever, never B. never , already C. just, yet D. since , for ( ) 16、A:_____ else? B:Yes, I have ______ to tell you. A. Something, anything important B. Anything, something important C. Nothing, important ( ) 17、Get ___ the boat when you reach the bridge .Then get _____ a No.51 bus to the end. A. on, off B. off, on C. on, on D. off, off ( ) 18、Open th window, _________? A. shall we B. will you C. don’t you D. didn’t you ( ) 19、Let’s have a party tonight, ________? A. shall we B. will you C. don’t you D. didn’t you ( ) 20、It is ______ to learn English well if ( 如果) you study hard. A. probably B. impossible C. may be D. possible


1 记得经常给我写信。 2 你能告诉我足球比赛是几点吗? 3 老师像往常一样手里拿着书进到了教室里。 4 我有许多爱好,例如足球、集邮。 5 我们应该避免犯同样的错误。 6 随着我努力学习,我的英语越来越好了 7 在去美国前,我需要准备些什么? 8 好像明天要下雨。 9 你知道同学们早上都怎么去学校吗? 10 我必须跟她解释她为什么得自己待在家里。 11 他生气了,所以一句话也没说就走了。 12 你最害怕什么动物? 13不要为我担心,我已长大了。 14 我很难相信我的爷爷冲我发火了。 15 边听音乐边过马路是很危险的。 16 太晚了。他没吃晚饭就匆忙离开了。 17 很遗憾因为大雨我们没能出去踢球。 18 你打算在那待多少时间? 19 妈妈已经为我们准备好了午饭。 20 不要吃得太多,对你的健康没有好处

只有几个最亲密的朋友 知道我的秘密。 国家提供给穷人免费的教育。 她在孩子身上花的 时间不够。 真相终于大白了。 他除了会说英语外,还会说汉语。 莫言的小 说已经出版了。 在我生日的时候我妈妈给我习了一辆新的自行 车 他迫不及待打开他的新书。 我已经在这儿等了你一个小时了。 这蛋糕尝 起来真甜。 你还没完成作业吗? 当她看见她妈妈时,她 忍不住哭了。 我已经看过这本书了。 上个月 我看了那部电影。 我禁不住想起了过去。 该 剧赢得了观众的喜爱。 你有昨天的报纸吗? 你来大连多久了? 你不 应该花太多时间在篮球上。 小孩子都怕量体 温。 自从 1999 年,我一直在这所学校教书。 你应该多锻炼。 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42


精品文档 初二下英语模块(三) 第Ⅰ卷(共50分) 一. 单项选择(25分) 1. Tom's grandfather lives in the village, but he doesn't feel because he has many friends there. A. alone; alone B. lonely; lonely C. alone; lonely D. alone; lonely 2. It's hard for scientists how large the universe is. A. understand B. understanding C. understood D. to understand 3. —You look unhappy, David. Why? —I invited my classmates to play basketball this morning, but of them came. A. nobody B. all C. none D. everybody 4. I've arrived at our school, but I haven't entered the classroom. A. already; already B. yet; already C. yet; yet D. already; yet 5. I think he ever visited the island. A. /; hasn't B. don't; was C. don't; has D. don't; will 6. —, Li Ming? —I'm looking for my pencil case. A. What do you think B. What are you up to C. Don't panic D. Guess what 7. There are websites on the Internet and there is a lot of useful information on the websites. A. two millions B. million C. millions of D. million of 8. —What are you looking up?You have found your dictionary. —No. But I one from the library. A. have borrowed B. have lent C. will borrow D. have kept 9. —Sorry. I have no time tomorrow. Shall we go to the seaside another day? —Let's make it next week. A. Yes, we will. B. Yes, we shall. C. No problem. D. Why? 10 、Do you want to keep forests ? A safety B safely C safe D saftily 11.Why keep him so long yesterday? A to stand B standing C stands D stood 12 Your words made me to make him 。 A to want happy B want happily C wanted happily D wanting happy 13 The rest of milk drunk(喝掉)by Lucy,the rest of people Beijing ,they won't come back today。 A was,has been to B were,has gone to


八年级英语练习题 一、单选题(本大题共15小题,共15.0分) 1. —Why did the students get _______? —Because they heard the ________ news that our team had won the game. A. exciting; excited B. excited; exciting C. exciting; exciting D. excited; excited 2. —Could you tell me how cakes? —Sorry,I don’t know. A. make B. making C. to make D. made 3. She’s not strong enough________walking up mountains. A. to go B. going C. go D. went 4. This reading is not _____ that one. A. as easier as B. so easy than C. as easy as D. as easily as 5. There's with my computer.I can't turn it on.() A. something wrong B. wrong something C. anywhere wrong D. wrong anything 6. Take the medicine three times a day. It can make you than before. A. feel better B. to feel better C. feeling better D. feel well 7. Would you like to drink?() A. anything B. something C. nothing D. everything 8. — Could you tell me now? — Yes. I live in Manzhouli city. A. where do you live B. where did you live C. where you lived D. where you live 9. 一"Food Safety"problem is becoming___________these days. --I think so.The government must do something to deal with it. A. smaller and smaller B. worse and worse C. better and better D. nicer and nicer 10. How kind you are!You always do what you can __ ____ others. A. help B. helping C. helps D. to help 11. There is water here; but there are quite empty glasses. A. little;a few B. few;little C. few; a few D. little; a little 12. Tomand Jenny enjoyed playing in the water. A. himself B. herself C. ourselves D. themselves 13. Many students ask for advice about_____ their English. A. improve B. to improve C. improving D. improved 14. After earthquake, _______people were homeless. A. millions of B. 5 hundred of C. thousand of D. ten thousands 15. Peter was so excited _______ he received the invitation to the important meeting. A. that B. though C. when D. before


Module 1 Unit 1 It smells delicious Tony: Mm…What a delicious smell! Your pizza looks so nice. Betty: Thanks! Would you like to try some? Tony: Yes, please, it looks lovely, it smells delicious, and mm, it tastes good. Darning: What’s that on top? Betty: Oh, that’s cheese. Do you want to try a piece? Darning: Ugh! No, thanks. I’m afraid I don’t like cheese. It doesn’t smell fresh. It smells too strong and it tastes a bit sour. Betty: Well, my chocolate cookies are done now. Have a try! Darning: Thanks! They taste really sweet and they feel soft in the middle. Tony: Are you cooking lots of different things? You look very busy! Betty: Yes, I am! There’s some pizza and some cookies, and now I’m making an apple pie and a cake. Darning: Apple pie sounds nice, I have a sweet tooth, you know. Shall I get the sugar? Betty: Yes, please. Oh, are you sure that’s sugar? Taste it first. It might be salt! Darning: No, it’s OK. It tastes sweet. It’s sugar. Tony: What’s this? It tastes sweet too. Betty: That’s strawberry jam, for the cake. Darning: Good, everything tastes so sweet! It’s my lucky day! Unit 2 I feel nervous when I speak Chinese. Thanks for your last message. It was great to hear from you, and I can’t wait to meet you. I hope you will know me from my photo when I arrive at the airport. I’m quite tall, with short fair hair, and I wear glasses. I’ll wear jeans and a T-shirt for the journey, but I’ll also carry my warm coat. I’ve got your photo — you look very pretty. So I’m sure we’ll find each other! Thanks for telling me about your hobbies. You sound just like me! I spend a lot of time playing classical music with my friends at school, but I also like dance music — I love dancing! I enjoy sports as well, especially tennis. My brother is in the school tennis team — I’m very proud of him! He’s good at everything, but I’m not. Sometimes I get bad marks at school, and I feel sad. I should work harder. You asked me, “How do you feel about coming to China?” Well, I often feel a bit sad at first when I leave my mum and dad for a few days, and I’m quite shy when I’m with strangers. I feel nervous when I speak Chinese, but I’ll be fine in a few days. I’m always sorry when I don’t know how to do things in the right way, so please help me when I’m with you in China! Oh, I’m afraid of flying too. But I can't tell you how excited I am about going to China! See you next week! Love, Sally

八年级英语下册 句子专练 (新版)外研版

句子专练 Ⅰ. 根据括号内的要求完成下列各题,每空一词(含缩略形式)。 1. We've already paid for all the tickets. (改为一般疑问句) _________ you _________ for all the tickets _________? 2. Her son has won some prizes. (改为否定句) Her son _________ _________ _________ prizes. 3. It's a delicious cookie. (改为感叹句) _________ _________ _________ _________ it is! 4. Mr Hand left the hotel two days ago. (改为同义句) Mr Hand _________ _________ _________ from the hotel for two days. 5. I don't know how I should encourage him. (改为简单句) I don't know _________ _________ encourage him. 6. Ms Black has been ill for three days. (对划线部分提问) _________ _________ _________ Ms Black _________ ill? 7. Has his company sent him to work in the US? Could I ask? (改为含有宾语从句的复合句) Could I ask _________ his company _________ _________ him to work in the US? 8. When did the problem start? I want to know. (改为含有宾语从句的复合句) I want to know _________ the problem _________. Ⅱ. 根据汉语意思完成英语句子,每空一词。 1. 现在他们没在播音。 Right now they're not _________ _________. 2. 情况在一天天好转。 _________ _________ _________, the situation is improving. 3. 杰克,我们在做游戏,你可以加入。 Jack, we are playing games and you can _________ _________. 4. 请早上6点叫醒我。 Please _________ me _________ at six o'clock in the morning. 5. 导游在地图上给我们指出了那个博物馆。


初二英语句子翻译 1. 恐龙在地球上生存在6千万年前,比人类早得多。 Dinosaurs existed on Earth more than sixty million years ago, much earlier than human beings. 2.有些恐龙跟鸡一样小,有些跟比十头大象一样大。 Some dianosaurs were as small as chickens. Others were as big as ten elephants. 3.许多恐龙是无害的。其他恐龙是有害的。 Many dinosaurs were harmless. Others were harmful. 4.他认为快乐的方法是尽可能少的拥有东西。 He believed that the way to be happy was to own as few things as possible. 5.他看见一个小男孩跪在喷泉边。 He saw a small boy kneeling by a fountain. 6.离开学校后,他卖过报纸,送过邮件。 After leaving school, he sold newspaper and delivered mail. 7.他丢掉他的杯子变得更加开心。

He threw away his cup and became even happier. 8.最后,他得到一份为影片画漫画的工作。 Finally, he got a job drawing cartoons for films. 9.Disneyland是美国著名的游乐园。是Walt Disney创建的。 Disneyland is a famous amusement park in th USA. It was created by Walt Disney. 10.我们是从恐龙的骨骼、蛋和它们留下的脚印来了解恐龙的生活的。 We know about the lives of dinosaurs from the skeletons,eggs and footprints they left behind. 1. 人们开始计划他们的暑假。 People are starting to plan for their summer holidays. 2.法国是一个大国家,它三面临海。它也有许多适合滑雪的山地地区。 France is a big country, with coasts on three sides. It also has many mountainous regions for skiing. 3.巴黎,法国的首都,在世界上是最受欢迎的旅游目的地之一。 Paris ,the capital of France, is one of the most popular tourist


Module 1 Feelings and impressions Unit 1 It smells delicious. 1 Listen and number the pictures. 1 Lingling: Guess what it is! 玲玲:猜猜它是什么! Betty: It tastes sweet. Is it a cookie? 贝蒂:它尝起来很甜。是小甜饼吗? 2 Daming: Ugh! This milk smells sour. 大明:呃!这牛奶闻起来酸了。 Ton y: Don’t drink it. 托尼:别喝了。 3 Betty: This bed feels a bit soft. 贝蒂:这张床摸起来有点儿软。 Lingling: Try a harder bed. 玲玲:试一张硬点儿的。 4 Lingling: Tom looks very strong! 玲玲:汤姆看起来很强壮! Daming: Yes. He does a lot of exercise. 大明:是的。他做很多运动。 2 Listen again and complete the sentences. 1 Lingling: Guess what it is! 玲玲:猜猜它是什么! Betty: It tastes sweet. Is it a cookie? 贝蒂:它尝起来很甜。是小甜饼吗? 2 Daming: Ugh! This milk smells sour. 大明:呃!这牛奶闻起来酸了。 Tony: Don’t drink it. 托尼:别喝了。 3 Betty: This bed feels a bit soft. 贝蒂:这张床摸起来有点儿软。 Lingling: Try a harder bed. 玲玲:试一张硬点儿的。 4


七、根据汉语意思,翻译句子。 1. We are .我们正玩得高兴。 2. They are on the playground.他们正在操场上拍照。 3. People are trains. 人们正在等候火车。 4. .再见。 5. I’m school .我非常喜欢学校。 6. We usually the doors and windows paper cuts. 我们通常用剪纸来装饰门和窗。 7. We our new clothes on . 在新年那一天,我们穿上新衣服。 8. They bring us the . 他们给我们一年到头带来好运。 9. We don’t want to good luck.我们不想把好运扫走。 10. They early on Sunday. 在星期天,他们打算早点起床。 11. I am going to my Emails Saturday . 在周六上午我打算查看我的邮件。 12. We’re going to the .我打算去爬长城。 13. He is my 他是我最喜欢的歌手。 14. Will there be schools 将来会有学校吗 15. They will their homework to the teacher . 他们将通过邮件把作业发给老师。 16. There will be in autumn.在秋天,将有大风。 17. People will work .人们一周将工作三天。 18. the of Shanghai上海人口是多少 19. Hong Kong is Shanghai.香港比上海更大。

外研版英语 八年级英语语法填空训练单元测试题(含答案)

外研版英语八年级英语语法填空训练单元测试题(含答案) 一、八年级英语语法填空训练 1.阅读下面短文,按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求,在空白处填入一个适当的词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空。 Helen is in Grade Eight. She smiles at everyone and she's always glad to help others. But do you know she had a sad story? Helen's parents died in ________fire when she was nine years old. After that, her aunt and uncle adopted(收养)her. They sent her to a new school. In that school, Helen________(know)nothing about her new classmates. She didn't talk too much and she was________(shy)and quieter than most kids. That made________difficult for her to make friends, so she had few friends at school. Her aunt and uncle worried about her.________(lucky), Helen met a funny girl named Sandy. After making friends________Sandy, Helen became more outgoing________before. Sandy usually tells jokes to make her laugh and Helen often helps Sandy with her studies. Now they are good friends. Helen is really hard-working and she always________(get) A's in her subjects. Sandy says, "Helen studies very hard. She often helps me with my homework. Now I'm getting better________(grade) with her help________she is different from me, I like her very much.【答案】 a;knew;shyer;it;Luckily;with;than;gets;grades;Though/ Although 【解析】【分析】文章大意:本文主要叙述海伦九岁时父母死于火灾。在那之后,她叔叔婶婶收养了她。他们送她去了一所新学校。在那所学校,海伦对她的新同学一无所知。她说话不多,而且比大多数孩子更害羞,更安静。这使她很难交到朋友,所以她在学校很少有朋友。她叔叔婶婶很担心她。幸运的是,海伦遇到了一个有趣的女孩,名叫桑迪。在和桑迪交了朋友之后,海伦变得比以前更外向了。桑迪经常讲笑话逗她笑,海伦经常帮助桑迪学习。现在他们是好朋友了。海伦真的很努力,她的科目总是得了A。桑迪说:“海伦学习很努力。她经常帮我做作业。现在在她的帮助下,我的成绩越来越好。虽然她和我不一样,但我非常喜欢她。 (1)考查不定冠词。句意:海伦九岁时父母死于一场火灾。fire火灾,可数名词单数,且以辅音音素开头,要用不定冠词a,故答案为:a。 (2)考查一般过去时。句意:在那所学校,海伦对她的新同学一无所知。know知道,动词。本段都是叙述过去发生的事情,要用一般过去时。know的过去式knew,故答案为:knew。 (3)考查形容词。句意:她说话不多,而且比大多数孩子更害羞,更安静。空格后有... and quieter than,可知有and连接并列形容词比较级。形容词shy的比较级shyer,故答案为:shyer。 (4)考查代词。句意:这使她很难交到朋友。make使,让,使役动词,此处结构为make+宾语+宾补(形容词)。固定结构。此处是不定式短语作真正宾语,要放在句末,用it作形式宾语,故答案为:it。 (5)考查副词。句意:幸运的是,海伦遇到了一个有趣的女孩,名叫桑迪。由逗号与句子隔开,修饰整个句子作状语。形容词lucky的副词为luckily。故答案为:Luckily。