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新标准大学英语(第二版)综合教程 精读2 课后练习答案





2. 2,3,4,6,7,10,12

3. campus, protests, establishment, prospects, employment, launch, opportunity

4. clashes, alliance (formed an alliance), liberal (as a liberal), governor, economy, characterized (were characterized by), liberating(a liberating experience)

5. gave rise to, keep...off, was brought about, dropping out/to drop out, set up, was brought to its knees

6. b a b b b, b a a b


Unit1-language in use

1. government, Postmodernism, development, individualism, agreement, investment, romanticism, post-war

2. Starting out at college means meeting lots of interesting people.

Going to bed too late means not being able to concentrate the next day.

Doing a course in Literary Theory means spending a lot of time on difficult subjects.

Being interested in literature means having an open mind about other ways of life.

Going to college today means spending a lot of time thinking about what you will do afterwards.

3. peaceful protests, caused...frustration, critical/ decisive/ important/ key/ major factor, golden/ unique opportunity, close/powerful alliance, complete/total destruction,

complete/total destruction

4. 篮球运动是一个名叫詹姆斯·奈史密斯的体育老师发明的。1891年冬天,他接到一个任务,要求他发明一种运动,让田径运动员既保持良好的身体状态,又能不受伤害。篮球在大学校园里很快流行起来。20世纪40年代,职业联赛开始之后,美国职业篮球联赛一直从大学毕业生里招聘球员。这样做对美国职业篮球联赛和大学双方都有好处:大学留住了可能转向职业篮球赛的学生,而美国职业篮球联赛无需花钱组建一个小职业篮球联盟。大学篮球在全国的普遍推广以及美国大学体育协会对“疯狂三月”(即美国大学体育协会甲级联赛男篮锦标赛)的市场推广,使得这项大学体育赛事一直在蓬勃发展。

5. Volunteering has now become the norm for college students in China. The volunteers may provide community services for senior citizens, support students in mountain areas in education, organize fund-raising activities to help those in need, or work for major international projects such as the World Expo and the Olympic Games. Doing volunteer work is a useful way for students to enhance their professional skills and social experience as well as promoting their moral development. The majority of college students believe that it is their duty and obligation to participate in volunteer activities. They hope that they can do something meaningful and promote the development of social harmony.

Active reading 2

1. Sympathy, empathy, Sympathy, empathy, Sympathy, Sympathy/empathy

2. 3,6

4. distract, Sensitivity, evokes, retrieve, confused, sympathetic, trace, disciplined

5. stroke, crawl, imitate, pat, patted, imitating, crawl, stroking

6. a a a b a, b a b b

7. 1, 3, 5, 7

Language in use

1. acceptance, endurance, vacancies, performance, tolerance, hesitance, assistance, pregnancy, reassurance

2. You misunderstand it.

You have misplaced it.


You have made a misjudgment.

You have been misinformed about it.

3. considerable/great/total/widespread/general confusion, add to...confusion, angry response, evoked responses, distinct advantage, direct/ immediate/ positive/ quick response, distinct impression, adds to...confusion

4. 目前这种形式的“抱抱团”运动是澳大利亚人胡安·曼恩发起的。2004 年6 月,他开始在悉尼市中心的皮特街购物中心给人送去拥抱。胡安要做的是伸出胳膊拥抱陌生人,点亮他们的人生。胡安以前住在伦敦,后来他的生活变得一团糟,不得不回家。等他乘飞机回到悉尼,他只剩下一个塞满衣服的手提行李包和一大堆的麻烦。于是,他找到一块硬纸板和一只马克笔,做了一个指示牌,在牌子的两面写上“免费拥抱” 。他等了15 分钟才有一个老太太走上前来,给了他一个拥抱。他的朋友,“病小狗”乐队的主唱希蒙·摩尔,给胡安和他的“抱抱团”成员拍了一段录像,使得“抱抱团”运动在全世界有了更大的知名度。如今,“抱抱团”运动日渐流行,它使我们生活的这个世界更加温暖。

5. Be not pleased by external gains, nor saddened by personal losses is a statement from the essa y “Remarks of Yueyang Tower” by Fan Zhongyan, a writer of the Northern Song Dynasty. The statement means one should look at and accept things as they are, and remain unbothered by external matters or personal gains or losses. It is a mental outlook that reflects the traditional Taoist ideas of China, instructing people to become calm and detached. Even today, when we have a highly developed material civilization, keeping such a state of mind is still important. When you possess such a state of mind, you will be able to live a brighter and more joyous life.

Unit 3

active reading 2

Page 49

4. exhausted, roar, ensured, boost, strain, fatigue, composed

5. leading up to, shut out, keep up with, counting/to count down, missed out, set off, fight

6. a a b b b m a a a b

Page 52-53

1. A c b d

2. B a a a a, a b b

3. 尽管极限运动本身很危险,任何闪失都会造成伤害甚至死亡,但这种运动在西方国家却


4. There are three reasons why table tennis is called China’s national game. First, up to

now China has won more than 200 world titles in table tennis, which has earned great honour for the country. Second, table tennis is widely enjoyed by the general public, and is one of the most popular amateur recreational sports in China. Finally, table tennis helps promote China’s friendly exchanges with foreign countries. The friendly table tennis match between China and the US, which took place in Beijing in 1971, is an event known to history as “ping-pong diplomacy”, and helped resume Sino-US diplomatic relations. Today, while developing its own table tennis, China also has top table-tennis players playing the game in other countries. This plays a positive role in promoting the global development of the game of table tennis.

Unit 4

Page 69

3. c d a b c

4. precaution, fraud, trash, cancel, deceived, Household

5. log off, commonplace, forge, anonymous, fictional

6. b b a a a, a a

Page 72-73

2. b

3. b a b b b a

4. b b a b a, b b a b b

5. 近年来涌现了许多重大技术发明,其中包括互联网、个人电脑系统及掌上设备。互联网技术不断发展,给我们的日常生活带来了诸多便利。然而,虽然高科技的发展带来了种种好处,它也带来了有待解决的新问题,其中一个就是网络犯罪。网络犯罪已成为普通民众及专家日益关注的问题。专家们提出了各种方法来预防针对个人、家庭、企业及政府机关的网络犯罪。在预防针对个人的网络犯罪方面,我们必须尽量减少在网上发布个人信息以自我保护。我们绝不能向陌生的在线机构和个人提供个人信息。要格外小心打开邮件附件或者在电脑上安装某些程序,这一点也十分重要。

6. In the middle and late 20th century, the rapid development of science and technology

witnessed the birth of high technology, represented by the Internet. But at the same time various high-tech crimes, as represented by cybercrime, also arose, posing/constituting a potential threat to the healthy development of society. How to prevent and reduce

high-tech crimes has become a common concern. China is facing a similar situation. To avoid or reduce losses caused by high-tech crimes, we should keep alert in our daily lives, so as not to be deceived.

Unit 5


3. c a d b c

4. fulfilled, leisure, inherent, interaction, virtual, peculiar, insult

5. span, addicted, chill, evolved; evolving, extensive, fashionable, involves

6. b a b a

Language in use

1. The more hobbies you have, the less likely you are to worry.

The longer you work, the more you earn.

The more people work, the less free time they have.

The more leisure inactivities have developed, the less chance you have of becoming interested.

The more time you spend in front of the computer screen, the less interest you have in the outside world.

The less effort you make, the better a couch potato you will be.

2. Wiston Churchill was a British Minister and a Nobel Price winner. He was more famous for the former.

There are people who keep work separate from their pleasure, and people whose work is their pleasure. The latter are less common.

Cricket and football give you the impression of doing something useful. The former is more peculiar as a sport.

You need somewhere comfortable to sit and the remote control. The latter is more important.

The couch potato and the mouse potato enjoy leisure inactivity. The latter has less interest in the outside world.

Mouse potatoes travel the world online or participate in chat rooms. The former are more adventurous.

3. inherent danger, enforce...policy, poses...threat, fulfill...role, rational analysis

4. 游乐园是集娱乐景点、游乐设施和其他娱乐活动为一体、供大众游玩的娱乐场所。游乐园是从过去三种传统的游乐场所发展而来的:欧洲的定期集市、欢乐花园和世界博览会。在日常用语中,人们通常会把“主题公园”和“游乐园”当作同义词。但是,主题公园可以被看作是独具一格的游乐园。主题公园有美化的景观,有建筑,有基于一个或多个特定的主题而设置的景点。游乐园行业既包括像迪士尼乐园、奥兰多海洋世界和好莱坞环球影城这样的大型全球主题公园,也包括像六旗乐园和雪松会公园这样小一些和中等规模的主题公园。迪士尼


5. Since 2008, with the implementation/enforcement of the free admission policy, Chinese museums have had / held more than 20,000 exhibitions, which have attracted over 600 million visitors each year. Museums are not only places to display collections, but also sites with educational, entertainment and recreational functions. For Chinese people, visiting museums has become an important means of enjoying their leisure time. On weekends and holidays, parents take their children to various kinds of museums. While visiting a place, apart from eating amazing local food and enjoying beautiful scenery, tourists may also visit local museums to learn more about its history and culture.

Unit 8

AR 1

3. having fun, social skills, harder, in universities, do public service, in the outside world, help other people

4. numerous, catering; option, dreaded, Employers; their personalities, shortage, entertained

5. reveal, extrovert, conviction, cooperative, solution, community

6. a a b a b, a b b a

7. f g e a c b d

Language in use

1. hard-earned, old-fashioned, well-timed, widely-held, open-minded, well-known,

specially-adapted, newly-cut

2. 1 4 5 7

3. On Monday I went to Oxford, and on Tuesday to Milton Keynes.

Some of the volunteers were interested in medicine, and others in IT.

The first activity depended on physical strength, and the second on reason.

After the accident he was examined by a doctor, and a few days later by a


Some people were advised to wear glasses, and others to use contact lenses.

At the beginning we were worried about making friends, and at the end about making ends meet.

My initial choice of university was based on the range of courses available, and my final decision purely on costs

5. Basic skills, chosen career, low-paid jobs, Tough competition, heavy demands,

new-found friends

6. 2004年2月4日,哈佛大学的学生马克·扎克伯格和几位同学萌生了为哈佛的学生建立



7. With the increasingly fierce competition in the job market, Chinese college students

are attaching more and more importance to internships. Every year, a lot of senior students take part in internships(,) which may help them find out /check/ decide/

determine/ examine whether they have made the right choice of career and have a clear idea of what they are going to do in their target job and what the job demands; it also helps students learn skills and cultivate their abilities. Taking internships is an effective way to secure a good job. In recruiting new staff, companies tend to prefer applicants with relevant internship experience. Some companies will give preference/ priority to those who have done an internship in their companies.

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