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Why would you like to go abroad?

I would like to further my study in Britain. There are a lot of famous universities in Britain. World-renowned universities like Cambridge and Oxford are all in Britain. I believe I can receive first-class educatio n in Britain. I don?t like the weather there.

I would like to further my study in Britain for the reason that there are a lot of famous universities there, especially some world-renowned universities like Cambridge and Oxford. For this reason, I believe I can receive first-class education in Britain in spite of the fact that I hate the weather there. Are you a student or are you working now?

I am a college student studying Business with the major in Finance, which is also the area I?d like to further study in Britain.

What kinds of leisure activities are popular in China?

Well, that?s quite an interesting question. Uh…how can I put it? Maybe I can put it this way.

In truth I would have to say that it really depends.

For young people like me, I guess the most popular leisure activity would be playing online games. Take the famous online game WOW as an example, as far as I know, the game has more than 20 million users in China.

Whereas on the other hand, for the older generation like my parents, I assume their favorite pastime would be playing Mah-jong, because as you know, this traditional Chinese game is often regarded not only as a game but also a good way to socialize with family members or neighbors in China.

What kinds of sports/physical activities are popular among college students in China?

Well, that?s quite an interesting question. Uh…How can I put it? Maybe I can put it this way.

In truth I would have to say that it really depends.

For guys like me, I guess the most popular sports activity would be playing basketball.

You know, in campus, if you play basketball really well, chances are that some pretty girls might be attracted to you and a case in point is that campus basketball stars always have the most attractive girlfriends.

Whereas on the other hand, for girl students, I assume their favorite physical activity would be doing YOGA,because as you know, almost all the girls I know believe they are overweight and they regard YOGA as an excellent way to keep their body shape slim.

Describe your idol.

My idol is Jay. He is a Taiwanese pop singer and he has a lot of crazy fans all over Asia.

My idol is Jay, who is a Taiwanese pop singer having huge number of die-hard fans all over Asia,whose songs are mostly written by himself.

Can you tell me something about your grandparents?

My grandfather is turning 86 this year

My grandfather is retired and enjoying life at home.

My grandfather, who is turning 86 this year, is retired and enjoying the life at home at the moment.

My mother?s father passed away when I was only 2 years old, which means that I do not have a clear, distinct memory of him.

Describe a day that is special to you.

Valentine?s Day is the day I hate the most in a year, when I am always surrounded by loneliness.

At what age do people in your country get married?

In China, most people tie the knot between the age 25 and 28, when both parts of the couple are generally financially capable and mentally ready for the marriage.

Talk about a shopping center you are familiar with.

For boys, there are shops highlighting football, where you can buy pillows with Manchester United and AC Milan?s emblem on them.

There are also special shops featuring DIY, where you can do a range of things from hammering your own silver necklace to making soap and perfumes.

Describe a sport star you like.

(1). David Beckham is a football player. (2). David Beckham is famous for his handsomeness. (3). David Beckham is enjoying great popularity in China.

David Beckham, who is famous for his handsomeness, is a football player enjoying great popularity in China.

Describe a person who is controversial

Lu Yang is a super model. In China, she is regarded as ugly. But on the stage of the world, she is shining.

Lu Yang, who is regarded as ugly in China, is a supermodel shining on the stage of the world.

Do people take as much exercise as in the past?

Most people are stressed out and no longer taking as much as exercise as in the past because they are facing the ever-increasing working pressure.

Facing the ever-increasing working pressure, most people are stressed out and no longer taking as much exercise as in the past.

Describe a kind of bird.

Magpies enjoy great popularity in China because they are often regarded as the symbol of happiness in Chinese culture.

Often regarded as the symbol of happiness in Chinese culture, magpies enjoy great popularity in China.

Describe an embarrassing experience.

Describe a city you have visited.

There are numerous attractive scenic spots in Sydney, with the Sydney Opera being the most impressive in my opinion.

Describe a band group t hat you like.

Influenced by my sister, who is a crazy about pop music, I started to be interested in a group band called May Day from Taiwan, whose members are all passionate young men, with one group member Nicknamed Monster being my favorite one.

What?s your name?

My Chinese name is Yu Weiguo, which was given by my grandfather, meaning a great and prosperous country in Chinese.

Where are you from?

I am a local resident in Shanghai, where I have been living since I was born.

I am from Dalian, which is a coastal city in the north east China famous for seafood.

Tell me about your hometown.

Well, I think today?s Shanghai is totally different from what it was hundreds of years ago.

In the past, Shanghai used to be a small village on the east coast of China whose incomes exclusively come from fishing.

Nowadays, however, as one of the biggest cities in China, Shanghai has become the financial hub in the country and boasts for its convenient transportation and services.

Well, as you can probably guess, I come from Beijing, where I have been living all my life. Although at the moment I am studying in another city-Tianjing.

I suppose if I have to describe Beijing, the first thing I would say is that it is absolutely enormous, maybe even one of the biggest cities in Asia I guess. It is so big that even the locals have problems finding their way around.

Another significant characteristic is that it offers examples of both classical and contemporary architecture. Actually some of the China?s most renowned landmarks like Forbidden City are …slap-bang? in th e middle of Beijing.

Are you a student or are you working now?

I am a senior majoring in Chinese in Shanghai University, which is also the school where current mayor of Shanghai graduated.

What are you studying?

Well, you know as a college student majoring in legal English, I have to study both English and law courses.

For English courses, I study listening, speaking and translation courses, in which I believe I?m doing quite well because I have been interested in English since I was kid.

(In fact, representing my university, I took part in the national English speech contest and managed to finish the competition as the runner-up, which might be seen as a proof of my English level.)

(To be more specific, I am quite confident of my pronunciation, which is commented as authentic British accent by my friends from UK.)

Where in contrast, I must admit that my performance in law courses, which include international law and domestic law, is quite unsatisfactory due to the fact that I find it hard to make myself interested in this section, which is actually quite boring from what I see.

Do you like listening to music?

Well to be quite honest, in general I would say that I?m totally mad about music, specifically RAP, which rocks me up whenever I listen to it.

As well as this, I am also a fan of classical music, in particular some world class masterpieces by Mozart or Beethoven.

Listening to the classical works, you feel like being indulged in a melody paradise.

And only in such time would I feel fully relaxed from the heavy working stress.

What kinds of restaurants are popular in your country?

OK, certainly there are quite a range of widespread restaurants in China, with restaurants which serve Sichuan food enjoying the greatest popularity.

I assume they are so popular because Sichuan food, which is often quite spicy, is to the Chinese people?s taste as well as economical.

In fact, it is quite common that people have to stand in queue waiting for about 2 or 3 hours before they could guarantee a seat in some most …hot? Sichuan restaurants in Shanghai.

In addition, another kind of trendy restaurant would be Japanese restaurant.

And the unique aspect of Japanese restaurant is that the food there is often served in an “all-you-can-eat” style, which means you can enjoy un limited amount of delicious Sashimi, Sushi and etc as long as you have a big enough stomach.

What is your favorite spare time activity?

Well, in this case I think I have to say my answer really depends.

Like for instance, if the weather is fine, I would probably invite my friends to have a cup of coffee in Starbucks, where we could chat over coffee and kill time.

On the contrary, if it is raining outside, I would be happy to be a ‘couch potato’ watching American TV series like Prison Break, by doing so I can improve my English as well as get to know a lot about the United States.

Is fast food popular in your country?

Alright, I guess that on the one hand, fast food enjoys great popularity among young people and this is definitely the case when you see that majority of the customers in restaurants like KFC or McDonald are young guys of my age.

But you also have to understand that to older generation like my parents, it is a totally different story for the reason that older people in China often prefer traditional food like chicken soup, which is more nutritious according to them.

So on the whole, I suppose the answer has to be Yes and No.

Do you get on well with your family members?

Well, I guess on the one hand, I bound with my mother.

It seems that I can always find something in common to talk with her, who is also a pretty talkative person like me.

We almost talk about everything ranging from recent events to gossip news.

While on the other hand, I have to admit that the connection between my father an d I doesn?t seem to be that close.

I think this is mainly due to the fact that my father is a quite reserved person, which means he

would prefer to conceal his feelings instead of speaking out.

Would you like to be in a film?

Well, quite honestly I don?t think I?ve ever thought about that, but I guess I would probably consider playing a role in a film, especially when I had the chance to be a character in a Hollywood movie.

You know, if I played a role in a Hollywood movie I would have the opportunity to get to know some world-famous movie stars like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, who have been my idol since I was a kid and chances are that my talent in acting might be discovered by the professional talent scouts, which means I could be a superstar myself someday in the future.

Describe a singer or musician that you admire

Who the person is

What type of music/songs he she plays/sings

Why you admire this person

Whether this person is popular in your country

So, to start with I will talk about who the person is, a nd the one I?d pick is Jay, who is a pop singer from Taiwan.

Continuing then with the next point of what type of songs he sings, and what I need to emphasize here is that his music is an excellent mixture of modern pop music and traditional Chinese style, which is so unique that his music could be easily distinguished from other types of music. Progressing to the subject of why I admire him, I would like to explain that it is his versatile talent in music that deeply attracts me; you know, he writes most of his songs all by himself as well as being able to sing.

As a final point, if time permits, I?d like to bring in the position of whether he is popular in China and I should say not only does he enjoy great popularity in China but also he has huge number of fans all over the world.

Describe a successful businessman you admire

Who the person is

What makes him/her a good leader?

Why you admire this person

Whether this person has influenced you

So I suppose I should commence with the first aspect which is who the person is, and I?d probably select Jack Ma, the current director of https://www.sodocs.net/doc/9e5294542.html,.

Regarding the theme of what makes him successful, and the thing that needs to be highlighted here is that his success should mostly be attributed to some priceless qualities he possesses such as entrepreneurship, leadership and the courage to take risks.

This also explains the reason why I admire him, you know, he is a successful entrepreneur who started from the scratch.

When he set up his company, all he had was a budget of 50,000 Yuan and merely 5 staff.

Hard as the condition was, he managed to lead his team to achieve business success one after another just like the King Midas.

To cut a long story short, as my very last point, with reference to the question of whether he has influenced me, I have to say so deeply has his legendary story influenced me that I have made up

my mind to set up my own company after I graduate following his steps.

Describe a public event you have attended

What the event was

When and where was the event held?

What you felt about it

Would you like to attend the same event again?

Alright, in response to the first question of what the event was, and I?d have to go for the 5th Asian musical festival, which took place in Shanghai 2 years ago, when I took part in the event as an interpreter for the organizing committee throughout.

Continuing then with the next point of what I felt about it, and what I need to emphasize here is that I have mixed feelings towards the festival.

Obviously, there are lots of exciting aspects

Especially when you realize that you can meet the super stars, who generally could be seen only on televisions, face to face.

In addition, I have to say I also tasted a sense of hardship due to the fact that working as an interpreter for the organizing committee was extremely busy and tiring.

Having interpreted and translated continuously for at least 12 hours a day, you inevitably feel exhausted, losing energy and motivation to keep working.

And so finally then, if I have time, in answ er to the question of whether I?d like to attend the same event again, really I should mention that tiring as attending the event might be, I would definitely participate in the festival again should I have the chance.

Describe a person who is controversial

You should say

Who the person is

what does he/she do

Why is he/she controversial

what do you think of him/her

Well, actually, when it comes to the topic of a controversial person, a lot of names would immediately come to my mind.

Anyway, if I do have to choose a typical one, I guess I would have to pick a woman called Lu Yan. You know, Lu Yan, who is actually regarded as ugly by most Chinese people, is a supermodel shining on the stage of the world, which means her appearance is the main reason why she is controversial.

You know, in the eyes of most Chinese people, girls like Lu Yan, who have big round face with small eyes, flat nose and thick lips are often labeled as the least popular type.

On the contrary, astonishingly, judged by the appreciation of the aesthetics from the majority of westerners, she is purely a fair lady.

I guess the major explanation for the controversy on her appearance lies in the different perceptions of beauty between the West and the East.

According to most Chinese people, a truly gorgeous woman should have an oval face, long and thick eyelashes, willow leaf-shaped eyebrows, long black straight hair, slender legs and smooth skin.

On the other hand, however, from the standards of many westerners, it is girls like Lu Yan that distinctively represents the typical image of eastern beauties, whose appearances are so different and convey a feeling of mystery, which I guess is highly appreciated by the people in western countries.

Describe a website you have used

What the website is

What you used it for

How you found about it

Whether you have used other websites similar this one.

Ok, then, I guess I could begin by saying something about what the website is, and I think I would have to choose https://www.sodocs.net/doc/9e5294542.html,, which is one of the most popular websites featuring news in China. Going on to my next point which is what I used it for, I really need to add that providing a range of news from global update to entertainment or sports news, the website really entitles me to the access to what is going on around the globe.

For example, when the earth quake in Sichuan happened in May 12th, it was just through this website that I knew about the natural disaster.

And now with reference to how I found about it, the point I want to make here is that the website is actually so famous here that you simply don?t have to …find? it.

You know, just like https://www.sodocs.net/doc/9e5294542.html, in USA, it is a website that everyone knows.

And so finally then, if I have time, in answer to the question of whether I have used other similar websites, really I should mention that I used to visit other similar websites like https://www.sodocs.net/doc/9e5294542.html,, which was actually established earlier than SINA, for checking news Hardly had https://www.sodocs.net/doc/9e5294542.html, been established when I immediately switched to the latter For the reason that the former one is obviously inferior to https://www.sodocs.net/doc/9e5294542.html, when it comes to the quality of the news.

Are the ways in which people become famous nowadays the same way that people became famous 100 years ago?

Well obviously there are a number of underlying differences here.

However, I guess that the most significant would be that it is much easier for people today to become well-known than 100 years ago.

I think this should mainly be attributed to the development of different types of media like the internet, which entitles people to be easily known by others all over the world. On the other hand, people living in the world one century ago would find it hard to be a celebrity due to the lack of efficient media.

In addition, a second key distinction would be that contemporary people can be famous as long as you have certain unique characteristic.

Say if you are extremely funny, or even ridiculous, chances are that your unique attribute would be appreciated by a lot of people.

And the fact that a woman nicknamed …Sister Lotus?, who is known for her extreme narcissism, enjoys great popularity among natives in China is a case in point.

While on the other hand, 100 years ago, only the people who are distinguished in a certain aspect may be discovered and got to know by others.

What is the difference between the way children and adults make friends?

Obviously there are quite a lot of differences in the way kids and adults make friends, with the following two characteristics being the most evident from my point of view.

Firstly, I think a major difference lies in the motive of making friends.

Children tend to make friends purely out of intuition, which means the sole criteria for them is the so called …chemistry? whilst for adults, often driven by a specific purpose; they te nd to make friends with those people who could potentially benefit them.

What?s more, I guess another distinct difference is the stability of the friendship.

You know, children start their friendship with others very quickly, but they also tend to forget their friends easily.

While I think for adults, they cherish their friendship more seriously for they are perfectly aware of what a significant role good interpersonal relationship plays in the contemporary world to achieve success.

What are the advantages of spending time in a foreign country?

Well I suppose that there are quite a few clear benefits.

But it goes without saying that the most apparent would be that living in a foreign country helps us master the language there in a relatively short period of time.

This is without doubt beneficial because surrounded by native speakers, one has a lot of chances to listen to and speak the language, so I guess big progress could be easily made.

At the same time a second bonus might be that you can travel throughout the country you live in. This is definitely valuable since by doing so, you can have a taste of different culture and have your horizon broadened.

What are the major problems related to using computers?

Well, to be honest, there are indeed quite a few problems associated with using computers, with security risks obviously being the most prominent.

You know, sometimes so vulnerable is your computer under attacks from hackers that it could potentially reveal your privacy.

Actually, I think the recen t case of Hong Kong star Edison?s erotic pictures being uploaded on the internet may serve as a convincing example.

In addition, it is just due to using computers that some health problems are caused as well.

You know, it is generally believed that computers release a kind of radiation, which deteriorates people?s immune systems, leading to terrible diseases including cancer.

What is your opinion on one child policy?

Generally speaking, I think one child policy could be regarded either as a blessing or a curse.

For the positive side, the practice is definitely beneficial for the control of the population in China, which is estimated to have exceeded 1.4 billion.

For the negative side, spoiled by the parents, the only child in a family is likely to lose certain crucial qualities they should have possessed.

For example, they tend to be more dependent on their parents and often lack of practical hands-on abilities.

What do you think …real love? means?

Well, that?s a difficult question, especially for some one who has never actually been in love like me.

I think the concept of …real love?, or …true love? has various meanings to different people.

Some people might define it as a kind of mania in which people indulge in.

From what I see, however, real love means not only a pleasure, not also loyalty and obligation, which indicates that so indispensable does a person mean to you that you are willing to sacrifice everything you have for his or her well being.

What problems are associated with overcrowded cities?

This issue is weighed down with a few problems.

Essentially, one fundamental concern is probably the overcrowded population in a city is likely to contribute to high unemployment rate.

This is clearly alarming because it is evident that the more people there are in a city, the more difficult it is to find a job.

Additionally, another major cause for concern has to be the fact that the over population tends to result in more traffic jams.

And the underlying repercussion of this is that people would have to spend much more time on traveling between home and company.

What are the solutions to this problem?

In my view we could go about this in a number of ways.

In reaction to the initial issue, the most effective way to get to the root of the problem would be that the government should provide some skill training courses to the unemployed to help them improve the professional skills and find a decent job.

Taking on the second problem, the most successful way to confront this would be to restrict the use of private cars by the means like raising the prices of license plates or something like that, which I think is a great way to relieve the problem to a certain extent.

Describe a TV program

What the name of the program is

When you watched it

What it talked about

Why you like this program

I guess I could begin by saying something about the name of the program, and I think I would have to choose The Apprentice, which is an American reality show held by real estate tycoon Donald Trump, featuring business competition.

Going on to my next point which is when I watched it, I really need to add that it was just in this summer vacation that I watched the latest season of the show.

And now with reference to the content of the program, the point I want to make here is that the show is actually a competition testing the candidates? practical business skills, in which 20 candidates would be divided randomly into 2 teams competing each other, with one candidate in the losing team being …fired? by Donald Trump due to the wors t performance or the least contribution in each episode.

And so finally then, if I have time, in answer to the question of why I like this program, really I should mention that I do have learned a lot, from which you learn authentic English expressions as well as business skills.

What influence do TV programs have on children and older people?

Well, obviously TV programs have varied influence on children and older people.

For children, it is just through TV programs that kids, who have limited access to the society, get to know about the outside world.

For older people, watching TV programs seems to be the only way to eliminate their loneliness. Often watching TV continuously for hours, older people, who are always without company, regard TV programs as the sole pastime to kill time.

真的真的要和雅思说再见了. 最后想给各位同命相连的朋友们提供一点口语的资料,都是自己准备的材料,希望能够给各位一些参考.\一、当你不知道该如何回答的时候,可以先说这些句子,一边缓冲一下自己的情绪,一边思考该怎么回答:(选自己在行的句子)It’s hard to say Well, that’s an interesting question I think….I don’t think so, but I guess the people li kes XXX for these reasons….Well, that’s really a big topic/subject Well, to me, it’s a big problem.Probably….I believe, In my opinion Personally 二、要注意回答的时候有条有序。尤其是第三部分。当然不要每个问题都这么回答,考官会崩溃的。First of all. / To begin with And I also want to say……/ besides, I think………/moreover……/furthermore……At lasts…/in the end….总结:all in all That’s why I think To sum up转折:on the contracy In contrast to On the other hand三、口语考试注意事项:1.保持微笑。一来可以使自己放松,二来可以给考官一个好印象。2.表现出积极的态度,主动说话,少停顿。3.不要“嗯嗯嗯”的嗯个不停,就算要嗯,一定要用um…!四、回答PART2的问题技巧:1分钟的intro: e.g. I like many kinds of TV program, for example….2分钟的why:●tell a story: At that time….●your feeling: before 这件事前是啥感觉,经历了这件事后是什么感觉●memories.瞎扯呗….五、扩展技巧,尤其在第三部分。平时准备口语时候,可以这么练习: 1. answer the question 2. extend: ●根据问题,用这些疑问词进行自问自答when, why, where, how, what●用me来扩展。 e.g.

I think women prefer doing shopping, because….just like me, I like shopping, I always….but my brother don’t like….六、接下去是自己准备的一些话题,可适当做参考Why IELTS?I would like to study abroad to further my English and better understand the western culture and custom, which will benefit me in the later future.Major?I’m a student in XXX in XXX where I major in XXX(your major).

I like my major, and it always comes easy to me, I don’t know why Hometown I’m fro m XXX of Zhejiang province. My hometown is famous for XXX. Every year there will be numerous tourists who come to visit. Besides, people here are quite friendly Food in hometown:XXX(hometown) food is little sweet, little salt. And the best famous food in my hometown is “XXX” it’s very delicious.The development of hometown Recently, with the development of economy, my hometown changes a lot. First of all, we have more choice for shopping, like Nike, Addidas. Secondly, there are more skyscripts and more types of transportations today, we can take bus, train or even plan. At the same time, due to the western influence, people’s attitude changes, especially young

people are more open than before Music:I love many kinds of music. Such as jazz,hiphop,R&B, and t raditional Chinese music. I’ll often listen to music on my mp3, when I’m traveling from place to place, or even at home Why?I love music because the personal taste, and my family. My parents like it, and I grow up in that environment.Color:I like blue. When I was in my high school, I bough many clothes in this color. I think blue is stand for peace, quite and beautiful. Weather:China is very large, the weather is very different from different parts of china. For example, the Northern china is much more dry, but the southern china is much humidity. Nowadays, the weather is changed a lot, because of the global warming. In my childhood, the snow fall frequently, but now the story is different.Happiness:To me, happiness means that I am able to experience my dreams. Happiness means no worries, happiness means carefree. It may not be money, or power, or fame,but it is the most important things in my life.Clothes.It depends to my mood or the weather, sometimes I want to wear sport suit, sometimes I prefer to fashionable clothes, and even sometimes I want to wear traditional clothing.Collection:Well, I don’t like collection any more, but I guess many people who likes collection for these reasons: to begin with, they think it is an investment. They can buy it and sales latter, then they can earning certain money. Secondly, collection may help them to remember the past……..thirdly…..Friends:朋友的重要性Friends is very important to me. First, I can talk with my friends about my family, my worries or my planes. They will give me advice and support. Secondly, I can share my happiness and sadness with them. Without friends, it will be difficult to survive in modern society, which is full of competition.喜欢与什么样的人做朋友?I like making friends with active and optimistic people. They can cheer me up when I feel down. Most of my friends are helpful and warm-hearted. I don’t like selfish people.I think honesty and trust are the most significant things among friends. Lies would destroy friendship, for example……能够成为朋友的因素Well, it’s hard to say, but I guess understanding and honesty are the most important factors. As for one thing, your friend cannot understand y ou, that’s means he cannot give your advice or support. For another, I believe that a friend means a person you can trust and he can trust u too. Friends can help you when u r in trouble. And when they r in trouble, u will help them too.接下去的几个涉及了最近的高频话题。我准备了王力宏,我的策略如下:Law:(最新的塑料袋的使用规定),因为王力宏是environmental protector A performance or a drama:讲力宏的演唱会。A city:讲在某个城市力宏的演唱会,从而你对这个城市留下了深刻的印象。Festival:一个特殊的节日,去看力宏的演唱会。 A thing you lost:丢失了他的CDAn old man:这位老人竟然喜欢力宏!喜欢力宏的理由他一一向你道来,从而和这个老人成了朋友Garden:在garden捡到力宏CD,或在garden听到力宏的歌。什么music, news 啦什么的都可以套,我就不例举了。。。i admire many well-know person. For example the sports man, the political person. But today I would like to talk about Leehom Wang who is a famous sing star in China. He is different from other pop stars. The reasons why I like him are as follows:First of all, I love him because he is a adventurous person, and I love his special character. In music, Leehom always find ways to

challenge himself, to be creative, and make breakthroughs. He said, my spirit needs to be strong and free.Secondly, he is a environmental protector. The concept for which is his latest album is “environmental safety”. Leehom believes music can touch people's heart, and he want to his fans pass on the positive message through his songs. "Save the Environment." Just like a seed, it will one day grow to a big tree. Leehom spreads his love and changes himself and anticipates a more beautiful world.One of the lyrics goes: "I wake up this morning with a headache, it is probably because there is too much carbon dioxide in the air and not enough oxygen." Just like that, he points out global warming. Lastly, I love him for his sexy voice. It always take me away from trouble and makes me happy and enjoyable. For this problem, he insists on making the packaging for this album as simple as possible. The plastic wrap is replaced with recyclable paper. Leehom wants to start off a trend and hopes that others will follow. The album also comes with a specially made pair of chopsticks as a reminder to fans to start changing and get rid of the bad habit of using disposable plastic utensils.法律:New plastic-bags standards 塑料袋使用规定(我准备的太长了,要删节)New standards forbid the plastic bags used in supermarkets and shops. the law took effect from June. The Authorities said those bags would pollute the environment. The standards also have other industrial requirements. For example, the government regulate the thickness of the plastic bags, so that they can be reused. If companies fail to conform to standards, they will face with strict punishment.China's new law is to change consumers' shopping habits. If everyone can use just one plastic bag a day, he or she can save around 300 bags a year. Many individuals are in favor of this method to regulate the bad habits. For example, Leehom who is one of the famous sing star said, this law is perfect, we must s top the “white pollution” He also published a new record named “change myself”. He believes music can touch people's heart, and he wants to his fans will pass on the environmental safety through his songs. and save the environment just like a seed, it will one day grow to a big tree. Personally, I believe that a good quality police officer is helpful and warm-hearted. For example, when someone have trouble, he should to the fore at the moment. No matter how dangerous. Secondly, a good policeman should with a character of justice. He must deal with everything objective. how to use law to aginst crime by police officer?Well, it’s hard to say, in my opinion, the police officer should use the law to regulate the illegal activites. For example, when a driver fail to stop at a red light, the policeman can gave hime a ticket to use the traffic law.which kind of law is your favorite?Well, to be honest, I like most of kinds of laws. For example, the recent law of ban to using plastic bags free in the supermarkets and shops. That’s very good for human and the world. It helps us to protect our environment.pollution:um, this is a really difficult question. I think people are more aware of the pollution and they are trying their best to protect their surroundings. For example, the government should introduce methods to regulate the pollution. Plastic bags and boxes are being replaced by paper

products. Every citizen should be educated to be aware of this big issue, we should have the sense of environmental protection everywhere.There are many kinds of pollution. Such as the air pollution, the water pollution and the white pollution. Each of them will affect our health badly. As to the air pollution, the sky is not blue any more. Instead, it’s always gray and you will have difficult breathing.Dictionary:(只是这么构思的,想万一考到字典,我就这么说了,因为说一个故事要用到的词汇量小。但好像这个故事编的太复杂了)以前,我买了一个电子词典(描述下颜色啦形状啦啥的),后来一个哥哥来看我,他告诉我,电子词典不利于学习英语,他叫我要做一本活字典。因为他就是一本活字典,他有很强的词汇。我照他的话做了,把电子词典放一旁不再用它了。可是我后来发现,不是每个人都可以做活字典的,(例举电子字典的好处),后来我重新把电子词典拿出来用了。这就是我的字典的故事。。。。he is a walking dictionary, because he have a very large vocabulary. Also there was a rumor going around that he had read the dictionary over a summer. Music:Music plays a key role in our lives. the reason why I hold this opinion are as follows. First, music just as a form of art. We are surrounded by music everywhere and every minute. It’s like the mental food to us, it can offer us entertainment and enjoyment, and it can relax our bodies and minds. Secondly, listening to the music make people refreshed after a day’s hard wo rk. For myself, my favorite music is classic music because it can make me relax, after listening to music, I always fell happy, then I can do work more efficently. 人们怎么听音乐?People always go to concert and buy some CDs and music tapes.西方音乐的影响With the trend of globalization, the western music flooding into our lives, and with the proliferation of the western music, we can know the western culture more efficiently. As a result, we can communicate with foreigners easier.音乐对孩子的影响Music can do good to children. It can increase the imagination of them. Also, it tells them what is a good music.

Topic19 Wild Animals

Describe a wild animal in China:

I would like to talk about the Saker, a falco cherrug. They live in the north east, north west part of China. Usually the plain areas. There are only about thirty thousands saker living on the earth, more less in China. So saker is under our national second class protection.

Saker looks like eagle, but smaller than it. It has a pair of bright eyes and brown plumage. They are smart too, that's why they are often trained for falconry. Saker is a fierce animal, but once it is trained, it will listen to its master.

Since the the smuggle can earn more than about one hundred-thousand dollors by selling a saker falcon to the Mid-east countries. A lot of people poach them as a way of living. They use very brutal method in order to keep those pity saker falcons being quiet when passing through the customs. Such as fasten their wings and mouths, and even sew their eyes on. I really hope more efforts in the future will be made in the future to protect the saker's environment. Without effective restriction, they could another extinguish species.


1.Do many people in China like to have a pet?

Yes of course. They like to keep dogs and cats as their family member. Some old people in China also keep birds as their pets.

2.What kinds of pets are most popular in China?

Dogs and cats are by far the most popular animals in China. Some people keep guard dogs to protect their property.

3.What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having a pet?

A pet can be a good friend. When you are sad you can talk to it to release the unhappiness. Keeping a pet also brings some troubles, such as they have to be well taken care of. You have to feed them and spend a lot time and money on them.

4.Do you think there should be laws to protect the welfare of pets and farm animals?

It's hard to say. It would be better to have laws to protect them. But they are supposed to be protected by human beings consciously.

Protection of Wild Animals

5.Are there any wild animals in China that are not found in any other country?

Yes. The panda and the Tibetan antelope. There probably other animals only existed in China, but I don't know much about them.

6.How do Chinese people feel about the protection of wild animals?

The majority of Chinese people regard protection of wild animals very very important. Some people even sacrificed their lives when protecting the wild animals. We have set up a series of laws to restrict people from poaching the endangerd wild animals.

7.What do you think are some of the benefits to humans of protecting wild animals?

Protecting wild animals is protecting human being ourselves. Everything in nature is there for a reason. They help to keep the balance of environment and affect other species or plants in various ways. It can be seen if a species is exdinguish, some other animals will be negatively affected, too.

8.What is the purpose of having zoos?

Zoo is a really a compromise. It provides opportunities for the people living in the cities, the children to see wild animals. It's also a place to preserve those endangered species. But some animals living there may not feel comfortable for being closed in the steel cages. And I hold the point that people should learn animals straight from nature, instead of zoo.

9.How do you think zoos in China chould be improved?

Many zoos in China are poorly equipped. So I am hopeful that they could be improved by more cooperation with other zoos in the west that are well-operated and have good techniques and facilities we can learn from.


20 Electrical Appliances

Describe a useful electrical appliance that you use at home or at work:

The most useful appliance of mine is my computer. I use it both for study and recreation.

It is a small labtop that I can always carry it with me. Mostly I use it in the classroom or on the desk of my room. I saved money for a whole year to buy it, the large proportion of the money is from my salaries of my IBM summer internship. So I treasure my laptop very much. It has the classical appearance of Thinkpad with a tiny red button in the centre of the keyboard. I think it's the special highlight of my laptop. And you know what? I bought a nine-core battery for it so that it can hold for about 8-9 hours without electricity supply. So it's very useful when I have to go out to attend meeting and make presentation. It means a lot to me because I bought it with my own money and I use it to handle a lot of things, like writing reports, doing homework, watching movies and chatting with my friends.

Electrical Appliances

1.Have computers( the items you chose to talk about )changed much over the years?

Yes of course. They are changing day by day! I bought my first lab-top in my freshman year of university. But it's nothing when compared to my present laptop. And I can still remember the first time I used computer in my primary school. It had a 386 CPU and could only do some simple tasks. And it's huge. But now, the speed of computers becomes faster and the volume of them becomes smaller.

2.What kind of electrical appliances are used most?

Refrigerator I think. It one of the most meaningful and significant invention until now. It helps people to restore food and keep vegetables and meat being fresh for longer time than past. There are also some appliances that are becoming populars these years, such as toaster, humidifier and coffee maker.

3.Do you think we can live without electrical appliances?

No I don't think so. Since we've already accustumed to the present live, which is full of convenient equippments and appliances, it would be very hard for us to go back to the original time. However I don't think it's a good thing for people to be so dependent on machines.

4.Do you think science and technology will one day completely eliminate traditional skills and equipemt?

No, I don't think so. There are lot of traditional skills in China such as making Kite. There a lot of procedures need to be done by the crafters. They have to make the skeletons of the Kites and paint on them. These works cannot be done by modern appliances and will never can be done.

5.How do you think electrical appliances will develop in the future?

They could be more intellecture I think. They could deal with most of the daily jobs such as driving car, cleaning the house. Maybe they can also make the dinner ready before people coming home.

Office Equipment

6. What are some of the different forms of electronic communication that people use in offices today?

The most common form of communication in offices is Email. Even people seat near to each other, they send mail to arrange the tasks. And another form is phone. When I had intership in IBM, I found people used phone to hold meeting more often than seating in meeting rooms.

7.What are the effects of using such electronic forms of communication?

They make our work more convenient and quicker. If we have something to tell someone, we can send him a email instead of goint to where he is and tell him face to face. It's a waste of time.


8.Do you think people rely too much on machines nowadays?

Absolutely. People rely greatly on machines nowadays. Take me for an example, I use my laptop for over 6 hours a day. Though I really know this is not good for my eyes and health, I cannot help myself to use it. I use pen much less than before and most of my tasks are done on the computer. I search information by it, listen to songs by it. And I have to use other appliances such as microwave and TV everyday. This machines make people become lazy.

9.What are the advantages that we get from using modern home and office equipment?

Modern equipments make more things can be done in shorter time than before. We are able to do things that we couldn't do in the past, like working at home.

10.What do you think is the most useful thing that man has ever discovered?

Absolutely the electricity. Without electricity, most of the modern equipment would not able to work. We would not be able to use computers, coffee makers, CD player and TV. We would not have planes, cars and subways. The world would be chaos.


21 An Important Letter

A very important letter that I received was actually came from my mum. I received it on the coming of age ceremony.

The ceremony was held by my high school, and the teacher required all parents write a letter for their children to enrouge them do better in the future. At that time, we were about to take the college entrance examination, so the encouragement from our parents was very important.

In the letter, mum told me she and my dad were always proud of me. They took my growing up as the most important thing in their life and they always had confidence in me and believed that I could do well in the college entrance examination. She also told me although sometimes she and daddy might be too hard on me, she really hoped that I could understand them. She wrote some little things throughout my childhood, and some of them I couldn't even remember. I could really feel their love on me and they were so concerned about me.

My parents are not that person who can easily tell their deep feelings to me, so this letter let me know some other aspects of them and it did improve the relationship between us. So peeling apples for them, helping them do houseworks and making a cup of tea for my dad become the most important things that I have to do nomatter how busy I am. I know they love me so much and dedicated so much for me, the only thing I can do for them is caring for them much more. Letters

1.What are the different kinds of letters that the post office delivers?

A lot of kinds of letters, such as the bank statements, bills, junk mails, advertisements and credit card applications. The good thing is that you could receive some birthdays cards and postcards from you relatives and friends. It's a warm thing when you open the evenlope and see them.

2.What can people do if they receive unwanted advertising in the mail?

They will just throw them away and complaint to their friends about the junk mails. The unwanted advertisements cannot reach their goal of promoting the product. People would hate them and no one would buy these products.

3.Why do people write letters to newspapers?

They just want give some advices or complaints. Some of people would like to write some articles for the newspapers so that they could receive some money.

4.Do you think it is better to apply for a job by letter or by email?

Well, it really depends on the company, but a lot of companies do their business by email and so they might prefer that. As fas as I am concerned, I prefer to write Email because I can type quickly and can make only little changes when I apply for different companies. But if you write letter, you have to write one all over again when you are applying for another companies. However, I think writing letter is more formal that writing Email and it shows your respect for the company.

5.What do you think is the most difficult kind of letter to write?

The bussiness letter I think. You have to think about how to formulate the structure of the letter and using words precisely. Little omission may cause unexpected result.


6.What are the advantages and disadvantages of emails compared to handwritten letter?

The advantages of writing Emails are obvious. I can type faster and it really make my work done more quickly and efficiently. For example, if you want to collect data for an investigation, you can just send out emails including excels. That can make it easier for you to do data analysis and data collection. Emails can also save on the environment. Handwritten letter also have some advantages such as it's more formal to write one. But you have to think about how to formulate the structure of the letter and using words more precisely.

7.Do you prefer to write letters or emails?

Writing emails absolutely. It can make me work more efficiently and conviniently. (Q6)

8.Do senior citizens in China write emails?

Unless they are scholors or company leaders, most of the senior citizens in China do not write emails. It's just very hard for them to learn how to operate on the computer and type letters on it. Besides, they have no strong need to write Emails. Chinese old people tend to mix and mingle with their neighbors or do some exercises outdoor.

9.What effects, if any, do you think the use of emails might have on traditional Chinese culture? Well, a little bit I think. Writing Emails is becoming a way of life. But the traditional Chinese culture contains more than just the style of writing. We have Beijing Opera, we have Dargon Boat festival, and these aspects of cultural cannot be affected by the Emails. But writing Email do make peoples' life more convinient than before.

10.Do you think handwriting will still be an important skill in the future?

Of course it will. In China right now the written characters are important for many things, such as billboards and small business signs. And I think no matter how fast the development of computers, handwirtten could not be substituted by the computer inputs. The old calligraphy art will always be an important part of Chinese culture and we will treasure it forever. We don't want the handwritten be a casualty of modern techniques.

==================================================================Topic 22 Books

Describle a book that you enjoy reading:

I am so fonding of reading a book named 'A Little Princess'. It sounds unbelivalbe but I have to say I read it more than 10 times in my childhood and it's still one of my favorite novels.

'A Little Princess' tells us a story about a little girl named Sara. Her mum passes away in her childhood and she move to India with her immense rich dad when she is six years old. She is sent to school at Miss Minchin?s and she became ?show pupil? - a little princess. Then her father dies and his wealth disappears, and Sara has to learn to cope with her changed circumstances. Her strong character enables her to fight successfully against her new-found povertv and the scorn of her fellows.

The book is mainly for the little children, though, it cheered me up when I came into trouble. It's a book full of imagination and the dream of every little girl--Being a princess. There are more books that can tell you the truth of love or the history of your nation, but A little Princess gives you the true feeling of love and being loved.

Reading in China

1.Do Chinese people like to read?

Yeah of coures. We like reading very much. That why we have a lot of famous writers and books here. The dream of red chamber, The Romance of Three kindoms. There is a fantastic group of people in China like to read books.

2.Do young and old people like to read the same books?

Well I would like to say the the young people prefer to read the fictions and love stories. But old people tend to read the historical books or some legendary.

3.What kinds of books are most popular in China?

Martial arts stories are favorites. Some Chinese classics are popular too. But it hard to say what is the favourite of many people.

https://www.sodocs.net/doc/9e5294542.html,pare reading habits today to those of the past?

Today education is widely available so many people can read. Besides the modern inventions make more books printed in shorter time and enable people more time to read.

5.How do you think reading habits will change in the future?

There might be a big change. People are going to reading more and more book can be read on the computer. That is, there would be more electronical books availble on the Internet.

Children and reading

6.Do you think it's a good idea to teach children to read when they are very young?

Yes, they can learn more. Also they may be able to enjoy a new pastime. Many children, instead of playing games which develop social skills or doing things which promote good values such as reading good books, play computer games and watch TV, which often causes anti-social behavior.

7.What do children like to read?

Stories mainly. If the books contain many pictures, the children would like to read. I think parents and teacher should guild children on choosing books to broden their horizons.

8.Do parents read stories to their children in China?

Most of them would do so. But some of them would prefer to make stories themselves. Like my parents did when I was a child. This is good cause it can really enhance the relatinship between the parents and children.

9.How do you think these stories influence children?

Children are very much influenced by the stories told by their parents. These stories are sometimes the first education a child receives. They will learn some life values from them.

10.Why do you think people sometimes idealize characters in stories?

People need to have heroes they can look up to and learn from. And they sometimes immitates those characters do. Chilldren can learn more from the role models from the stories. The idealistic characters in stories have great effects on individuals.

==================================================================Topic 23 Furniture

Describe an item of furniture that you often use:

I would like to talk about the wardrobe in my bed room. It was chosen and bought by my mum last year. So it's almost new.

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